The Day A High-Class PROSTITUTE Came To Church!!!

There’s a lady there. Your mother discovered you in the church today You abandoned your country – from Cameroon Jesus loves you; let them come out. The lady whom the prophecy concerned that had abandoned her country and family walks forward. You are the lost one? Yes, man of God. And your mother found you? Yes! Man of God, for more than three years, my mother has not seen her; we have not seen her; it is here! My dad just met her in front of the church like that stranded as if she did not even know where she was going to. We’ve been looking for her, man of God. Where is your friend? Go and bring your friend. Follow her. After being divinely located through the message of prophecy, this young lady walks into the crowd to bring her friend who is also mentioned by the man of God Emmanuel! (God With Us – Matthew 1:23) My name is Nkamanyi Kelly. I am a Cameroonian. I was in church on last week Sunday when the prophecy of the man of God came out. And it was all about me; it was 100% true. So when I walked out, the man of God said so you are the lost and found? I said, “Yes, man of God, I am”. Because for three years, my family has not seen me; they don’t know my whereabouts. So, they were so surprised on Sunday. We all met in the church. But, how this thing started before I started leaving house and walking away from my family. Okay, before you continue with your story. Can you introduce those who are standing with you. The person next to me is my elder sister. Then, my dad. Then, my mum. Then, that is the family of my friend, as you can see in the prophecy where the man of God asked me, “Where is your friend?” I walked out with her. That’s my friend there, second to the last, close to her mum. Yes. Miss Kelly & Family (Prophecy Testimony) Okay. You received the prophecy last Sunday from the man of God. Can you now tell us your experience before you came to The SCOAN. My experience how I started going out of the house: I was at the age of 15. Then my dad was not around; he was in the United States. He was not around for almost seven to eight years. He was in the United States. So, I was with my mum and sister in the house. At that age of 15, I was leaving the house, running away from the house, just following friends, going around. Sometimes, I would just leave the house for two to three months at that tender age. Nobody would even know my whereabouts. Sometimes for two to three months, my mum would not even see me, nor my sister. Then, my sister was in school; she was still in the university back then. The only time my mum would set her eyes on me was after two to three months. Then, I had not left Cameroon yet at that age of 15. Sometimes, I would be passing in front of the house and I would be on top of a bike. Before my mum would even set her eyes on me, “Is that not Kelly passing?”, I would just wave my hand and do like this, and tell the bike man, “Fire; move!” Miss Kelly & Family (Prophecy Testimony) So they would think you are coming from somewhere, not knowing you are living somewhere very close? Yes, they always thought I am coming from somewhere. I may leave the house and am directly opposite the house for two to three months with friends. So, they only saw you on the bike? They would only see me on the bike. When I was passing, I would tell the bike man, “Fire!” The bike man would not understand that am passing in front of my house. Before my mum would ask, “Is that not my daughter?”, I would just wave to her and do like this, and she would start crying. And that was at what age? That was at the age of 15 when I started leaving the house. It was like a spirit that always came over me, “Go away, go away!” Just following friends around at the age of 15. So during that period, just like that, I started going out; before I then followed some friends. Sometimes, they would take me; we would travel out of town. At that age as I was moving around, I got pregnant So when I got pregnant, at that tender age, I didn’t even know when I got pregnant. When I realised it, it had gone too far like one to three months. Yes, we were all there. So the pregnancy was like six months. When things were rough for me and I could not bear it anymore, I had to run back home. When I run back home and my family then saw me – that is my mum because my dad was in the United States – the pregnancy had already reached six months. Because of that, they couldn’t do anything; they just had to welcome me back home. And I stayed home until I gave birth and when I gave birth to my baby, at the age of 3 to 4 months, it was always disturbing me and I moved out again. I left him at that age and went out again. I was just moving with friends again, all around. So the baby you gave birth to, you left the baby with whom? With my mum. The baby is in the house. He is a baby boy. So, after that I started moving around with friends again. I had not started coming to Nigeria back then because I was very young. I was just moving with friends. I was just enjoying life, living life on my own. Sometimes, we could go to clubs because I believe when you go to clubs, you are living life on your own. You are not based on one man, you move from one man to another. It is prostitution. So I was just living that life, enjoying it. So gradually, before I started coming up, I was growing. One day, I suddenly followed friends to cross the border, coming to Nigeria. And that is where I really started. When I came to Nigeria with friends, the friends I followed never told me anything – they were not supposed to tell me anything. When we got to Nigeria, we landed in Lagos. In Nigeria we separated; everybody found their way. Then, my family did not know where I was. I didn’t call them. As I came now to Lagos, I met other friends. We started together, going to clubs. I was living in a friend’s house. She is like a friend but she is also a club girl. She has a flat. So this was the life I was living, all that while. I was not calling my parents. They did not know my whereabout. All this while, your parents did not know where you were, in which country you were and what you were doing? Yes, they didn’t know where I was, and I didn’t call them because I always feared that anytime I called, they would ask, “Where are you? Why are you out?” Sometimes, I was scared of calling them because I didn’t want them to see the code number, to know where I was. I just wanted them to have that belief that maybe I was around, in Cameroon, patrolling around. I never wanted them to have an idea that I stepped out. So two years were gone, before turning to three years now. This is three years plus now. So, it was last month. Last month, I don’t know what just came over me. A spirit came like, “Call your mum, call the people in the house to know how they are doing”. And I called my mum, and she started crying on the phone, “Where are you? Where have you been?” I said, “Don’t question me where I have been. How are you people doing? I just called to say hi”. Anytime she wanted to question me too much, I would switch off the phone, saying like, “Ah, why is she disturbing my life?” After like two, three days again, I would free my mind