With just a touch from the man of God, evil spirits manifest. I am the family idol from the father’s family. What have you done to him? I want to kill him. We entered him in his mother’s womb. What have you done to him? I just want to kill him. Deliverance in Jesus’ Name Thank You, Jesus. I am healed! I am delivered! TESTIMONY TIME My name is Wilfred Obeda Calm Endure. I am from Ghana. To my far left end is my father. To the middle left end is my mother-in-law. To the immediate left is my lovely wife and my beautiful son. Mr Wilfred Obedia Calm Endure & Family – Deliverance Testimony My testimony goes like this. Last week by the grace of God Almighty, I was delivered from evil attack and the family idol worshipping case. Mr Wilfred Obedia Calm Endure & Family – Deliverance Testimony My father is a Ghanaian from Nogokpo which is know to be a dangerous idol worshipping community in Ghana. My mother is from Osudoku which also happens to be a dangerous idol worshipping community in Ghana that everybody in Ghana knows. Mr Wilfred Obedia Calm Endure & Family – Deliverance Testimony My father’s late mother who is my late grandmother was an idol worshipper – a fetish priest at that time. Everybody in Ghana knew her. They knew what she did for people and how the devil controlled her. I was one of her grandchildren. At that time, we were many grandchildren living with her at her house and she picked only me, to be initiated into the kingdom of idol worshipping. She went with me to the evil forest, whenever she went to prepare charms for people. She pointed to me, “Go and bring this herb”, and I would go and bring it for her. After preparing the charm, she would give it to me to go and hand it over to the person. She would be there looking at me, giving me the instructions, “Do it like this, do it like that” and I would do everything according to what she said. It went on like that. One day, I suddenly fell sick. I could not eat, I could not talk for months. It got to a point where maggots were coming out from my body; I became sore all over. My grandmother told my father that he should arrange for my burial that very morning because the neighbours in the vicinity were complaining that I was smelly, they were smelling my scent. So my grandmother told my father to bury me alive but my father declined. She told my father if he refused to bury me alive, she wouldn’t want to see me in the house anymore from that moment. There was this stream at the back of our house. My father went to drop me inside the river. After three days, my father came back to pick me from where he had left me. He finally found me in the river and to his surprise, the maggots and the sore had disappeared and I once again became a normal human being. Then, he sent me back to the house. When he sent me back to the house, my grandmother continued to initiate me into those things. I became very violent at that early age. The age you are talking about, is what age, sir? My father told me that I was then around three years old. I was not even 4-5 years then; I was just a little baby. What you are saying now, you yourselfy actually do not remember it? It was the story that your parents were telling you? It was a story that my parents told me in the year 2002. Mr Wilfred Obedia Calm Endure & Family – Deliverance Testimony When he brought me back from the river to the house, my grandmother continued to initiate me into the same activities. It kept on like that and I found myself on the street. I became wild like a wild animal. I acted like a snake, like a lion. When I got angry at that early age, nobody could stand me. Even my father could not hold my hand at that time. Mr Wilfred Obedia Calm Endure & Family – Deliverance Testimony I found myself living on the street with a guy who was a drug addict and sold drugs to people. He became my father on the street at that early age. One day, a woman visited this man that I was living with to buy drugs from him. Immediately the woman got to the place and looked at me, she told this man that I was a nice boy. She would like to go back with me to where she came from. From that moment, the man and the woman started bargaining over my price. To sell me to the woman – which finally happened. He sold me to the lady. She was a Ghanaian living in Texas, USA. She took me with her to Texas, USA. This woman was an international traveller, an international prostitute and an international drug pusher. People knew her all over the world. Prominent people, ministers, people working with NGOS – they all knew her because of the caliber of person she was. She travelled with me everywhere she went – almost half of the world. Do you mean to say, sir, that you grew up believing that this lady was actually your mother? For real; that is what I knew. Your memories of childhood were that you grew up in the USA, believing this lady was your mother. That is the life you knew? Yes! Can you tell us the kind of activities that this person you believed to be your mother was introducing you to at that early age? She was an international prostitute, an international drug baron, everybody knew her as a drug pusher in this world today. Whenever she was travelling outside the USA, she went with me. When we got to our destination, she would point a car to me and tell me to go to give the person in the car the drugs, which I would do; including arms at times. After handing over the drugs to the person, we would drive back to the hotel. She and I would be in the hotel room, and a man would come and have sex with her in my presence. After they had sex and the man was gone, she would put me on her and have sex with me at that early age. So that was the kind of life she trained me to live. Each time we got back to Texas, USA, she would tell me to go and give these drugs to this person or go and do this with this person. Go to this person to abuse you, and I would go. It came to a point where two of her biological sons were shot dead at my presence. The three of us were sitting together when a group of gang came to attack the guys and shot them dead at my presence and left me sitting. In the U.S., everyone knows that Texas is one of the most dangerous territorial U.S. states when it comes to gangsters – war among gangs each and every day. That is what goes on there. Mr Wilfred Obedia Calm Endure & Family – Deliverance Testimony I believed that she was my real mother until one day in 2001, when she called me and told me the story of my life. That was when she knew she had been infected with a very dangerous