Stop Worrying About What You Don’t Have | Pastor Steven Furtick

God has given me what I need for the
season that I’m in and I have a choice to make today and every day will I weep
over what I’m losing or will I wield the weapons that are left provision
perspective the two are connected I’ll tell you a story I didn’t tell any of the
other worship experiences because I’m kind of partial to you guys cuz after
you I’m done we’re on vacation this summer and I turned on the windshield
wipers and Graham was sitting in the passenger seat the windshield was dirty
that’s what I noticed he said daddy when you turn on the windshield wipers I
pretend there’s a race he said the dirty triangle that the windshield wipers
don’t get too that’s the shark’s fin the part of the windshield that the wipers
clean that’s a whale the wipers are the dolphin and when you turn them on
they’re jumpin the reason I told you that story I was looking at a dirty windshield he
was looking into the windshield I saw a dirty window he saw SeaWorld and
here’s my premise it’s about perspective repeat after me what I see is up to me Elisha was a seer and when he saw
something he spoke and he spoke something and he saw something and the
needs of the people materialized because of Elisha’s ability to see and to speak
there is a connection between your vision and your victory your perspective
is connected to your provision but my mind plays these tricks on me I I only
see the dirty windshield here’s the thing that my mind is always noticing
I’m always noticing and asking myself the question and I have the ability to
work in any situation to walk in and I automatically notice what I’m missing
that’s what my brain tends to think when I walk into a situation and I want you
to pray for me because this is a terrible question just to walk into do
you all have that question because I want it on the screen my brain is constantly
asking the question walking into any situation flow with me what am I missing?
what am I missing? I’m really good at weeping over what
isn’t there or worrying over what isn’t there my brain is trained to do it it’s
almost as if I I feel like somewhere along in my life I took a class on how
to walk into any situation and notice what I’m missing what I don’t have what
I can’t do what I can’t control now I’ll give myself a little credit because some
people don’t even notice the need they just walk by it it amazes me sometimes
what my children will not even see that needs to be done it’s not that they
didn’t do it it’s that they didn’t even see that it needed to be done one of my
children asked Holly the other day you mean I have to take a bath every day he doesn’t see the need because he
doesn’t smell the the stench you know you can get to a place in your life
where you’ve been in a situation and condition so long that everybody else
smells it but you I mean you can get to the place where
you don’t even see the need I remember a few years ago I took a whole group of
staff members and the trash cans in the office were just overflowing not kind of
full overflowing and I walked a group of staff around and I said answer me a
question did you not take these this trash out because you didn’t you didn’t
want to take it out or did you not notice and you know what honest to God
they didn’t even notice the need or at least that’s what they told me and some
people don’t even notice worse yet sometimes we don’t see the
need because all we see is the symptom can I preach a little bit in your body
this is called referred pain it’s when you have something wrong in your chest
but you feel it in your neck so you’re trying to fix it in a place that it is
not coming from and when David said the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want he
is also implying that God is the only one who knows what I really need what I
really need when I pray give me this day my daily bread as Jesus taught his
disciples to pray I no longer pray God give me what I think I need but give me
what you know I need God is the only one who has been in my tomorrow so He’s the
only one who knows what I’m gonna need when I get there and if He knows I need
to fight a lion so I’ll be ready for Goliath I want to fight the lion I don’t
want Him to prevent the fight I want Him to provide the faith so that I will cuz if I don’t fight Goliath I can’t get
his sword and if I don’t get his sword it won’t be in storage when I need it
God knows what I need He is my source somebody shout God is my source tell it
to the person sitting next to you you’re not my source my job is not my source my
boss is not my source see there are some things in life that that are nice to
have but I don’t really need them to survive I love when Holly says this to
me and Valentine’s Day is coming up so maybe she’ll say this to me on Tuesday
she’ll say I appreciate everything you’ve given me because I try to take
care of her I really do and always to the best of my ability sometimes that
meant water and we eat chips at the Mexican and share a speedy gonzales but
sometimes that meant I could take her to Morton’s but whether it was Mexican or
Morton’s it didn’t matter I was always giving her what I could but every once in
a while she’ll tell me she’ll tell me something like this it’s not the things
that you gave me and and I think she means it it’s not the things cuz she was
there with me when there weren’t any things it’s not the things she loved me
in Juniper Terrace apartment C15 she loved me in the duplex I don’t love you
for the Denali I love you in the duplex it’s not what you gave me our love is
not contingent upon a material possession and I wonder have I come to that place
in my relationship with God that I really believe that if he didn’t give it
I don’t need it my brain tells me differently my brain tells me even while
I’m preaching this sermon that I am not intelligent enough articulate enough
when I go to tell my little jokes I’m not comical enough cuz my brain
picks out the people who look hateful in the crowd every time I don’t know how I
find y’all but I find you somehow and my brain will pick out what’s missing there
could be a thousand people standing up preach Pastor but my little brain you too I mean I can walk in a situation
and find what’s wrong in a minute notice who wasn’t nice to me in a minute always notice what I’m missing always
notice what I lack always notice what I’ve lost
but if I only notice what I lack and what I’ve lost I won’t use what I have
left and what God wants to do through my life next is not contingent upon what
I lack or what I’ve lost come on you better help me breach get a
bow get some arrows punch your neighbor in the arm and say what you have is what
you need what you have is what you need what you have is what you need what you
have is what you need what you have is what you need God should have made me
taller I didn’t choose to be 5 foot nine 5 foot 9 is all I need
that’s all I need I don’t need any extra inches praise the Lord one time I called a guy to thank him for
contributing to the church and he said I appreciate your call it’s nice but I
want you to know it’s not needed and I thought it was needed because he gave a
million dollars to the church I thought if he gave a million dollars you ought
to get a phone call from the head man he said I appreciate it and it’s nice to hear from you but it’s not needed I never forgot what
he said this was years ago and this week I was reminded of one time when Paul he
was in prison right he’s writing to the church at Philippi who just contributed
toward his legal defense and so Paul writes to them to thank them and express
his gratitude he says hey I got your gift and I was happy for it
in fact I rejoiced greatly this is Philippians 4 verse 10 that you renewed
your concern for me at last it took a while but I know that you were concerned
but had no opportunity to show it now that’s important too because Paul’s
problem created their opportunity sometimes we miss God’s provision
because it is disguised as a problem and we don’t receive the provision because
it’s wrapped in a package that looks like a problem and we keep sending back the gift that
God is trying to bestow upon us because it doesn’t feel good sometimes God will
send correction into your life to make you better you’ve been praying for God
to make you better but he didn’t do it through somebody telling you how good
you are he sent somebody to correct you but you don’t like the way correction
feels so rather than receive the correction which is a gift to take you
where God is calling you to you get offended and quit and God’s provision
comes wrapped in strange packages and so for Paul he’s in prison and God provides
for him through the church and he’s writing back to them and he said thank
you for the gift I received it I was happy about it and I appreciate it but
watch what he says in the next verse he said I’m not saying this because I’m in
need for I have learned this is something that you are not born with you
don’t know what you need I mean you are born just screaming you don’t know what
you need you just you just know that you you need to eat you don’t understand the
process but life is the process of God teaching you that He is the one who
feeds you sometimes He’ll do it over here sometimes He’ll do it over there
sometimes He’ll do it through nobody at all sometimes He’ll do it when you’re
all alone but when God is your source you will never lack supply therefore do
not worry about tomorrow saying what shall we eat or what shall we drink or
what shall we wear for your Father knows you need these things
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100 thoughts on “Stop Worrying About What You Don’t Have | Pastor Steven Furtick”

