the Beta Church Initiative – a Church Plant Reimagined for Our World Today

hi my name is Daniel and I’m with the
Beta Church Initiative. For the past two years, we’ve been working on a unique church plant (preparing to start a new church) it’s unique in that we wanted to
reimagine what the church, the body of Christ, could look like in our world
today. How believers could faithfully and biblically gather together and live out
their lives to reflect Jesus Christ in this constantly changing world. I gotta
say we’re super grateful to God for calling us into this awesome journey and
we’re really excited to share with you our friends and family in Christ about
this church plant initiative, as we take our first official step towards the
launch of the Beta Church during my time as a youth pastor, I
would hear testimonies about how God reached out to this next generation. and
often included Christian YouTube videos conversations with their friends through
Facebook Messenger or just articles that they read online and this was how God
was reaching out to them. Also many of their struggles and temptations were
tightly connected with their lives online. gossips and bullying would
happen through Instagram finstas, Snapchat and group chats. Their dreams
would get distorted with greed and envy by their daily feed. And a really serious
destructive problem with online porn addiction and some online gaming
communities that were very violent graphic and just dark. See, the world that
we live in today is changing very fast Facebook YouTube Twitter Instagram
Snapchat. They all emerged just within the last 15 years. So the way we interact
with the world were a part of has drastically changed. Just a few years ago
we didn’t have the technology to video chat and broadcast live from our phones.
But today, with all this technology around us our lives online and offline are
seamlessly woven together In the past, people would learn about the
world through the physical communities they were a part of. Their values and
philosophies were shaped by their parents school friends church.
but now teenagers they go online to learn about the world they’re a part of and
it’s the digital landscape drawn out for them that shapes their worldview. The Beta Church Initiative is all about us reimagining how a gathering of believers
could faithfully and biblically reflect Jesus Christ in this world today. In this world where the average millennial spends about 53 hours a week online and
possibly more for the younger generations The world is expanding to
the digital space. People’s lives, businesses education leisure forums
shopping all these other things they’re migrating online and we have to
recognize that the call for us to be the light of salt of the world, it now
extends to the online world. now there are a growing number of churches and
ministries that are pushing for a stronger online presence and some even
developing online campuses. we at the Beta Church Initiative wanted to
completely reexamine and reimagine how we could be a church that gathers and
operates natively online. how to weave our physical communities and our daily
lives as followers of Jesus Christ with the online world. Now, this presented us
with a unique and difficult challenge. We were committed to the biblical teachings of gathering together and we wanted to uphold the nuances and wisdom of the
traditional church. Yet somehow reformat it not just to be more relevant to our
lives today but also more biblical. So for the past two years, we’ve been
studying the Bible again and again we looked at different versions of ecclesiology and we spoke with many pastors and seminary professors really to develop that strong biblical base we also engaged in conversations with those in the tech
industries and in the social network companies to gain a better understanding
of how we could use the online space to fit the ministries of the church online. So our first step is to reach out to people online mainly through these three projects Our first and foremost project is going to
be the “Meet Jesus” project we believe this is at the heart of the church to tell people about Jesus and to help them meet Jesus. so we’re going to be posting some
videos online and resources that would help people get to know Jesus and also
help them connect with us or other churches. so that they can have some help
on their journey towards Jesus Christ we’re also planning on rolling out
weekly devotional videos on social network platforms. It’s going to be the
‘Jesus Said’ project and this is going to look at the chronological life of Jesus
everything that Jesus, the Word of God, said while he was here with us on earth
and this is just our way of really devoting ourselves to Jesus, loving
everything about him, getting to know more about him. And we’re hoping that
this will not only help non-Christians but also Christians to get to know Jesus more and to see how powerful the Word of God can be and lastly, free online counseling.
we wanted to create a safe space for people to share their struggles receive
spiritual care or just chat. we’re making certain times slots available each week
for people to reserve and they can reserve that either through our Facebook
page or on our website. so as we connect with people through these projects and
form relationships we’re praying that God would use these to bring people to
Christ. And once we have a group of people that are willing to gather each
Sunday to worship together that would be the launch of the Beta Church so, for our Sunday gatherings, each member will be encouraged to live out their faith and
to embrace the Great Commission of Jesus Christ in their lives. to make disciples