disease – HIV/AIDS. On that very day, she told me the story of my life – that I was not her real biological son. She was a Ghanaian, and she was also sold to someone at a very tender age as I was, when I was sold to her. She didn’t even know her real biological parents and the actual place she came from in Ghana. That day she told me I am not her biological son. She bought me at the age of four from a Ghanaian drug addict in the capital city of Ghana at the Art Centre. The guy told her that I was from Obuasi in the Ashanti region of Ghana. She told me that I should always pray for her so that when she gets well, she will take me back to Africa to go and look for my real biological parents to give me to them. That day, I told her that I feel like being a gangster is good because she didn’t know her real biological parents and I also didn’t know my real biological parents. The kind of activity she engaged me into, I loved it and enjoyed it so much, to the extent that, shooting guns on the street, giving drugs to people, having sex with people that were much older than I was, was the good living I knew. After she told me that, she died. Brother, at what age were you when you learnt for the first time that this lady was not your real biological mother? I was 21 years then. Shortly after she told you the shocking news that she was not your biological mother, she died? Yes. After her death, her close friend that knew about the story said that she would help me to go back to Africa – to Ghana – and look for my parents. I finally returned to Ghana in 2002. I did not know the actual area where I was born. I did not know the names of my biological parents. I went to a radio station which was then called Peace FM. Now it is called Okay FM. I went there to make an announcement that if anyone knew someone from Obuasi – Ashanti region, whose child got missing at the age of 4 or 5 years, they should come to that radio station. They made the announcement for two weeks. After the two weeks I received a shocking phone call from the radio station. They told me that they have found a man who said that I am his real biological son. They asked the man so many questions. They first asked him the name he gave to me when I was born. He said he gave me the name of Obedia. They asked of the second name or what he could use to identify me when he saw me, apart from the name. This man said that he gave me two sharp marks on my left cheek and also the same two sharp marks on my right cheek. The man told them that those were the marks he gave to me when I was born. They also asked him of my height at that time. He said that he then was a military officer and I knew him to be a military officer at that tender age. But before I was sold, he wasn’t around. He was then a retired captain military officer to the Ghanaian army. Before his retirement, the Ghanaian government gave him an assignment to travel around Africa. So at the time I disappeared, he was not around. They asked him, “If he saw me today, how could he identify me? Would I be a short or tall guy?” He told them that I may not be too short or too tall; maybe just a little bit taller than him or we could be of the same size. So that is what he told them. After that, they asked me to come over to the office and I went. When I got there, I was arranged to sit in the midst of around 12 to 15 people and I saw a man standing at the far end pointing at me to come and I stood up. It was this elderly man over there. Immediately I walked close to him, before I could get close, he fell down on his knees and said, “Please forgive me. I never meant it to happen this way”. All of us were in tears that day, and that was how I got to know him as my real biological father. He took me home and introduced me to my mother. They were all happy that day. And then they asked me to remove my clothes – to be naked – and I did. Upon getting naked, they were looking at me, staring at me for over three to four hours and they told me that when I was young at the age of three, I fell sick and almost died. That my father’s late mother – my grandmother – introduced me to so many things. She initiated me into the occultic kingdom. So this was the period where all of the story that you told us at first was narrated to you for the first time, as you had discovered your real biological parents? Yes. I heard all of this story from my father and mother in 2002. Ok. After you had rediscovered your parents and returned back to Ghana, how did this evil spirit that entered you right from birth as a result of your family background begin to push you and destroy your life, even after you had rediscovered your family? It has destroyed my life in so many ways to the extent that in that very year of 2002, my mother introduced me to a lady who happened to be a family sister’s daughter to my mother. My mother said that I should get married to this lady. She lived at the Eastern part of Ghana in Koforidua. I told my mother that I went through a lot and that she didn’t even believe that a day would come where she would see me again. I said that I was not going to get married or even have a son in my life because I knew the kind of life I lived there, and I didn’t want to give birth to a child who would also live the same kind of life. It was too dangerous. Anytime I said this to my mother, she got angry. So one day, this lady called me to visit her at Koforidua and I went. This is the lady that your mother wanted to force you to get married to? Yes. It was around 2006 when I went there. The lady told me she was going to work. When she got to her office, she called me and told me that she has arrived and that I should stay on the phone. Whilst on the phone, she instructed me to go to her bathroom, and I did. When I got there, she then told me to look down and I saw a clay pot. She told me to dip my left hand into the clay pot whilst still holding my phone with the right hand. I listened to her instructions. She asked me what I have found in the pot and I said, “Two local eggs”. She told me to crash them, break them and put them back into the pot, and I did it. She later told me to go and throw it away, outside the fence, and I did. After throwing it away, I told her that I had thrown it away, and she hung up. She called me a few seconds later and told me to go back to the bathroom. When I got to the bathroom, she asked me if I could see a bucket there, and I said, “Yes”. She said, “Ok. I have soaked some clothes inside. Make sure you wash them”. I said, “Ok”, and she then hung up. When