26 thoughts on “The Infidel; News for the Damned (2013-03-04)”

  1. The only quote missing is where the Archbishop says "I really have no idea what I am talking about".
    Megan and Grace have taken their first step towards reason.
    Here's hoping they finish the job. Cheers!

  2. "do you think gay people also have a purpose in life?"
    ".. No I honestly don't." (with a sweet grade-school-teacher smile) "… Sorry, but I don't."

  3. My first thought was to compare Diana Medley to special needs people but I thought better of it because special needs people who don't have that level of self control, she is in fact just a bigoted asshole.

  4. Megan and Grace Phelps demonstrated independent thought, the courage to examine their beliefs and actions motivated by those beliefs objectively, and to apologize for harm those actions caused. Considering the environment these young ladies were raised in, that took an incredible amount of strength.
    Now that the scales have fallen from their eyes I believe these young women will finally see, despite its' flaws, a beautiful world replete with fascinating people and ideas.

  5. Being "gay" is not "immoral". 10% of all mammalian creatures are born that way. Jesus said not a word about homosexuality and the Old Testament is hardly a guide because eating shell-fish is just as much an abomination as being "gay".God really should have gotten His facts straight before He spoke about "absolutes'.

  6. yes, and lots of other people had a similar reaction which is why she's had to go into hiding. (i probably wouldnt actually smack her though 😉
    i wonder if she's learned anything.

  7. "10% of all mammalian creatures are born that way."

    Way high. More like 2 to 4%, with another 2% not caring what gender (bi).

  8. I knew those two smokin hot Phelps granddaughters would leave when Theroux interviewed them, they were flirting with him like mad.

  9. Ah , but see , that's metaforical. Anything they don't like is a metaphor. Shrimp , nah. Clothing from two fibers , nah. Gay people … oh yeah , THAT's literal.

    No inconsistency here , nope :))))))

  10. There's a rumor floating around that the next Pope might be Canadian.

    I can just see the headline now: "Nicest Pope In Centuries"

  11. From what I've read, it really is closer to 10 %,but the fact remains–it's Not a choice and has zero to do with religion.

  12. Read some more. Most of the people pushing 10% were trying to get quotas at those numbers. At least in American Society it is much less than 10%. In the wild, that behavior was only noticed in my lifetime. It was big news when first documented. 10% there is unlikely as well.

  13. Whatever. But I'm SO sick of the Bible- thumpers proclaiming that homosexuality is a "sin". They've got to get over it. It's NOT! It's what they call,"doing what comes naturally".

  14. With nearly two billion Christians, you can find all kinds. I know Christian churches that are majority gay. Others are as you describe. The best complaint with them is to ask why they turn such a blind eye to heterosexual infidelity and fornication, equally bad in the scriptures, and only dwell on the homosexual sexual activity. The answer is this really isn't a religious deal, it is a political one. They may use scripture, but it is really to just achieve their own political goals.

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