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– Hello and welcome to the vlog. My name is Claire and these two are her pair of (beep). Hello, new hair don’t care, looking very aerodynamic at the moment. Still figuring out how to style it. Joshua is here. Not really allowed to show his face because he says he doesn’t look nice but I think you look gorgeous. And if you know my parents you will know that they are incredible human beings, they are loving and caring. Aw, I love you. They are rude. (laughs) What are you doing? (Smack)
– [Mum] Whoo! They swear a lot.
– What the (beep)? – They celebrated their 30th
wedding anniversary this year, so Josh and I decided, what a perfect time to send them away on a secret trip. So we got scheming and organizing this sorta secret holiday for them. We told them that they were
probably gonna go to Belfast or the west of Ireland
or somewhere super close. They didn’t know that we
were actually organizing an incredible trip for them
and my little brother to go to? – L.A. and Vegas. – We together with Brand
U.S.A., the Vegas Tours & Board, and Visit We-Ho, that’s West Hollywood, got together to make
this trip packed full of incredible, unforgettable experiences. So after weeks and weeks
of telling my parents to be patient, because we
couldn’t tell them the location until everything was locked
down, we finally got to have that call with my mother,
and she absolutely died when we said where we’re gonna go. – Where do you think we’re goin’? – Uh, going to, ugh. My gut tells me it’s Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, Montenegro,
something like that? – Eurovision vibes, Eurovision vibes. (Eurovision music) – It’s not that. – Oh my god, I’m so excited! What is it? Go on, tell me. – Going to. – Have I been there before? – You’ve been to one of them before. – (gasp) Greece! (laughs)
– No. – One of them before, France! – No.
– Portugal! – You’re going to Las Vegas and L.A. – (beep) off!
(laughs) – I am not!
– You are! – Oh my god! Riyadh, you’re joking. – We’re doing a road trip
between L.A., and we’re gonna drive to Vegas.
– Oh my god! – It’s a gift for your 30th anniversary. – Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! – The day of travel is
finally upon us, so Josh and I head to Heathrow, we’re
flying from London, Mum, Dad and Ryan, they’re
flying from Dublin, of course we’ve got our
travel-most switches to head to the Virgin Atlantic lounge, get those bellies full, get hydrated, not always with stuff that’s good for us, but hey, we’re on holiday. Now, the biggest job for me
is to annoy my boyfriend, and do the thing that he hates the most, being filmed eating. Big thank you to my
baes at Virgin Atlantic for flying us over and taking
care of us as per usual, we had a great time on
board, had a couple of little drinkies, watched a movie, and then just sort of made our own fun. A few hours after Josh and
I land, the Khalaf Clan arrive, and we plan to have a very chill, very relaxed first evening. Oh, the Khalafs, they be rolling in! Hello! – Welcome to America!
(laughs) – Hi Ryan, hi Mum!
– Hi, how are you? – I’m so awake! – God, you’re buzzing!
– Yeah! (upbeat music) – Good morning, 6:30 a.m. Everyone’s in bed because, let’s just say, last night the chill, sort
of welcome to L.A. thing we were meant to do,
yeah that didn’t happen. (dance music) Drinks were had… (people cheer) Mum and Dad went a bit
mental on the dance floor. Yeah, it felt weird filming
that since they are my parents, but you know, it is what it is. (dance music) (laughs) So, while they’re
relaxing and sleeping, catching those z’s, I’m sort
of planning out the day. I think we’re gonna start with
a walk up the Hollywood sign. Let’s just see how they handle
that after last night’s fun! – We will come in contact
with rattlesnakes. Now, that doesn’t mean
we’re gonna see them, that means that we’ll
probably most likely hear them off the main trail.
(Mum laughs) But you’ll become quite
familiar with them, yeah they’re the local
street gang in this area. (group chattering) – I was knackered within the
first couple of footsteps. – We’re five minutes in
and I’m dying. (laughs) Rattlesnakes, stinging
beetles, bobcats and lynxes. Come at me bro. We’ve already heard three rattlesnakes, haven’t we?
– Yeah. – Hi!
– Wave! – Okay, we’ve just been
told about this thing, it’s the Hope Chest of Hollywood, so when people come here to
live, they write a little message, and put it in the box. What are we going to write as a family? – Health and happiness forever, I’m going to be really boring. (laugh) – [Riyadh] Health and happiness forever? – Yep, definitely. – We’re happy in whatever we do. – Okay.
– And lots and lots of money! (cash register chimes)
(laughs) ♪ We are family ♪ – Health, happiness, love and money. In brackets, Not too much, The Khalafs. – Cool. Did it! (upbeat music) – Lorraine, how you feeling? – Oh fab!