I dipped my hands into the bucket, all that was there was her panties and brassieres. Some of them were soaked with horrible things. I washed all of them. After washing them, I called her and asked her, “Baby, what would you like to eat? What should I cook for you?” She said, “Dont worry. When I come back home, I will give you your work”. Since from that day, I became her housemaid. I would cook for her. When we got to the bathroom, she would sit down and I would bathe her. I would do everything for her. Put pomade on her. I had to hold her handbag to the office. I lied down for her to walk on me. From 2006 to 2009. I had sex with her each and every day. We could make love like 8 or 9 times a day. I remember that most of the time, she would clean my sperms with a white handkerchief and I never asked her why because I didn’t know what I was doing then. In 2009 she called me one day and told me to go away, to leave her house. That she didn’t need me anymore. So I packed my luggage and left. I went back to my parents. So for that entire period of three years, you were just like a slave to this lady? Mr Wilfred Obedia Calm Endure & Family – Deliverance Testimony Yes. When I got back to my parents, I did not tell them anything concerning me and that lady. Life continued like that. I was an international importer then. I imported brand new vehicles into the country. Toyota Nissan – brand new vehicles. After selling them, I would buy timber and ship it back to China and Japan to sell. That’s what I did. Because of my business, I became so popular. As I am talking now, many people know me in Ghana. Almost half of the population know me and know what I do. In December 2010, I went to my parents and asked them what they wanted me to do for them as a son, even though I had already bought them a house that they lived in. But to me, I thought that was not enough. My father told me to take good care of my step-brothers and my real brothers and I agreed, and that is what I have been doing since I came back. My mother told me to build a second house for her. I asked her, “At which location?” and she said, “Anywhere”. So I went to my elder brother as I couldn’t do anything without his mercy or his word. I told my brother to look for a place and he did. I bought the place and told my brother to look for a contractor to start the project of a four-bedroom appartment, self contained. My brother did and I handed over some money – 40,000 cedis, which was like 400 million then – to my brother. My brother could not do anything; he misused the money. I got angry with my brother and disowned him as my brother. I narrated what had happened between my brother and I to my parents, of which they were very much aware of. I told my mother not to worry. I would do the project myself. I started the project. The very day I sent the contractor with his workers to the site to start the foundation, there was a neighbour who lived close to my land and I went to her and asked her if she knew the right owner of the land. She gave me the right information before I paid for the land. When I went there for the fifth time to start the project, she saw me with the workers and she ran to me. When she came, she was holding a brown baby pushcart and she told me that I should take this cart. I asked, “To where?” She said it is a gift from her that I should accept. I said, “No!” I said I can’t take it to where I was living because I was still under the care of my parents. She should take it away. After finishing the house, I would come for it. She said, “No”, and she dropped the cart there on the site in my presence. I then finished with the project. In Ghana, everybody knows that June-July is our rainy season. In June-July 2011, the whole building collapsed. I brought my mother to come and have a look at everything, so that she may not say that I said that I will do something for her and I am tossing her. So I took her to the site and she had a look at everything and she even cried there. I told her not to worry. She should just give me three months and I would finish the project again. I did. I even finished it before the three months that I had told her. After finishing it, I went to pick her to come and have a look at it. When she came, she gave me another shock of my life that day! She told me that the house was fine but she did not like it. She didnt need it so I should give her money. I told her I didn’t have any money to give to her; I didn’t have anything. As a son I did not what to do anything to hurt her so I then gave her 2000 cedis. In those days we called it 20 million cedis but today it is 2000 cedis. That was in 2011. In dollars it would be 500 dollars. That is what I gave to my mother. That day I almost killed myself because I thought my whole world had come to an end that very day in hearing such words from my mother. Mr Wilfred Obedia Calm Endure & Family – Deliverance Testimony After I went to drop her at the house, I called my neighbour to tell her what my mother had told me. I thought maybe she could be of help or give me a word of advice to know how to go about with my life and to still accept her as my real mother, not knowing that I was still dealing with another lucifer I never knew. This lady you are referring to – can you please tell us how old she was? This lady might have been around 45 or 46 years at that time of 2011. She told me not to worry. She was still my mother. The only advice she could give me – even though I had another place I was living at then – that I should come and live in the house. Maybe through that my mother would join me. And I did it. On 29 November 2011, I moved to the house. I was sleeping there in the night, making sure that everything – the gate, doors, windows – were locked. I was lying on the bed and I dreamt that it was raining and I was feeling the rain showering on me. When I opened my eyes, I could see this neighbour appearing to me in the dream. I thought it was a dream but later I found out that it was in the physical. I saw her standing right at my lefthand side and her daughter standing at my righthand side. I thought maybe it was a dream so I closed my eyes. When I opened them again, I still saw them standing there, holding a calabash. I stood up from the bed and asked her, “What is going on, how did you come in?” She said, “Dont worry. I and my daughter are here to protect you. In this community, there are so many evils. If you don’t take care, they will kill you and you will die prematurely so we are here to protect you”. I became so