Submerged 400-year-old church appears after water level drops

The ruins of a 16th century church have surfaced
from the receding reservoir waters in Mexico because of a drought. Located in the country’s southern state Chiapas, its believed to have been built by Spanish
colonists This is the second time the temple has appeared, happening once before in 2002, again caused
by drought. The 400 year old roofless church has emerged
because of the 80 foot water drop in the Grijalva river. Specialists believe the structure was built
in 1564 by evangelical Dominican friars and later
inhabited by the Zoque people. The area flooded following the construction
of the Malpaso Dam in 1966, Curious onlookers have arrived on boats to
visit the colonial-era ruins. “We came to see it. Sometimes we think that when it’s submerged
in water the church will erode quickly but it doesn’t. It’s there still.” When the church was last visible over ten
years ago, the water levels were so low that visitors
were able to walk around the temple interiors…. It may not be accessible right now, but it
is certainly a rare view into a history that is now under water…

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  1. All of South America should do this to these dens of lies and delusions that are just stealing what little wealth they have and buggering their children. Push those frauds and thieves into the ocean and don't look back.

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