Starbucks In The Church, Not Outside: Neo Christos Church Service

The Neo Christos Sunday Service. The topic for today is very interesting, :Starbucks
in the Church, not outside the Church.” I thought about it because of the popularity
of Starbucks, the topic. People hang out: young and old people go there. Mostly when I go there I see the teenagers
and the middle-aged people there. Why Starbucks? And why not the Church? You know, because the Church is boring. That’s why we keep it open only for limited
hours on Sunday, you know. And Benny Hinn was talking to the ministers
and then he was telling, he was asking the ministers and pastors: “Do you read the
Bible every day? Have you read the whole Bible?” Many people haven’t. You know — that is the reality. Why Bible is so uninteresting? and Starbucks
is interesting? Starbucks stimulates the brain. It makes you, you know, feel happy, but it
is all a temporary thing. And after that, you have to go back to caffeine. But if you understand “The Word,” The
word for Bible is the most powerful expression. The Bible is called “The Word.” Why it is called The Word? Because God created everything with The Word. And you can create that too, because you are
made in the Image of God. So instead of “Blah-blah-ing” all the
time, on the phone and in person, understand the power of your speech. The power of your speech can create. You can speak and make things to happen. And this was the gift that God gave to Abraham. When Abraham wanted to sacrifice a goat, then
he could just speak and then create a goat. You know, I have done some videos a long time
ago, not too long ago, on the power of Yogic and Jewish and Yogic Power Sounds where I
talk about the Abracadabra, and then how these sounds are very powerful in relation to the
Kabbalah Tradition. Now, I don’t want to go there. Today’s topic is ‘Starbucks in the Church.’ So, if I had the money, I would put a Starbucks
right there in the Church. And then [I’d] kind of introduce and then
pull the young and middle-aged crowd to the Church because Starbucks is in the Church. And then [I’d] teach them the True Teachings
of Jesus. One thing that I am attracted to, one reason
why I am attracted to Jesus is that he said, “I am going. I am done with this world because I haven’t
been able to do what I wanted to do.” And what did he want to do? He wanted to bring Heaven to the Earth Plane. And that is the most important thing. Not giving bread. Bring us Heaven to this Earth plane as it
is in Heaven. And he was not able to do that because nobody
listened to him. So, you can bring that now. Whatever he said is still valid provided that
you understand it in the right sense that he used. So, that’s why in the last week’s sermon,
I said, “Blessed” is a wrong translation. “Blessed be ye poor?” It should not be like that. It should be “Wealthy be ye poor.” That is a blessings. And I said that is a mantra. Keep on repeating it because it is just not
ordinary human words. It’s the words of God. So when you, (This is the philosophy behind
the mantras.) If you repeat the mantras over and over again
because they are God’s words, they will manifest. And somebody said, “No. It’s an affirmation.” No! Don’t say it’s an affirmation! When you say, “Wealthy be you poor” — it’s
not an affirmation. It’s The Word — The Word of God is different
from affirmation. Affirmation belongs to the human beings. But, you know, God has to say only one thing. God has to say, “Let there be Light.” And Light will be there. And you have to understand the power of words. Okay. And if you can understand the power or analyze
the power in the words, you can go Phoneme by Phoneme, syllables by syllables. You know, I have created a science out of
it. It’s called the Science of Phonemic Intelligence. You know, and we have fabulous results for
people who are using Phonemic Intelligence. Now to come back to Jesus for this week. He said, “Ask, Thy Shall Be Given.” All that you have to do is to ask. What does that mean? Use your power of asking. There is a power in asking. You don’t even want to ask for help from
other people. I’ve seen people who have been with me forever. They don’t even want to ask the other person
because, “I don’t know what she would think about me. Why do I have to go and ask her?” They don’t see the Divinity of asking. But don’t, you know, misunderstand this
concept. There are a lot of people who go and ask. They are beggars. I’m not talking about them. You know, but I am talking about people who
are responsible. Then you ask that person for help. And you will see a Miracle happening. You don’t even ask. You don’t even want to talk. “Ask. Thy Shall Be Given,” because ‘Ask’ uses
the power of sounds. Even if nobody is there, just close your room
and then ask God. It is one thing to silently pray; it is one
thing to pray with the Bible. It is another thing that you pray with the
Spirit. That is what we are actually doing in the
session following this, the Holy Spirit. Why do you ask In the Spirit and not from
your own Mind? The Mind will confuse you. The Mind prayer will never reach God because
it’s ego-centric; it’s confused; it is based on doubt. So what you have to do, what you are actually
doing in the Holy Spirit exercise, you confuse the Mind with gibberish in an unknown language
to use the Bible’s terminology. Then you, what happens, when you confuse the
Mind, the Mind will stay only in logic. When the logic is not there, the Mind will
give up. Then after you have prayed with the gibberish,
then you ask God to interpret. So what I’m going to do, the Holy Spirit
and how to use the Holy Spirit is a very interesting and complex topic. I’m going to put a lot of meat into the
explanation part of how the Holy Spirit works. So in order to, I encourage people to write
on Blogs in the Neo Christos, and I am personally going to put my own stuff about the Holy Spirit
in the Neo Christos Landing Page. So, what I ask you to do is that, because
I have to ask you too, that the reason why there are a hundred people or so in the Landing
Page of the Neo Christos is — I have not asked! That’s applicable to me also. I am asking you now! Go and sign the Neo Christos Landing Page
so that you will be given the most precious, secretive information of the Holy Spirit. It took a long time, long, long time for us
to understand the Holy Spirit. Thanks to the Evangelical movement, some people
have brought the Holy Spirit, you know, by showing the Miracles. What’s the Holy Spirit going to do? It’s going to do the Miracles. “Ask, Thy Shall Be Given.” Okay. It is the power of speech that is going to
