Sunday Morning | Living Above the Noise | Pastor Pestke

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add ms news, soon, and an inn and breezed up this morning in 10 years time of worship to one after offers of picking
come and get in their places you
may be seated for us to receive are offering an 11 opportunity we have to give
to god’s work in this place was
actually listening to you to do a pastor from his
teaching he made the statement
said you never really truly love
anything you haven’t been
willing to again as the ministers watchers
that is and I love my kids so spend money on my kids love
my wife’s a spend money on my
life my wife pursue a file of my church in a file of a guy is doing and I really recognize that to
give is an act of worship , give an sos mean teaching worship
this morning was sprayed as
god’s hand blessing on this
offering father, we’re grateful
for the opp or that you’ve given to us to be
able to give them some guy we
asked you might take what is
collected this morning is an act
of and every person induced might
do it with a grateful heart
degrees latitude were not feeling as though we we
have two more out of necessity
god because we recognize the you
have been so good to us and we’ SIG of us every gives an
effective are we thank you for
the opportunity, for CNN we pray and then idea I went to the Dr. just recently from IE,
annual physical annual shy,
maybe, you do that yet you go at
least once a year to try to get
atta and maybe something lurking on
not aware of that I’m not seeing
and I want the Dr. to hopefully
find that insulates the ad very in the course of my conversation
with the Dr. Tom I began as a
young I feel like I’m pretty
healthy II eat once a week we think he’s gonna say the he’s gonna say you may think
you’re healthy but I can
guarantee you you’re starving and you know what other things
that shall discover is that your
average person your average
Christian has this idea that if
I at that’s enough that the time III feel like I’m
spiritually strong enough to
handle the storms are my life
because I was I showed up at the 830 service to the 1030
service and III paid my dues to
god and I was there and I prayed
and I goes from a week and tha’ you not feel like you are that the reality is is that we
need god and we need that
nourishment from his heart every
day the young adults 18 major the
child although we searched and
are part of all the way up into
married it all, they beat single
mo to every person base here this
morning going forward in our ministry we
want you to have access to this wall can guys to right now media power church is a light in the
door as a city on a hill, every
believers call to make a
difference in the world to one,
complete to try to read the work to bring
the low, low margins, as makers
and coworkers who are 0 PC1F1 consummation of
your ms one weeks. Still, this
one this week for talks about F1
looking to FS report of one ever this one: churches as one, he’ll
meet us in making available for
free and every member of our
church have access to over 2000,
o we’d love to see every member of
our church utilizing like the
media small group leaders vehicle for
youth groups from teaching bible
study series children enjoy some
programming that doesn’t have from spending quality time
together don’t have a distance,
OCC, studies on the current
finance, Johnson or two every
area of the of two TVs Johnson, the two
sides of a V SP I’s for us he wants to how
EAFE TV 1, as a city on the group’s shares songs morning
strait of songs 130 so few would
just be encouraging as we
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noon good morning we get to the lineup to work in IE will welcome the
first a baptist church for some
of the videos work some of the
time that someone to work some
tim entitled living above that the
noise living above the noise are
often are things in our life
that can distract us in keeping
us Matthew mark Luke revelation
were basically told in the
stacks that we should have years
to hear and that seems about as
basic a that’s what years are for right
years are for hearing that would
Jesus is speaking of is not
simply hearing because we can
all h are too long when you get a good
year bug around and it just
feels like I can hear so much better
everything feels cecily wanna do
like it that you’re bolder out
today so we can hear from god
was part more that you hear us in a got
that far off you not made of
wood are even gold but you are
the omniscient on the present your
the all powerful king of Kings
the lord of lords or we bow our
hearts and our minds in our life
t we ask for your presence in this
place and we ask that you would speak into our lives in
such a way that we would hear
your voice above the noise of this life for we pray in jesus’ name a man roman chapter 10 1st 17
this is up and screen Paul said
so than faith come if by hearing
and hearing by the word of god
se increase in faith and I submit
to you that that is absolutely
true if we would hear then we would
increase the problem that many
of us have is we simply are not
hearing we’re simply not able to
l they are fully equipped with two
functioning here’s per child OK then this is
