The church narrative is an age old plan of
satan, to capture souls and make them slaves to the church system, while making them believe
that they are serving God unto salvation. The church is presented as a vehicle to eternal
bliss. The preachers and clergy are portrayed as
facilitators for heavenly passage and oracles of God, appointed and ordained by God. It is all a lie, a show, a scam. Churches are peddling lies and false security,
based on Bible scriptures that have been twisted and applied in such a way as to support the
church narrative. The church narrative is a powerful delusion
that brainwashes people  and makes them firm believers and ardent followers of the church
and it’s doctrines. It puts them under bondage and demonizes those
who leave or oppose the church. People are enslaved to church and they are
placed under severe condemnation and persecution if they oppose or leave the church. Most of Christianity has been engulfed by
the church narrative and to most professing Christians it is unthinkable, to be without
or outside of a church. The church narrative is an evil conspiracy, 
a deception that ruins many souls and blinds them to the truth so that they do not repent
and follow Jesus, but rather follow after the doctrines and teachings of their church. They submit themselves to the leadership of
the church and seek the approval and acceptance of the church, rather than the approval of
Jesus. The gospel of Jesus Christ, His words and
commandments,  as also recorded  in Matthew, Mark, Luke  and John,  makes you free, free
from sin and addictions and free from the narrative of church. The born again child of God is FREE, free
to follow and serve Jesus and the kingdom of God. If you want eternal life, you have to escape
the narrative of church, and follow Jesus. Church leads to bondage and damnation. Jesus leads to eternal life. You cannot follow church and Jesus. Jesus alone is the way, the truth and the
life. Follow Him, and you will live. Obey the gospel of Jesus Christ. Repent and be baptized. Live holy and righteousness in obedience to
Jesus,  His words as recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Be filled  with the Holy  Spirit  and follow
His guidance, all the way, until the end, and you will have  LIFE. Do not get involved in church, because that
will be the end of your walk with  Jesus and your hope of eternal life. May Jesus bless you. Jesus Christ is alive and hell is real. I am here to introduce you to Jesus Christ
so that you can know Him, follow Him and have eternal life. Subscribe to my channel to learn more about
Jesus. May Jesus bless you.

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  1. Amen. Thank you. I woke up feeling down cast. I left my church as my spirit rebuked the church. What was happening in the church did not coincide with the word…and this bothered me a lot. I asked God for a sign and I had a dream which for me, made my leaving the church clear. I told the so called "prophet" and he told me 4 things: 1- that my family was under serious demoic attack….in other words I needed him to pray for me, but the bible tells me that I too have the privilege of talking and walking with Christ and that Christ is in me. 2: that I am free to go if I want to, 3: that my thoughts on leaving were sinful and 4: that my dream was from the devil. He then proceeded to drop the phone on me. Since then, not even one person from that church has called me. I can only summise that I was gossipsed about and castigated. I thank you my heavenly father for your unconditional love and forgiveness and opening my eyes, change me so that I can live in line with you Jesus, so that I can be free from sin and live a life of holiness so that I can baptize in your name and raise deciples and bring people into your kingdom. Amen. Churches are turning people into weak dependents, dependant on the leadership, they make people weak in spirit and lazy to read the bible and pray. Also my friends pray for me during this time so that I can learn to forgive, remove bitterness and be full of love as I feel deeply hurt and angry, angry because once again I was duped already knowing what Jesus requires of me and angry that innocent souls will perish at the hands of evil and wicked men and women who use the name of Jesus to fool people and make themselves look more righteous than they are. May the peace that surpasses all understanding be with you all. Blessings and the wisdom of God to all. Thank you.

  2. THANK JESUS this church ? thing according to men ? almost took my silly self to HELL!
    JESUS ! i thank you to allow me to locate Truth ! JESUS thank you for this channel [[integrity ]]
    and love of JESUS and JESUS kingdom i learning listening watching Confirm to me i am not crazy for leaving~~~ KIRK CHURCH – defined- definition Circus ! Circus ! OH MY FATHER ! THIS IS SPOT ON THIS MESSAGE !

  3. All these fake Churches do their own will and God must adopt to their wills. They self proclaimed them self to different rangs in their fake Churches. But they lair that they are ministers of God.
    They are exact copy of Pharisees of time when Son of God Jesus Christ was leaving on Earth as human.
    They are divided to different fake Churches each of them lairs that they are true one.

    But you can see how these fake Churches each of which lairs that they are true one are gathering together and call each other as friends and cooperate.
    But in Bible you can see that true people of God and wrong people of God cannot be together. And Son of God Jesus Christ never called Pharisees or other ministers of fake Churches
    of God as friends and He never cooperated with them and never was with them together. 