and call her. If she wants to question me much again… and once I finished with that call, I would change that number. Immediately, not wasting time. Because I didn’t want them to reach me because I was thinking I was living a good life. I never wanted any distractions that would take me away from it. By this time, how many years had you disappeared from home? This is four years now. Four years? Yes, four years! Then suddenly last month, I was just like let me call them. You have not seen your parents and your parents have not seen you for four years? I have not seen them, they have not seen me. We saw each other now in The SCOAN. So now tell us, what now brought you to The SCOAN and tell us the circumstances by which your parents now met you in The SCOAN. Okay, that was three weeks ago. My spirit was just like, “I am not okay. Let me call home. What is going on with me? What is really going on with me?” Not even knowing that my dad has been in Cameroon, to the extent that he has been to The SCOAN, and returned to Cameroon with the Morning Water. All their prayers with the Morning Water were all about me and my name. So that last month, I was not feeling okay. All that time my body wanted me to like just talk to my family. I never knew that it was because of their prayers. So when I called home, I called my mum, I was like, “How is everyone?” My mum said, “You still call again with a Nigerian number which means you are in Nigeria”. I said, “Yes, I am in Nigeria”. My mum said, “Thank God. Your sister has travelled to Nigeria”. Which is my elder sister here standing beside me. I asked, “What did she come to do to in Nigeria”. She said, “She went there to see man of God. Even your dad has been there also”. I was like, “Ah, are you serious? Okay, please can you send me her number”. My mum said, “No problem”. She will send it to me through text message, and that I should make sure wherever my elder sister is, I should make sure I visit her because I knew she does not know anywhere in Nigeria and they want me to take her around. It was a lie. They never wanted me to take her around. They wanted to trap me here. I was like, “No problem. Anything she comes to do, if she comes to go to the market, I know the market I will take her around”. So I didn’t know. I called her and she was surprised and I told her, “It’s me, Kelly. Mum told me you are in Nigeria”. She said, “Yes, I am at SCOAN in a nearby hotel. Please can you come?” I said, “No problem, I will come”. It took me like one to two days thinking, “Synagogue, Synagugue”. I didn’t trust my sister because I do follow Emmanuel TV once in a while. I was like, “What if I go to see my sister and it happens that the man of God locates me? What will I say?” This is what I was thinking. So this shows that you were not even prepared to leave that kind of life? Yes! I was not even prepared. On my own, it’s not easy. It’s like a spiritual act. It’s like you don’t do it on your own. Why I say that is: Now I realise that it was not on my own because I am still surprised that it was I that was living that kind of life. So, when I came now, my sister… Miss Kelly & Family (Prophecy Testimony) Hallelujah. Miss Kelly & Family (Prophecy Testimony) So when my sister waited one day, two days and she didn’t see me, she kept on calling, “Where are you? Are you not coming to see me?” I said, “Don’t worry, I am coming. And when I come, I will even come with fruits for you”. And I have been in Nigeria for those three, four years but I don’t know where The SCOAN is located. Because we were very far, right in Lekki. So I went to my girlfriend which is this my friend at this end. Because for some time, since she gave birth to this baby, she has not been coming out. So I went over to visit her and I was like, “My elder sister is here. Please, I don’t know where The SCOAN is. I would like you to take me there as it is my first time”, and she said, “Okay, no problem”. She said, “I don’t have money”. I said, “Don’t worry. If money is the problem, I will pay for your transport to and fro. Let me just set eyes on my sister”. When we came that day, I called my sister that we are on our way. She never believed because she expected that I would be the last person any of them would ever see. She said, “Are you really sure because I don’t trust you?” I said, “Don’t worry. Just have faith, I am coming”. That was around Tuesday. We came and she directed us and send one of the workers from the hotel to come to the gate to pick us. We now went to the hotel, and I met her. She ate the fruits I brought for her, and we were all talking and talking. She now gave me the Morning Water, the book ‘The Mirror’ and the Morning Water booklet. She then told me to be following up and use the Morning Water. Immediately I took that Morning Water and sprayed in my mouth, I said, “Is it right?” She said, “Yes, I can spray anywhere I want”. When we were leaving, she said I should promise her that I am coming this Sunday for us to worship together. So when you were spraying that Morning Water, what did you expect? Since you said that as at this time, your mind was not even there to leave this job. So when you were spraying the Morning Water, what were you thinking that this Morning Water will do for you? My own idea for that Morning Water, to be truthful… When I got the Morning Water from her, she never knew my mind. She was thinking I was taking it for protection, but my idea with that Morning Water was that I wanted to use it for clubbing – for my business. Oh, so that you have more business? More business! Miss Kelly & Family (Prophecy Testimony) You mistook it for a good luck charm? Yes! That I may have more customers. I never knew that water was the end of my business in bringing me here. Shall we put our hands together for Jesus Christ! Miss Kelly & Family (Prophecy Testimony) The same Morning Water she was praying with, thinking will bring more business was the same Morning Water that God used to trap her down at the end of the day, until her family found her. Tell us how it happened. When I took the Morning Water that day, I promised my sister that I would come to church on Sunday which was last week’s Sunday. I went home. She kept on calling again. I was following up with the Morning Water booklet until I finished reading it. I was reading it. I was even surprised that I was the one reading it; my friends were surprised. Sometimes, I would read like two to three days. I would not go to the club. The night before the Sunday I came to The SCOAN, that Saturday I was with this my girlfriend, the one close to her mum, second to the last. Because she is my very close friend. She is my very close friend when it comes to street life. She is the person I am very close to because we live the same kind of life. Among all my friends, she is the person that understands me and I understand her most. That Saturday, I was in her house, in her family house with her. But her mum, nobody knew what we were discussing. We planned that we were going to VI. We never planned for The SCOAN. The SCOAN was the last programme in our world. She said she cannot go out from her family house because of her mum that Saturday. What she will