scared that night. I went to the hall to look at the doors. The doors were well locked and the keys were inside. I looked at the windows; all of them were closed. I asked her once again, “How did you get in?” She said, “Don’t worry” and then she sprinkled water on me and I fell down. I dont know what happened. After about 5 to 10 minutes, I opened my eyes and they had disappeared from the room. I became very scared and that night I decided to go back to my parents. I drove that night with only boxer shorts and a singlet on to my parents. I told them what had happened and pleaded with them to follow me to the woman to question her. My parents told me not to worry; it was nothing. I returned to the place again and when I got to the gate, I opened the gate myself, entered the car and after parking the car, I got out. After getting out, I felt a sharp gunshot at the middle of my head, that the bullet pierced through my body. I wasn’t myself at that moment; I stood there for about 30 seconds. Before then I was able to walk to the porch and open the door to the room. That second night happened to be a Friday. This woman and her daughter still appeared to me again from nowhere – without coming through the door or passing through the window. I had the same dream as on the first day. I was having the same dream and when I realised it and opened my eyes, I saw them standing on my left and right. Then, the woman ordered me to have sex with her daughter and I did. She said that I should also have sex with her and I also did that, while the daughter was watching us. The mother had also been watching whilst I had sex with her daughter. What you are talking about is physically? Physically – they appeared to me from nowhere and they ordered me to have sex with them physically. I never knew how they were able to get in. After having sex, they disappeared again. I didn’t know how they managed to disappear – neither through the door nor the window. I was still scared in the room and still drove back to my parents that night. I told them what had happened – that they came again and made me have sex with both of them physically. My father accompanied me to the house and when we got there, he asked me to go and call the woman and I went to call her. When she came, my father asked her if it was true and she said yes. “Did you order my son to have sex with you and your daughter?” She said “Yes!” He asked, “Why?” She said that it was nothing, and she believed that the community is full of evil so they might kill me prematurely that is why she and her daughter are trying to protect me. My father warned her from getting close to me again. She told my father point blank that she wouldn’t do it. She would always come to his son. After my father left, it kept on being like that. Every night they would appear to me like that and I would have sex with them. In the daytime I would see them as normal human beings. At night they would appear very strange to me, and I would have sex with them. From the first day I had sex with them, I never knew what I was doing. My stomach became as if there was a bonfire inside. I could not even eat a spoon of rice or drink a spoonful of water from that very day – from the 29th of November 2011 till last November. I told my father on the first day they attacked me and made me have sex with them. that I was not myself. I felt as if my soul had left me. I was no longer a normal human being. I did not see food as food. I did not see human beings as human beings. But I saw the woman and the daughter as normal human beings. I had to stop my business. When my business partners would call me from around the world, I would give them excuses. My father took me to different kinds of shrines at my village, to different witchdoctors in Ghana. But they could not do anything. Every time we returned from a witchdoctor, the woman would call me that she needed money – asking me to give her like 10,000 or 20,000 dollars. She would command me to go to the bank and cash the money, and I obeyed her command. She requested for money almost every week, not in our currency but in pounds or in dollars. I had a lot of money then because of the kind of business I did. Money was not my problem then, even though I was young. Despite that, I still respected my parents and everybody that came around me. I made sure those people left me with happiness. But since I had this encounter with this woman and her daughter, I became like a dead person. I did not know myself again; my father took me to many places but to no avail. A business partner called me from China and asked what was happening, that goods were ready to be shipped to me. He asked when I was coming or when I was sending them the money. I would just cut the line. They would call and I would not pick. To the extent that one of my business partners in China now followed up and came to Ghana. When he arrived, he called me and I gave him direction to where he would meet me. When we met, he looked at me and asked me, “I know you to be a thick, tall, giant guy. What today is happening? You look so tiny? Are you sick? Tell me what is happening”. I told him that I did not understand what was happening to me, that I saw myself as if I was not a normal human being. I didn’t know what was food, I couldn’t eat or drink water. All I did was to buy whiskey. I bought drinks at nightclubs that even people that called themselves rich could not afford. I could buy a bottle of alcohol for 1500-2000 dollars and I could buy 6 or 8 of such bottles each and every day. I made sure I got drunk, spending money. At times I could go to the bank to withdraw money in dollars. As soon as I got to the bar, I would say, “Take this money and give me a drink” and I would not bother to collect the change; even if it was a large amount of dollars. This friend of mine took me to China with him. Upon arrival, he sent me to a religion known everywhere as Buddhism – one of the dangerous occult religions everybody knows about as I am talking today. They showed me how to chant for my problems to be over because I knew what I was going through was not a normal thing. On the day of my initiation, we were so many – over fifty. They kept us in one dark room and all of a sudden we saw a light appear in the room. When the light appeared, a human being also appeared. A human being without a head; a human being with a neck, arms and feet. He walked alright. If he walked to you, you would have to form your hands like this and he would bend his neck to pour a quantity of blood into