fantastic and they don’t have
inherent problems whatsoever in
and yet there are times that
these child with outlook’s ever listening to
what’s been said yet anybody
have children anybody know what I’m saying
here this morning amen to that OK then these it’s
beautiful there’s times I can I
can come home from work and walk
into the house and are what if and my children wall do this their reading and math aptitude
and was recommended by their
teacher it’s fantastic we love
it on and it also does these
videos that when there in front of this
device I swear to you a
hurricane could go through our
house and they would not even know or
care is long as the wife I
stayed connected everything
would be OK see this is this is
what happ shun the average American spends
6 hours per day watching
television of the Internet it’s
not always evil but can distract
sport can be a distraction it can be
sometimes difficult to hear god
when we are distracted and the
voice of god as speaking in the
wo not try to get my child’s
attention not what I have to do
is to force them from their
scenario and soul take the dog
for walking we begin to tack connecting a
lie because the words are
actually going into the years
without distraction there’s
times will say but they want connect with their
father and they’re willing to
onsale most anything there’s
times I can look at mike the
eyes of will go to the bedroom and will
close the door and will begin to
just talk to each other and
allow those words to come into
our the same so over the next four
weeks where to work through a short
series of passages that will
help us to live above the noise
by fearing a Norte here we must
be a and were able to live above the
noise lessen the noise is never
going to go away I could tell you right now go
get an ax and then then hitter
TV goal to lead all your salsa
media counts go unplug your wife
I’d vying for your attention don’t
blame your distractions on
social media or the Internet or your child
sports are whatever maybe all
these things are coming no
matter what error no matter
what. Life we these are there would go through
the life of Moses a man that
essentially didn’t have an
identity Amanda was a jew but
that was a man that would know that
nobody would claim and that both people rejected
Moses ends of connecting with a
group of nomads if you will he’s
very comfortable with people
that but god has a plan for him and
that through his lost identity
god has not lost his purpose for
Moses and god is going to speak
t because he is able to hear and live above the noise of life or to go
through the young life of Samuel Samuels up on a young boy living
a knife you will a defunct
religious system of a system that no longer stood
for good or rights or honor or
god the system in which the
religious leaders had been a
corrupt leadership there is a sexually
dark culture and Samuel is going
to live above all the noise or
to look into his life and war to and religious pressures Abraham
as a man that was given promises
from god he was a man that said
of the gods and Haber am I want and they didn’t come true and you know sometimes we can
look in the gold I believe I
believe I believe all your
promises probably for other people but not for me Abraham was able to live above
the noise even when the promises of god
didn’t seem to work for him today were to go
through life of no I want to
turn the genesis chapter six is
a man living a time of great
viole that seems so loud god is going
to speak in such a way that no
law will hear and no one is
going to build himself a boats
that h the noise and when we live above
the noise there is such clarity
to our life that to do that
which seems impossible now seems
po five and six and in that area
write their god speaks to know
it’s in no way in this confusion
and this turmoil there is a
darkne this is a world this is a global
problem that has hit the
entirety of humanity in just 10 generations has
become completely and holy
corrupted we can sometimes think
all man everything was better in
the old was to split despicable as
horrible we see in genesis
chapter six Le converse five god saw the wickedness a man was
great and the earth in that
every a match a nation of the
thoughts of his heart was only
evil c at his hard look in verse 11 the
earth also was corrupt before
god and the earth was filled
with violence he hears the tears
a b is evil continually their mind
every a match in a sin is evil
continually their bodies it says
the earth was filled with
violenc goodness our behavior is simply
a reflection of our thoughts and
are imagination and the working of our hearts if we are corrupt
in word and action if we are
perverse in I use of our body if
we are lewd and full of lost if
we it’s a problem with our hearts it’s been corrupted doubts as I
wanna deal with that I wanna do
change your behavior by what I
need to do to change your
behavio changed your heart you know we can look at our world today
and we can still see this
darkness and then still see that
the lord doesn’t bring judgments
on ag yet in our world are still is
all full hurt and tragedy the
war in Syria if you haven’t paid
attention has claimed 400,000 lives since
