Supreme Court: No Guns for Those Guilty of Domestic Violence

it’s been a tough time for a sensible gun-related legislation and in the midst
of total chaos when it comes to gun legislation we do have a little bit of
sanity and this comes from the Supreme Court
who decided that the nine justices to the
Supreme Court decided that the federal gun law which
bans people convicted of domestic violence from possessing firearms should be strengthened not taken down
this is just a little bit of sanity and reason in a world that has been overrun with
stuff like Georges guns everywhere law which says you know what let’s bring
guns into bars let’s bring guns into classrooms let’s
even if the pastor wants them bring guns into church okay that’s not what this is in nine nothing decision the High Court
said that the ban extends to anyone who has pleaded guilty to at
least a misdemeanor charge it domestic violence even in cases where there was no proof a violent acts or physical injury in
this is a very important thing this is it truly a meaningful decision
because it overturns decisions made individually in several regions across the country
including the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in California which said the band applies only to convictions
that involve a violent use 0 or so this would mean that if you have convictions or guilty pleas even
misdemeanors or felonies when it comes to domestic violence that
were not physically violent uses the Force those
perpetrators would still be allowed to own guns and I think it is not a far stretch to
assume that if you did something that was not physically violent yet still illegal enough to get you
convicted or above a misdemeanor or felony it’s not very far jump to assume that
the next step would be physical violence and as such we probably want to keep guns away from
you so this is this is a absolutely correct ruling and you know
it’s it’s something Louis in the midst of
total chaos when it comes to gun control right its the but it’s not enough David it’s not gonna it’s not gonna keep
everyone safe is it know it’s not going to keep everyone
safe n this though to give you a little one story related
to this ruling back in 2009 James Castleman was charged with violating federal gun
laws when he was caught with firearms but a federal judge and the US 6th
Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed the charges against them
because they said well there’s no proof that he had violent contact with his
victim of domestic violence and this is specifically the type of
case that that would address I spoke to a friend of ours Louis over
the weekend when I was in Massachusetts and you know what I’m talking about is a
very big gun guy he is forty or fifty guns is a collector
he goes to the range he he likes shooting guns really a guy who
likes being able to legally by any number of
different types of guns okay he said I wouldn’t go to Florida I
wouldn’t go to Georgia it’s crazy down there and in florida
they’re trying to make it legal to fire warning shots George is bringing guns into bars he
says there’s no bigger gun enthusiasts than me but what’s going on in parts of the
country is absolutely insane it was kind of nice because it made me
feel like oh here’s someone who actually is a gun enthusiast but
understands that the Second Amendment isn’t this carte blanche to have
shoulder mounted RPG’s while you’re drinking in a bar with kids
right i mean you did there are limitations here which do not infringe
on the Constitution right rate but as long as the the fear mongers in and gone peddlers
keep the latter incredible job yeah and nothing is going
to change and dad you know what it’s not just year but people taking your guns away
it’s all this pier are government takeover and you
know scenarios to no question about it and some we we have
to what we do we just have to remember that
when you’re praying at the altar above the Constitution literally
interpreted based on what the Founding Fathers knew when it was written and that becomes your defacto Bible
you’re going to have positions that are both outdated and irrelevant for modern

51 thoughts on “Supreme Court: No Guns for Those Guilty of Domestic Violence”

  1. Domestic violence is a misdemeanor .  This is an unconstitutional ruling the only way to amend the constitution is by an amendment NOT by the Supreme court.

  2. Anybody that has seen my previous posts on guns, knows that I am NOT what you would call "pro-gun". But I'm not sure about this.
    I don't know if taking peoples guns away for as little as a domestic dispute, is the right way to go. People argue, thats the way relationships go. If nobody is hurt physically, I don't think that taking their guns is fair.

  3. When a husband or wife dies, their spouse is suspect #1, and rightfully so … this particular gun control might work to lessen such incidents.
    Watching this, have to say, what the hell … there's such a thing as convictions for non-violent domestic violence?  That's going too far.

  4. My ex-BF was very abusive, his last act was holding a loaded 12 gauge shotgun to my head threatening to kill me, because 'I was such a worthless bitch'. And by that that he meant just verbally abusing me, raping and beating me wasn't enough for him any more. He didn't know how close he came to dying that night as he lay sleeping.

  5. I think that crimes that show violent potential, mentally or physically should result in the prohibation to buy a gun legally. Also I think that psychological tests should become a necessary step in getting a gun license. I'd say background checks and psychological evaluations in certain intervals should become increasingly stricter with the potential damage that can be done with the particular rifle. Also there should be a manditory check of the storageroom for the guns every 2 years perhaps.