  1. Wow sounds like me…walking into a room and identifying my own short comings instead of using what God has given me to do His will. I needed this thanks for the transparency of your own life as an example.

  2. I'm a survivor of daily organized stalking and assault. God HAS given me what I need in this season. Stay prayed up. Trust God.. The end times are playing out and Narcissistic people are everywhere around us, lovers of self, greed, haters of God, inhumane. Thank God for HIS people

  3. Thank you so much! Your encouraging and inspirational words help me through my day in Jesus name! πŸ˜…πŸ™

  4. A frustrating message when God allowed you to become homeless in 2018 and you're now facing another eviction because God closed every door and wouldn't allow other doors to open.

  5. πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ™πŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½βœοΈπŸ’Ÿwhat a mighty word, Oh my Lord ❀️

  6. I swear this topic has crossed my mind as of lately. I have to constantly tell myself to βœ‹ worrying about what I don't have, God has already provided me with all that I need to survive and for that I'm GRATEFUL! Ty for this sermon Pastor.

  7. God will give me what I need after this divorce I didn't want. I have all I need. I will get through this with God's plan. Praying for strength. Greatful for the blessings I have. Keep these videos coming its helping me everyday.

  8. For almost a month now, I’ve been looking for a part time just but for some reason I have not been giving a call back after an interview. I’m always thinking what am I doing wrong? And listening to this message has really helped me understand and have a better perspective of things. I am asking for the wrong things. God knows what he want for me and he will provide, I just have to trust him. He will take care of me like he has always done. There’s no need to stress at all.
    #God is my source.


  10. Sometimes we miss God's provision because it comes packaged looking like a problem……. When God is your source you will never lack πŸ™ 😎
    GOD bless you Pastor always streaming and watching all your videos from Nairobi Kenya πŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ

  11. Is everyone just going to forget the guy who gave in a gift of $1million. And said "thank u for the call but its no needed" his humble ness and integrity will make his days prosperous. I can only image the way God will embrace him

  12. All I need, all I really need. The Only God in my tomorrow.

    Provide the Faith!

    God is my Source, He knows what I need.

    He's got what I need.