do is that we will now go together to VI. She even took some of her dresses, and we went to prepare that Saturday in my own place where we are living in VI to go to the club. She arranged her things and everything. We then went to VI, which was last Saturday. When we got to VI, we met other friends in the house. They were happy we were around. I even brought out my things, around 9:00 o’clock in the night. We went to fetch water. That is the water we would use to bath when we get up at around 12:00 o’clock in the night to go out because our tap in the house has a little problem. We dropped the water, I brought my dresses out, my high shoes and little shorts that I wanted to put on because Saturday was the most wonderful day to us. When you are living that kind of life you can never miss club because Saturday, we see it as a very grateful day when it comes to that business. I put on my shorts and I put on my tank top. I arranged it. She too arranged her own and everything. I said, “OK, no problem”. She lied down and the other people asked, “Why is she lying down?” I then went to take the Morning Water because I do use it, even when I want to bathe. That night, I don’t even know what happened. I just sprayed the Morning Water. I took it and sprayed two sprays inside my own bucket of water. She was already lying down about to sleep. So you were thinking with that spray of the Morning Water you would have enough customers? Yes, everything will be okay with me in the club. I went with that water to the bathroom, bathed with half of that water and reserved half. So that in case I wake up around 1 o’clock, I am going to bathe with the remaining half. After I finished bathing and dropping two drops of the anointed water, I came to the bed and slept like a baby. When I slept off – something that has never happened before -, around 12:00 o’clock, the other girl, who was also our friend and the owner of the house, was also going out dressed up and woke me up, “Wake up! Are you not going out?” Because she is not close to my friend. “Wake up! What’s happening! Are you not going out? I have already dressed up. Get up and dress up!” I said, “No, no, no! Don’t worry. I want to sleep a bit longer”. She said, “Are you sure?” I said, “Yes, don’t worry if you are going”. I even stood up. I was the one who locked the door for her when she went out. I fell on the bed and slept off again. And by the time we woke up, it was 5:00 o’clock, 4:30 in the morning. On Sunday morning? Yes! Miss Kelly & Family (Prophecy Testimony) On Sunday morning, which was 4:30 am. Immediately I woke up, I slapped my friend, “Wake up! What happened? What kind of sleep is this!” She said, “Jesus! What kind of sleep is this?” She even shouted, “Jesus! What kind of sleep is this?” We were even thinking that it was the other friend that has done something to us because we know her as a very bad person when it comes to us. We even tried to attack her. We were like spoiling her name. Did she not do something to us. We have never slept like this on a Saturday. I was even telling my friend, “Can you imagine. I was the one who stood up and closed the door for Sandra. Sandra went out. I don’t even know how I even came back to the bed and followed you and slept off”. Before she even slept off, before we left her own house that Saturday and came to this house, I went to bathe. I still used that anointed spray inside the water. She asked me, as I was having detox, whether I could put the detox into her own water. That spray was in my hand but my friend did not know because I went to bathe with it. So immediately I was spraying that detox in the house inside my water, I sprayed that spray too in her water but I didn’t tell her. I don’t know what was happening to me. So I also sprayed in her water. As we then went and slept, that failed to wake us up. She then said, “Calliente is okay”. Because there is a club called ‘Calliente Night Club’. It is a morning club. You go there by five o’clock. You don’t go early. She now said, “It’s Calliente now”. I said, “Yes, Calliente. Time has not gone for Calliente. You go and take a quick bath”. She took her bag and everything. She dressed herself, wore her gown and put make-up. I then went to the bathroom and she was waiting for me. We are going to Calliente Night Club. I went as the second person to take my bath. I still put that Morning Water again in my water. Two sprays and I showered. As I was coming out from the bathroom, I just told her, “Do you know something? As I am standing here right now, no more Calliente, I want to go to The SCOAN”. Miss Kelly & Family (Prophecy Testimony) I said I wanted to go to The SCOAN. She was shocked! She was opening her mouth to say, “But Calliente, we used to stay five, six”. It was like the two were controlling me and controlling her also. She never hesitated. She said, “Yes, let’s go!” Even me, I was shocked when she said, “Yes, let’s go!” I said, “Let’s dress up”. Because anybody that saw us that Sunday, the way we were even dressing and our appearance – it’s not like we were going to church; it was out of confusion. If you saw us and the way we were dressing. As we dressed up and finished, even one of our friends who did not go out was surprised, “What was going on with us?” We didn’t even tell the one in the house where we were going to. We didn’t even say good morning to her. She was talking to us. I was just ignoring her. My friend asked me, “What happened?” I said, “I want to go to church and I don’t want any distraction. I want to go to The SCOAN. Today is Sunday”. She was thinking maybe I carried something in my mind. Nothing! That’s how I walked out of the house. We entered the bus and the bus stopped at the gate. We didn’t even know our way in here, we didn’t even know where the entrance was. When we saw the police and the security, I told my friend that there is a part I used to watch on the TV. We were just discussing, not knowing that my dad is outside of the church, standing in front of the door, watching me coming from a distance. But he never wanted to say anything because he knew that if I saw him first, I would run back, because I always do that. So my dad just kept quiet. I never knew he was standing there. I was just telling my friend , “If they don’t allow us to go inside, do you know what we will do? Let’s just go straight. On TV when I watched it, I used to see the camera on a canopy where people are sitting. But where is that canopy?” So it is the canopy I was looking for. I told her, “There is no canopy here. I am confused. What are we going to do? Okay, if there is no canopy, I don’t know where it is. After church, my sister will see me outside”. Not even knowing that my mum and dad were already here. So as we were just jesting, we were coming to the front of the church. Not knowing I was just coming in front of my dad and he was watching me quietly. I said, “Let me just look up”. It was in front of my dad. I said, “Jesus!” Ah! I now shouted! To run back, I could not run. To move forward, I could not move. I was just pinned where I was. I was just confused. Before I knew it, my dad had gone in to call my mum and sister. My mum came out and she was crying