Texas Businesses Join Forces to Collaborate with Latinos

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas is hosting the Top Notch event. Which is Latino BRG’s or Employee Resource Groups
from across the region in the Dallas metrolplex that
are coming to Blue Cross to have a full day of learning. We’re hosting people from JCPenney, from Snapple
and many other partners across the region. MARK: The Dr Pepper
Snapple Group is serving our Hispanic community
by trying to offer jobs and job growth within
the community by recognizing not only
people who are starting their careers, but people
who are transitioning into different careers. So, we offer host of pathways for people to
achieve what their career goals are. ANA: SMU is very
committed to serving the Latino population. Four years ago it started the Latino Leadership
Initative within the Cox School of Business
and we focus on attracting and retaining and
developing high potential Latino talent
for corporate companies. It was actually an idea
that came from companies and with their support
we were able to found it and so our work is based
on the great work that companies do in order to
help serve their Latino population. XIOMI: At JCPenney our
our Hispanic customers are extremely important. She’s one of our most active segments, engaged
segment for the company. So, we have Spanish designated
Stores, we have special marketing for our Hispanic
customers, we also do a lot of internal brainstorming
on how we can always be more relevant to her,
and engage with her more. DOCTOR LOPEZ: It’s the
first time that Blue Cross and Blue Shield
has hosted this event. It’s important because
not only does it show that Blue Cross values
it’s Latino employees but also, it’s Latino
customers because it’s an opportunity to focus not
only culture, but career, commerce and community.

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