100 thoughts on “The Myth Of Dating :: Relationship Goals (Part 3)”

  1. The man that's supposed to cultivate you!
    That's the sexiest statement ever spoken to the ability of man. MAN- the way GOD designed him to be.

  2. I'm so glad I've found this channel. These videos helped me a LOT. I'm 18 y/o and single. Never had a boyfriend ♡ Never had a fling, hook up, or whatsoever. I'm thankful that I encountered these preaches since I'll be able to enjoy my singleness. I will achieved first the goals for myself and for God before having the one for me. And I hope he will do the same.

  3. that is soo sad about divorce in church. have been through two of them as a friend. and it can leave soo much heartache

  4. You are the man. Mr Todd you are the man. You minister to the youth, your ministry is really transformational. Thank God for you. You are a blessing.

  5. God bless you pastor and all of us. I'm getting to understand more about relationships and how to behave towards it thanks to what God has put in your heart for you to tell us. Greetings from Brazil!

  6. me and my bae sitting in a tree. he not loving or kissing me. i'm changing me, and he changing him. creating a partnership bright not dim!

  7. God please help me to love you more than anything else and help me to love myself. Becoz I don't know how to love myself

  8. Some things you don't learn until you get in covenant…Wow…Pastor Mike just broke down what I have been trying to explain to some of my single friends as a married woman..thank you! All this "I love him" is not enough. Thank you Pastor👏🏽

  9. Dating-collecting data..that is how my Pastor defines it for our congregation. If it does not bring Glory to GOD the answer is..NOPE

  10. Great message. But we gotta stop speaking about generational curses God never speaks of that in the bible. We just have to renew our minds to the word of God.

  11. These 50 minute videos turn into an hour and half videos for me, as I’ve been taking notes for this whole series. God is speaking to me in many ways at the moment, thank you!

  12. Blesssssssing me!!! It's crazy how what may be a old message to many is given to others the moment they need it. Thank GOD that his word is timeless! Ty Pastor Mike for your obedience to GOD

  13. I want to go further on with my life and always remember this because this is TRUE and this generation needs to wake up because we need to work on ourselves

  14. I will NO LONGER date without intention. I need to INTENTIONALLY date form now on. I have wasted sooooooooo many years on men that didn't see a future with me cuz of the fear of being along.

  15. I used to beat myself up for being single with no kids at almost 30 but I see why God has me waiting. I enjoy single life now & I know when the time comes it’ll be just right !

  16. My future husband will or is watching this. I’ll break the generational curse . I’ll be led by a man who’s after Gods own heart and I’ll love and serve him faithfully. I’ll have a beautiful family . I declare and decree this and one day it’ll be my testimony. AMEN🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  17. I’m 18, and this is changing my life. God is getting a hold of me and allowed to go throw some things to let me receive this better. I can’t wait to see what Gods going to do😁

  18. Yes lord. I've made mistakes but am lucky not to have mixed everything up. Now that am on single state it's wonderful I know where I can start from

  19. I've been watching one sermon a day from this series…..I am so blessed by it. You are speaking truth and it is changing my life.

  20. I didnt end up seeing this series until now but I was in a relationship and engaged and it was due to my singleness issue and my loneliness that caused me to enter the relationship and when it ended in january of 2018 we ended it and since then I started walking. Ever since the relationship ended. I got accepted into a new college and am passing with excellent grades. Im on a journey where i was able to locate myself and figure myself out and realize thru the word what the Lord has for me and how much his love is unwavering. Michael todd has been such a great pastor that has ignited my faith again and it was at my lowest point that I found transformation church and i am proud to be apart of transformation nation 💪💪

  21. i just got out of a relationship after a year. he was abusive. I’ve been on this Youtube channels consistently for days. learning a lot. i pray god transforms me, helps me grow, to eventually be with a wonderful god fearing man. amen.

  22. This series is so powerful! Pastor Mike, I just want to tell you this series has changed my life so much. God is doing big things in my life and I am so excited to see what’s in store

  23. I agree. This is right. My vision is to be with a partner where we can be relationship life coaches. The union supposed to shine and have Purpose.

  24. Casual dating breeds casual hating! There is nothing on dating in the bible because we were ment to mate. We were ment to be pairs that share. Conversation-leads to courtship-leads to betrothal! That how it was ment to be. The dating came in marriage.

  25. Pastor Todd this series is so timely for this season in my life. Im gonna view my singleness from a different point of view. Thank u ❤❤

  26. Anyone else out there listen to this sermon and just KNOW that airport hes talking about is DEN?!?! 🙋‍♀️Just me?!?! #pilotswife

  27. This was good except it’s really irresponsible and incorrect to say abuse is not a valid reason to leave a relationship or marriage. Many women and men have suffered and died because they thought their suffering was not reason enough to leave or divorce. God abhors abuse – and it is reason enough to leave. Better to leave and live than stay and die.

  28. Been with someone for 15 years never married 3 kids and I’m single so this videos are right on time I’m work on me an if God send me someone I’ll be ready

  29. People who gave this message a thumbs down are probably being convicted and mad at God because He's all in their business 😂🤣😂

  30. All up in my house, Lord🤦🏽‍♀️!!!!, binge watching and all. Such an eye opener 💜it👌🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽💯

  31. I'm so grateful that for Pastor Mike for relationships goals series. This is my second time watching I accept the wrong for what had done in my past when it comes to relationships I didn't put God come into when it came relationships. Cause I could have prevented alot of unnecessary pain and suffering

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