and and shouting. I hugged her. I could not go back when my dad entered the church. I didn’t even know, I was just tied. But if it was before, I swear that moment he left me, I would have taken off. You couldn’t move? I couldn’t move, I was just tied. My sister was not surprised because I had visited her in the hotel. But my mum, she just came out, was crying and everything. I don’t know how my dad did everything before I came into the church – not up to a few minutes before my prophecy came up. As if the man of God had been waiting for me all this year. Shall we put our hands together for Jesus Christ! Miss Kelly & Family (Prophecy Testimony) Since the prophecy last Sunday and your deliverance – tell us, what has changed in your life? Many things have changed in my life. I can’t even believe I am the one standing here. God is great because since that Sunday the man of God delivered me, I have not been out. He keeps me here under his care in the church. I see the difference because before, I was somebody that – even my friend at that end can testify – I couldn’t do without alcohol. I didn’t drink beer but straight whiskey. If you mixed my whiskey with coke or fanta, it is like you want to kill me. I loved drinking direct whisky. I could not stay 24 hours without it. Even if I didn’t see whiskey, like on a day when I didn’t have money to buy it, I would buy what Nigerian people call “ogogoro” Yes! I would make sure I take something hot which is dry gin. But since that Sunday, I was surprised that I have not been tasting it. It does not even come to my memory. Even to the taste of soft drinks, it’s not like before, I don’t know. I don’t even think about it, and I am somebody that I cannot stay without going out. Even when we were there, before going to the club at night, sometimes, if it was an ordinary day and we could not go to the club, we looked for any hotel, any big hotel we could go to during day time. What difference I began to see in my life… When I came here, I came like it is a normal Sunday where I would then go back in the evening time. I never knew God would arrest me from that Sunday till now here in The SCOAN. Tell us, since that last Sunday after your deliverance, do you still have the urge to meet men? No, nothing. No urge, nothing again. It’s not even coming to my memory. To the extent that three days ago, I just sat alone with my phone and blocked everybody on my WhatsApp. I just blocked everybody on my WhatsApp. To the extent that people are calling me, they cannot get me. Sometimes, even some of my friends are passing through this my friend to even ask whether I am okay. They don’t know my whereabouts. They don’t know where I am. I even begged my friend that since they don’t know my whereabouts, please anybody you see, because she is staying outside the church don’t let anyone know that I am in the church. I blocked all the contacts. I decided to do that because I don’t want to have any contact with my past life anymore. Hallelujah! Put your hands together for Jesus! And lastly, how is your spiritual life since after your deliverance? I wake up now and do my prayers. Before I was somebody who could not focus on the Bible. But for the one week I have been here, I am surprised at the extent on coming back from the Bible class. Even if I am learning 100 things in a day and you ask me, I will repeat everything from A-Z. I would tell you what I learnt. But before when someone preached to me, I could open the Bible on my own. You don’t have to preach and read. Immediately I closed it and you asked me, I couldn’t tell you one word. How is your relationship with your family since then? Since then we are okay. I am thanking God. I am back to my family again, we are back together. Shall we put our hands together beautifully for the King of Glory! We thank God Almighty for your life. It’s a great deliverance indeed. And we know that this is really impacting the lives of millions of people – both here and out there. Viewers all over the world are learning a great deal from your testimony. Before we listen to your advice, we would like to hear from your family members. Can we hear from your elder sister? Miss Kelly & Family (Prophecy Testimony) Emmanuel! (God With Us – Matthew 1:23) Indeed God is with us! My name is Nkamanyi Delphine and they are my family members. My younger sister, my dad and my mum. Actually, my younger sister has been a pain in the neck of each and every person in my family. Especially to her own son. Because he has just been growing up like somebody who lost his mum. She started this whole show when she was young as you heard her saying. My mum could not bear her stubbornness because our dad was not around. So my mum decided that she should go to a boarding school since she was stubborn. Whilst in the boarding school, they just called my mum that she is no longer there. There was no way out. We started looking for her but couldn’t find her. We only got to meet her when she was pregnant as she said. She was heavily pregnant. We couldn’t send her away and she came back to the house. We thought that could change her. We had hopes because we had been praying for it. But after she gave birth, three to four months later, my mum could not bear her leaving the house, going to the night club as she was still breastfeeding that is why they had to wean the baby. Because there was no way out from the situation. Until finally, she found herself here in Nigeria. Nobody knew her whereabouts. At times, I was the one who used to… when I see her picture on facebook, I would try to google the location to know where she is. All those sort of things. Not until when I came here to Nigeria. Eventually last Sunday, the lost was found. Exactly. I was so shocked myself even though I knew It was going to happen. While I was in my hotel room, she came as she rightly said and she took the Morning Water and went back. I was there fasting and praying incessantly. And she told me that she was going to come. But she switched off her phone. I came back to church again on that Sunday. Because when her number was not going through, I knew she would not come to church. I just made up my mind that I was going to cut the connection with her, she was no more my sister. But when I came on that Sunday, two weeks ago, when the man of God was preaching, the sermon was all about ‘coming here is not ordinary’. That if you are here, it is because you are not ordinary. That if you want somebody to come here, and the person is not here, don’t break the contact with that person because if you do that you are going to offend God. I was so touched. So since after your sister’s deliverance through the prophecy last Sunday, can you tell us who your sister is now, as against who she was before, when she was living that wayward life. She is really a changed person because I was always the last person she could talk to. But now, we sit, we pray together. At times I would want to come to the altar for prayers and I would meet her there – I would be shocked. She comes to the altar before you? Yes! Since after her deliverance? Yes! Then, she goes to the Bible classes. Miss Delphine & Family (Prophecy Testimony) Sometimes, she