The Power of Potential – Sermon Highlights

I want to speak to you today about The Power of Potential. I want to go right back to my epic scripture passage in 2 Kings 13. This little scripture has been our window to see some precepts and principles that are changing our lives. I’ve decided that the pain of falling short is nothing compared to the shame of stopping short. So I’d rather go all-in, give it all I’ve got and find out that wasn’t enough then wonder, “What if?” It’s frustrating because when people say you have potential, it doesn’t feel like a compliment after a while. It starts to feel like a judgment. Like an indictment. Because you already know that you’re not doing all that you can do. And at the same time, you feel like you couldn’t do any more. God wants you to know, and be set free by the fact that your potential is relative to your purpose. Maybe you’ve been tormenting yourself over potential that you haven’t reached, because you’re judging yourself against the purpose that isn’t yours. You can’t put in what God left out. But, it is also true that most of us have far more to work with than we are currently using. Potential has potential, if not correctly appropriated for a purpose to become poisonous. I’m afraid to fail, so I won’t try, and now my potential has become poisonous, and I’m miserable, cause I’m not living my potential. And you will never know your potential if you keep resisting the process by which which God is trying to reveal it. Your past is not your potential. Nor is it the best predictor of it. The limit to your potential is your purpose and your perseverance. If your potential does not find it’s purpose, I’m telling you, the pain of stopping short, the shame of stopping short, is worse than the pain of falling short. Why don’t you press? Why don’t you run? Why don’t you go? Why don’t you strike?

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