  13. The title is easy for this huckster to say, he has fleeced people through manipulation of God's word and name for so long now he must be filthy rich. Another antichrist speaking a different gospel

  14. So easy for a pastor who has everything and lives a cushy life to say. I see so many who live for decades under the weight of wondering where their provision will come from. It honestly leaves one wondering why God helps some but not others. Just being real. 😒

  15. Thanks for this message. I read all the comments and I resonate with how everyone who's shared a personal story feels. I often ask myself what I'm missing. Here's to getting there one day, guys. Peace and love to all.

  16. I'd love to see Pastor Steven do a different type of sermon. About how to connect with God by studying the bible and how to spark the holy spirit in you. That feeling that makes you get goose bumps and tear up, or ugly cry. How to feel God's presence and how to study the bible when you leave church. How to get our own messages from the word of God without even the help of our church notes. That message from the notes is a piggy back of what god spoke to them through the message God gave to the preacher. How can we hear our own message from the word and from worshiping in the shower, or cooking dinner, or how can we recognize a response to a prayer. How to we remember to be vigilant in recognizing when he is speaking to us even without using another person. Because he can talk to us when we are awake at 3am alone. It isn't always through other people that we receive his message. Which Pastor touches on some times but more in depth would be amazing. How to direct your own study for those who just need a little direction on where to start. The bible is an overwhelming piece of literature and trying to start reading it is discouraging enough if you dont have a good idea of the structure. And then the language is another obstacle to get over. And what translation to read is another. A matured point of view on the basics of these things would be refreshing. He is all around us, in other people, and in ourselves. How would he explain, I wonder, all these things and tie them together for a powerful message. I would enjoy hearing his teachings on these matters. I guess how to develop your spiritual relationship with God if you believe in him but never really did much about it because you just didnt know where to start. (This is not my struggle, I just feel like I see these struggles a lot and would love a birds eye view to help conduct my own further studies as to do my own work in serving God)

  17. Thank you for this message this morning! It hit home with me. Brought tears to my eyes. Made me realize, Once Again, not to worry; God will take care of all my needs!!

  18. I would like to ask for prayers this morning for some health issues I’ve been dealing with for quite some time. I’m struggling with them right now but I know, in the end, God is going to take care of me. Thanks for your prayers! πŸ™πŸ™β™₯️β™₯️


  20. Praise God! Thanks for sharing.. To God be the glory. It motivates and inspires me a lot!! Love it.. what i see its up to me!!

  21. Pastor pls leave Ben always he's not understand always you taking he's taking yes yes I'm understanding aftr go corner he's forget all I swear I'm reding up dawn abcd upp to z that's he's punishment I'm play a mouth πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘… he's thinking I'm bad

  22. I truly love that God is my source and i have what i need. Thanks respected Pastor for the inspiring message and the wisdom you share.

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  24. It's true love for forse its not coming and aftr trust and believe that's love block it's not my number always was my heart and I'm cry to fill my heart πŸ”₯ forever I'm not sure respect πŸ’”πŸ˜’πŸ‘…πŸ˜­

  25. After forget I'm die now for yeah I'm not back to you sure you're mistaken always you not look πŸ’”πŸ˜’πŸ‘…πŸ˜­and your problem always will push and push on my life and I'm not look back you think I'm taking jokie it's true and I'm looking Ben son he's get woman thank you

  26. God bless you Mr. Steven Furtrick.. Indeed God uses you to bring hope into people's lives. I am from county 001 Mombasa, Kenya and I love your sermons cause they are from the heart and from the Source. See you soon I don't know how but I believe in God to provide the opportunity for us to meet and continue bringing hope and light to Humanity. God bless the work of your hands, family and the Elevation Church as a whole. God bless us all.

  27. Living as a true christian means you denie yourself. Your dead inside because your body utilized as the temple of christ. To be real, it really sucks. After reading Leviticus I felt frustrated and angry. But i realized prayer moves the center of heart. The more i delve into faith, the more it hits my heart faith is a really lonely battle.

  28. Matius 6:31-33 (TB) Sebab itu janganlah kamu kuatir dan berkata: Apakah yang akan kami makan? Apakah yang akan kami minum? Apakah yang akan kami pakai?
    Semua itu dicari bangsa-bangsa yang tidak mengenal Allah. Akan tetapi Bapamu yang di sorga tahu, bahwa kamu memerlukan semuanya itu.
    Tetapi carilah dahulu Kerajaan Allah dan kebenarannya, maka semuanya itu akan ditambahkan kepadamu.

  29. I’m a Muslim, just wanted to say hello to my Christian friends and brothers. We’re more alike than some of you might think, God bless you all. ❀️🌹

  30. Amen to this. Never be afraid for He is always with us 😍 Follow me guys for more encouragements. 😍 Soon to upload with subtitles. God bless πŸ₯°

  31. Did Tony Robbins sneak into Steven’s channel. This is not sermon, it’s pep talk, self help nonsense. Guys, he does not point people to Jesus and the cross. He is popular because he does not preach the gospel, it’s so sad.

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