– Yeah? – I’m loving this. Absolutely loving this. – It’s funny, because
a minute ago, you said you were hating it. – I did not! (laughs) – She didn’t. Mm-hmm, I hate us too. Hollywood sign, there it is! We’re gonna go around to the
front and take some pics. For the ‘gram. – 1977, Hugh Hefner
decided to revamp the sign, to rejuvenate the sign, of
course Mr. Bunny Ears himself, he raised over 2.9 million
dollars to save the sign. It’s not going anywhere. (upbeat music) (camera shutter clicks) – So we’re just talking
about why Josh is edible, in other words, very sexy. (Mum laughs) And then of course I ask, why am I edible? Why am I sexy? Can I be sexy? What did you say? – I told Josh that Riyadh has personality. (laughs) – But you’re gorgeous as well! You are! – [Josh] You are, baby. – [Mum] Of course you are, I made you! – Okay. (laughs) We’re going for Mexican
food, to Gracias Madre. – Gracias Madre is thank you Mum. – You’re welcome. (laughs) – The restaurant, I have to
say, was absolutely stunning. My parents are big
meat-eaters, especially my Dad, so I was a bit nervous taking
him to a vegan restaurant, but he absolutely loved it. And if you’re gonna go, I
recommend one of the sides, it’s the corn, they put some stuff on it, it makes it crispy, it makes
it salty, and it’s just like, phew, so, so good. And obviously, the cocktails. It was early in the day,
but a few of them were had. Once again, on our holidays! Ryan, where are you? – Over here.
– Why are you embarrassed? – ‘Cause there’s loads
of cars on the side. – [Riyadh] Where are we off to today? – Las Vegas, baby! – [Riyadh] What happened to me last night? – Oh, you had bad (beep). – (group laughs) [Riyadh]
Why did I have them? – Because you had dairy. – I had an espresso martini last night, and I didn’t know that
there was Bailey’s in it, so this morning has been very eventful, hasn’t it?
– Oh yeah. – We’re heading of to get our
car, we’re heading to Vegas, we’re going to stay in the Belangio. It’s gonna be fun. Let’s go. Quick pause to say thank
you for our sponsors, Revolut, the thin-tech
company, which are now allowing us to round up our
spendings so we can donate to some major world charities. Since launching the
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go to a charity who needs it. So get your free Revolut
standard card now, via the link in the description. And now, let’s head back into the video. We hit the road en route to Vegas, heading straight through the desert, it was about 104 degrees
Fahrenheit, which is about 40 degrees Celsius outside,
absolutely roasting. No Khalaf trip abroad is
complete without this song. Take it away. ♪ We’re all going on a summer holiday ♪ ♪ No more working for a day or two ♪ ♪ Fun and laughter on a summer holiday ♪ ♪ A summer holiday for me and you ♪ ♪ For a day or two ♪ We stopped somewhere
between L.A. and Vegas for a little pee break,
and I swear to God, it’s like the Hills Have Eyes
out here, there is nothing. It is dry, it is hot. Absolutely stunning, I
feel like I’m in a movie! (upbeat music) – Excited!
– Yes! – Four hours, five hours. – No, it’s really six.
– Five, six hours. (laughs) And we are here! – There’s the Bellagio!
– Yeah. We’re turning right. – Hello, how are you?
– Good, how are you? – [Mum] Oh, look at the rainbow, aw, guys! – [Riyadh] Oh, it’s magical, oh! – [Riyadh] Do you feel the spray? You feel the spray?
– Oh, oh yeah. (imitates squeaking) – Josh, don’t pretend
like you don’t like it. (laughs) Perfectly normal behavior
between siblings. Ah, ah, Charlie bit my nipple, ow! (laughs) (Mum laughs) – We’re about to have an
experience that apparently makes you feel like– – Happy.
– Happy! And you’re connected to your inner child. – The faces before Happy Place. We’re going to see what it
looks like after Happy Place. (upbeat music) – This is XX rated, XXX,
I can’t, I can’t do it. There she is! (laughs) (group cheers)
(group laughs) – [Mum] Whoo! (laughs) – Whoo! Without doubt, the
funniest thing I have ever seen in my life, let’s
see that again please. And again. Just keep going, can we just
keep going with that, yeah. (laughs) – [Riyadh] Whoo! (group laughs) Faces after Happy Place? – Happy!
– Oh, very happy! – [Man] Thank you! – That was all right, no
I’m joking, it was great. Just when I thought my
Dad couldn’t get any more Dad-like, he got more, Dad. That selfie stick. ♪ You spin me right around
baby, right around, ♪ ♪ Like a record baby ♪ – [Riyadh] Why did you buy it? – So we can get a picture with the family. – [Riyadh] Dad, you couldn’t
look more like a tourist if you tried. – Josh, it’s not working now. – [Riyadh] Guys, I know it’s
so romantic, but we have to go on the High Roller, we’ve
gotta go on the big wheel. ♪ Loving you forever ♪ – Oh. It’s that love that created this. High Roller, we’re going
to see Vegas from the sky. Cheers! This is the world’s biggest Ferris wheel, it’s even bigger than the London Eye. It takes thirty minutes to do
a full rotation of the wheel, you can see the entire strip from the top, you can see McCarran Airport, with all the airplanes taking off and landing, and it’s just really
nice to sort of step away from the noisiness, and
craziness that is this trip. We made our way to the
famous Venetian hotel, where Mum got very, very into
it with one of the performers. ♪ When the moon hits your
eye like a big pizza pie ♪ ♪ That’s amore ♪ ♪ When the world seems to shine
like you had too much wine ♪ ♪ That’s amore ♪ – And that was your reward!