your palm. Are you talking of something that happened physically? Yes, physically! In China – physically! That was the day of my initiation, that a man appeared physically to initiate us to their kingdom. A man without a head but with a neck and he would walk to you and you would have to form your palm like this and he would bend his neck to drop a quantity of blood into your palm and after that you had to drink it. I drank that blood on several occasions, over hundred times. In a day, I took it like 14 times a day. I spent four months in China without a solution. I returned to Ghana and on the very first day I alighted from the plane, as soon as I put down my cell phone, this woman called me. She said, “I need 30,000 dollars. Where are you? I have been looking for you. If you don’t come to the house to give me this money, I will kill you”. I told her, “Don’t worry”. I went to the bank, withdrew the money and gave it to her. I said to myself, “What is happening? I went to China and spent so much money. Yet, things are still the same”. I thought that India is the place where everybody knows in this world that they have things. I went to India on my own after returning from my trip to China. I now went to India. At the hotel I lodged, I met a guy and I told him that I was from Africa. I was there for a problem that I was going through and I wanted it to be solved. If he knew any place that he could take me to where my problems would be solved. He should just give me the direction. He took me to a religion called Hare Krishna. I went to join them and they gave me so many things to use. They wrapped certain things around my neck, gave me a bag to chant with, and I accepted it. At the day of my initiation, they took us to an evil forest. In the evil forest, we were there for about three days and on the fourth day, they brought a dead body. They said that, in their religion, if a member died, they had to cremate him. After the cremation, they brought the ashes. They gave me seven spoons of the ashes of the dead person to drink. And I drank it. The next day, they gave me another seven spoons – for two weeks. After that they told me that my problems were over. I should go back to my country. The very day of my initiation that they gave me the ashes of dead person to drink… After taking it for two weeks, they said that they would do a tattoo for me that will finally solve all my problems and I agreed. Mr Wilfred Obedia Calm Endure & Family – Deliverance Testimony Right now our brother actually wants to show us what he is talking about. You can see on my right arm – these are the tattoos they did for me in the evil forest of the Hare Krishna religion in India. They did all these tattoos on my right arm. And then on my left arm, they did this one for me. You can see another one here, close to my neck. You can see this one close to my right arm – they also did this one. What do these tattoos represent? They said that it represented the kingdom they belonged to and the god they worshipped. With these tattoos, the problems that I came with were supposed to be removed – to be over. I would become a normal human being, I would be able to eat and drink, go to my office and start my business. When returning to Ghana, this woman and her daughter would never come to me anymore. And I agreed. They said that my grandmother who was a fetish priest had initiated me to her kingdom and got me to perform so many activities. Before everything would finally be over, upon returning to Ghana, I should make sure that the herbal medicines that my late grandmother used to give to people … I should find a place to become a herbalist. We are listening to this shocking confession from our brother. I believe once again that as we are listening to him, there are several lessons that we are learning. We are giving time to listen to him, not to in any way glorify the kingdom of darkness but as a lesson to us to know that truly in this world a lot of evil exists. But our Lord Jesus Christ has all the power in Heaven and on earth to defeat all darkness and that is the reason why we are listening to our brother sharing this experience to give glory to God and as a lesson to all of us around the world. So continue, brother. When I came back from India to Ghana, I went to look for a priest and I established a herbal shop. I went to the bush myself. Any herb, anything that I saw called leaf, I would pack it and take to the shop. Before I got there, I would engage in my chain drinking. I made sure I bought a few bottles of whiskey, and I would always get drunk at the shop. If people came with their problems, I would just pack anything and give them; without knowing what I was doing or what I was giving them. It continued like that for about 6 or 7 months and I said, “No! What is going on?” I went to India, China, to so many places but it still stayed the same. Mr Wilfred Obedia Calm Endure & Family – Deliverance Testimony One very beautiful early morning at about 4:00 am, I took a bottle of whiskey from the bedroom to the hall. When I got to the hall, I said, “Let me listen to BBC or Al Jazeera for world news”. While tuning in to the station, something flashed me on the screen. They were touching people and all of a sudden I fell down in front of the television. Mr Wilfred Obedia Calm Endure & Family – Deliverance Testimony OK, brother. We want you to explain very clearly what happened at that moment. Just describe again what happened. I was holding a bottle of whiskey to drink and while tuning to Al Jazeera, the station tuned in to a different station which I didn’t know of. I couldn’t see anything again; I just fell down – right in front of the screen, and I slept from that 4:00 am to 4:00 pm before I opened my eyes. When I then opened my eyes and looked at the screen, I saw Emmanuel TV written there. Mr Wilfred Obedia Calm Endure & Family – Deliverance Testimony While watching Emmanuel TV for some seconds, I fell asleep again. Till the next morning. When I woke up, I was still laying in front of the TV and I was still looking at this channel called Emmanuel TV. Then, I did not know Emmanuel TV or that there is a prophet called T.B. Joshua or Synagogue. Because in my life, I had never been to church. I had never even been to a pastor before in my whole life. The next morning I took a bath, entered my car to get a bottle of malt to drink. Whilst I was driving, I found a supermarket at a street corner in Tema. I entered the supermarket, and I found this lady. I asked her to give me a bottle of malt. She gave