would sit and talk to me about her business plans. What she wants to do with her life, her way forward. It is like – wow. There is something happening in her life spiritually that I cannot see. Shall we put our hands together for Jesus Christ! Thank you very much. So let us hear from Daddy. Emmanuel! (God With Us – Matthew 1:23) God is great indeed. Your name? I am Nkamanyi Moses. I am a medical personnel by profession and a professional coach – soccer coach. This is my daughter, Kelly. And that is her elder sister. As I said, I am a medical personnel by profession and a professional soccer coach. I am a member of the National Soccer Coaches Association of America and a member of the Black Soccer Coaches Committee. I have an advance diploma in coaching in the USA. Tell us, for how many years did you not see your daughter ? until God used the man of God to locate her here. For how many years? Almost forever because they are talking of three to four years. But the past couple of years, I was in the U.S. and when I came back, I could not see her. I have been asking, until last year October when I came to The SCOAN, I asked for her number, I called and got her. But when I got here, she was nowhere to be found. But I was opportune to have the Morning Water, which I went back with. I brought my family together, and we prayed and made mention of her. Believe me, no father wants to stay without seeing his child. And when I was in the U.S., they told me she was pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy. Okay, but all this while your daughter disappeared from home, did you know what she was doing out there? Infact, any child who is out of home and is doing well will inform the parents or the family. It means she was doing what we did not like, that is… she said it here that she was doing prostitution. Which of course is not something that I would want my child, my daughter, to do. No father, no parent would want his/her daughter to do prostitution. She talked about drinking alcohol – whiskey. I don’t drink. If I take a bottle of beer, that is too much for me. I am a medical personnel, and I was playing football when I was young. I played even for the junior national team back in Cameroon. I don’t drink alcohol, so seeing my daughter drinking and taking dry whiskey – that is something surprising to me Okay, so this, obviously, must have given you so much pain. Until you found your daughter here at The SCOAN, did you ever think or believe that you would see your daughter again, having disappeared from home for many years. Never! Never! I knew I was going to get her here. That is why I came here last October. That is why we sent her elder sister to be here. This is the fourth week her elder sister has been in Lagos, praying. When I got here last Saturday, in my hotel room I was praying throughout. On Sunday morning, before I got here, I was praying throughout, using the Morning Water. And believe me on that Sunday, I was In church right here. The restroom is behind; the restaurant is behind. I don’t know what took me out of the door this way. And you intended to go to the restroom? I got out… But you found yourself going out through another door? This is a wonderful place. I don’t know – this is a wonderful place. Shall we clap for Jesus Christ! Mr Moses Nkamanyi & Family (Prophecy Testimony) So when you came out? As soon I got out, I saw her coming in with her friend from the gate. When I saw her, I stood. I didn’t make any move because I thought if she saw me, she would run out. So I stood and I was watching her chatting with her friend and coming in. She got right in front of me and raised her head and when she saw me, she almost fell. She almost dropped. I said, “Don’t bother. God has brought you. This is the arena of liberty”. Put your hands together for Jesus! Mr Moses Nkamanyi & Family (Prophecy Testimony) So, Sir, since last Sunday after the prophecy and the deliverance, tell us, what do you see in your daughter now that you really glorify God for? To be honest with you, in the past she was communicating with her mother and sister but never with me because when I was back home, when she was young, I was really handling her and I know she left home maybe because I left Cameroon for the U.S. and stayed there for a long while. After her deliverance, believe me, I have seen a new person in her. Mr Moses Nkamanyi & Family (Prophecy Testimony) She gets up in the morning and she wants to talk to me. She has been here and I was still in my hotel room. But she would always want to see me and the mum. That is very strange. It means she has started recognising the family. She is now with the family and I can see some happiness in her. I can see her very happy to be with us and she was insisting to get her stuffs from where she was living. To get her stuffs and go back home to meet the rest of her family members. That is wonderful. I would really want to say that this is really the arena of liberty. Put your hands together for Jesus Christ! Mr Moses Nkamanyi & Family (Prophecy Testimony) Thank you very much, sir. Let’s listen to mama. Emmanuel! (God With Us – Matthew 1:23) My name is Nkamanyi Anne, and the person next to me is my lovely daughter. The next one is my lovely brother, my only brother and the father to all of us. The father to all of us. The other one is also my daughter. Anne Nkamanyi & Family (Prophecy Testimony) This my daughter has made me to be confused in the home. For four years now, I have not been seeing her. She started calling me. When I also called her, she would just switch off her phone. When I say, “Kelly, where are you?” She would say, “Don’t disturb me” and switch off her phone. She would stay again for about two months When she calls again, I would not want to ask her of her whereabouts. I would just be petting her, “Where mummy? Come and see us. Your son is really anxious to see you! “You want to kill us? Come and see your son”. She would switch off her phone. Recently, it was bad. My brother came here. I think it was last year October, just because of her situation. He always tried. I gave her number to my brother. He came here and called her. They were communicating. But when my brother came here, he called and behold, she just switched off her phone. She told him that she will come and meet him here in The SCOAN. But when that day came, she just switched off her phone. So it has been on and off like that? Yes! The pain. The pain to have a daughter like this one and then she just disappears. Anne Nkamanyi & Family (Prophecy Testimony) What else can that be but the tears of joy. Really! Really! So last Sunday, your daughter was found and God gave a prophetic message to his able servant that there was a lady that was lost but was found here. How do you feel since last Sunday, and what are the changes that you have seen in her life? All of us were very happy because we were surprised. This was my first time of coming here, and the man of God does not know me. I don’t know him. I only watch him on the screen. But I was very surprised when we came out here and the man of God said, “Lost and found, Miss Cameroon”. I said, “Okay, they have given here a very big title – Miss