Tera – Priest guide: Gameplay

Hey guys, Kristina here. This is my last video
in priest guide series. In first video I explained all about the skills and how I use them. In
second you can learn more about glyphs, stats on the gear and consumables. And in this final
video, I will explain you how to actually play a priest. If you didnt see first and second video yet, please check the links in description. Ok so lets start with positioning
in PVE during the boss fights. Tank is in front of the boss, and DDs are behind the boss. You as a priest should be somewhere on the side. That way you can see everything
whats going on on both sides, and you will avoid most of normal attacks that are usually
aimed at front and back. Also in case boss turns towards you for some random attack,
you know that you’re the only one in trouble, while your DDs and tank should be safe. So
you can just focus on yourself in that case. This placement makes everything easier for
whole team. But of course, this is not a set rule because some bosses will actually look
for different positioning. Example is last boss in Airship HM where you are pretty much
forced to stay behind the boss with DDs. I also prefer being around 15 m away from boss,
more or less. That way I can heal and support everyone, while Im still on pretty much safe
distance from boss, and I also have better overview. Now lets talk about skillbar. Since
I am PVE player, I set my skillbar that way as well. So if you’re going more for PVP or
solo playing, you will have to adjust to that. The first and best advise I ever got regarding
my skillbar was: put your Focus heal on left mouse key. This small thing made my life so
much easier! Coz I was finally able to click/aim/heal in one second! On right mouse key I suggest
you to put either Backstep or self-heal. If your mouse has extra keys, just use them for
the skills that you use the most. For example, I have Divine intervention on wheel click
so I can use it fast in panic situation. Then I pretty much have all of my important heals
and debuffs close to my left hands reach. While I keep my right hand on the mouse. Ok
except when panic kicks in, and I look for Kaia shield with both hands, but thats something
I have to adjust on my skillbar. Ok so my two most important heals are on F1 and F2.
Purify, Mana charge, Fiery escape and Triple nemesis are on keys from 1 to 4. Then I have
Plague, Energy stars and Sleep on these keys, so I can use them all very fast whenever I
need without even looking at my keyboard. I also suggest you to set your key for chain-skills
away from jump key. Usually Spacebar is used for both of them, but that can just get you
in trouble during fight. Because sometimes when you will really have to jump, your chain
skill gonna kick in and you wont be able to jump in time. So I advise you to put one of
them on Tab, and one of them on Spacebar. Which ever way you prefer. Rest of my skillbar
is pretty much a mess that works perfectly for me, just because Im used to it. And at
this point Im too afraid to change anything, coz I wont be able to play properly until
I get used to new setup again. But if you are just starting out, you can set your keys
perfectly and make your life so much easier. Just put the skills you use the most closer to your left hands reach, and you will do great, trust me. Now I wanna talk about your
duties in a party and their priority. Your first and most important job is to heal. You
have to keep your party alive, because only then you have a reason to support DPS as well.