of all nations baptizing in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit and to teach them all the things that Jesus commanded them so each member will be
encouraged to open up their homes. Invite their families friends co-workers
neighbors and have that fellowship and afterwards
each member will gather online via video conferencing to worship together.
Throughout the week those who have undergone the membership process would prepare the worship together so that every member would have a part in this
worship service. And then on Sundays each member with their house churches would gather online and worship together in real time we would also then take the video feed
of this video conference and broadcast it live on different social network platforms so that anybody that wants to visit or sit in our worship service will be
able to do so and hopefully by then we’ll have members who will
engage these visitors online and help them to come to know Jesus Christ
and join the church. so for each member their house church will be a tight-knit
community and we’ll all be united in Spirit as we worship together and do
different ministries for the church together. We would also gather throughout
the week for different meetings like prayer meetings, Bible studies or
membership training. just to think about the endless possibilities, it’s really
exciting to just think about what God could do when we gather together and bring our resources and our talents for God’s Kingdom. and as each member grows and
develops their house church, we believe that will naturally lead to leadership
elders and deacons rising up and that will move us into the next phase of our
church Now obviously this is a plan we believe that this is a plan that God has
led us to but we also know that this is a new venture and we realize it’s gonna
have to go through a lot of revisions and changes. but we think that’s the part
that’s natural for a church. for the church to be flexible and fluid so that
it could engage the world that they’re a part of. so in a sense this is our beta
testing of the church for the modern world. thus the name, the Beta Church we would like to invite you, our brothers and sisters in Christ, to partner with us and
join us in this initiative. now for those of you who, may be partnership is a
little too much but you would love to stay updated and keep us in your prayers, we
would greatly appreciate that and so you can follow us on our Facebook page
or sign up for the newsletters on our website and we’ll send you periodic
updates with prayer requests. and love to have to be a part of the Beta Church in
that way but for those of you, maybe God is
nudging you or God is placing this interest upon your heart, we would
love for you to join us as partners mainly in these four ways Prayer Partners. we’ll be gathering every other Saturday at 5:00 p.m. Pacific time
through a group video chat and we’re gonna be praying and lifting up every
part of this ministry together. we want God to be steering our church in every direction that He desires and so we’re gonna be
lifting up every part of this ministry and even bring to God some people
that we’re reaching out to. and we would really love for you to partner with us
in this way. we believe that God would really steer and shape this ministry
through this prayer partnership. Creative Partners we would love to collaborate
with you in music photography videography or any form of art really to
create content to deliver, to communicate the gospel to the people
to help them connect with their Creator Financial Partners. we would like to
invite you to let your finances become a spiritual asset for God’s kingdom.
we’re crowdfunding the whole entire Beta Church Initiative and we’re also looking for monthly supporters and later on we’ll have opportunities for you to
become a donor for different ministries that we’ll do towards the poor, the sick, orphans and widows. things that God has called us to do as a church Project Partners. we
don’t have any projects yet as we’re just starting up the church but later when we
have projects like disaster relief projects, awareness projects, community
outreaches, missions, we would love for you to partner with us or for us to
partner with you on just kingdom ministries as the body of Christ and
just to really pull our resources together for those things. so once we
have projects we’ll post them on our Facebook page and we would love for you
to partner with us in that way so that’s it we’re super excited just to
get this rolling out. and it’d be awesome if you could share this video to reach
people might also have a heart for this thanks for watching and May God bless you and keep you make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you turn towards you and with a smile, give you his peace

2 thoughts on “the Beta Church Initiative – a Church Plant Reimagined for Our World Today”

  1. Soli Deo Gloria! I am excited for this wonderful initiative and the launch of the Beta Church! What a great way to make Christianity accessible to people today, especially for the current and future generations that are increasingly tech-reliant and present online. Praying for you and support you guys all the way! God bless!

  2. The name of the church ‘Beta Church’ is what I kept thinking and praying for the Lord for setting a church in Korea someday…
    And some of the concepts in the video are very similar with what I planed…
    I watched this clip as I check whether there is the name of church or not…
    I’m so surprised.
    Bless to God’s plan. 🙂

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