– Yeah! (making strumming noises) – ♪ And you sing Vita Bella… ♪ – Josh and I are having
a little singing contest, ‘Cause we think one is
better than the other. – Josh!
– Yeah? – You decide. He says that there has to
be a break in the voice at this point.
– I can’t. – You do it. – ♪ Ooh, ooh, nobody knows ♪ (laughs) No! – I’ve got to go an octave or two lower. – Just so you know, I actually
don’t know what an octave is, but I thought it would
make me sound professional. – ♪ Ooh, ooh, nobody knows it ♪ – Oh, we’re changing.
– ♪ Nobody knows ♪ – But you changed.
– That was okay. – You changed key. – Because I’m not as high as you. – I think you’ve got great
potential, to go all the way. – ♪ Ooh, ooh, nobody knows it ♪ ♪ Nobody knows ♪ – ♪ Ooh, ooh ♪
– ♪ Ooh ♪ – ♪ Nobody knows it ♪ ♪ Nobody knows ♪
♪ Nobody knows ♪ (laughs) – Nap time! My parents don’t know that we’re going on a helicopter later. It’s a surprise. And you’re going to see their
reaction as we tell them. They think they’re going on a bungee jump. But they’re not going on
a bungee jump, are they? (smack)
– Ow! They’re going on a helicopter. – [Josh] They’re going on a helicopter, chop chop! – Oh dear, it’s out of focus, goodbye. We actually have her convinced
that she’s about to go bungee jumping off the
edge of the Grand Canyon. That is not happening because
I would never do that. – I’m not dressed for anything dangerous. – You’re dressed fabulous!
– For fabulosity! Give us a kick of the leg! God, I love it! Okay, let’s go. This way! Follow me! She’s seen the van. – Did you say it was a
Maverick bus we’re going on? – Yeah, why? – Why is there a helicopter on it? – I don’t know. (Mum cheers) – Wow. – Oh my god, really?
– Yeah! – Really? – [Riyadh] Yeah, we’re
going on a helicopter! – [Josh] Yeah, Ryan! – [Man] See ya later! – [Riyadh] Champagne before takeoff! Look at that, it’s lovely! (laughs) She finally did get her champagne. Cheers!
– Cheers. – Now we’re going to
have to work together on this one, okay? My phone got really shit footage. So the lovely people at
the Vegas Tours and Board gave me actual good footage,
shot from a real camera hanging outside a helicopter,
so let’s just pretend that that, what you’re seeing now, that’s me, I did that, yeah, yeah. This is the view that you
actually see from your eyeballs up there anyway, so enjoy. (grandiose music) Well, Lorraine, what did you make of this? – Oh it’s, I’m speechless
actually, it’s just fantastic. – Did you like it? – Absolutely, yeah.
– Yeah, it was amazing. – Thank you! – You’re back!
(laughter) – What better way to wrap
up an incredible trip than to go for a big, gay
club night out with your fam, in the center of West Hollywood? Probably the gayest part of America? We drank, we danced,
we got down and dirty, at least one of us was
suffering the next day. Can you guess who? (knocks) – Hi.
(laughs) – [Riyadh] How you feelin’? – Bad. (laughs) – Me too.
– Good! Sign of a good night? – Yeah. – Okay, I’m coming to say goodbye. I love you.
– Love you too. – Aw, you poor thing. A couple of paracetamol
and a big glass of water will do you well. – Bye love,
(Mum speaking faintly) and thanks so much for the lovely, lovely holiday together. – Did you enjoy it? – Oh, absolutely loved it. – What was your favorite bit? – The helicopter, being together. – Aww!
– Yeah. – Actually the being
together, and the helicopter. – And by, the by, this hotel,
I recommend it, it’s fabulous. – Hotel 850.
– Beautiful. – Beautiful, tiny little boutique hotel. – Okay.
– Great service. – I love you both, fam! – Safe journey!
– Love you, bye! – Love you too, bye! – Well, that’s it! All that there is to say is: A big thank you from him,
and me, and the family. We had such a great time,
and made so many memories, didn’t we?
– Mm hmm. And I think it’s so lovely
to have this video to look back on.
– I know. – [Both Speaking Together]
When we’re no longer together. (gasp) – Hee hee, jokes, love ya! (laughs) Thank you so much
for watching the video, and make sure you like,
subscribe, and share it about, any of the things that
are shown in this video are gonna be linked down
below on the description, so you can go and check them out as well, big thank you again to
Brand USA, Visit We-Ho, Vegas Tourism, and Virgin Atlantic, and hopefully we can do this again in another part of the world! Love ya! Bye, toodle-loo!

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