it to me and I paid her. After paying her, I asked her, “Would you marry me?” and she said, “Yes”. I asked, “Would you give me a baby?” and she replied, “Yes”. From that moment we became lovers and she finally gave me this bouncing, handsome boy. Mr Wilfred Obedia Calm Endure & Family – Deliverance Testimony Whilst I was with this lady, I thought of something – “I have been to India and China; I have been initiated to one of the world’s most dreaded occult kingdoms to which even some of the richest people in this world cannot afford to go to. I have been there. And I was able to face the worst over there; yet my problem was still the same. No. Now that I have had just a flash of Emmanuel TV and I have stopped drinking – I don’t drink anymore, I am able to talk a bottle of malt today – I will never go back to my house again”. So I completely abandoned the house. I never even thought of having a house somewhere, because I felt that maybe if I went back there, my problems would start again. So all this while, I was living in a hotel. This lady did not know where I lived. She did not even know my parents. We were there just like that. Last year November I told her, “Madam, I have a house somewhere which I have abandoned for many years. But today I would like to take you there”. So we went there together. She saw the house and she was shocked. She said, “You have this house here, and you behave like a poor wretched man?” She told me that from that day we should start living there. I said, “Ok. If you say so”. And she said that before she would allow me to open this gate and enter – I had told her that I watched a station called Emmanuel TV – she advised me to go for the DSTV cable. Because at that time it was a wireless TV. She said, “Let us go and buy the DSTV cable before we enter the house” which we then did. After we opened the gate and entered, the whole place was bushy and dirty. We were able to fix the cable first. I tuned into the station called Emmanuel TV and I saw it for the second time in my life. Mr Wilfred Obedia Calm Endure & Family – Deliverance Testimony We saw so many miracles. And at that very moment, we saw this man on this television called Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua on his knees like this. Immediately I and my wife went down on our knees in front of the television, praying with the man of God. We were on our knees for almost 30 minutes and after the programme, many other programmes were showing. After some hours I told my wife, “Let us start cleaning the rooms”. We started from the bedroom, then getting to the hall. Some few hours later in the hall, I raised up the carpet from my left side and I saw a charm being tied there, hidden under the carpet. My wife asked me, “What is this?” I said, “I don’t know; I believe this is African juju (a charm)”. She asked me, “Who kept it there?” I said, “I don’t know”. Immediately my mind went to that woman and her daughter. So I mentioned the woman’s name and the daughter’s name. My wife asked me, “Whose names are you mentioning?” I said, “The neighbours from this house over there – the owner of the house and her daughter. This charm here, they came and kept it there”. She told me, “We should go on our knees and pray with Emmanuel TV again”. We prayed with Emmanuel TV for three hours. After the prayers, I went to get a shovel, picked the charm, threw it outside the fence and burned it. After burning it, something strange miraculously happened. After burning the charm, about five minutes later, I told my wife to go and get two cups of rice and cook for me. And she did so. I ate two cups of rice alone. Mr Wilfred Obedia Calm Endure & Family – Deliverance Testimony For the first time since the 29th November 2011 till the same 29th November in 2016 – when I found this cham by the grace of Emmanuel TV – I finished two cups of rice. After finishing it, my wife asked me, “What about the baby and me. What are we going to eat?” I said, “Dont worry. Cook Banku (local Ghanaian dish)”. Everybody knows it in Ghana. It is the most popular food in Ghana. “Cook Banku”. She cooked the food. After cooking it, I told her, “You and the baby should wait. Let me finish mine first. Because if I allowed you and the baby to go first, maybe you people would finish it”. She said, “Ok”. I finished it all alone. I was still feeling hungry, drinking water unnecessarily. She started crying. She walked to me and said, “Please, I would like to tell you something. Don’t be angry. Take it easy”. I asked, “What is it?” She said, “After delivering the baby and you came to live with us in my parents’ house, you were with us for five months, you didn’t drink our water or ate our food. You didn’t go out. Each time you wanted to go out, you either went with me or my mother. If you went out with me or my mother, you never bought anything like ice cream or water to drink. You went empty-handed and came back empty-handed. At times we even had to trick you by putting some food on the dining table, thinking in the middle of the night you would wake up to eat. Yet still you didn’t eat. My mother called me one day to tell me that maybe you are a ghost. Because it is only a ghost that can live with somebody and refuses to eat or drink”. So it was through Emmanuel TV that you ate and drank for the first time in more than 5 years? For the first time in my life for about five years. For five years I didn’t eat or drink water. When people saw me, they thought I was okay whilst I was not. After that encounter – is that what now inspired you to physically come to The SCOAN here last week? From that very day that I started eating food, I and my wife said that I should prepare for both of us to come to The SCOAN here in Nigeria. While preparing, each time early morning at 3:00 am, both of us would wake up with this boy and take a bath. After bathing, we would go on our knees, holding hands and praying. After praying, before we could say, “Amen”, we would see a live snake lying in the midst of us in the bedroom. We became so scared. We would begin to rush out to go and find a stick to kill the snake. So if you can see… This is the picture of when I went to India. These are the things that they gave me to wrap around my neck. This is the chanting bag that they gave me to be chanting with. This is the first scorpion that we saw right in front of us in the bedroom after praying. This is the second snake we saw lying in front of us in the bedroom after praying. This is the third snake. This is the fourth snake. This is another stubborn