The bloodline of Jesus and Founders of Rosslyn Chapel !!!

ANYONE looking for a colourful family history,
need only take a peek, at the Clan Sinclair. There family have ties to William the Conqueror,
A pre-Columbus voyage to the New World, and liege lords to Robert the Bruce. To top it all is their position as Scottish
Grand Masters of the Knights Templar, and legendary guardians of the secrets of Rosslyn. I’m going to venture a guess, that there are
more books, written about the sinclair family, than there are most other families out there. The daa Vinci Code, Holy Blood, Holy Grail,
and The Templar Meridians, The Secret Mapping of the New World. to name just a few. British genealogist Sir Bernard Burke, wrote. No family in Europe, beneath the rank of royalty,
boasts a higher antiquity, a nobler illustration, or a more romantic interest, than that of
Saint Clairs. Sir Walter Scott, Scottish historical novelist,
called the sinclairs, The Lordly line of high Saint Clair. Rosslyn Chapel was founded as a Catholic church
by William Sinclair, 1st Earl of Caithness of the Sinclair Family in the mid fifteenth
Century. According to some accounts, the descendents
of Jesus Christ and members of the Knights Templar existed within the Sinclair family. Dan Brown used this theory in his 2003 novel
The daa Vinci Code, with the chapel being used as a location in the film version which
was released three years later. Despite being dismissed by historians and
the Catholic Church, the novel has sold over 80 million copies worldwide. What is claimed as a carving on a glacial
boulder in the town of Westford, in Massachusetts, USA, is argued to be proof that an expedition,
led by Henry Sinclair, Earl of Orkney, landed on the North American continent almost 100
years before Christopher Columbus. The ‘carving’ is subject to much speculation
over its authenticity, but it is said to depict a Medieval knight with sword and shield who
was a fallen member of Sinclair’s party who travelled to the ‘New World’ in 1398. Evidence exists to support the Templar’s
involvement in the Oak Island Money Pit, but to expand this theory further, it would be
useful to consider the influence of the Freemasons in this area, as the Templar were a precurser
for this select group of individuals. There remains a strong connection to this
area with the Knights Templar, whether relative to the treasure or not and further study may
shed light on the mystery. It is also said that Freemasonry, in the form
we would recognise today, started at the building of Rosslyn Chapel, There are three important
pieces of evidence which support this statement. Rosslyn links the Jewish Temple through the
Knights Templar to Freemasonry. The ground plan of Rosslyn is a copy of Herod’s
Temple and above ground it replicates the Herodian Architecture of Jerusalem. Rosslyn contains the oldest document showing
a modern First Degree Ceremony being conducted by a Knight Templar. The layout of Rosslyn, which was started in
1440, is an exact replica of the ground plan of the Third Temple, built in Jerusalem by
Herod and destroyed in the First Century by the Romans. On the lower frame of the window in the South
West corner of the Chapel there is a carving which seems to be of a Freemasonic First Degree. The figure shows a man kneeling between two
pillars. He is blindfolded and has a running noose
about his neck. His feet are in a strange and unnatural posture
and in his left hand he holds a bible. The end of the rope about his neck is held
by another man who is wearing the mantle of a Knight Templar. Rosslyn was built by Sir William Saintt Clair
Jarl of Orkney. He was a direct descent of William de Saint
Clair Last Temple Grand Master of Scotland, who died taking the heart of the dead king,
Robert de Bruce on a last crusade to Jerusalem. Sir William, the chapel builder, is also the
direct ancestor of First Grand Master Mason of Scotland, also named William Sinclair. Rosslyn was built To house artifacts brought
by the Knights Templar to Scotland in 1126. Between 1118 and 1128 the Templars excavated
the ruins of Herod’s Temple in Jerusalem. Hugue de Payen, first Grand Master of the
Knights Templar, served on the First Crusade with Henri Saint Clair, First Earl of Roslin
and Hugue visited Roslin in 1126 where he was given land to build the first Templar
Preceptory outside the Holy Land. In 1860 the British Army Engineers mounted
an expedition to Jersualem and two Lieutenants ,Wilson and Warren, mapped out the city to
Ordnance Survey standards. They excavated beneath Temple Mount and found
many deep tunnels in which they also found and recorded Templar artifacts. In 1440 William St Clair was the most powerful
man in Scotland. He decided to build Rosslyn to house the treasures