2011 know the talks about
somebody cares about in this
country 400,000 people have died in this
war in Serie a sex trafficking
we could talk about 20 0.9 million people are
trafficked in our world is a once in a senate that
that’s a pretty big number rape
in the United States
statistically they say 49% of
women will be inti in their life murder over 17,000
people will be murdered in the
United States of America
abortion since 1970 there’s been
over 4 aborted in our country while we live in a central
simple world we live in a depraved community the world and
all the darkness is trying to
pull us down into that quicksand
then although I believe the days and sometimes the noise can be
deafening all that’s going on
all the corruption all the
politics all the evil all the
myrtle all just comes in when it can be hard to hear then as a side note to this by
the way I love to see this story
of Noah and his ark it said
beautiful type and a picture of
Jesu just like Jesus worked
tirelessly to provide a way of
salvation see their times in
life when we can get caught up
in the rat rac one radio station one news
channel one meeting one lunch
appointment one coffee date one
weapon are one pot cast one mega
Zeit m to the next and life just seems
to be a whirlwind of activity
and is always getting out a hand
when that happens we can
struggle an exclamation points and number
one how did know off hear the
voice of god and one I believe
it takes the relationship with
god with god it says in chapter
seven verse won the lord said in
a note comes out all my house
and they are for the have I seen right just
before me in this generation he
was called righteous by god to
be righteous was not up a
temporar to be writes with god we’re not
talking about know is moral
character here that he was
somehow just better than
everyone else li it will never be the law that
makes this righteous it will
never be your church attendance
that make sure righteous it will
alwa that makes you righteous recently a church member were reached out
to me and asked some advice she said pasta, I’m struggling
to make a decision I feel like a
been preying on a silicon been
trying to ask god for some help
a you know my first question was how sure relationship with lord Howe sure relationship with the
lord over one we need to have a
relationship that is righteous
and that righteousness is only
th realizing it’s not me it’s not
my character it’s not my
integrity it’s not the good
things and I do or the bad
things I do is Je with god and now that I have
that right is standing night on
and if you say one not sure how
to get that the bible says you
just put on his robes of
righteousness and that cover me
and wash me what the blood of
the lamb and money does that he
now looks down first it forever to hear the
voice of god we need to be
righteous we need to be in a right
relationship with god and a four
to be in a wry relationship we
need to have writes communion
with god that we must be listening this
is the bright imagine what no one is told in all this
I want to read with me and vs.
13 will start genesis chapter six and verse 13
this is where god starts
speaking godsend and no of the end of all
flashes come before me for the
earth is filled with violence
through them and behold I will
des with the earth may be an arc of
gopher would room show the make
and the Arkin shall pitch it
within and without with pitch
and t away until showdown make to the
Arkin and Cuba docile
fashionable oven the door of the
arch of all set aside their of
the lower but with the while establish my
covenants and now shall come in
the art thou when I signs and my
wife and my son’s wife with fee racial be male and female of
files after their kind of cattle
after their kind of every
creeping thing of the earth
after his ki ban for them 13 vs. we just read that’s what god spoke to know
law in all of this 13 vs. Aimee can you imagine god
speaks to you and said take this
is what I’m gonna do I’m gonna
wipe out humanity and what I want you to do is I
want you to build in part
because the earth is going to be
flooded in the art needs to be
big eno I am this is a bit of a huge
this is one of those, those
while moments Arrigo I think you
might say I don’t know if I can
order and all of this steel or just
told know that he was gonna do
something that never been done
before and it will literally would take
no lock deck to needs to
complete this task then for reason that was
likely on fathom old by know
what it was going to rain now in
Rochester we get about 33 inches
arraignment per year no law he’s gonna get a couple feet of snow per hour in the upcoming season
I mean he’s never seen this he
doesn’t know what to expect on
the Mrs. this is on may seem to
hi to the voice of god them a shutout all the other
voices one must come alone Jesus
taught his disciples when you
break open the closet and enter
in a to this 20 taught us to just
dislike dislike of the disciples
of Jesus just like know I just
like us if we’re ever to hear
the v than we must come to a place of
isolation we cannot expect to
hear the voice of god and still
be living in that noise songs
chap and no that I am god I will be exalted among he then