scorpion we found. This is the charm we found in the room last year on the 29th of November. This is the charm that the devil used to destroy my life. So after all of this, you finally came to The SCOAN. Just tell us what happened when Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for you. I saw the man of God walking to me as a human being. All of a sudden, I saw a very big thunder and I saw the man of God as thick and tall – even taller than this building. From there I don’t know what happened to my life; I don’t know what happened to me again. Mr Wilfred Obedia Calm Endure & Family – Deliverance Testimony Ever since then – after your deliverance – what are the changes? After the deliverance that evening, when I went to bed, I dreamt that a very big python of over thousand and something feet was coming to bite me and I cut it into pieces. Mr Wilfred Obedia Calm Endure & Family – Deliverance Testimony After that dream last week Monday till today… Even if you go to the canteen, the woman that sells food calls me ‘strong’ because of the food that I eat – Eba (Nigerian local food). If I go, I can take 3 to 5 times before I am able to be satisfied. I eat more than ever before. I sleep well like a baby. Things I could not do before, I do them now. Now I fill my stomach. Thank you! Thank you! Mr Wilfred Obedia Calm Endure & Family – Deliverance Testimony Hallelujah! Thank you. Can you just in a second, tell us what message you have for the world? My message to the viewers all over the world is Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the light. Above me, there is no one else”. Choose Jesus; don’t choose idols. If you worship idols, it is your generation that will pay for it. By then you will be dead and gone. Just like what happened to me. Had it not been by the grace of God, I don’t think I would be here today. The God of T.B. Joshua that did it for me, will still do it for you and your entire family! Mr Wilfred Obedia Calm Endure & Family – Deliverance Testimony Thank you, brother. I listened to all of your testimony, your journey, your antecedents. With God all things are possible! Thank you! TESTIMONY CONTINUES Emmanuel. God is with us. Brother, you are welcome in Jesus’ name to The SCOAN. Can you please introduce yourself to us? My name is Wilfred Obedia Calm Endure from Ghana. And who are the people beside you here? Next to my right is my father, then my lovely wife and at the far right end is my mother-in-law. This is my lovely, handsome son Emmanuel Obedia Calm Endure. You are welcome in Jesus’ name. Can you just tell us, brother, ever since you came to The SCOAN, what has Jesus done in your life? Jesus has done a marvellous thing in my life, for using his servant Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua to deliver me from the spirit of idol worshipping curse and evil attack. Before my deliverance, I wasn’t able to eat food or drink water. But ever since my deliverance, I can eat, I can drink water, I can sleep soundly like a baby. Now I don’t have those evil thoughts, those bad dreams like eating in the dream, meeting dead people in my dreams. Everything is over since my deliverance. And I thank God for that. Halleluyah. Now that you are returning to your country Ghana, how are you going to maintain this deliverance? What steps are you going to take? As the servant of God Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua used to say that ‘better is not good enough, the best is yet to come’, I know that as Jesus was able to use his servant to deliver me, he is still going to use him in every way of my life so that I may be able to overcome the devil and maintain the blessing I have received here. We thank God for your life, brother. We give glory to God for this deliverance and changes in your life. Right now we would like to hear a quick word from your father. My name is Emmanuel Tsikata, 75 years old. And who is the young man beside you, sir? My son, together with his wife, his mother-in-law and our loving child. God has guided us all the way. I was also healed from the sickness that I came here with. So today we have to thank God and believe what we see here with our heart and our mind and believe that He will guide us and we will reach back home safely. What can you say about your son, before and after the deliverance? The first time that I left my son and went away and then came back, he had then been taken to America by a woman and I handed the case over to the Almighty God to find my son for me so through that I received my son back safely. We came to Prophet T.B. Joshua, and the man of God prayed for us and saved us. Thank You, Jesus. You said that you came here yourself with sickness and you are now healed. What was happening to you? When I was sick, I experienced pain in my chest and head and I was coughing a lot. As soon as we got here, Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for me, so I got well. This is my first time in the church and the man of God prayed for us. Now I have received Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour. Thank You, Jesus Christ! Indeed this is the greatest blessing – the gift of salvation. We thank God for our father’s life. Not only was his son delivered but he was also healed and received salvation in the name of Jesus Christ. We give all the glory to God. Right now we just want to hear a quick word from our sister as well – the wife. My name is Bertha Wilfred Calm from Ghana. The man beside me is my lovely husband. Next to him is my mother, and next to my mother is my father-in-law. Can you briefly tell us how you met your husband. What can you say about his life before he received his deliverance? I met my husband in 2013 in the supermarket where I was working. He just approached me; he came to buy a can of malt. He went to his car and he came back again and asked me, “Will you marry me?” and I said, “Yes”. “Will you give me a baby?” and I said, “Yes”. We exchanged contacts and we began chatting and along the line, I got pregnant and the day I got pregnant, I called him. He said he will come; I never heard from him again. If I called him, his phone would be switched off. I did not hear from him at all For the whole nine months, I was fending for myself and I had lost my job because of the pregnancy. I became stranded; I did not know to whom to turn to. Anytime I called him, he would just tell me that he was coming. For the nine months, I did not go to maternity care or take any medicine. I was all alone. I was hungry. At times I went to people to beg for