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I texted my friend the other day I said
I want you to make this confession over your life for 30 days I want you to look
at everything that seems stupid that you’re doing right now that feels like
because I know moms feel like this I know you do I know that
employees and jobs that you don’t really like feel like this
I know couples trying to get out of debt feel like this I know people that are
believing God to bless them in a bigger way and you know you’re in a small space
I know you feel this way I want you to make this confession over your life I
said I want you to say this is significant this is significant this is
significant running a vacuum cleaner this is significant changing a diaper
this is significant coming home just being a good husband this is significant
this is significant the devil won’t like it when you say that because the way he
gets you to leave your assignment is to convince you that it doesn’t matter what
you’re working on it’s so small it’s so small this is significant and don’t wait
to say that until it seems significant because that takes no faith this is
significant this this this not just that this is significant have you ever wanted
a new car and you picked out the kind of car you wanted and the next thing you
knew you started seeing that car everywhere you went what happened they
just flooded the market with that car all of the sudden google has an
algorithm in your brain and so they put the cars in front of you perhaps we’re
probably coming to that day but it wasn’t Amazon maybe it was your attention you
started seeing it when you started searching for it you
want a life that matters make it matter make it matter make it matter this is
significant it’s a cloud the size of a man’s hand and Elijah said let’s
go that’s what we’ve been waiting for it sucks but it’s a start it’s small but
it’s a start I barely see it but it’s a start we’ve
got a long way to go because we got in this famine three and a half years ago
and it’s not gonna be over overnight but it’s a start it’s a start and my start is
significant can I show you one more thing can I if you need to leave go
ahead and leave but I’m gonna take ten minutes with everybody who wants to hear
because if the enemy cannot get you to stay listen he wants and I don’t
know if you believe in the devil but your brain let’s approach it from
a psychological perspective if you don’t believe in the devil you don’t have kids
but just in case you don’t have kids and don’t believe in the devil your brain is
wired for survival okay so when you’re living in your head all you’re thinking
about is survival what had Elijah been doing for three and a half years before
the drought was over survival which in that three and a half year span was
success because sometimes just making it is what matters
just making it is what matters I mean just still being in faith is victory
sometimes but when the shift happens I wonder will you be ready for the rain
you’ve been praying for because your brain if you stay inside your brain your
reflex will always be to run what has Elijah been doing for the last three and
a half years what come on talk to me church what’s he been doing he’s been
running surviving and running and surviving and running
and surviving so when the rain comes he runs and for a little while he’s running
ahead of the rain he’s running in front of the chariot cuz
he’s ready for his next assignment he’s ready to serve Ahab now he believes
revival has come to the nation the Baal prophets have been destroyed the Asherah
prophets are all laying at their own altars dead in their own blood and now
revival can come and so he runs 17 miles on the fuel of his faith on the fuel of
the promise of God coming to pass in his life he runs ahead of the chariot he
runs ahead of the rain and then something happens because if the enemy
can’t kill you in the invisibility stage or the insignificant stage the only
thing left for him to do to keep you from receiving what God is pouring out
in your life is intimidation he can’t keep God from making it rain but maybe
he can keep you from receiving it if he can get you running see because I’m a
runner I’m a refugee and I’m a rainmaker but now I’m a refugee
watch what happens watch what happens when Elijah
should be celebrating the storm i’ll come back to that another week celebrate
your storm celebrate your storm we always preach about storms like it’s
something we want to get out of what if the storm that God sent into your life
was to prove his presence celebrate your storm celebrate your storm celebrate
your storm celebrate the storms you survived and celebrate the storms when
they come because you know God is with you in the storm he is an ever-present
help in the time of trouble and when the storm came and Ahab went down and told
Jezebel what Elijah had done she knew that her days were numbered so she sends
a messenger to Elijah and what happens next is gonna shock you because you just
watched the faith of a rain maker but now you’re gonna see the fear of a
renegade a runaway a refugee and the messengers come to Elijah come on let’s
play this out and they say Jezebel says she’s gonna kill you
what we are expecting take the scripture off the screen what we are expecting next is for
Elijah to tell Jezebel where she can go with that noise and what she can do with
her threats come on wouldn’t you wish Jezebel would try to kill me so what comes next is shocking against the
backdrop of the boldness of a prophet who put his head between his knees and
waited for rain who survived three and a half years of drought who was fed by the
mouths of birds and at the house of a widow and now the rain has come and now
the drought is over and now verse three Elijah was afraid
never thought I’d see those three words never thought he would I mean I would
have understood if he ran while the drought was still in progress but it’s
raining now it’s raining and Elijah the one who survived three and a half years
of drought is running the Bible says he’s running for his life I don’t buy it
I’m sorry I don’t buy it I don’t believe Elijah that you’re
afraid that Jezebel can kill you because if she could have killed you she
wouldn’t have sent messengers to warn you if she could kill you she would send
her Baalists to arrest you but she knows she can’t kill you so she’s trying to
contain you don’t you know the devil found out a long time ago that he can’t
curse what God has blessed don’t you know if the devil could have killed you
by now he would have killed you by now if he could have kept it from raining he
would have kept it from raining if he could have taken you out you’d be out but since he couldn’t kill you he tries
to contain you so he intimidates you and now Elijah is running please catch
this he is running from the same rain that he prayed for some of us are better
at surviving in famine than we are at living in blessing what I mean is
what I mean is when the rain started the one who ran ahead of the rain started
running away from the rain so the message God gave me for somebody
today you know who you are is that you are running from the rain you are
running from the blessing of God you are running from something that has already
defeated you are running from shame that the cross of Jesus Christ has already
taken away you are running from a power of sin that has already been broken you
are running from situations that God has already worked out you are running from
an outcome that you don’t have to fear guess what God’s gonna deal with
Jezebel head back in the right direction and run toward the rain it’s
raining now the drought is over come out of the drought it’s raining now it’s raining why would you run from the
rain why would you run from the blessing of God see when you run from the
resistance you run from the rain when you run from the battle you run from the
blessings when you run from the problem you run from the promise when you run
from the problem you run from the harvest what are you running from you
really believe that Jezebel can kill you after all you’ve already survived
you really think Jezebel has the power in her mouth to stop what God is doing
in your life no somebody shout I’m coming out of the drought I’m coming out of the
drought I’ve been dry too long defeated too long depressed too long discouraged
too long it’s a new season in my life hey thank you for watching make sure you
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  7. I needed this so much. Struggling with anxiety, depression a lot esepcially this past week. Having uncontrollable thoughts. Thank you Lord for giving pastor Steven Furtick the wisdom to share your message in a way that is meaningful to us.

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