Tamela Mann announces Healthier Church Challenge

(bright music) – Hey, everybody, greetings
from Dallas/Fort Worth. I’m Tamela Mann. I am a WW brand ambassador. That’s the Weight Watchers. – [David] So, what you doing, dear? – Oh, I was doing this
announcement before you came in. – Announcement, announcement about what? – I’m super excited
about this announcement. The American Heart Association
has teamed up with WW, and they’re launching a
Healthier Church Challenge for the Black woman and
their church communities. This is gonna happen in
select cities across the U.S. – Oh, okay. – I’m so excited about this.
– Excited? I mean, tell me what is it? What’s going on with it? – It is a pilot program
taking place in six markets across the U.S., in New
York, L.A., Charlotte, Atlanta, yes, your city, D.C., and my hometown, Dallas/Fort Worth. – It’s gonna be right here in Dallas? – Dallas.
– Oh, if that’s gon’ happen, I’m gonna have to call Pastor
so we can get involved. – You gon’ call pastor right now? – [David] Yeah, Pastor, we need to join up for this church. – Like I was saying, this
special pilot program was specifically designed for
the faith-based community. I’m really encouraging everyone to sign up with their church family. I’ve been taking my health more seriously, and it’s important that we all do. Obesity, heart disease, and diabetes is real in our community, and we wanna partner
with your church to help. So, churches, sign up today. Who knows? I may even stop by your church with some of my WW friends for the party. Yes, the party! – Hey, dear, I just got
off the phone with Pastor. We got our church signed up. – Oh, good, yes! – Make sure you sign your
church up for a chance to win. I’m telling ya, I think
we got this competition. – We got it? – Yes, a healthier me. – Who knows? Bye, we’ll see ya soon. (light R&B music)

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  1. What About Indiana. Michigan City Indiana.. We will love to be a part of it. Please visit Greater Power House. C.O.G.I.C Where there is power in a Praying church. Plsssssssss sign us up for the WW 🙌

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