The Degenerate Drawing Jianghu Season2-Episode 38 【The official version】

Kai Qi Ghost King The chief helm congregation has all gathered and asked the ghost king died I really want to know Suddenly at the pinnacle of life What would you feel like Li Cunzhen I will use this sword Please But I still advise you This position is located in the main vein of Tianshan Huge energy You can only break through with bad skills If you want to attack I’m afraid of losing my life Less nonsense As long as we break the sword array You recast Longquan Sword for us of course Brother Li Tianshan Sword Formation You must be careful Brother Shimeng, please be careful I go first what happened What’s happening here Tianshan Sword Formation started So strong Oh Longquan swordsmanship Shige No one in the competition can step into the sword array Otherwise the previous agreement will be void Capture the thief first Can’t consume these illusions anymore Opportunity came to attack him Have this intention Also fake what You can’t win If you ca n’t do it, change me Let me do it I can still insist Li Xingyun, do you want to die here? I still have something important to do. I must not fall here But you still have to fall here. I can’t stop dreaming I really want to ask you this time What is he doing Brother Zifan, he is Is it you Is it you Are you tired Do not Nebula are you tired Do not Tired Just stop and rest No i can’t stop I can’t stop here Cher Hard you you failed what did you say I failed Bros What exactly do you want to do you failed Take your people down the mountain Downhill Row You have to cast me the Longquan sword first How can it be Spirit Binding How could you put the spirit array together? Spirit Binding What is Binding Spirit All things in the world Regardless of vegetation Or birds and animals are spiritual If you meet a master in the future Spreading this “spiritual array” with spirits To keep you invincible Line up I was trapped for a while before This array borrows the land in the shape of a mountain Inspiring ever-changing power with spirit Then you use his Spirit Array to break his array He forced him to blow the hills You just crawled on the ground Turned out to be painting with his own blood Do you admit it Convinced orally Hurry up Send Li Xingyun to heal soon You guys, get ready I want to open a furnace and cast a sword Yes Little brother little brother Nebula wakes up nebula Are you Cher? Hey hey awake Shige Where am i This is the guest room of Forge Sword Pavilion Brother Shi, you have been unconscious for two days It seems your spirit is recovering well You are fine That’s not like you Bleeding for two days and two nights Alright Since you are all fine Then tell me what’s going on. what What’s going on How did you break the Tianshan Sword Formation? Xun Meng didn’t tell you she was When you were unconscious, she was always glum. No mood When am I glum Don’t talk nonsense What did she say you hit me What’s going on, dude? when I was young Yuan Tianmao taught me this bondage array Like this Really difficult for you Bleed so much blood Can actually complete the array Thanks to the dream this time Do you know “Juxueyu” I know do you have What are you doing I was fighting Ling Xiaozi While using his own blood to draw the map of the bound spirit But as blood bleeds more and more My consciousness is getting blurry If it weren’t for the dream, I used the blood to stop the bleeding for me My life is accounted for in the Tianshan Sword Formation I really want to ask you this time Thanks to her, my blood won’t run dry Do you know my benefits? So dangerous Brother Li, you are awake Brother Yerut look This is the recast Longquan Sword It’s time to meet Wen Tao and Shangguan Yunxun Thanks to the Foundry Pavilion Longquan sword was recast If you have any difficulties in the future Wherever the Forged Sword Pavilion can help Everyone speaks Thank you so much for saying goodbye Bon Voyage Li Xingyun Interesting Brother Li is going to break up over this mountain What’s Brother Yelu’s plan for the future? I want to go back Back to where In your words it is Man River The upper reaches of the Manhe River is our stack. But isn’t your brother chasing you? There is my home after all I have to go back anyway rest assured I learned a lot from you along the way I’m ready Won’t be chased by him anymore Thank you, Brother Yerod, on the way From now on where you can be useful to us Goodbye goodbye What is going on with these men? It’s nothing I have also seen Brother Shi and Zifan bathing together Goodbye goodbye What are you two mumbling about? It’s nothing Your man’s feelings are like the deep sea We don’t understand So it is Li Xingyun is taking Longquan Sword Go to Longquan Treasure According to His Majesty Give the news to everyone who knows Longquan treasure is hidden in Qianling in Liangshan Come on so high The major forces will fight for you And His Majesty just happened to collect the profit By the way, there is one more thing to play speak For His Majesty The court wants to imitate the bad people Establishment of “Theatrical Building” Dedicated to your subordinates I’ll leave it to you Yes Ding Hai March 15 after Gu Yu When the stage is not ready 朕 Dang in person I think the opera house is giving voice Xie Yanxia grace

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