The Dish | S6:31 – First Baptist Church of North Augusta and LifeWay Worship

(upbeat music) – Big things are happening for a local church. And we are so excited because joining us to tell us all about it is Jeff Bumgardner he’s the worship pastor out at First Baptist Church in North Augusta. Thank you so much for joining me. – Hey, thanks for having me. – Yes and I also have to add you’re a songwriter, worship pastor, you kind of do a lot of different things. – We’ve got a lot of different things going on, we sure do. – Yeah, you’re celebrating a world premiere basically of this project that you’re doing in conjunction with Lifeway worship called Your Word. Tell me about that and tell everyone else about it. – Yeah well it’s a great opportunity for our church to be able to take what we do on a Sunday morning and send it all around the world. And so when a partnership of Life way Worship we wrote over 60 songs just to have options. And then we pulled together the ten that we really felt told the story collectively together of some of our people in our church. Some of the things that God’s doing in their lives. We were able to tell through song. And we told ’em in such a way that I think a lot of people no matter what their story is, no matter what their background is can relate to and these songs can become a testimony of their story. – And that’s what’s great about music is that a lot of people connect with music. And this is just the perfect way like you said. There’s some of the members that their stories that they’ve shared through this music. I think that’s absolutely wonderful. I can’t wait to listen to all of it. We actually have, your world premiere happened last week and so we have some footage that we shot. So, here take a look. (choir singing) And that’s just really exciting. So, as you could tell you were leading about 85 people is that right? – We had actually 90 there on Sunday. – Wow. – In the choir loft and then the orchestra as well. – That’s incredible. – They put in a lot of work, we’re really proud of ’em. – So how long have you guys been working on the project? – We introduced the songs to the choir in January. That’s when we had the songs written. We went in the studio and recorded in April. And then, we spent time orchestrating. Went in the studio and did the orchestra recording in July and then just pieced everything together and brought it all together last week for the world premiere. – And I bet you it’s exciting for you now having done the world premiere, you see it now it’s on a CD. I bet you that’s exciting for you. – That’s the moment you work for. When you finally get it in your hands. And you say “Okay, it’s finally real, now let’s start writing the second project.” You know? – Right, right. – You kind of move on right there. – You speak of getting it in your hands. How can people that are watching get it in their hands? – Yeah, so you can go to church website. It’s CSRAchurch dot org and there on the homepage you can see where you can order a copy of your word. And then it will actually release for churches to be able to get this music for their church choirs and orchestras through LifeWay Worships website. That’s online and so that’ll release on November first. So you can actually get all the choral charts, all of the backing tracks, all of the orchestration all of that’s available on November first from Lifeway. – So it’s kind of two way here ’cause the church actually has the opportunity to take that music in, and learn the music and worship with the members of their church. But then also you, at home. You could get your hands on it yourself, jam out on it worship along with you guys. That’s really incredible. – Yeah, it’s a great opportunity and we’re really proud of our people and we’re really excited to see the church get behind a vision like that. – Well what’s even more exciting is that we have a performance coming up next. Tell us about it. – Yeah, this is one of our soloists. It’s kind of hard to bring the entire choir – Of course. – Into the studio right? But we definitely wanted to bring some of the music. So, one of our soloists, Natalie George is here with our guitarist Stephen Bryant. And we’re stripping down one of the songs and just do an acoustic version here in the studio. – Well I cannot wait and I know that you can’t either. Jeff thank you so much for joining me. You guys don’t go anywhere. When we come back, we have a performance. (upbeat music) – Ladies and gentleman from First Baptist Church in North Augusta, Natalie and Stephen with one of their songs off their newest projects called What Love Is. ♪ Love is patient ♪ Love is kind ♪ It doesn’t envy ♪ Boast in pride ♪ Love’s forgiving ♪ And love restores ♪ Love is all of this and so much more. ♪ It’s the rescue from the wreckage ♪ Its the shelter from the storm ♪ And the ray of brilliant colors ♪ In the world that’s dark and stormy ♪ In the middle of the chaos ♪ Will it remind my heart of this ♪ I can rest here in your promise ♪ I can rest here in your promise ♪ ’cause that’s what love is. ♪ That’s what love is. – Wow absolutely incredible. Oh my gosh and so powerful. Those lyrics, absolutely beautiful. Now that to me should be a number one on iTunes. Hey if you wanna get a copy of that you can to CSRAchurch dot org. Thank you so much for tuning in. Thank you guys for being here, for performing. Don’t forget, do good and be good. We’ll see you next time. (upbeat music)

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