Spring Hill | Steve

My life kinda started very chaotic. I’ve seen so much of the
evil that comes out of people that it made me not wanna talk to them, it made me not wanna make friends. And that’s kinda why we
decided to move to Tennessee was ’cause we fell in
love with the people here. I didn’t never denounce Jesus or God, I just didn’t know if it was correct. I wasn’t involved with the church at all, I would go on special occasion. One of my biggest fears was
that he would be taken away from us and then I would be
left not knowing where he stood. I’d gotten off of work
and I was on my way home and my truck had stalled out on me. Where I was there was no median, there was really no
place for me to pull off, and I called a tow
company, called my wife, she had came out, was
gonna be about an hour and a half before the tow
truck could get there. Finally got my truck loaded up
on the back of the tow truck, And that was the last thing I remember. I turned around and I heard a hit. I heard the tow truck
driver yell something to me, he said, “I need you to call 911!” I came around the corner,
that’s when I saw Steve, I immediately ran to his side and I was in complete shock, tried to call 911, I couldn’t talk, I had to hand my phone off. The police showed up and
put a tourniquet on his arm, the next thing I know, a woman
walks up and grabs my hand, and she said, “Are you
okay, do we need to pray?” And I said we need to pray for
him, we need to pray for him! We prayed over him and
we prayed over him hard and he did look at me before he got into the ambulance and said he loved me. When this incident happened,
it was kind of insane. I feel it’s so cliche, but, I saw the light. I just had this free feeling and I just was going
towards the headlights. It was just the feeling of not
having a worry in the world. Of just everything was
how it was supposed to be. Peace and love just came over me and it was just an overwhelming
sensation of we’re loved. A couple days later, we had
realized that I had flatlined in the ambulance, and
that’s when it struck me those weren’t the headlights that I saw, that was the light of heaven. I guess he wasn’t ready for me. He knew that I had to still be here. I lost my father when I was
young and I have three kids. The scariest part of the whole thing for me was leaving my kids behind and not being there for them. I remember letting go of everything that I had that was kinda
negative inside of me. One of my prayers was
always for him to find God and I said our pastor’s gonna come by, he wants to pray with you. Seeing Derek there just kinda gave me somebody to open up to, he just let me know how welcome
I was, how God loved me. We sat there together, all three of us, and held hands and outside
of the birth of my children, it was probably the most
beautiful thing I’ve witnessed. I have no permanent paralysis, that I have no permanent brain damage. I know I can give thanks in my prayer, but I really just felt like I had to be in the house of the Lord
to really give thanks and give praise to Him and
just kinda meet my new family. Now he walks into church
with me, sits down, and it’s something that
I really have longed for. I don’t know what lies ahead of us, but I feel like God is
definitely gonna use us together. I believe it was God’s
message just saying, “It’s time to wake up,
you gotta life to live.”

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