give you everything. You have to ask. This — you can use it in a secular mundane
concept, as a day-to-day life, as well as in a prayerful context. Go to the church and ask. Go to the church and sit and keep asking. You know, you cannot shout there, you can
at least, you know, vocalize: “I want a car.” You know. “I want money to go to school.” “I want to go to the hospital. I don’t have the money. Please give me money.” “You are my Father.” Ask! He is Real. You are not cheating yourself. Just — I want to ask you one thing. Have you ever asked God and then have done
it from out of your heart? That’s one thing. Second thing. How many times have you asked? Oral Roberts used to say, he used to speak
in tongue which is calling the Holy Spirit, at least 35 times a day, 35 times a day! Okay. That’s more than once-an-hour. So that’s how you have to do. You have to keep on asking. That’s why I thought that it would be good
that if the Starbucks is in the church, and then some wealthy people, I’m saying this
— some wealthy people may get inspired and just put one Starbucks in the church. But make sure the Starbucks is not far away
from the church. Then they will go to the Starbucks, not to
the church, but it should be inside the church. And then the priests should participate in
giving the True Teachings of Jesus. “Ask. Thy Shall be Given.” So while they are drinking their coffee, ‘So
what do I need to ask?’ “I need to ask money for my school.” “I need to ask money for my new jacket.” Or “I need to ask money for my new shoes.” Or “I need to ask money for my vacation.” You can ask for anything! You know that you cannot do it on your own. You know, this is not only Jesus’s saying. It is in the Old Testament too. If you ask, God said that, “I will give
you the end of the Earth as your inheritance.” “And I will give you the heathens as your
slaves.” We don’t want to pray that; that’s not
relevant. It is the contemporary Age — we don’t
want slaves. So you can at least take part of this Old
Testament. I will pray, “I will give you the end of
the Earth as your inheritance.” Why? “Because you have called on me.” “You are calling me and I have to respond
to that.” This to me, it is real. And if you practice, you will see that it
is real. And the second element is the Holy Spirit. See, Jesus was very human. He said, he said many times over and over
again, “You don’t believe me.” One day somebody asked, “You are doing so
many things for us.” “What do you want from us?”[Jesus replied,]“Believe
me.” Did they believe? No! Even today, it is very difficult to believe
in God. If per se,’ whether you belong to Buddhism
or Hinduism or Shintoism or any ‘ism.’ You know, all the “isms.” It is very difficult to pray to God because
we know He’s not there. We are convinced. So we want to handle everything by ourselves. And we have been doing that. Have we succeeded? No. At least give God a chance. Experiment. Experiment this from now. At least for now, the reason why I am saying
this is — I know you will go to Starbucks. And then ,whenever you order a cup of coffee
there, you will remember what I have said. That is the least that can happen. Then you will remember, “Oh My God — What
is the list I have to ask God for?” Or if you are a very charity oriented person,
ask, “Give me the money so that I can give it to the poor people.” That’s good too. You can ask anything! He will not deny. He will give everything that you ask provided
you are asking from the heart, and that it is good for you. But he will never let you down. It is not God’s intention to make you poor. It is God’s intention to make you rich. And that’s what it is. Believe that the sin was removed, was removed
by the blood of Jesus. That is literally true. It’s scientifically true too. Because the blood is for Atonement. You atone for your sins through the Blood. That is the Old Testament too. But there the Atonement was done with the
blood of animals. And Jesus thought that, “That’s not going
to work. The animal blood is not as good as the blood
of the Son of God.” And then he tried that. And then that is very, very powerful happenings
in the history of humanity. He came. He’s such, he’s such pure Love. Jesus is pure Love. I have called on him and saved people’s
lives. I used to call on everyone. And in this particular case, nobody came to
help but he. But in other cases there are so many times
that other people came too. I’m not putting down any God. All Gods are the same. They are representation of the same divine
Energy. But I have to talk to you about my own personal
experience with Jesus. At one time this happened. And I’m sharing with you. So, “Ask. Thy Shall Be Given.” When you go to Starbucks, when you are entering
the Starbucks, I pray that you will remember. You’ll remember, What will you remember? You’ll remember to ‘Ask.’ And also remember that by using your speech
energy, you are going to create, because the speech energy is very powerful energy. That’s why God spoke to create. “Let there be Light.” And the Light was there. So you can say, “Let there be money.” And money will be there if you understand
the dynamics of it. How speech creates is a science. It’s a higher science. And I’m going to put all of that information
on the Neo Christos landing Page. You know, if you go, and then right now, go. I’m not asking you to right now go and you
know, pledge some money for my organization. I am not going to do that. I will never do that. But I’m not asking you to pledge. I’m asking you to go and gain Knowledge,
and this Knowledge is free, will be free also. So, I am very thankful to God that he used
me as a tool to deliver this to you, particularly for people who have been suffering. You know, I gave the statistics of the people
who go to the church and are suffering — 40%. That’s not acceptable. You cannot go to the church and still be suffering. That’s contradictory to what God wants,
to God’s intention. God’s intention is, “You come to me. And how can I deny you? I am the Father.” How can a Father ignore and say No to his
own children? He will never. But then you have to do your prayer. You have to do your prayers. What is the prayer for? Praise him first. Praise the Lord for giving your life, so that
you are able to walk, and then, so that you have food to eat, but then you add, “God,
thank you for all of the things you have given me, but I want this.” Ask, Thy Shall Be Given. I’ll see you next week. God Bless.