I will be exulting years you
notice a miss a time as their dispute still so you can hear my voice you don’t know what did write
their in that moment god came in and
began to speak just listen he just listened if we’re to live above the noise
people we’ve Gotta learn to listen to
god john chapter 10 verse 27 Jesus
said my sheet hear my voice and I know them and they follow me and obviously the claimer up of
marry the second year but this
is a this is a vessel that’s
over 500 feet in length its 85
feet be quit bus to do it we may not
understand how to do something
or how to accomplish what god
has called us to do but when he
spe ours is to O’Dea and do all we
are told we are to simply listen and to believe that god will
provide a beautiful way to
overcome the obstacles this is true in our ministry
life it’s true of missions work it’s
true of getting involved in
bible institute are discipleship
are life groups are serving in a
mi is not you that needs to answer
that question it’s god that
works in you that could be true
love of marriage could be true
paren and do what god has called us to do we can sometimes
feel like god has given us an
opportunity which we are unable
to accomplish when god spoke we are little
weird to listen now we come with
that sense of inability was that
god is always going to complete
t it takes persistence in
commitments to live above the noise know what did not stop building either stiffer testaments
different ranges on how this
works out the Nola did not stop building
or leased preparing for this for
likely 75 years he had that he
had the cut down trees CIA to
car Eileen at right now they’re
dealt with this thing at eight
on the one way better operate
but he didn’t he was he had to
do what 500 feet 80 feet 50 I’d never even seen a
boat god one in the world are
you thinking then you know what
he did then set of instead of
goi we languish in the anxiety of it
and we never do the actual work
Libyans chapter one poll says it
this way being complement of this very
thing that he would have begun a
good working you will say with
me perform its until the day the hairless and
you could have some confidence
in Jesus Christ that he will
perform that working you first a
scie do its a queasy Estes chapter
not through the same year in verse 10 says what several I
am fine and do duets with my
mites say this this this this
third principle of 40 ever live
above 75 years of work you know that’s
called determination right there
75 years’ worth the work you
know that’s called persistence
ri and determination and maybe this
is not politically correct but
no one had the man up a little
bit no one got some palaces on
hi that said we do in that you hear god correctly are you sure that’s what he said
to do a minders will test for
you want to do this tomorrow go
to work and tell people the
world and see how they respond to you that’s what know what did you
think people will as golden
gala, rameau’s he wanted numbers
tomorrow it was not now we’ll
throw s and was taken place in the
police are going through sending
them a little bit and a job mean the wheels and hear the
voice of god one I think I can believe person
hears the voice of god from these, create these gardens
he’s which means Gotta be
prepared to put this all
together and then in a most I mean we’ll come on and on the houses work
right eye me to all the time in
seven I mean to Islam to be a
mistake and all mammals that one
or Noah he was able to live above the
noise because he listened to the voice of god there’s
always going to be noise in our
world plenty of noise the evil
the violence to the corruption
it’s n don’t think me and I just cannot
go home and unplug my Internet
on distant turnoff my TV and as
the undisputed delete muscles to now maybe that’ll help in some
ways but the noise is still going to
be there not only was there
noise from the outside but there
was noise from the inside inside
of for I know the thoughts that I
think or do you say if the lord
thoughts of peace and not of the
evil to give you an expected end see what no understood is that
god had his very best in mind
for most of us we can simply
turn off our foes we can’t cool
if the I decided not to turn in those
papers are right that exam this
week OK we can simply leave that
the of the kids at the grandpare he was still living in a corrupt
world jet blight DOS but no luck
he could still live above the
noise of an Alt be needed here f can’t be feigned at the capitol
on your pasta, must be good
listen a lot of people come to
church and just sit on their
hands an when’s the last time you heard
from god and the media player bother out
right knee that defines you to become
a clock one out of their wins last time you heard from
got our human rights state with
god do you have a relationship with
the king of Kings and lord of
lords side us fully one here
floor to deftly won a live above
the in needed and say I can’t do it,
can’t continue this path anymore
and that’s when god says I known and I love you and that’s when
god takes us up and loves us as
we turned a ham of our whole
heart and soul mine and strength
he’ and you disable that’s not what