    These fake Churches on Name of God made business!!!

    How ever real Church of God follows Will of God not lesser then 100%!!!

  4. Все эти лже Церкви делают свою волю и Бог должен подстраиваться под ихнею волю. Они самоназначили себя на разные посты в ихнех лже Церквах. Но они лгут что они представители Божые.
    Они точные копии Фарисеев времени когда Сын Божыии Иисус Христос жыл на Земле как человек.
    Они разделены на разные лже Церкви каждая из которых лжет что именно они истинные.

    Но ты можеш видеть как эти лже Церкви каждая из которых лжет что именно они истинные собираються вместе и зовут каждыи каждого друзями и вместе сотрудничают.
    Но в Библии можно увидеть что истинные человеки Божые и ложные человеки Божые не могут быть вместе. И Сын Божыи Иисус Христос никогда не называл Фарисеев или иных представителеи лже Церквеи Божых друзями и Он никогда с ними не сотрудничал и вместе с ними не был.

    Эти лже Церкви на Именни Божем сделали бизнес!!!

    Но истинная Церковь Божыя следует Воли Божеи не меньше чем на 100%!!!

  5. Amen Brother.. Your videos are conformation yo what God has been speaking to me for a few years now . All God has been showing me and speaking to me your videos confirm it all. God Bless You Brother.



    El discurso de la iglesia es un antiguo plan de satanás, para capturar almas y hacerlas esclavas al sistema de la iglesia, mientras que les hace creer que están sirviendo a Dios para su salvación.

    La iglesia se presenta como un vehículo a la dicha eterna. Los predicadores y el clero son presentados como facilitadores para el pasaje celestial y como oráculos de Dios, designados y ordenados por Dios.

    Es todo una mentira, un espectáculo, una estafa. Las iglesias están vendiendo mentiras y falsa seguridad, basadas en las escrituras de la Biblia que se han manipulado y aplicado de tal manera que apoyen el discurso de la iglesia.

    El discurso de la iglesia es una ilusión poderosa que lava el cerebro de las personas y las hace creyentes firmes y seguidores ardientes de la iglesia y sus doctrinas. Los pone bajo esclavitud y demoniza a los que se van o se oponen a la iglesia.

    Las personas están esclavizadas a la iglesia y se las somete a severas condenas y persecución si se oponen o abandonan la iglesia.

    La mayor parte del Cristianismo ha sido engullido por el discurso de la iglesia y para la mayoría de los Cristianos confesos es impensable estar sin una iglesia o alejado de ella.

    El discurso de la iglesia es una conspiración malvada, un engaño que arruina muchas almas y las ciega a la verdad para que no se arrepientan y no sigan a Jesús, y en su lugar, sigan las doctrinas y enseñanzas de su iglesia.

    Se someten al liderazgo de la iglesia y buscan la aprobación y aceptación de la iglesia, en lugar de la aprobación de Jesús.

    El evangelio de Jesucristo, Su palabra y mandamientos, como también se encuentran registrados en Mateo, Marcos, Lucas y Juan, te hacen libre, libre de pecado y adicciones, y libre del discurso de la iglesia.

    El hijo de Dios renacido es LIBRE, libre de seguir y servir a Jesús y al reino de Dios.

    Si quieres la vida eterna, tienes que escapar de la narrativa de la iglesia y seguir a Jesús.

    La iglesia lleva a la esclavitud y la condenación. Jesús lleva a la vida eterna. No puedes seguir a la iglesia y a Jesús.

    Sólo Jesús es el camino, la verdad y la vida. Síguelo, y vivirás. Obedece el evangelio de Jesucristo. Arrepiéntete y bautízate. Vive en santidad y rectitud, en obediencia a Jesús, a Su Palabra registrada en Mateo, Marcos, Lucas y Juan.

    Llénate del Espíritu Santo y sigue Su guía hasta el final, y tendrás VIDA.

    No te involucres en la iglesia, porque ese será el final de tu caminar con Jesús y tu esperanza de vida eterna.

    Que Jesús te bendiga.


    Jesucristo está vivo y el infierno es real.

    Estoy aquí para darte a conocer a Jesucristo para que le conozcas, le sigas y tengas vida eterna.

    Subscríbete a mi canal para aprender más sobre Jesús.

    Que Jesús te bendiga.



