Texas Street Preacher Describes Days Inside Church Of Wells

Halloween night 2016 I was downtown Austin doing street ministry it’s when I first encountered members of the church of Wells and we started talking they said hey we’re doing what you’re doing we’re following Jesus do you want to go with us I said sure so I agreed to head out to Wells it seemed like I was with people who were really out there to make a difference as we were walking to my car they offered the bottled water I believe I was drugs as we drove through the night out to Wells they began to just kind of preach and preach it was just relentless onslaught to the point were the words that he was saying didn’t even make sense anymore the compound was approximately a few acres they had several log cabins seven to the 80 members lived at their compound looking back in retrospect it was certainly a red flag as they began to show me around the new members were already aware that I was there and we’re looking forward to meeting me I’ve come to learn that cults tend to do what they call love bombing where they continually make the new person that they’ve brought in feel loved so much more than the rest of your world the Church of Wells is a cult in my belief they tend to disguise themselves as people who are running a legitimate ministry I am convinced that I was drugged in my time at the Church of Wells I remember in the middle of the day that I just completely passed out one of the infant girls was left on a plastic lawn chair some of the men of the church of Wells approached the baby she’s crying and her mom isn’t there and men began to preach to the baby that you’re learning patience and this is making you better and closer to God I would have had to have been on drugs to be okay with that situation on the third day I finally gotten reception I had no I my family was looking for me a lot of the calls in the text started flooding in and explaining that it’s a cult and that you should get out and that you’re in danger the very day that my family and friends drove up during the initial meeting out in front of the cabin it turned into a big debate mark and Rick began to talk and preach at my family essentially trying to antagonize them it sounded like two families arguing over custody it was absolutely a miracle without a shadow of a doubt that I’m here to talk to you today because people don’t just walk out of that place in the middle of the day he will go there and are not heard from again okay Jordan we are glad to be talking to you today and I want to be very clear that we have to address all of this as allegations because they have not been charged with wrongdoing they’ve not been tried they’ve not been convicted so these are allegations you are fully entitled to your opinion and entitled to describe your experiences and that’s what we want you to do now you say that you drove four hours out of Austin and they gave you a bottle of water you think there was something in that water right it’s very likely yeah and you were drug tested you said you did a hair follicle test and found two drugs and were you on either of those drugs before you went to the Church of Wales not did you have prescriptions for those drugs and did you take those drugs recreationally on the street never anything so he doesn’t even take aspirin okay and you have no history of taking those drugs since that time none okay but you found him in your system so you’re concluding that he got them while he was there and you said at one point you were just sitting on a couch in the middle of the day and just kind of fell over like just knocked out like I remember my head just going straight back and I was out is that typical for you I would say no when you got there where did you go they you get out of the car what do they do with you they took me up to their main cabin and they they showed me you know where they where they’re at and where they do you know their thing and they showed me a room off the back side of the cabin and they said this is for you you can stay here and we’ll see you tomorrow morning do you believe that there is an effort towards mind control absolutely and what are the efforts or techniques that you think is going on there it’s kind of like a bereavement of your character it’s a it’s a severe distortion of what the Word of God says you you came in there with the position that you had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and that you were saved and you wanted to share that with other people but their position is you’re not saved unless you’re saved here exactly so they’re critical of your faith and your beliefs correct that’s great

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