left-overs for me to eat for the baby because I was starving. Sometimes I did not eat anything at all. At times I ate once in a day. When the time was due, a woman in our house, in our neighbourhood, escorted me to the hospital. Because there was no money and I did not know what to do, I told the woman, “Maybe you should call him with your line. He will pick”. And lo and behold, he picked the call and said that he was not around. We should borrow money from somewhere else. When he comes back, he will pay. That is how we were discharged from the hospital. I didn’t hear from him again, until two months later when he came back and told me that he had travelled. When he came back, I was angry because I was so confused. I didn’t know what to do; I did not have anyone to turn to. I was hungry with this baby all alone, but what could I have done? I did not have any option. Something inside me told me that all that was happening was not normal. When your husband returned, can you just tell us – when you started seeing him more closely, what was the life he was living before his deliverance? What were the strange things that you saw in him? Before his deliverance, he did not eat at all. He gave us money for food. But he didn’t eat, he didn’t drink, he never even went out to eat. For the past five years, he never used to eat. If I asked him, he would just tell me that he was not hungry; that is what he would tell me. I was so confused. One day my mum asked me, “Are you sure this man is a human being or is he a ghost?” I told her he was a human being so something is wrong Finally you discovered Emmanuel TV and decided to encourage your husband to come to The SCOAN. Ever since his deliverance here at The SCOAN, what are the changes you have seen in his life? The first change is that he can eat, more than even five plates. He can eat and eat, even in the middle of the night he would call me, “I’m hungry. I still want to eat”. And I would be asking him, “At this time of the night where am I going to get food? So he should take some malt”. And then we would sleep. He is now calm; he is not aggressive as at first. We now chat as husband and wife; we are happy, We are happy to be here in The SCOAN. Everything is in the past now. We are starting a new beginning, a new life, now that Jesus Christ has set us free. We are now children of God. Thank You, Jesus Christ. We give glory to God for this wonderful deliverance that your husband has received and this wonderful transformation in your family. We thank God for your life, sister. We also want to hear a quick word from your mother. My name is Regina Tetteh from Ghana. I am her mother. This is my daughter’s husband and her father-in-law. You are welcome, mama. What can you say about your son-in-law before and after his deliverance? One day she called me that I should come. So I went to the place where she was. She said she was pregnant. I asked where her husband was. She said she doesn’t hear from him. So every two weeks I took food and money to her. I myself was hungry and I developed diabetes so I was not able to take food to her again every two weeks. You are saying that when your son-in-law met your daughter and when she became pregnant, for a time he completely abandoned her. Is that right? Yes. Finally when your son-in-law came to be with your daughter, what can you say about his behaviour, the strange things you saw in him before you came to the church here? He didn’t eat. If he came and I would ask him to come and eat, he would say he was not hungry. So one day I called my daughter and asked her if her husband was a ghost because I didn’t know the kind of person he was as he was not eating. So I asked her. I told her that when he comes to this house and we are eating and he is not eating, I don’t know what I will do. Since your son-in-law was delivered – what can you say about the changes in his life and your daughter’s life? After his deliverance, I am happy with him. They are fine. So sir, we give glory to God Almighty for what He has done in your life and your family. We are here right now with a message from Prophet T.B. Joshua. We heard during your testimony how this spirit – apart from pushing you to terrible places and pushing you to do many terrible things – had actually affected your finances and your business. Just tell us – before coming to The SCOAN, what was the situation you were in? I was living a very terrible life. Feeding my family was a problem. I had nowhere else to go to but to come to The SCOAN for my deliverance. And as I received my deliverance from Prophet T.B. Joshua, I know God is going to bless me through him so that I can start a new business and a new life with my family. I cannot live without work or business because the Bible says an idle hand is the devil’s workshop. As he is a true man of God, I know he will not let us go back the same way we came. Amen. We thank God once again. We understand how this spirit had rendered our brother’s life useless and really affected him in so many ways but we give glory to God that his deliverance has come and when the Son of God sets you free, you are free indeed. On behalf of Prophet T.B. Joshua, right now we are here to present to you this cash gift. This is from Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV partners – a cash gift of 200,000 naira. Also included there is the Word of God, ‘The Mirror’, for the whole family to really make the Word of God the standard for their life. So once again this is 200,000 naira and this is also ‘The Mirror’. Prophet T.B. Joshua Gives Mr Wilfred Obedia & Family a Cah Gift of 200,000 Naira This is a gift from Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV partners which is a blessing for this family. We give all the Glory to God Almighty for what He has done. Glory be to God and may the Almighty God richly bless Prophet T.B. Joshua for what he has done for me and my family. I wasn’t expecting this at all. It is a marvellous surprise to me now so may God bless him. How are you going to make use of this wonderful blessing, sir? I am going to make a very good use of it so that the whole world may see the second testimony on the screen once again. Thank You, Jesus. We thank God for your life. We pray that the Lord will give you the grace and your family the grace to make the Word of God the standard for your lives and we know that as you do so, this family is indeed coming back with more wonderful testimonies, in Jesus’ name. Amen! Thank You, Jesus!

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