he had inherited from the Templars and establish a seat of spiritual authority to rival James
II who was dabbling in English politics and finally got himself killed during the War
of the Roses. William brought in Masons to build Rosslyn
and built the town of Roslin to house them. When James II died (1460) his son, James III,
thought William was posing to great a threat to the Crown of Scotland so he stripped William
of Orkney and broke up his estates “If you peppered Scotland with dots across
Lothian and Caithness in medieval times,” says writer and Scots historian Ashley Cowie,
“chances are you’d land within ten miles of a Sinclair property.” Cowie has spent a decade researching the family
and has discovered that if you follow a straight line from Rosslyn directly due north you end
up at the Castle of Mey, which was built in the 16th Century by the 4th Earl of Caithness,
George St Clair. Ravenscraig and Keiss castles (also St Clair
built) are on that grid line and so is Balmoral Castle, which has at its core another castle
built in the 14th Century by William Drummond (married to a St Clair.) This same line passes Holyrood – named after
the sacred relic of the True Cross, or Holy Rood. This was said to have been guarded on its
journey from Hungary to Scotland by William St Clair, cupbearer to Margaret Atheling. Dozens of other St Clair castles and strongholds
are alleged to follow a connecting geometric pattern involving the re-usage of ancient
megalithic and druidic sites. This is used to demonstrate St Clair connections
to the Knights Templar – who could have introduced them to the teaching of sacred geometry.The
remains of William St Clair, great-grandfather of the founder of Rosslyn Chapel, are said
to be buried in Rosslyn, Templar style, with crossed leg bones placed beneath skull. The proud and noble Scottish family of Sinclair
(Saint Clair), is of hearty Viking stock with duel roots extending more than a millennium
back in time, to the ancient Norse earldoms of Orkney, and Caithness and the dukedom of
Normandy. The surname of Sinclair in French is “de
Sancto Claro” and in Latin, “Sanctus Clarus,” meaning Holy Light. The name derives from a town near Paris, close
to the location of the hermit Saint Clare’s martyrdom. Saint Clair-sur-Epte was the scene of a treaty
in 912 between Charles, King of the Franks, and the Viking marauder Gange Rolf (or Rollo
as he is also known) whereby Rollo was granted that part of France now called Normandy in
return for his acceptance of Charles as his king and his embracement of Christianity. Rollo was to become the first Duke of Normandy
and those of his descendants who took the name of Saint Clair later became cousins to
a later Duke of Normandy, William the Conqueror. As recorded in the battle roles and suggested
in the Domesday Book, several Saint Clair knights were likely companions of William
at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 and were thus granted lands in England following the
Conquest. Other Norman knights of the surname Saint
Clair are thought to have sought their fortunes further north in Scotland. Tradition has it that one of these Normans
of lordly rank was William “The Seemly” Saint Clair who joined the court of Malcolm
Canmore. William faithfully served the king’s wife,
Margaret, as her cup-bearer and for his services, it is said that he was granted a charter of
lands at Rosslyn. Later, Sir William Saint Clair was to die
fighting his cousin William the Conqueror. In 1163 Henry de Saint Clair was granted a
charter of the lands of Herdmanston near Haddington, thus founding a line which later was raised
to peerage status under the title of Lord Saint Clair. The progenitor of the Saint Clairs of Roslin
and the Sinclairs of Caithness is believed to be the Norman immigrant Guillaume (William)
de Saint Clair who acquired the lands of Rosslyn by marriage to its heiress, Amecia de Rosskelyn,
as documented by a charter issued in 1280 by King Alexander III of Scotland. Sir William served as Ambassador to France
before being taken captive at the Battle of Dunbar and died a year later in 1297. William’s eldest son, Sir Edward Saint Clair,
Edward’s brother William (later made the Bishop of Dunkeld), and Edward’s son, William
Saint Clair, gave faithful service to Robert the Bruce in Scotland’s Wars of Independence. These three Roslin Saint Clairs, along with
Sir William Saint Clair of Herdmanston, were present on the field at Bannockburn on June
24, 1314 when the Scots soundly defeated the English. Edward later was to be a signatory to the
Declaration of Arbroath in 1320. His son, William, died along with Sir James
Douglas in 1330 at the Battle of Teba in Spain on a mission to carry the heart of Robert
the Bruce to the Holy Land. This William’s son, another William who
