TB Joshua Stuns Church AGAIN With Shocking Message!!!

Glory! The SCOAN Sunday Service You may be seated, thank you. Hallelujah! I will not look at your appearance, the way you dance or the testimony you have given to judge you. We need to examine all these. Do you want me to judge you by your dancing, appearance, which is very admirable. Let’s look beyond that. Hallelujah! That is why we are here today. We cannot just say, “Oh my God, what a wonderful man” by mere looking at their appearance. That is why we are here today. You cannot just say, “Hey”, because you smile. Are you such in heart? Hallelujah! Viewers all over the world, thank you for your time. We salute your faith. Putting everything behind and saying, “Yes, you believe – something is about to happen, something that will change your steps, your direction, your focus”. Wow! It is going to happen. Hallelujah! The SCOAN Sunday Service Our message today: COMMITMENT ENHANCES FAITH You cannot grow in faith if you don’t make a total commitment. Everywhere; what has happened in this nation, has happened in another nation. Economic oppression, religious oppression, political oppression – everywhere. We are still on it. Today we will take our reading from John 15; that will be the proof text. After reading John 15, we have some other Books that will help you; the Book of Luke 14:26-27 – this is also very important to this message we are about to deliver today. And the Book of Matthew 16:24. And the Book of John 3:18 – it is also very vital, important for you. I’m reading the Book of John as a proof text today. If I may take the title of this text, “The World Hates The Disciples”. Are you there? ‘The World Hates The Disciples’ And you are one of the disciples of Jesus, the follower of Jesus. It means you are one of the followers. That is just the summary of what we are about to talk about today. So, now, I’m taking reading from verse 18. “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.” Like what is happening to many of us today, “This is so much trouble”. Your Father too had similar challenges – our Lord Jesus Christ. “If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own.” If you are one of the people, they will love you because you are one of them. “As it is, you do not belong to the world.” Are you sure you are not one of them?
That is the question. “As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world.” We are in the world but we are not part of it. If you are a follower, though you are in the world but you are not part. That is what the Bible says here. That is why the world hates you. That is why they will hate you – because you are not part of it. Everything that stands for the world… There is a barrier between us and everything here in the world, if you are a disciple. There is a barrier between us and everything here in the world. We are now in verse 20. “Remember what I told you…” Come on – this is our Lord Jesus Christ: “Remember what I told you: ‘A servant is not greater than his master’.” Who is our master? Jesus. Take your reading from 18 to the end. John 3, verse 18 – very very important for you, and Matthew 16 – that will really help you; from verse 24, you take your reading to verse 27. Basically, with what we have read, we need to give up our life here on earth and gain eternal life in Heaven. There are two key words Jesus is explaining in that text. The moment we become identified or accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour genuinely, take note of the word ‘genuinely’, then the world will hate us. But if you have not received it genuinely; there is a counterfeit, fake – everybody claims to be born again… The evidence that you received Him genuinely – the world will hate you. That you received Jesus genuinely, truly… You know, when they hate you – you know what it means. The world will hate you. The world, which is currently under satanic control, will hate you. It will hate you in the exact, same manner it hates Jesus. Secondly, some of us would say, why should we suffer or die, after all Jesus won the victory on the Cross and suffered for us. Yes, He won the victory and suffered for me and you. But the question we need to ask ourselves: What did Jesus say in John 15:20? Jesus said, ‘The servant is not greater than his master’. If they had persecuted Him, they will also persecute you. Anyone who claims he is not to suffer because Jesus did it for him, is actually contradicting what Jesus said – opposite to what Jesus said. Like I have said, basically, we must give up our life here on earth and gain eternal life in Heaven. In other words: When you receive Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, you are accepting citizenship in Heaven and death here on earth. Total commitment is what Jesus demands throughout the Gospel. This doctrine that says, “No suffering, no health challenges, no hardship”, is evidence that you are not really saved. By saying, “No hardship, no health challenges…” A man can be sick in body and yet, be a candidate of Heaven, a friend of Jesus. Allowing your situation to rule you – when you are sick, you begin to see Jesus in a bad light. Our walking with the Lord is both good and hard times. Yes – when the goings