  6. I think everyone in the comment section so far can agree that this is the definition of common sense gun control…If you were recently convicted or even charged with beating your wife, maybe you shouldn't have a gun in the house…I think we need to rethink the ban for all felons though, it should be focused purely on violent felons and even then there should be some realistic manner of regaining your rights with good behavior over time and maybe some sort of psychological evaluation depending on the seriousness and violent nature of the crime.

  7. Woooooow, naked marxism!!!!!!!!!!! lmao ….outdated constitution? David thinks your constitutional rights are "prayed to"??? Meanwhile Lewis is well aware of a Government takerover?". Cute communism. Its hilarious.
    Scary guns. Government to "keep us safe?" are you kidding? I cant wait to hear daves clever spin doctoring of Hillary Clinton and great she is. Now this is wonderful entertainment. The Pied piper of youtube. Kool aid here folks drink up.

  8. Yeah but you can get a DV for anything, yelling, breaking something and having a anybody call the cops they come and arrest you for DV total bull shit

  9. I know a lot of geniuses watch this channel, so can somebody please explain to me, a dummy, how a person can be convicted of domestic violence if there was no violence?

    And David Pakman, your reports would be better (clearer) if you explained things like this.

  10. Good move, but seems to me that this law could be reworded to:

    "Those guilty of domestic violence must purchase guns at gun shows."

    Until something is done about background checks, punishing those that use guns irresponsibly, and so forth….other gun laws won't have much impact.

  11. 😀 It may seem small, but this personally affects me and my family. I can't tell you how excited and relieved I am to hear about this.

  12. 2nd Amendment says that I'm allowed to have Blackhawk Helicopters with hell fire missiles. Don't you take those away from me I'm a normal person. 

  13. Non-physically violent domestic violence? You probably mean domestic abuse, and yeah, people who are likely to abuse other people probably shouldn't have access to firearms.

  14. With 1,000,000 ways for you to lose your new "gun privilege" I wonder if anyone will get to keep them.

    People are so stupid. They think they can build a machine called government that will solve all social issues.

    If that worked one of the thousand fallen republics to democracies would have done it. Instead they failed in a magnificent way with seas of blood spilt. It's just hubris to think otherwise.

    But you keep on making those buildings that say no guns allowed so the emotionally distraught know where to rampage.

    But then why should it matter, you got this simple way of explaining them all just say the shooter was "mentally ill" give it a name then take all the guns from people that act like that because racism is judging people by their skin but policy is judging them by their emotions. Basically you say you are justified in doing whatever you want because you are scared. I think in that way you and the shooter are more alike than you will ever admit to.

    You are sad little people and you deserve the tyranny you are unleashing on yourself.

    Oh and I'm sure it goes without saying cops are immune from these rulings. Because you are more likely to be killed by a cop than you are a mass shooter. But give then the guns and remove it from most others. Nothing could possibly go wrong with that idea. Oh, and it's never been tried. </sarcasm>

  15. I can see being against allowing bars to permit guns.. But it always gets me when libs complain about CHURCHES having guns.. So what? Don't like it, don't go to that church, what's with the big government protections here?

  16. While I am a 2nd amendment right proponent, some sensible precautions are necessary. Those convicted of violent crimes have proven to be violent and for the good of society AND themselves that they should not be allowed to posses guns. While I hate to see further erosion of the 2nd amendment, I have to begrudgingly support the ruling.

  17. Want to totally own the gun debate? Point out how Somalia has NO gun control whatsoever, and ask them if they want the USA to end up like Somalia.

  18. So… they can never get guns again? Even if they find a way to demonstrate that they've changed completely, they still can't get one? I don't know about that, it seems a bit far.

  19. @David Pakman The 2nd Amendment is one sentence. It's about Well Regulated Militias.  In the time they wrote the 2nd Amendment, militias kept their weapons in an armory in the towns.  Farmers, of course, had rifles to protect their animals.
    Most gun people don't want to read it as it was written, like most of the U.S. Constitution.  

  20. I hate guns I'm of the opinion that no one should have them, but this seems a bit fishy when you think who gets convinced of crimes and who's more likely to be tricked into pleading guilty, people who are poor, young and often of some kind of minority.

  21. The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." IT IS CLEAR AND EASY TO UNDERSTAND. NO LAW AFTER IT, OR BY DECISION BY ANY COURTS(INCLUDING SUPREME COURT) WILL OVERRULE THE 2ND AMENDMENT.

