Southern Baptist Pastor embraces gay son. Congregation reacts in a surprising way.

A Southern Baptist pastor did
something remarkable earlier this year. Danny Cortez,
a pastor from California, told his congregation that he no longer
agreed with the church’s views on homosexuality. He no longer thought
it was a sin to be gay. And he actually made this announcement to his
congregation a couple days after his own son publicly came out
as gay. So, this wasn’t just a matter of, you know,
theology for him. This was personal. And the reaction to his announcement
was probably what you might expect. The church decided that
they would have to take a vote to see whether or not Pastor
Cortez could keep his job. The amazing thing is
that the church voted to protect him. They voted to allow
Pastor Cortez to keep his job and they decided that they would
now become an LGBT affirming church. The church is actually
now called a Third Way church, meaning, basically, they agree to disagree
on “controversial” issues like gay marriage. This couldn’t have come at a better time either,
because the Southern Baptist Convention actually had their annual
gathering this past weekend. And the president of the Southern Baptist
Theological Seminary, Al Mohler, actually denounced Pastor Cortez for what he did.
He said there can’t be such a thing as the Third Way. There’s either
the biblical way or there’s the way that
sends everyone to hell. This is precisely the sort of thinking that
explains why a lot of younger Southern Baptists are actually leaving the church.
They don’t want to be associated with this sort of black and white thinking
on an issue that they don’t find controversial at all. So, yay!
I guess… I guess it’s kind of great that
we have guys like Al Mohler in the leadership of the Southern Baptist Convention,
because he’s just pushing away all the people who might take over in the future. Now, by the way, I’ve heard a lot of criticism
against Pastor Cortez that, you know, it took him having a gay son
for him to realize that it wasn’t a sin to be gay. And that, you know, he should realize that all
gay people and lesbians are somebody’s sons or daughters. And I think
that’s a fair point. But I would say
two things about that: First of all, a lot of times it’s hard for Christians,
evangelical Christians especially, to really support LGBT issues until they know somebody who is
themselves gay or lesbian. So, you know, I don’t begrudge him
the fact that it took him this long for him
to figure this out. And by the way, the timeline
of those critics is often wrong. They say his son came out and then
this pastor supported, you know, LGBT rights. That’s actually not true.
The pastor actually told his son: “I’m changing my views on homosexuality”
and then his son said: “Dad, I’m gay.” So, you know this pastor
came to this idea on his own and it just so happened that his son was gay.
So it, you know, touched home in a totally different way. His own evolution on the concept
of marriage equality it’s really no different than the way a lot of Christians have evolved their
views on the issue, including President Obama. You know, it took the fact that it no longer
was some abstract issue happening to other people. It took them knowing
someone who was gay for them to really solidify
their views on this issue. So let’s not, you know, get mad at people
who we normally call bigots, for finally coming to
the right position on the issue. It’s not important to me, I guess,
which route they took to get there, only that they
eventually got there. But let’s say none of that actually happened. Let’s say
Pastor Cortez only started supporting LGBT issues because of his son. So what? At least, he had the courage
to change his mind. And at least he did something that all of us
would hope he would do. He had the– He had the audacity to stand up
and defend his son even when it may have
cost him his job. I think he did the right thing.
I applaud him for doing it. And I hope other Southern Baptist
pastors and pastors everywhere follow in his footsteps. My name is Hemant Mehta and I write
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100 thoughts on “Southern Baptist Pastor embraces gay son. Congregation reacts in a surprising way.”

  1. oral sex is like drugs to people who claim to be gay. I guess men are acting and behaving more and more like women in these days.

  2. I suppose one could look at this one pastor's acceptance of LGBT as another baby step away from orthodox dogma. They did have to give up burning witches once they decided they didn't really exist. They still have lots of other BS dogma to go however.

  3. That's wonderful of them to make the right choice, but on the other hand, it just shows they cherry pick whatever they want their religion to say. Just goes to show that man makes gods in his own image. Good on them, though.

  4. I have mixed feelings, but in the end, he joined the dark side, so I'll give him a begrudging "welcome to hell".

  5. I want to marry two girls and for one girl to marry two guys. Can I have that? That could be the 'third way' lets all get married to each other.

  6. Rofl, they did it because there's no other option. Gay marriage/acceptance is being spread globally and nobody is going to stop it, they're simply taking sides. They know they're losing the battle on both religion and their bigoted views.

  7. Whenever I get heated in an argument with a religious person Hemant's voice echoes in my head as a voice of reason and understanding and flat out awesomeness. 

  8. Well it sure took him long enough, but I am glad he finally learned how not to be a scumbag. Hopefully more and more will figure it out.

  9. I personally do not wan't to know if some one is gay anymore than I wan't to know what kind of porn people "use" unless I wish to hook up with said woman. As long as they are not molesting children or committing sexual assault I say let them get married and adopt.