    Церковное повествование – это древний план сатаны, чтобы улавливать души и делать их рабами церковной системы, заставляя их верить, что они служат Богу ко спасению. Церковь преподносится, как средство вечного блаженства (благословения). Проповедники и духовенство изображаются, как посредники для небесного перехода и оракулы Божьи, назначаемые и рукополагаемые Богом. Это всё ложь, шоу, мошенничество.

    Церкви торгуют ложью и фальшивой гарантией, основываясь на библейских писаниях, которые были искажены и применены таким образом, чтобы поддерживать церковное повествование. Церковное повествование – это мощное заблуждение, которое промывает мозги людям и делает их крепкими верующими и горячими последователями церкви и её учений. Это помещает их под рабство и демонизирует тех, кто оставляет церковь или выступает против неё. Люди порабощены церкви, и они подвергаются суровому осуждению и гонению, если они выступают против церкви или оставляют её.

    Большинство христианства было охвачено церковным повествованием, и для большинства христиан немыслимо быть без церкви или вне её.

    Церковное повествование – это злой заговор, обман, который разрушает многие души и ослепляет их к истине, чтобы они не покаялись и не следовали за Иисусом, но, скорее, следовали доктринам и учениям их церкви. Они подчиняются руководству церкви и ищут одобрения и принятия церкви, а не одобрения Иисуса.

    Евангелие Иисуса Христа, Его слова и заповеди, также записанные в Матфея, Марка, Луки и Иоанна, делают тебя свободным, свободным от греха и зависимостей, и от повествования церкви. Рождённое свыше чадо Божье – СВОБОДНО; свободно, чтобы следовать за Иисусом и служить Ему и Царству Божьему.

    Если ты хочешь вечной жизни, ты должен избежать повествования церкви и следовать за Иисусом. Церковь ведёт к рабству и проклятию. Иисус ведёт к вечной жизни. Ты не можешь следовать за церковью и за Иисусом. Только Иисус есть путь, истина и жизнь. Следуй за Ним, и ты будешь жить.

    Повинуйся Евангелию Иисуса Христа. Покайся и крестись. Живи свято и праведно в послушании Иисусу, Его словам, записанным в Матфея, Марка, Луки и Иоанна. Будь наполнен Святым Духом и следуй Его водительству, весь путь, до конца, и у тебя будет ЖИЗНЬ.

    Не ввязывайся в церковь, потому что это будет концом твоего хождения с Иисусом и твоей надежды на вечную жизнь.

    Да благословит тебя Иисус".

  8. I came across your videos years ago but couldn't see how my church could be wrong because they preach almost exactly the same message; victory over sin. What I didn't see was that I was being lead to the church and not to Jesus. That submitting to church leadership and meeting all the demands and expectations (outward works) was giving me false reassurance and comfort, and hindering me from a true relationship with Jesus Christ. For the past few years the Lord has been calling my wife and I out of the church, but it took a while for us to come to faith for it because it was so difficult to see that God would lead us out of church–especially one that has a doctrine of victory over sin! But exactly what you say in this video is the truth because (whether they intend it or not) they lead to the church–the organization–and not to Jesus only. I believe that it started out many years ago as a gathering of true disciples, but over generations turned into a big exclusive organization, drawing more to itself and outward works than to Jesus, giving false confidence that if you (along with getting victory over sin in the flesh) meet all the expectations and submit to the leadership, that everything will be right in your life and you will be in the bride of Christ. They teach that you NEED fellowship with the other church members, because it's the only group of true believers. That it (that specific organization) IS the body of Christ. We were taught and believed that the leading brothers in the church are true disciples, that they are prophets of our time and that we should submit to their authority because that is practicing humility and obedience, and because they have light from God. We came to realize that even if the leading brothers of that church are true disciples with only good intentions, you cannot get to heaven on the back of someone else. Following the leadership of another person–even if they are a disciple–will not get you a relationship with Jesus Christ. Our experience was that the emphasis in the church which we had been in our entire lives was mainly on being wholeheartedly along in THE CHURCH, as if that IS following God. We were not lead to a true understanding of getting the help and guidance from the Holy Spirit. We were not lead to Jesus! Only when we stepped out into the wilderness did we realize how much we needed guidance from the Holy Spirit, because we no longer had the false reassurance of being along in the "right church". Thank you brother Jan for your messages, they have helped us to come to understanding, even though it took us a long time to break free from dependence on and loyalty to the church in our hearts. Thank you for encouraging people to GO TO JESUS, and to pray and pray and pray, and to seek the Holy Spirit. That's what it took for us to break free from the STRONG DECEPTION of church.

  9. You can switch to Russian subtitles on the video bar at the bottom right corner.

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