The KKK vs. the Crips vs. Memphis City Council (Part 4/4)

ROCCO CASTORO: The next morning,
it appeared that the church goers prayers
had been answered. A steady trickle of rain
fell from the gray sky. The Klan was there, as well
as counter-protesters from various anti-fascist groups
from around the country. JUSTIN SLEDGE: The statue
dedicated to him remained at the park. And we raise the demand that
it should be taken down immediately. If there was a statue of Adolf
Hitler in central Berlin, it would come down– there’s no way that’s
possible. And this man is a symbol of
tyranny, murder and lynching for the vast majority
of this city. [SHOUTING] ROCCO CASTORO: There are also
several hundred police officers from Memphis and the
surrounding areas dressed in full riot gear. It was clear that this time,
unlike 1998, the cops weren’t going to let the public, the
protesters, or Klan meet– or even within sight or
earshot of each other. [SHOUTING] ROCCO CASTORO: I was siphoned
into a media pig pen, where the cops ignored everyone
and stood around a lot. So we’re in the press
tent here– can’t really get a clear shot. They’re not letting our second
photographer in– total media blackout,
which is an interesting way to do things. For now, though, it’s just a
complete wash all around, literally and figuratively. NEWSCASTER: Members of the Klan
gathered during a steady rain here in downtown Memphis
on the steps of the old courthouse. Their protest sparked by a
recent renaming of three Confederate-themed parks. Their number, though,
around 60– far outnumbered by– [SHOUTING] ROCCO CASTORO: So what
are we doing here? JACKSON BAKER: It’s a good
day for a cold shower. Let’s put it this way, nobody
in government here, city or county, wanted these
guys to have a huge success on their hands. They’re honoring free speech,
but they’re not necessarily easing the way toward
this particular kind of free speech. Whatever statement they want to
make is not being made now. ROCCO CASTORO: Dajuan and the
Crips, on the other hand, were nowhere to be found. [PHONE RINGING] DAJUAN: I’m on the
way back now. I’m about five minutes
from my house. ROCCO CASTORO: Five
minutes away? DAJUAN: Yes, sir. Make that about six. I’m driving slow in the rain. ROCCO CASTORO: Rain was
always a threat. Now that it’s here– DAJUAN: I mean, it’d be nice
to take a stand, but– with what they got going, I
think we can go with this. And we can not go to the rally
because it’s raining. ROCCO CASTORO: And so you’re
not going to go? DAJUAN: No, I’m not going. Like, my mother she was telling
me that she had a bad feeling about it. And it was just staying
on her. And then it started raining,
so if it rains, I guess it wasn’t meant for me
to go down there. And I’m sure that if I don’t go
down there, nobody’s going to get hurt, hopefully, ROCCO CASTORO: And if it stops
raining, will you go? DAJUAN: Yes. I’m pretty sure they weren’t
sitting around for me either. [LAUGHTER] ROCCO CASTORO: Memphis kind of
shuts down when it rains, huh? DAJUAN: Yeah. ROCCO CASTORO: Well,
good luck. DAJUAN: Same to you. ROCCO CASTORO: Stay safe. DAJUAN: Thank you guys
for coming down here. D-U-I. ROCCO CASTORO: D-U-I. [HONKING] ROCCO CASTORO: After the rally,
we traveled back to Mississippi to the Imperial
Wizard’s house. He had scheduled a cross
illumination ceremony, inviting all the rally’s
attendees, including skinheads and other white supremacists
who had attended the event. STEVEN HOWARD: Mississippi– Ku Klux Klan is like fried
chicken in Mississippi. It just goes hand in hand,
You’ve got fried chicken, and you got the Ku Klux Klan. Red is really not written– in
the United Klans of America, red used to be like a title. My last rank before
becoming Imperial Wizard was a grand dragon. Well, I had changed robes so
many times, I decided just to keep the red. It’s kind of like my
trademark, man. Everybody knows me by it. I go to a rally, and people
be like, hey, that’s him right there. ROCCO CASTORO: And how does it
work though, with like– how do you get– how do you move
up through the ranks? STEVEN HOWARD: Just work–
hard work, and having a heart for it. Not everybody has
a heart for it. There’s a lot– the people
that’s out here tonight, they drove for miles and miles,
they have a heart for it. ROCCO CASTORO: Where
are you from? Where did you come
in from today? KLANSMAN: Baltimore, Maryland. ROCCO CASTORO: How did you
become involved with Loyal White Knights? KLANSMAN: A couple months
ago my wife got fired from Walmart. I believed it to be a racial
discrimination case, so I googled white right lawyers. And there you’ll come up empty
handed, nothing exists. All I could find was
the Ku Klux Klan STEVEN HOWARD: Do we
hate black people? No, we don’t hate
black people. Do we hate homosexuals? No, we’re against the sin. We’re against race
mixing, in a way. It’s not– we’re not
against people. We just want to save people,
that’s all that it is. We have a right to believe the
way we want to, just like they have a right to believe
the way they want to. Klansmen, do you accept
the light? KLANSMAN: Klansmen, I
accept the light. KLANSMAN: We had two rallies,
back to back. Different groups, but
I mean the presence is definitely here. I mean, I think a lot of
people are starting to realize, uh oh, they’re
coming back. ROCCO CASTORO: Was this one of
the larger turnouts you had for one of these
illuminations? STEVEN HOWARD: It’s one
of the larger ones. I’ve been to bigger ones,
but this was pretty big. From different types of groups–
you have not just Klansmen here tonight. ROCCO CASTORO: And were you
happy with today’s proceedings at the rally? STEVEN HOWARD: I’m very happy
with the way everything went. I did that all for that
man, that was for Nathan Bedford Forrest. Klansmen, [INAUDIBLE]. Klansmen, [INAUDIBLE]! KLANSMEN: [SHOUTING]. STEVEN HOWARD: Klansmen,
Mississippi. KLANSMEN: Mississippi. STEVEN HOWARD: For Nathan
Bedford Forrest. KLANSMEN: For Nathan
Bedford Forrest. STEVEN HOWARD: Klansmen,
for the Ku Klux Klan. KLANSMEN: For the
Ku Klux Klan. STEVEN HOWARD: Klansmen,
approach the cross. ROCCO CASTORO: Where do you see
things going for the Klan in the next 10 years? STEVEN HOWARD: Nothing but
growth, I believe that when Barack Obama was first elected
to office, I believe people was like, I don’t know what’s
going to happen here. I’m going to wait and see. Now people are really
upset about it– especially whites, I believe,
we’re really fed up and tired of it. Klansmen, salute the cross! KLANSMAN: I just want to thank
everybody for coming down and supporting us in Memphis. I really appreciate it. I live in Memphis. I deal with them niggers
every day. Thank y’all. STEVEN HOWARD: White power. KLANSMEN: White power! STEVEN HOWARD: White power. KLANSMEN: White power! White power! KLANSMAN: And pray
that today made a difference in our lives. And Nathan Bedford Forrest–
his name will still stand. KLANSMEN: White power. White power! [MUSIC- BANJO- “BATTLE HYMN