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  1. In this Neo-Christos Church Service LiveCast, Dr. Pillai talks about the power of asking, asking the Holy Spirit and how to use it.

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    "Wealthy be ye poor. That is the blessings. That is a mantra. Keep repeating it. That is the Words of God." "All you have to do is Ask and thy shall be Given." Go to the church and ask. ~ Dr. Pillai

    "You have to ask."

    ".. The Kingdom is within you and outside you." ~ Dr. Pillai
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  2. hi Dr.pillai sir I have watched many of your videos and I believe our earth is balancing with positive and negative energy. we can create power while speaking. Thank you sir for this informations about chiristanity.

  3. Yes, ask and it will be given! I have done this the past two months and God came through for me, Praise God, Yahweh, the Alpha and Omega. Dr. Pillai, I believe the Word of God says that it was God's plan from the beginning that Jesus be crucified and resurrected after 3 days so to give us all everlasting life who believe Jesus is the one and only Christ.

  4. Thank you Dr. pillai sir. I think i can understand better now. Thank you very much sir. God bless you

  5. Obrigado Dr.Pillai eu acompanho os Neo-Christos ,quero seguir as orientações e conseguir uma nova vida de abundancia ,respeito e felicidade. Eu peço luz, sabedoria, paz e saúde namastê. Siri Baba , Babaji namastê meu Guru . Eu peço conhecimento sempre amém . Maravilhoso , me senti tocada por tanta manifestação divina .

  6. This is a very important, RELEVANT message for the “down troten masses” = ME! Thank you firstly,
    Heavenly Father and, Dr.Pillai.

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