Cameroon”. We were very happy, all of us were very happy because she was holding me, I was holding her. We were happy together, the son, all of them at home were watching her. And since that last Sunday, how have you been relating with your daughter and how has she been relating with you and other members of the family? Of course, we are fine – everything has changed. I have really seen her. Shall we put our hands together for Jesus! Anne Nkamanyi & Family (Prophecy Testimony) Thank you! Our sister… Wow, we can see you are overwhelmed with joy. You didn’t know that life in Christ Jesus was this sweet? Very sweet! Yes! Now we want to listen to your advice, but before then, this life you were living. All this money you used to make. Can you give any account of it? Maybe you have built a house, bought cars, investments. No account. It’s just like a blood money. No account. You see the money but you don’t know what you do with it. So the way it came, it just went like that? It just went like that. You see the money quite alright but there is nothing that you can do with it. So when the money used to come, what did you do with it? I don’t know, maybe I drink, get dresses for myself, a new hairstyle. Just do things that will still get you to the club to do the business. Finish! Just to maintain that lifestyle. No investment. This life you started living at the early age of 15 – you bolted out of the house and started following men, doing prostitution. How did you manage your education? Were you able to finish your school, your secondary school? No, I didn’t finish my school because I ran away from school. I was in a boarding school. You were in a boarding school? Yes. And you couldn’t complete your secondary school? I couldn’t complete it. I disappeared, I jumped over the fence. It was one of the students that discovered I wasn’t living in the school. because we went out overnight, jumping over the fence. So this really robbed you of your education? Yes! Now, we would like you to advise the world, the whole world entirely. What word of advice do you have for them? My advice to all my friends, especially the ones out there watching me right now. Because I know they are watching me. They watched me last week Sunday. Your X-friends? My X-friends. You mean those who are still… Those who are still in my past life, into prostitution. Now they are my X-friends. My present friends will only be people that are the same in Christ – like me here. Halleluyah. Miss Kelly & Family (Prophecy Testimony) The only advice I would give them is – nothing like God. Because there is nothing out there. I have passed through a lot. Today as you see me standing here, if you look at me, since morning I have been full of joy. I am proud to be here, giving my testimony. I dont care what anyone would say. I don’t care how people will look at me and what they will say. i don’t care about what I will pass through because I believe that now you are looking at me, I am better than all of you right now. So if you look at me, I am very full of happiness for the kind of testimony I have. Even when the man of God who located me used that word ‘prostitute’, some people would be standing here, crying. I cannot cry, I am not regretting. I am laughing. I know some people will ask, “Why is she laughing?” I have to laugh because I am so happy and now I belong to God – it’s a pride. Hallelujah. Put your hands together for Jesus! Miss Kelly & Family (Prophecy Testimony) To the world at large, what advice do you have for them? The advice I have for them is that as they are watching me right now, I would like everyone of them to repent, even though it is not easy because it was not easy for me. But anybody who is ready to be like me, I will advise them, I haven’t abandoned anybody. Through me, they can still get help, and through me also, they can still have the opportunity to be here because I am ready to help anyone of them except those that are not ready to change. Because as for me, I am gone; bye, bye forever ! Miss Kelly & Family (Prophecy Testimony) You have escaped satan’s captivity. Far, far away. Hallelujah. What advice do you have for parents who are listening to you right now? What advice I have for parents is that if your child is living the kind of life I was living, whatever she tells you she is doing, working here or doing business in this place, I would still advise you to always put her in prayers. Because I believe with prayers, everything is possible. And with your prayers, someday you will find out what she is doing and everything will come to an end. Hallelujah! Put your hands together for Jesus! Thank you! And lastly, today you are filled with joy, testifying to that wonderful deliverance you have received. If you were to look back to your life generally, what would you say you regretted doing in your life. What do you regret most that you have done with your life? I regret many things I have done in my past life, and number one as an example… Because there are a lot of things where I cannot show an example. but for one I can show an example. One of the things that people can see, viewers all over the world, because I am proud of everybody watching Emmanuel TV to see me standing here because it is an opportunity for everyone. So the tattoo on my neck. You can see it. This is like an evidence – an example. This is the only thing I can present here – the tattoo on my neck – because I did it when I was on the street. When I started moving around, this is how I did this one here. This is it! As a club girl and at the same time as a stubborn child – all together. And this one I also got on my arm. Today you regret doing this to yourself? I regret doing these things to myself. There are a lot of things I regret in my life. There are a lot that people will not see – it’s too much. I will not be able to go through them all here. We have heard from her. Her friend is also here. My name is Elizabeth Akinyemi Iyabo. I am from Ondo State. This is my mum and here are my children. I have been a prostitute for six years now. It was through my friend that the man of God located me on Sunday in the church. I started doing it out of ignorance. I was working as a hairstylist. A friend called me and told me that they were looking for girls to go to Dubai who were very good hairdressers and they’d make a lot of money. I said, “Ah, if they chose me, I would be very happy and I would go with them”. Out of 25 people, they selected 8 of us. I asked how we were going to sponsor ourselves because I didn’t even have the money for a passport because they were paying me 4000 naira monthly. She said that it wasn’t a problem. They would pay for everything and when we got there we would know how to pay back. When we got there, we did prostitution. At night we dressed half naked and wore a long black gown on top and a head gear. Then, a taxi would come and take us to the club. When we got to the club, we would remove the long gown and the head gear. We would be dressed half naked in the club and go with different kind of men. That was how we did it for four months. Along the line, I got caught and spent two months in prison before I was then deported back to