I’m interested in god’s this is mike this is my this is
my life OK on the right way should ship of
lord I have come to him I’ve asked
him to save me from on my own
sin and he is given to me
salvation you know the place and
I struggl is this number to place he’ll speak to me and I’ll say
then I think that’s what I want
mail I don’t think that’s what I
wanted to hear and god so we keep going back to
Don say god were Utes is a
misstep at the same thing for a
brawl knockdown where I need a need to
borrow, strongly I want a higher
wise got only on a clean out the
ear wax WS I am on saying they’ll say less time sealy we oftentimes we we think
of gods and avenue message if we
cry differ way if we asked a
different way the message is always gonna be
the same we just got here and listen and like genesis says we’ve
Gotta be willing to do its into
obey stop waiting for different
answer and do what god is
telling yo know it didn’t argue with god’s
voice he just did what he was
told in and thirdly how is your
persistence some of us have had
go two early we we get out there
and we start applying what the
bible says then just like no one
can imagine that he’s cut down
tre is there to go home this are the nap of the family doesn’t yet married or a a touchdown 98 many are down the road are five
years down the road are 25 years
on road ago stink with one careful Breaux and this is work children I love children was in
was a beautiful children and then they turn into teenagers and we do now for a comeback me
not we can put them back to
protect that up but this is what
god is given to us right we’ll
cont is true of every missionary
don’t you know the average
length of the missionary average length of a missionary
stays on as field 18 months 18 months before he leaves the
field and comes back home because it’s hard work there’s no miracle and building
the Noland and billing noah’s
ark and there’s no miracle for
our marriage was no miracle for
car and obeying the voice of god who
wants to live with me above the
noise who wants to do that than
let’s clean out our years and h father thank you for your love
think if you’re goodness thank
you that you speak inaudible and
discernible way that got you
give 4000 plus years ago or I know
that you can still give clarity
and understanding to our lives
today help us gonna matter what it is
no matter what the circumstance
the matter what life is brought
to us we know what is for our go or helps to live a book about
the confusion of this world and help us that we may respond
to you bless is now we pray and
jesus’ name the men want to
stand with us as Aaron leads us in a song it’s an opportunity for us to to say got ID one live above the
noise of got some ear wax a need to
get out, to do that for me today
would you bring meets the place
where I can hear you and I
promis when I hear you and Woodley this and news of a home, and a ME, nine and a and C news, and news, as soon as soon as a UNLV a B, a CSIVE, as as soon as CNN , CNN EO NOCLASAM LN SS NOALDLS OOOON a ME SCIAAIAMIC and DSVIS C ESSIMB of a SIAC ME NETS KII SCSIMB of a SMS of a new ad, a of SSI , SOB E T AO of an a and CS SILMAILMILLI a LLACISLEILLIELIE
and SLAL and LASLAI and SCA of an ABC and CBS and CSIELS and an IISIIS SEI SLC EN 9 C news , and as soon as the CU and as soon as soon and and you see a cavorting my name as many we
have some really great stuff
that I about 45 a a few minutes
ago you heard about a new tool
are dis over this next week to begin an
e-mail from right now the process is super easy will
simply follow the link found he
had a personal password and
begin serving ones of
unbelievably rich s for this resource our church
must know how it helps you and
your family designs are standard
white group options there are
few t in healing for mental and
emotional and spiritual lives in
addition there for unique lady’s
life groups on four separate
nights a single study will help you
connect with god’s plan from
genesis to revelation that
Gideon study will be Fraser
years weaknesse in all life groups will guide
you and the presence of lead of
years and over, as you can find
all the information and SBC god
an researchers estimate of the
90,000,000 Christians in America
15,000,000 are not even register
to vote on measure the influence
t recently NATO forces for 54 with no motive, giving people a
voice will provide registration
packs her comments and Exxon
this week we begin our new
england’ U.S. missionaries from around
the globe showcase with god is
doing in their countries are
first of all of us for anyone with us for the first
time I invite you to stop my one
and hear Q3964 three evergreen write thank you for joining us a
first call baptist church, hope
and pray that we will all have
years to hear and that will live about a message all were thought
to refute a like to take a nice
next step of faith we would love
to be a part of that for you on the PRI with you and
will be dismissed our father
haven’t thank you so much for
your love poured a separate your
favo and called us to do bless us now
is we go forth may we go forth
and in your strength and courage
and favor we ask your will to b

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