Coz if you’re the only one that stayed alive, you gonna die before you manage to solo the
boss, well most probably.. And not necessarily from boss attacks, but from age, coz lets
face it, your damage is just way too low. Healing priority in party is always you, than
tank, than DDs. You are the first priority, because only alive priest can keep others
alive as well, so please take care of yourself! You will have plenty of time to revive and
heal DDs that didnt dodge in time, as long as you and tank are safe. But if you have
very skilled tank, you will notice that you dont have to heal them that much, coz they
will block most of the damage. In that case you can focus on yourself and DDs. Your next job is DPS support, you must use these skills whenever you can: Energy stars, Triple nemesis,
Mana charge and Restorative burst. These skills will make boss HP melt down faster. Last two
skills are mostly there to charge mana, coz without mana there is no damage. Rest of support
skills are pretty much used only in situations when you need. Here we have Purify, Kaia shield,
Resurrect, Plague and so on… I talked more about support skills in my first video, so
please check that one out. And now I will show you how to manage your priest in an actual boss fight. I qued for some instances so I can get a random party coz I wanted to show
you how to handle some bad situations as well. I will censure out the names of party members
because they didnt know I was recording, and I want to protect their privacy. Before the fight buff your party and make sure you have self-revive, charms and potions that you need on. Then as soon as we start with the boss, I use Energy stars and Triple nemesis, and
I make sure I use them during the fight as soon as their cooldown is out. If people take small damage I use Focus heal, but when they take bigger hit I use Immersion. Now I use Restorative burst for tank and closer DDs. Energy stars again because its off from cooldown. And here I also try to knock-down the boss because sometimes it actually works so why not. So around this point I realized that my party doesnt really know what they’re doing I mean, you can see the tank standing inside of that puddle, and taking a lot of damage,
and he just refuses to move. So its really hard for me at this point to heal him up,
but I managed somehow. And now yeah, he just gonna stay in the pool and swim for a while
I guess. Ok, I tried to pull him out but it didnt work, yay… Now when they tank is safe,
You can go back and you can debuff the boss again. And yeah, now hes focusing on me so
I will also focus on myself. There we go. Back to your party right away, and debuff
the boss again. And here when everyone is safe, I can charge mana. Mana is not your
priority, peoples health is. So Energy stars, Triple nemesis all the time. Checking if tank is doing fine. Here I debuff two targets at the same time while using Triple nemesis. And now I can charge mana and use Energy stars again. Pool is draining-be careful! Always
take care of yourself first, then you have time to heal others. And the tank is not moving
from the puddle again but yeah, my pull worked this time, yay! Charging mana again. Energy stars. And yeah, tank really likes puddles. Maybe he doesnt see them? Who knows. But yeah,
the most important thing in situations like this where you can obviously see that people
have no idea what they’re doing; just stay calm! As long as the priest is calm and you’re
doing a good job at actually healing their health, I mean.. You dont have to care that
much about their mana, or damage support is like second priority. But as long as you heal
them and you keep yourself safe, you gonna finish the boss, sooner or later. At this point I see the boss gonna pull us in, and I decided to use Kaia shield instead of dodging
it. Because.. I know that DDs are not gonna dodge, so I had to protect them somehow. So
I decided to use Kaia shield instead. You can also notice that Im using Triple nemesis
all the time during this fight. And I just hit the boss once and its enough to apply the debuff. I notice that no one is trying to knockdown the boss, so yap… Kaia shield and wait… As soon as he feared us, I use a brooch and purify others. As you can see,
your purify brooch is really important in situations like this. And tank has a debuff
again… Unfortunately I cannot purify this debuff from the puddle, so tank had to go
and swim in the middle pool to remove it. Ok here I use Kaia shield again for the pull.
There we go. Dodge the draining. And here I can see tank and warrior standing inside
of the puddle again, taking a lot of damage. But Im also about to take damage so I focus
on myself first. Then I go back and heal up the tank and warrior. See? Everybody’s safe.
You always have to think about your priorities. Its you, tank, then DDs. As long as you are
safe, and calm, everything will be fine. Here is perfect example of priorities. Boss pulled
me in damage puddle, coz I failed to dodge. And as Im trying to escape and heal myself
up, tank walks inside of those puddles and dies! In this situation I know its not my fault, coz I didnt even expect him to do something like that. But maybe now he learns that puddles actually hurt. And at this moment I started to panic as well. I can see the boss is almost
dead, and I really dont wanna mess up now. So… yeah, of course I failed. As soon as
panic kicks in, you will do all possible mistakes! So please, just try and stay calm in any situation,
no matter how bad it is. And everything will turn out just great, trust me. Ok so lets resume this. Most important is to stay calm and take care of your own and partys health. Then debuff the boss and charge mana whenever you can. Just dont panic! You have plenty
of time to do everything. I also wanna mention something that comes with lots of experience,
and thats prediction. And no, I dont talk about crystal balls. I talk about your ability
to predict who and when from party gonna take damage, or even die. So you can prepare for
it in advance. After you do same instances many, many times, you already know boss mechanics
and what attacks they gonna do. So if you see someone standing where they shouldn’t,
you can pre-aim your focus heal or immersion on them, and just release it as they’re about
to get hit. That way you wont have to chase them around, coz I guarantee you 100% that
they gonna use their dodge as soon as they get hit. Its just an instant reaction that
everyone does, and its ok, but it just makes it harder for you to aim them. And in case
you see someone gonna take even bigger hit, you can use Kaia shield before coz it will
absorb part of the damage. Or just use Divine intervention to pull them to yourself. So
yeah, as you can see, prediction can make your partys life really easy. If will show
your party members that you are there to protect them, and fix their mistakes. So they might
even relax and focus more as well. And now I will show you some basics of PVP on priest.