Nigeria. I started going to clubs and did prostitution here in Nigeria. I got an opportunity to go to Malaysia; that was where I met my baby’s father. It was in a club that they introduced me to another boss. He told me that I should pay 20,000 dollars, and I paid 18,000 dollars. I then met my baby’s father who is from UK. He said he wanted to marry me and asked if I had a boss. He called my boss and said that he would pay the money, That I should forget about everything and start living with him. Later, I got pregnant for him. He found out that I was deported from Dubai and was very angry with me. He told me to come back to Nigeria and try to get another passport. so that I could go to Dubai or the UK from there. That was how I lost contact with him. When I called him, he no longer picked my calls. I continued doing prostitution. My mother never knew that I was a prostitute. When I went home monthly, I’d give her money and sponsored my brother to the university. I then met the father of my second baby. I got pregnant. Whilst you were doing the work of prostitution? Yes. Three months after I gave birth, the baby died. My brother whom I sponsored to university also died. I didn’t have anything else to do. I went back to that life again. So that was how you continued? I met my friend – we had lost contact for a very long time. She called me and asked me where I was and I told her I was at home. She told me to come over to Lekki. I told her that I didn’t have transport fare. She asked me what was going on and I told her I didn’t know. She came to my house and told me not to worry that she would pay for my transport fare that we were going to go out on Saturday so that I would have money. I explained to her that my son was no longer going to school because I didn’t have money for school fees. She said that we would go to the club on Saturday On Saturday, we were preparing to go to the club but we slept off. Since last Sunday you received the prophecy from the man of God and your deliverance, tell us of the changes in your life. A lot of changes. I am so happy now. I am now a changed person. Do you still have the urge to meet men, to go out for prostitution? Never again! Never in my life! Shall we put our hands together for Jesus! The SCOAN Sunday Service Viewers and the people right inside the church, the sister said she is free; whatever you can do to support her. Most especially the one that has two children. Please do so. She really needs your support now because these little children have to live and go to school. If you don’t want her to sell the children or to trade the children for money, they need your support. Hallelujah. Members, we need to come together. Whatever you can do now, please wait behind. Whatever you can do before you leave the church. You just have to support these children. You can see the family; you can see the mama. That is it. Their family is not beyond this; it’s those two people. They have no one. These children must go to school. They must be cared for. We say she is delivered. To maintain that deliverance, she needs support. God has done His part. It is God who has delivered her. You have to support her. We have a role to play to maintain our blessing. So for her to maintain this blessing – your support. You let her wait somewhere there. TESTIMONY CONTINUES You have just watched the clip. That is how the prophecy came and she was delivered, and we also heard the comment of the anointed man of God. Right now, we are going to listen once again to the sister. She is here to continue her testimony of what God Almighty has done in her life and also to get the fulfilment of that promise. My name is Akinyemi Elizabeth Iyabo. I am from Ondo State. These are my children and this is my mum. I am an ex-international prostitute – going from one country to another, selling myself for money, jumping from one bed to another. Thank God, three weeks ago, I came to The SCOAN with my friend and the man of God prophesied that there was a girl from Cameroon, who had been missing for many years and that she should come out. She has just located her family here at The SCOAN. She came out and the man of God asked her to go and bring her friend. I never knew that would be the day that my story from one bed to another, doing prostitution, from one hotel to another, from one club to another, would come to an end. I thank God for the deliverance, healing and everything God has been doing since then. I thank God for the man of God who asked the people of God to come out and help me and they did. Ok. Tell us – since after your deliverance, how much has your life changed? My life has totally changed from my past life. The life I am living now, I am so happy. I am now a free person in Christ Jesus. You mean that you no longer move from one place to another? Never again. No more jumping from one bed to another. And now you are able to settle down to take care of your children? I am ready to settle down to take care of my children and to look for something good to do from now on. Shall we put our hands together for Jesus Christ! Elizabeth & Family (Prophecy Testimony) We thank God Almighty for your life and without further to do, we shall go straight to deliver the message from our father in the Lord. After her testimony on last Sunday, the man of God made a call to all members of the congregation to assist our sister financially so that she could settle down and do something to take care of herself and also the children that she has with her. In response to that, members of the church made this wonderful contribution. The bible says, giving is the beginning of blessing. As we have contributed today, the lady is being blessed with the cash sum of 500,000 naira. Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV Partners Give a Cash Gift of 500,000 Naira & The Mirror That is the money that was contributed in cash – 500,000 naira. We would also like to let you know that this is not the end. We know what our God can do. Our Lord God Almighty will continue the supply and she will come back very soon to testify to the glory of God in Jesus’ name. Let us put our hands together for Jesus Christ! Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV Partners Give a Cash Gift of 500,000 Naira & The Mirror Praise the Lord! Emmanuel! (God With Us – Matthew 1:23) I appreciate and thank you all for the conribution you have made for me and my family. I will always remain faithful and will never let you down. I promise that I will come back to the church to give my testimony. I will make good use of this money. Thank you to our daddy in the Lord. Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV Partners Give a Cash Gift of 500,000 Naira & The Mirror Mama, I believe those are tears of joy? Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Lord. T.B. Joshua, you are a great. Man of God, you are great. You are really a man of God. I will continue to pray for you all the days of my life. Thank you. I have a song to sing. I never knew You would favour me this way As You favour me this way, I lift up Your name Shall we clap for Jesus Christ! Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV Partners Give a Cash Gift of 500,000 Naira & The Mirror A wonderful favour indeed and also alongside the cash gift, we have ‘The Mirror’ book by the anointed man of God. This will also guide you in your walk of salvation. We also give thanks to all those who made this meaningful contribution to the life of our sister, to make sure that she does not go back to the street but settles down, does her business and is able to take care of herself and her children. Sister, now that you have received this wonderful blessing, we want to encourage you to stay true to God Almighty, to walk in the light of your testimony and go into a business that will enable you to take care of yourself and your children and we believe that very soon you are coming back for a testimony in Jesus’ name! Amen! Thank you very much. Let us clap for Jesus Christ! Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV Partners Give a Cash Gift of 500,000 Naira & The Mirror TESTIMONY CONTINUES My name is Nkamanyi Kelly. I am from Cameroon. The people standing next to me are my family – my sister, mum and dad. Can you tell us exactly what brought about your testimony today? I was in the church last two weeks Sunday. When the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, prophesied about a girl who was lost for four years and the parents have just found her in church that Sunday. I came out and confirmed that the prophecy is so true. Miss Kelly & Family (Deliverance Testimony) It is true because I left my family for four years and I was into prostitution. But now I have been delivered after the man of God delivered me. After God used Prophet T.B. Joshua to deliver me, the spirit of prostitution is out of me. I am a new creation in Christ. Since then, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua has been feeding me with the Word of God and taking care of me. I am so honoured for everything. You mean, since you’ve been delivered, the spirit of prostitution has left you and now you no longer have that urge to go to prostitution any more? Yes! What are the changes you have seen in you after your deliverance? So many changes – like not having the urge to be with men again, the spirit of going out, the spirit of drinking alcohol, so many things. I now see how wrong it is to go into prostitution. To God be the glory. Now that you have been delivered, we thank God Almighty for your life because we now know you are a new creation in Christ Jesus. Old things have passed away and all things have become new. The man of God, Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua, in his usual kindness and with the support of Emmanuel TV Partners, said that we should present this cash gift to you – the sum of 150,000 naira – for you to start a new life in Christ Jesus. Given 150,000 Naira & 60,000 Naira for Transportation by T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV Partners And also the sum of 60,000 naira for your transportation back to your country. I want to say, Thank You, Jesus! Thank you, Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV Partners all over the world. Thank you all. Thank you for supporting me with the sum of 150,000 naira and the sum of 60,000 for our transportation back home. Because we never expected this. I didn’t expect this. I came here with a problem and I even expected to pay. I didn’t pay anything. I was delivered free of charge. And now man of God has given me a sum of 150,000 Naira to start a new life. The man of God was taking care of me throughout my stay in the church: Feeding me and taking care of me and as I am going home, he has blessed me again to start a new life. I am happy. Thank You, Jesus! My name is Nkamanyi Delphine. I am from Cameroon. Indeed, it is a great joy. I don’t know how to start appreciating the man of God because he has always been like the lordship in the family. The lost has been found through the man of God, Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua. All I have to say is, Thank You, Jesus! After delivering her, the man of God supported her financially with the sum of 150,000 naira for her to start a new life. In fact, the man of God has established her in order for her not to go back to her past. This is a wonderful thing. In addition to that, the man of God gave us transportation to go back to our country – the sum of 60,000 naira. May the Lord bless him, and also bless Emmanuel TV Partners all over the world. Thank you very much. I thank God Almighty for what He has done to the life of my daughter. Ever since she was delivered, she is a new creation now. She is behaving well now, and the man of God kept us here for a week, caring for us, feeding us, accommodating us. We are very grateful for that. Now he has established my daughter with a sum of 150,000 naira and he gave us transportation – 60,000 naira – to go back to our country. May the Lord bless the man of God and Emmanuel TV Partners all over the world. Thank you. Amen. Thank you soo much. I am Nkamanyi Moses. Next to me is my daughter, Kelly Nkamanyi, her sister and the mum. Believe me, I am so overwhelmed with what I have seen here at The SCOAN. This is wonderful because we came here and the man of God discovered Kelly, who had been missing for about three to four years. Since she was discovered and the Man of God laid his hand on her and delivered her. she is a changed person and believe me, I have seen a lot of changes in her. Now she gets up in the morning and wants to see the family. She wants to see us and share with us. It has been wonderful. This is really the arena of liberty. I want to say, we came here fully prepared to worship here at The SCOAN. We had to spend a lot of money for accommodation. But we were lodged here by the man of God and fed by him for the past one week and we did not pay anything. Now we will be leaving Lagos to go back to Cameroon and my daughter has been blessed with a sum of 150,000 naira to start a new life and a sum of 60,000 naira for us to pay our transportation back home. I was sitting with my family, thinking of how to start a new life for my daughter. Now the man of God has really blessed us. He has removed that burden from me. A piece of advice to the whole world, I am a parent, and other parents also have problems in their homes. Believe me, you have to come here to seek the face of the Lord because this place is the arena of liberty. What we have been crying for the past four years, the man of God has wiped off our tears We are going back home happily, and again I would like to say that I have been in Lagos. I see that Nigerians don’t know what they have here. If they don’t know what they have, foreigners will take it from them. Because this is the real place to come, real place to be. I have received calls, from abroad, even from the U.S. where I come from. People have seen me here and they are still seeing me here. I have received calls. To God be the glory. Believe me, this is a wonderful place. Today is the day Amen The day of joy Amen Today is the day Amen The day of joy Amen Sing Amen amen Rejoice Amen Glory be to God Amen amen Sing Amen amen Rejoice Amen amen Glory be to God Amen amen Thank You, Jesus!

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