The Mass: Responding to God

[Music] the homilist functions as a guide through the thicket of the Bible we need someone to uncover for us the great but often hidden patterns of the scriptures but humbly is not a pause in the liturgy but rather an integral part of it [Music] firk shows forth the splendor of the Divine Word in the context of the present moment [Music] through a skillfully prepared sermon God continues to speak [Music] and in a way the people speak back to God [Music] you you

13 thoughts on “The Mass: Responding to God”

  1. Is the man in the video actually a priest or an actor? BTW, there's too much distracting "dramatic" music going on here.

  2. Work of Human Hands by Fr. Anthony Cekada:

    Watch this. A better series

  3. Our parish priest uses the projector during his sermons, wherein at the end, he shows a video clip that is related somehow to the Gospel reading.

  4. This video's are just awesome, I am kinda not sure if I want to be a Catholic or a protestant now, cant I be both? Hahaha

  5. Heck yes, Bishop Barron. I can't get enough of your videos. We so desperately need your words among the filth in common social media!

  6. Could you comment on 'Christian Hedonism'? Is it part of the new 'Prosperity Gospel' ?
    Thank you in advance

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