  22. domestic violence can cover everything fool. if there is no gun in the crime then lesve the dam prople along. oh yea ya,ll want them all. fuck u

  23. If a person is charged with a crime and pays the penalty appointed to them they should be restored full rights, anything less is slavery.
    People evolve and mature by learning from there mistakes.
    If a court can determine a person capable of living safely in society, paying taxes, and a natural born
    citizen, then restricting them
    of voting, running for affice,
    applying for government jobs, and owning a firearm for self defense or sporting purposes with make such person a second class citizen. 9 out of 10 former convicted persons change ,
    mature, and do not repeat criminal activities, so to appoint a penalty without full
    restoration is more criminal than the former convicted.
    My .02

  24. Everyone should be able to have a gun there are gangsters who don't give a shit about the laws and they will kill you and most of the time they use guns why shouldn't the America people be able to defend themselves against others it takes only seconds for a bullet to strike but it takes minutes for the officers to arrive on duty so you tell me should we even have gun control

  25. Look how many people died in Chicago already due to gun violence a gun is a right not a privilege your gun rights shouldn't be stripped from at all it's not a privilege having a driver license is a privilege

  26. The Supreme Court is stupid gang violence is everywhere you go and if you can't protect yourself from other people who are not allowed to carry guns then you are just a sitting duck gangsters are just hunting there prey and when they shoot they kill other by standards as well

  27. Just because you have any type of criminal record you should be able to stand your ground and protect yourself at all costs because if you can't shoot back then you better prey to god that the bullet doesn't kill you

  28. Your a Complete Fucking Idiot. Taking guns away won't stop or even slow down domestic crimes. Why don't we take knives, bows, crossbows, and even pointy sticks away from anybody who fights with their partner even if it's not violent.

    "Simple assault is the attempt to cause serious physical harm to another individual. It also refers to causing the individual to be in fear or apprehension of an imminent battery. The crime does not involve physical contact with the victim." No contact at all. How the "victim" feels. we don't make laws based off people's feelings

  29. This is bullshit. If someone wants to get a gun and kill their spouse they will get it anywhere.
    I have a bad past but learned and paid for my mistakes with 4 years sober coming up and a whole new life I live. This law effects me and my family's protection, and goes against every grain of the 2nd ammendment!

  30. So basically a criminal can do a little research and see your convictions and find out your unarmed at home and come and do whatever they want to you and your family.

  31. So you’re saying even if there’s no proof of violence. Just because a woman lied and these feminist , courts Seem to always take the side of the women because of feminist groups. It’s commonsense legislation to strip someone of their rights. You’re a dumb fuck or faggot.

  32. They say that your gun rights are not a guaranteed right. So if they are not guaranteed than none of your other constitutional rights guaranteed the Second Amendment is the only amendment that is ripped apart on a daily basis trying to strip all of us of our rights and they’re doing it a little at a time legislation.

  33. I shoved my cousin to the ground

    Detained, I admitted what I did to the police just as an honest gesture. I was then charged with domestic violence m1 in State of Ohio. Did 5 days in jail.

    I can never own, purchase, possess or transport a firearm again.

    Simply because I shoved my cousin to the ground. Get fucking real man.

  34. I have fighting knives… They kill up close and personal. Supreme court is a real tool to think banning guns will change anything..

  35. It’s funny how all the school shooters and Las Vegas shooter even the aurora Colorado shooter didn’t have a domestic violence or even a record but used guns for horrible violence soooooooooo obviously it don’t matter about a record people make mistakes and wanna change and some don’t not everyone is the same !!! George Zimmerman shot a innocent colored boy no prior record before the shooting do you see a pattern !!! They are putting bans in the wrong places for the wrong people

  36. I find it to be unacceptable to have a lifetime ban for a mere misdemeanor crime of domestic violence. A heated argument. Justice Clarence Thomas was right when he said could you point to another misdemeanor crime that suspends a constitutional right.

  37. The end of this video ,wow ..Outdated and irrelevent …our constitution will never be irrelevent !! And should never be chopped up and butchered !! I solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God

  38. Dumbass laws and government,do you really like the way they control you? So a young girl 18 years old or so slaps her boyfriend for cheating on her,he gets mad ,calls the police,now she is arrested for domestic violence.never again in her whole life will she ever be able to protect herself with a gun from a deadly force.the law has to be about …after sentence has be served and time lapse of 5 years.everyone has the right to protect themselves from violence.

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