Syrian Kurds open first Church in Kobani, Aleppo (Subtitle)

SUBSCRIBE & SHARE , THANK YOU , GOD BLESS YOU SUBSCRIBE & SHARE , THANK YOU , GOD BLESS YOU I am Jinar Hikmat Ali. I am from a village of Kafr Jana near Afrin. My parents are also from Kafr Jana. We were living in Afrin, and before the war in Afrin,
I accept Jesus Christ in my life.I was a Muslim before. I had an experience in my life and so I decided to follow Jesus Christ. I thank God that my life changed for the better. We came to Kobani as there is Church services in the city. God sent us here to serve the people, who are so tired of problems. Now people hear and share god’s love through the Brotherhood Church. Here we all love one another. We pray for the people so that may God lead them to accept Jesus Christ as I did before and how I know Lord Jesus Christ Thank Lord SUBSCRIBE & SHARE , THANK YOU , GOD BLESS YOU ISIS did the biggest favor to Christianity than they
think I just came like a week ago from
recording testimonies with Kurds and There are huge numbers among Kurds
Do you remember kobani , yeah Syria Kobani is one of the most radical cities that
belongs to Kurds. Kurds usually they are not very radical but kobani was the
most radical place in the Kurdish population with the Kurdish population.
ISIS surrounded that place I’m just to give you an example they surrounded that
place for months I think it was on the news all the time and they destroyed the
whole city almost and the Kurdish ladies they were defending that that that that
place. Now kobani has a church in it and It wouldn’t happen even in our dreams
without that thing happening there and I have known families that came to the
Lord from Kobani I just met a family of 14 people they came to the Lord all of
them together from that city and when I asked the Kurds I said what made you
change they said what ISIS DID OPENED OUR EYES.. so that when when they came to
see Islam in action because Islam in theory is different than Islam in action
when you see it I mean it is something when you read kill the infidels it will
be a sentence but when you see it on the ground when you see blood and applied them
before your eyes you change you attitude. So God changed the Kurds
through that and I know that happened with the Syrians with Iraqis and
different places and so I think the Lord even if Saudi Arabia’s changing Iran is
change in United States is changing I think the Lord is still using all the
circumstances to bring people to faith and it’s still growing like this and I
think it will never stop yeah it’s still it’s accelerating huge
numbers when we started the show we had the first episode around 700 , 800 phone
calls and we use in satellite we were not using social media back then I
stopped the satellite the last episode I did we get a thousand phone calls just
from Facebook my biggest fan country
is Algeria that follows me on half million Algerians are following me on
Facebook the second is Morocco because I’m
Moroccan and the third one is Egypt the fourth is Iraq so four countries and if
you take into consideration each country Egypt is like almost 100 million Algeria
is 40 Morocco is like 34 , 36 so so you you take these countries are are the
Arab world actually what we call the Arab World. SUBSCRIBE & SHARE , THANK YOU , GOD BLESS YOU.

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