died in Lithuania serving with the Teutonic Knights, was the father of “Prince” Henry
Saint Clair, the first Saint Clair Earl of Orkney who is believed to have visited America
in 1398 nearly a century before Columbus. The 2nd Earl of Orkney, who lived lavishly
like a king, was the guardian of James I of Scotland during his minority. The house of the “high Saint Clair reached
its zenith with the 3rd and last Earl of Orkney, William Saint Clair, who was the founder of
Rosslyn Chapel in 1446. Earl William was granted the earldom of Caithness
in 1456, becoming the first Sinclair Earl of this northern domain, but in 1471 he surrendered
the earldom of Orkney to King James III. The Earls of Caithness historically have been
the chiefs of the Sinclairs of Caithness, and like the Sutherlands, Gunns and Macleods,
the family is regarded to be a highland clan in every sense of the word. Over the past 500 plus years there have been
twenty Sinclair Earls of Caithness. By several accounts, the history of the clan
in its northern stronghold during the 16th and 17th centuries was a bloody one. William, the 2nd Earl, was slain along with
his king, James IV, at the Battle of Flodden in 1513. Later, in 1529, John, the 3rd Earl and a large
contingent of Caithness clansmen whom he led, were slaughtered to the man in an ill fated
invasion of Orkney. At the Battle of Kringen in Norway in 1612,
a large band of locals ambushed a mercenary force of largely Wick volunteers on their
way to assist the Swedes in the Kalmar war. One of the Scots leaders, George Sinclair,
along with more than half his company, was slain. Regarded by some to be the last clan war in
Scotland, the Battle of Altimarlach in 1680 was fought between George Sinclair of Keiss
and Sir John Campbell of Glenorchy in a dispute over the earldom of Caithness. The opposing sides met a mile west of Wick
near the stream of Altimarlach where Sinclair’s small force was soundly defeated with more
than a 100 casualties. Years later, the northern Sinclairs were prepared
to take part in the Rising of 1745, but disbanded after the defeat of Bonnie Prince Charlie
at Culloden. The 9th Earl of Caithness, who died in 1765,
was the last surviving peer to sit in the Scottish Parliament. Although Caithness and Orkney are considered
the clan home for the Sinclairs, families of this surname and their descendants can
be found throughout the world, playing prominent roles in the history of Australia, Canada,
New Zealand, South Africa and the United States. Clan Sinclair is represented worldwide by
associations in Australia, Canada, Italy, New Zealand, Scotland and the United States. The Patron of these companion associations
is the Right Honorable Malcolm Sinclair, 20th Earl of Caithness, Hereditary Chief of the
Clan Sinclair. The clan’s rich and colorful history, as
represented by such iconic works in stone as Sinclair Girnigoe Castle and the chapel
at Rosslyn, is a legacy for which the family of Sinclair today can be rightfully proud. Places of Interest:
Roslin, Midlothian. This picturesque village sprang up beside
the 14th century castle and 15th century chapel, built by the St Clairs of Rosslyn. Rosslyn Chapel has recently attracted world
wide interest from featuring in the best-selling novel, The Da Vinci Code. Castle of Mey, Caithness. Built in 1568 by George, 5th Earl of Caithness. It is today probably best known for having
been the private home and retreat of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. Keiss Castle, Keiss, Caithness. Remnants of a small 16th century tower can
be seen here. The 19th century castle nearby was the home
of Sir William Sinclair, Founder and Pastor of the first Baptist Church in Scotland. Noss Head, Wick, Caithness. The ruins of castles Sinclair (15th century)
and Girnigoe (17th century) can be seen here. The estates were invaded in 1697 by Campbell
of Glenorchy and both castles were destroyed.

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    In the XII century, the Portuguese king gave 1/3 of the lands to the Order and their presence in the Iberian “Reconquista” from the Moors in undisputed.
    When the Pope e Phillip of France were after them, they fled to Portugal and changed their name to Order of Christ.
    Their money and knowledge made Portuguese Maritime Expansion a reality

  50. There are 12 basic DNA categories of Sinclair names that show origin in Scotland. Only one can be from the lineage shown here in video. If a viewer here now about age 80 years of age, William Sinclair builder of Rosslyn would be approximately their 13th great grandfather. No one alive today could be any closer than an 11th great grand child of Sir William.

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