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  1. STOP TRYING TO CHANGE HISTORY! I do not agree with the tearing down of historical statues. The Civil War happened you cannot erase it by ripping down statues and editing history books in school. writing is no longer taught in our schools. The new generation can no longer sign there name. People like me who were taught how to write will always remember the Civil War and what it symbolized. I'll tell my kids and they'll tell there kids ext… ext… We will not forget!

  2. haha i live in memphis and its weird seeing everything and i was like i have seen all of this before its not surprising like this is normal here XD

  3. He didn’t go to the rally or take a stand because it’s raining?! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. Honestly at that rally police shut anyone off from getting in but nothing about getting a bullet into the leaders head from a sniper

  5. Dude you have to be bred from 2 mongaloids who are brothers and sister to give each other titles like " Wizard " πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ wtf are they Harry fuckin poofter??

  6. If it was up to me careful words chosen I would preplant bombs all around their site and just wait until they all come together and as they come together they will all die together that would be my plan if the law said so

  7. Why does vice always make docs on nazi kkk n other hate groups n try to show the "soft" side of these people. Show the hate not them hanging out and smiling.

  8. Let's be real. This is the first time this year water has touched the bodies of these toothless Klan morons. Now if someone would introduce them to soap.

  9. "My wife got fired from walmart" "all i could find is the ku klux klan" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ what a dumbass

  10. Trys to call a lawyer and ends calling the KKK smh…And what god do they worship that advocates such evil hatred…i know it definatly aint Jesus

  11. Reds his colour.
    It's literally is his colour… The colour of his filthy leprosy ridden skin.
    Fucking LEPERS.

  12. The saying is u have to love ur self before u can love someone else these sorry ass people hate to be in their own skin a bunch of circus clowns.

  13. the video mentions something happening in 2998 that had to do with the klan, ive searched the internet and can't find a single thing about what occurred that year relating to the klan. does anyone know exactly what happened or the outcome?

  14. This is a problem…we won't go out because it's raining– no your afraid…I guarantee if a black dude stepped on his shoe he'd be okay with taking his life. Your energy is directed in the wrong place

  15. Look I'm going to keep this real the KKK Clan is ignorant. If you're an atheist and you believe in evolution then you're ignorant as well because first of all are not against black people or any other race the reason why they just hate them and look I am not defending the KKK I'm just saying what they believe they believe the original race God created is the white race. Wrong blacks whites Hispanics you name is are all equal. The KKK was started off of the stupid Evolution Theory claiming there is no God there is no rules we can do it every we want the white race is superior. Let me tell you something the original race were the Hebrews the Hebrews are not Superior among the rest just because the Hebrews were the first race does not mean every other race is not equal to them. The reason why there is other races what happened in the Tower of Babel in Genesis God confuse their language, the Hebrews all spoke one language but God confused their language and Scattered them all over the Earth when he scattered them all over the Earth he changed their skin color to confuse them and Confused to their language to confuse them for their punishment for building the Tower of Babel and this is why there is more than one language now because of evolution language did not evolve long ago God confused the people's language our ancestors language and making new languages to confuse our ancestors because what they did building the Tower of Babel was ignorant by the way the Bible is not a religious book The KJV Bible the Bible is a fact imma name cults I know KKK, Jehovah Witness, Mormonism, Catholicism, Muslim, Hindu, Evolutionism. Many more who does not fully sediment who does not believe in the word of God the true God is the God of Israel. By the way remember not just white people are racist.

    Edit: Not all people are racist. I forgot to say there is such thing as race because we are all the human race.

  16. Corny ass m********** this is one of the main reasons why black people are looked at as a damn joke

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  18. It doesn't make sense, to pray to the God of love, who made us all, to assume He is even listening to the prayers of klan of hatred.

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