Taco Bell® | Chicken Enchilada Grande Burrito | Food Review! 🌮🔔🌯

welcome to peep this out reviews with
Ian K stay frosty Taco Bell beefs up its cravings value
menu with a couple of new additions and for this review I thought I’d go in and
what I think is the more interesting of the two and what can be more interesting
than a chicken enchilada grande burrito for only a dollar and I got to say the
size is pretty decent for what you’re getting here but as they always say it’s
what’s on the inside that counts of course we’ve got that warm tortilla that
Taco Bell loves to use but on the inside let’s take a look at it a little bit
closer here definitely some Taco Bell goodness guys we’ve got some shredded
chicken some cheese we’ve got a red sauce seasoned rice and reduced fat sour
cream and the smell is definitely pretty awesome you can really smell that
chicken and again I got to say for a dollar this is actually not bad at all
definitely looks like it’s gonna satisfy my itch for chicken enchiladas right now
so let’s see if it’s actually gonna do that for sure guys this is the all-new
chicken enchilada grande burrito for only a buck here at Taco Bell let’s peep
out this flavor you know I’m a big fan of their mini chicken quesadilla here at
Taco Bell and this one’s giving me a real sense of deja vu with that aroma in
my car right now let’s dive in it’s the chicken enchilada grande burrito here at
Taco Bell well maybe half of it let’s do it oh my
god yes for a buck yes this is the exact same red sauce they use with their bean
burrito minus the onions here at Taco Bell and I’m a huge fan of that also on guys
it goes amazingly well with the sour cream and the shredded chicken and
cheese is definitely there it’s a little bit light in the background but it’s the
sauce and the flavor of the chicken on top of everything and that rice is
pretty nice as well let’s go again yesir I’m definitely a fan of this one
instantly guys the flavor is actually very reminiscent of a chicken enchilada
to me and it’s that red sauce and that chicken that’s really doing it and
obviously those are the star players here all the other flavors are very
familiar as you already know the seasoned rice here at Taco Bell and of
course the sour cream is definitely a plus and the nacho cheese guys really
really delicious on this one and I have to admit for a buck again pretty awesome
value you know I’m really surprised they’re actually leading with the three
cheese nacho grande burrito over this particular one because this one feels a
little bit more different like I said earlier that’s why I chose it compared
to that one and I only say that because that burrito’s
been done many times in the past with the tortilla strips and all the usual
ingredients but this one really feels like it’s different enough where I think
it should be showcased more in a box meal just like at least on the board but hey maybe you can substitute for it but guys I have to admit this is really really
good but you know what I think would make it a little bit better let’s go for
a little fire sauce why not right everything else works on this burrito
how bad could this really be right I don’t think it’s gonna be really bad at
all considering I love the fire sauce here at Taco Bell but let me confirm it
for you real fast mmm red sauce shredded chicken and fire sauce and light
coolness from that sour cream bomb sexy when’s the last time you heard me say
that this is really good alright one more quick shot of the other half just
to close this one out you know I probably should have gotten two of these
but for review purposes I wanted to definitely give this a shot to see if I
even liked it first but I’m definitely gonna be getting this throughout the
month and guys like I said really really tasty if you like chicken enchiladas
this is gonna give you that deja vu I have a feeling the red sauce is really
good with everything else in this yeah you really can’t hate on that one even
if you like Taco Bell just a little bit you can’t deny what you’re getting for a
buck there is pretty solid my only wish for improvement on it though was that
there was just a little bit more cheese on the inside because when I have
chicken enchiladas they have to have a little bit more
cheese in them but like I said for a buck definitely not hating on it so with
that said I’m gonna have to give the chicken enchilada grande burrito for
just a buck here at Taco Bell a rock-solid 9 out of 10 the value is high
the flavors are somewhat familiar but just different enough because of the
chicken enchilada that it’s got going for it here guys but I have to admit
everything else definitely works and it really is a very tasty item and again
for a buck please give me a break it’s awesome but of course the question is do
you think it’s awesome do me a quick favor and drop some comments down below
let me know if you’re a fan of chicken enchiladas to begin with and if you are
how excited are you to try it in burrito form a Taco Bell for 100 pennies drop
those comments down below and definitely let me know and with that this is Ian K
closing out another episode of peep this out bringing you brand new content every
single week here on my channel so while you stay tuned for that next review
coming real soon in the meantime stay frosty so if for some reason you skipped to the very end of this video without watching the full review yet do you
think I thought the chicken enchilada grande burrito went really well with the
fire sauce here at Taco Bell you would be correct alright guys until
next time I’ll talk to you soon