are good, and when the goings go the other way. There is a lesson for good, but the best lesson is when things are going the other way. We learn best when things are going the other way than when things are going our way. Tell your neighbour: We learn best when things are going the other way than when things are going our way. Why are you here today? You are here because things don’t seem to go your way. If things were going your way, you would likely not know T.B. Joshua today, you would likely not be here today. “T.B. Joshua, I need an appointment to see you. Please, give me an appointment.” It means there is no association – just an appointment. “T.B. Joshua, hello. I would like to have an appointment to see Mr T.B. Joshua – bishop” – this is the name they call me outside there. “I would like to have an appointment to see Bishop T.B. Joshua” We cannot separate warfare from salvation. That is the problem we are facing today. We cannot what? True salvation will put us into direct conflict with satan. Because there is no true salvation… Any moment from now, when we start, they fight both physical and spiritual. They cannot stand me spiritually, but their leg goes here – sometimes I will be like this. The SCOAN Sunday Service What are you saying? Because I don’t tell you what I’m facing – this flesh… By the time I start now, I will do like this. By the time they are manifesting, you will see them. What do you think is the reason I don’t put on a tie? If they grabbed my tie, you would likely have… I will call you to come and rescue the situation. Not that they intentionally do that, but they have to fight back. It is not intentional. By the time they realize themselves, they say, “Oh, I’m very sorry, sir”. The day you make a total commitment to Jesus, you have declared war against satan. I said total – not that kind we declare. You are still wining and dining with these people. The day you make a total commitment to Jesus, you have declared war against satan. By identifying yourself with Jesus of Nazareth, you have made yourself a bitter enemy. Oh my God. Oh how I love Jesus
Because He went for me Once Jesus purchases you, you become aliens here on earth – strangers. You know a stranger? Those who are staying in a country with no stay-permit, no working permit, nothing… Even their professor in that country – they can do any job to live. No right to leave the country. No matter the grade, no matter your position in your country – you are ready to do any job just to cover up. Once Jesus purchases you, you become aliens here on earth. Tell your neighbour. Once Jesus purchases you, you become aliens here on earth. There is a barrier between us and everything here on earth. What is the barrier? You cannot go where Jesus will not be welcome. There are many places the world goes you cannot go. You must go where Jesus would be welcome. In the world today, pretentious calm. In every circle. A staff would enter the office to greet the chairman of the company, “Good morning, sir” – but this is not such in heart. After closing the door, they would do like this. When they are doing this to the chairman of the company, “Good morning, sir”, the chairman would say, “Good morning”. He doesn’t know they are deceiving him. Many of you are working in a place where your superior, direct boss, is someone who you know is below you – academically, in every area of life. But what will you do? You have to eat, and you keep greeting, acting pretentiously as if you love him, but inside you, you are not happy. But you need money, and you are a Christian – what kind of Christian is that? There is a barrier between us and everything here on earth. Once Jesus purchases us, we become aliens. This world is not my home
I’m just passing through My treasures are laid up
Somewhere beyond the blue The angels beckon me
From Heaven’s open door And I can’t feel at home
In this world anymore This world is not my home
I’m just passing through My treasures are laid up
Somewhere beyond the blue The angels beckon me
From Heaven’s open door And I can’t feel at home
In this world anymore The reason why your confession and what you believe you have said in the past, have not been reflected: you say, “Jesus. I accept Jesus as my Lord and Saviour”, but one thing we must know about acceptance – before you can be accepted, commitment asks Jesus to accept you. You say, “Lord Jesus, here I am. I’m a sinner. Wash me with your precious blood. Save my soul” – you drop cigarettes, you stop going to night clubs, you stop to fight, you stop envy, jealousy. It could be at that moment; not such in heart, but at that moment you drop everything. Until your heart accepts what you are saying – you are such in heart then. Commitment asks Jesus to accept you. There are many things you have done and you claim you have done and are still doing but you are not such in heart. That is why if you drop cigarettes, “Lord Jesus, accept me. I will follow Jesus.” – you stop cigarettes but in your dream, you keep smoking cigarettes. When you dream, they will give you cigarettes. By the time you wake up, you will feel the odour in your mouth – you will know you smoked cigarettes. “That is not for me” – but this keeps happening to you in the