And for this I used some examples from Corsair Stronghold. In PVP your most important job
is to survive and heal, but.. same as in PVE, you should support your party as well. Use
Energy stars all the time, but if your target is good, they might dodge it, and the buff
wont apply. So be careful who you’re targeting. As you see, Im using purify pretty much in
cooldown, because.. People gonna get a lot of debuffs, and you have to purify them as
soon as you can. Dont forget your Kaia shield, use it all the time because it will protect you from knock-down and stagger which is really important in PVP. And around this moment I
can notice that brawler that is making a lot of trouble for me and these two people, and
no one is trying to kill him. What the hell! Like cmon, hes still alive. Well if you see
something like that, you can kill them as well. Look! DEAD! Bye brawler. Ok lets pretend
this didnt happen, coz priests job is not to kill people. Wait what was my job again?
Oh right, survive, then heal, then debuff. Yeah ok, I got it. Time to get serious again.
Dont forget to use Guarding sanctuary because that skill is just amazing for PVP. Especially
when you’re the one getting focused. Also Divine respite is really really strong self-heal
that will make you pretty much immortal while you can focus on healing others. Other than
that, try to stand behind your team, coz you will be safer there. You can also use vortex
to interrupt enemies or Plague to remove their buffs. And thats pretty much all from me about
PVP. I dont really have too much experience there, but I still wanted to show you some
of the basics. Ok now lets go and try to kill something! Priest originally has low attack
and it can get pretty annoying when you’re trying to solo a BAM. First I buff myself,
and charm with Keen, Endurance and Infused charm. Then Im putting my self-revive on,
just in case. Some BAMs may actually kill you, depending what kind of gear you have.
Im also checking that I have right glyphs, potions and backcrit crystals on. And Im ready!
You might have noticed in my first two videos that I mentioned attack skill chains. Well
here they are: if you use Methamorphic blast after Triple nemesis, and Final reprisal after
Shocking implosion, you gonna do more damage. But only if you activated the right glyphs
on those skills. Also dont forget to use your Vortex since its one of your hardest hitting
attacks. I start my fight with Energy stars, then Triple nemesis, Methamorphic blast, Shocking
implosion, Final reprisal and Vortex. Then I try my best to stay behind the BAM, using
Fiery escape and Backstep and repeating my combo. If your Reprisal keeps resetting cooldown,
you can chain it after Methamorphic blast, for faster casting, until your Implosion is
ready again. You can also use Kaia shield to prevent knockdowns and if you run out of
mana, just use Mana charge really fast. If BAM is too fast for that, you can also try
to sleep it, and then charge your mana, or just use a mana potion and continue your damage
combo. I have to say that Im not very experienced in playing my priest as a solo DD, Im mostly
focused on PVE group play in instances. But if you like to solo stuff, you can make another
set of gear with damage stats on, and focus more on a crit build. Or just make another
char for damage, in my case I have a gunner. And this is pretty much all about priest gameplay.
I really had lots of fun making this series, and I hope these guides gonna help someone.
Let me know if you like this type of videos with voice narration, in that case I will
try to get better microphone, I promise. And if you guys got any questions or suggestions
or anything, please leave them in comments. Dont forget to check description box as well!
Well thank you all for watching and supporting my channel and good luck playing your priest!

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