Step Up – American University

We never think that terrible things will happen
to us. Transporting one to Sibley Hospital for alcohol
poisoning. Or to the people we know. The truth is… many students face issues, including alcohol abuse, dating violence, hazing, sexual assault, and mental health emergencies. Many times we have the opportunity to prevent
it… but we just don’t notice… until it’s too late. But what if you could Step Up to make a difference? Will you Step Up? First, notice that something is happening. Know what’s going on around you. Second, recognize that something is wrong. If something doesn’t seem right, it probably
isn’t. Third, take personal responsibility. If not you, then who? Fourth, know how you can help. There are lots of ways that you can intervene. Finally, Step Up to help using one of the
three Ds… Direct, Delegate, or Distract. You could be the difference. All night baby! Who’s next? Come on! You can be direct if something doesn’t seem
right. Hey, I think you’ve had enough. Let’s take
a break and get you some water. (Arguing in background) Hey man, I don’t think you should be yelling
at her like that. Maybe you should take a walk. Are you alright? Hey Jonathan, are you coming out tonight? No… I don’t feel like doing anything, or seeing anyone. Oh okay. I hope you feel better. I’ll see
you later. If you don’t feel comfortable or you don’t
know what to do, you can delegate, ask someone else to get involved. Hey, can I talk to you? I’m really worried
about Jonathan. You want to get out of here? My dorm room
is nearby. It’s as easy as causing a distraction… My roommate is really drunk, could you distract
him while I get her out of here? Yeah absolutely. Hey buddy, aren’t you in my ECON class? Your ECON class? Hey, you look tired. You wanna go back to
the room? You can be the difference. Be more than just a bystander. It’s what we do here at American University. Keep in mind your safety and the well-being of others when assessing a situation and deciding what actions to take. You have options. If you do not feel safe directly intervening, you can cause a distraction or you can delegate and get someone else involved.

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