dream. You stop drinking but you find yourself drinking in your dream. You are a type that womanises; you have stopped it, because you have accepted Jesus as your Lord and Saviour but in your dream – 20 women, 20 men, because you are not such in heart. That is why these things will continue to reflect. That is the word “commitment” we are talking about. Commitment asks Jesus to accept you. Commitment now stands as a bridge, a link, a go-between, as an intermediary between us and Jesus. Commitment means, mean it with all your heart. The moment you make a commitment, you are going to be tested and tried on it, to be sure that you really mean what you are saying. Yes, faithfulness, “I’m faithful” – test will come to show if you are real, or you are faking yourself. The moment you make a commitment, you are going to be tested and tried on it. When you stand on your commitment throughout testing, Jesus will give you more and more faith as you go along. You cannot grow in faith if you don’t make a commitment. Tell your neighbour. You cannot grow in faith if you don’t make a commitment. Faith is a pure gift from God. You cannot grow in faith if you don’t make a commitment. Only faith pleases God. Where are we going now? At this point you should be able to know if you are a Christian, or you are about to be. As a Christian, a believer, a pastor, a bishop, a prophet, in every step, in every move, intimation must come – a suggestion must come to us from the Spirit that the action be performed. I’m facing you; you see me facing you – I must hear intimation, “Move. Leave the place. Turn back.” There must be a corresponding power. A suggestion must come to us from the Spirit. That is why sometimes, when I behave here, you say, “What is wrong with this man?” There is nothing wrong with me. I am a servant. I cannot dictate the kind of direction, the kind of position or what to say. I cannot decide what suffering to bear. I am a servant, an alien – a stranger here on earth. You have to listen to your Master – Someone who is controlling you. But today, you see the way you behave, the way you talk, “Please, if you don’t leave that place, I will show you”. The SCOAN Sunday Service You draw a time-table for the week – from now till next Friday; what you want to do tomorrow, after tomorrow; you iron your different attire now – I will wear this on Monday, I will wear this on Tuesday, Friday. How do you know that you will live to see those days, when you are an alien, a stranger, a servant? How do you know you will live to wear all these dresses? That is one of the big insults we often give to God. Embarrassment – it is one of the biggest embarrassments to decide what you will do tomorrow, after tomorrow. What is the position of God? We own now; God owns our future. You take over today, He takes over our future. The SCOAN Sunday Service Our lives have been like that because of knowledge of senses, which is not creative. The day you wake up and say, “Oh God; next – I don’t know – over to you God” – then you are a follower of Jesus. The fear of God will be there. Just wake up and say, “Ah!” They call you.
– “Hello. Will you come and see me tomorrow?” – “I don’t know. I’m a servant of God.” – “Hello. The meeting is next Tuesday. What time are you leaving home?” – “I’m sorry, I’m an alien, a stranger. I need to hear from above to know whether I will see tomorrow.” Then, you are a child of God, you begin to live great to represent God. There are some lives we are supposed to prepare, to begin to live, to reset your future. The whole thing is upside down. You can start it now; leave your next for God – when I say next, I mean second. Now, you can do whatever you want to do – it is over to you, because you give account to God. You can do whatever you want to do; you can beat your brother – remember you will give account, but next – next means future… God owns our future; now is ours. Now, the Lord can say to mamma here, “Please, come along with me”. You may say, “No”, because He gives us discretion. That is why He asked that man at the pool of Bethesda, “What can I do for you?” “What can I do for you?” He is supposed to say, “Please, rise and walk”. He said, “What can I do for you?”, because He knows there is discretion. The man could say, “Leave me. I don’t need anything from you”. In the same way, as you are on the seat, the Lord can ask you, “Leave there”, you say, “No, I will not leave”. He is not going to do anything to you, He knows you will give account for your disobedience. You will give account for your disobedience in the future. Account is future; you will give account in the future, but now is yours. You can start your life by leaving that future, next to God. All those plans that you have already – it is an embarrassment. Start that practice today. Tell your neighbour, “I want to see you tomorrow”. And your neighbour should say, “Look, I’m a stranger, a servant – I need to consult my Boss”. And who is your Boss? Tell your neighbour now. The SCOAN Sunday Service – “I want to see you tomorrow.”
– “I’m an alien, a servant.” Thank You, Jesus. The SCOAN Sunday Service TT ROBERT BEGIER 27/08/2018
RV: Mel Flowers 01/09/2018

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