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  2. Nice one Ian I tried these yesterday too I liked the nacho cheese slightly more was more cheesy but a good value for $1

  3. They're ok I'm more into beef enchiladas but Taco Bell should put bacon into burritos tacos etc. Because I go to Moe's I get I forget name of it after I add bacon OMG yummy in the tummy time

  4. THAT cost only a dollar???? Granted I’ve seen larger but for $1 that’s full of stuffing. That looks more like a $2+ item.

  5. Dang I haven't hit up Taco Bell in along while, this looks really good and for a dollar! Definitely going to have to make a stop at my local Taco Bell. Thanks for another great review.

  6. I love both of the new burritos but I think the beef one is tastier, especially when you add tbells potato's to it and get the burrito grilled

  7. Don’t have much to say about this burrito, it’s pretty standard. All Taco Bell items have tasted the same to me for the most part. But good review, as always.

  8. Tried both out today for lunch. You chose wisely. The chicken enchilada burrito was the much better of the two. The other tasted like the beefy frito burrito from the cravings menu.

  9. Only a dollar? Wow, that looks so good, especially for the price. I'll have mine minus the sour cream, but I'll definitely consider picking one up.

  10. Just got this. It was good plus only a dollar. It's a definite must try. It will be something that I will keep getting if they keep it.

  11. 2:52 Nostalgic! But of course, we all know where YouTube is going right with the platform but I'm done being mad about it. I wasn't happy about it the first time this blew up but I've gotten over it as the year went by but little side note there.

  12. I tried 2 of each yesterday and the enchilada was much better. I'm going to add extra red sauce next time. Great vid. Ian!!

  13. A couple of these and a Baja Blast would be great. This looks better than a soft taco. As far as I’m concerned:

    🌯 > 🌮

  14. Yeah,..guys my car is smelling like chicken; pretty funky fresh and mmmm guys this chicken smells awesome and I’m not going to lie, the rice and sour cream for a buck are confirmed as FIRE BOMB SEXY.

    I love chicken enchiladas

  15. Oooey gooey goodness on the cheap! Thanks for the video! I'll def. gotta try this ( I keep a jar of velveeta cheese in the glove box to add to this)

  16. I reviewed this along with the Three Cheese Nacho in one video today. They're both excellent and Taco Bell can never come out with enough new items.

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Have a Happy New Year and I'm looking forward to more of your videos in 2019.

  17. This just looks so rice heavy but I still will try – for $1 why not? Might need a little extra Fire tho. Originally I was curious about the "red sauce" since I didn't try their enchilada burrito the first go round but I get the Mexican pizza all the time and apparently that's the main sauce on it lol

  18. I looked on tacobell.com and you can swap out the grande burrito for the enchilada one in the craving box. Looks good Ian as usual.

  19. I was shocked because I tried them both expecting this chicken enchilada one to be better but my local Taco Bell gave me hard rice in mine 🙁 it ruined the whole experience so I turned to the other one I ordered and the beef one was actually fantastic!

  20. Yum~Can't wait to try this!!! Looks amazing!! (Also a big fan of the chicken quesadilla) Thanks again, Ian for another great review!! P.s. Is the red sauce at all spicy in this? Did your location still have the rolled chicken tacos that made their return— again! lol those little sneakers- why not just keep on the menu eh?

  21. Am so down to they those new dollar menu burritos from Taco Bell they tasty as heck sweet job on this YouTube video as well

  22. I just ordered one today and First Impressions: It wasn't as "Grande" as the name suggests but I have to remember it was just a buck and size may vary by location…lol. The one I got seems about the size of the bean burrito. The Flavor: I have agree with you, it was right on point. I would definitely buy this again. Thanks for your review and for letting me know about this item. Looking forward to your next video! 🙂

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