  10. Every Christian has a cherry tree because they love picking what they want.

    On another note that is a real father! A religion should not force you to turn on your family. That's a key example of what "acceptance" mean. A lot of Christians seem to forget that bit.

  11. i am a laveyen satanist, but the church that i go to for youth group accepts me for who i am, we will even play metal and rap

  12. Funny how people don't do the right thing until it personally affects them or their own faimlies somehow. They don't do the right thing because it's RIGHT, they do the right thing because their former stance now makes THEIR life uncomfortable.


  13. Being tolerant is not "Remarkable" its should be something expected of any decent person.

    Just a shame,for the most part, Christians are all terrible people.

  14. Does him continuing to love his son and not turning his back to him make him better than the forgiving, compassionate, and loving god of the bible who will cast him for eternal torment and damnation?  I think it does.

  15. How can this possibly be a "good" thing?  This is TERRIBLE news.  So… let me get this straight:

    A Christian church that is devoted to worshiping a genocidal maniac whom CREATED Satan and a Hell that the vast majority of humankind ends up in for eternity… a Christian church that is (by definition) extremely bigoted in so many other ways (which makes the gay issue seem so trivial)… is now welcoming a whole new group of people into their evil brainwashed cult so that they too can become just as bigoted as the rest of the congregation! 

    How is this good news???

    This would be like a KKK group, whose leader has a half black, half white stepson, deciding that they will now allow into their local clan those who are racially mixed, but at least 1/2 white… just as long as they are for the separation of the races (with the NEW rule being that those who are at least 1/2 white will now be considered ALL white).  Oh… and they must love Jesus, of course (after all, the KKK is a very Christian organization).

    Christian churches (and most other churches) are bigot factories that delude the mind into loving things that should be hated and hating things that should be embraced.  Making allowances to keep people in churches, or attract new members… by blurring the lines between right and wrong, good and evil… is NEVER good news!


  16. This Pastor should not be supporting his son for being gay, and he should not support the LGBT, nor should he stop talking about gay marriage in church. If that was my son don't get me wrong I would still love him, but he would not support what he is doing. Because I stand by the what the bible says.

  17. the funny thing is the more accepting these people become, the more hypocritical they become at the same time because of what they claim to follow

  18. This story reminds me of the scene in the film "Heathers", where 2 vicitms, both football star jocks, of Chrisitan Slater's psychotic character were set up to be found in a compromising posiiton, with a note indicating they commitend sucide together rather than live a lie and deny their homosexual love, which was all BS. But the very conservative, fundamentalist Christian father of one of the boys declares, tearfully and to the thunderous applause of those of the faithful gathered at the funeral, "I love my dead gay son", but without the black comedy.

    This is a nice story;  I only wish more conservative (politically, culturally, or religiously) parents would realize that their kids are too important, and life too short, to "disown" or otherwise ruin/lose relationship with their kids, over things like sexual orientation, like this pastor did, before something tragic happened. I'm very happy about the reaction of the congreation.

  19. Thank you for helping me find a way to download The Unbelievers movie on Amazon.  I liked it very much. Keep up the critical thinking and reason.

  20. Now when are the rest of these religious a$$holes going to believe that is not a sin if you were born that way? That is one reason why I want to get the hell out of Texas…

  21. that's the best example of how religion is poisonous bullshit. Some guy decides to be a marginally decent human being and NOT hate homosexuals like a bigoted piece of shit and that's….."REMARKABLE"

  22. A lot of Christians think that since homosexuality is an abomination (same as mixed fabrics and eating shellfish), and since God created us all sinners, it must be a choice.  They wouldn't have those turn-you-straight camps if they didn't think people could simply choose who they were attracted to.  Trying to explain to a Christian that we don't truly have free will is not going to be an easy conversation.

  23. I'm willing to "forgive" these Christians who took DECADES to finally realize that being a bigoted asshole is a bad thing.

    But they need to concede that it wasn't any church that caused this righteous shift. As a matter of fact, almost all churches rallied on the side of bigotry, leading to the torture and suffering of countless gay people.

    I suspect that 100 years from now, Christians will be saying how their church was instrumental in the acceptance of gays.

  24. I am happy for them, but it seems religions are getting so desperate for followers that they're constantly changing things, how is that allowed?

  25. What people don't understand is that these pastors who change their mind have the same dynamic of empathy as everyone else.
    The In-group/Out-group dynamic.
    It's a fact that humans are less empathetic to those they deem the Out-group (such as another country, city, even a stranger) than those they deem the In-group ( such as family members, friend, spouse, one's own country, etc.)

    with this in mind, is it really a surprise?

  26. Dogma is the problem.  Had evangelical Christians kept their beliefs to themselves there wouldn't be a mass exodus of younger evangelicals leaving the church.  In the face of freedom of expression and equality, it is just a matter of time before the teachings we find in the bible are dangerous ideologies that would justify a mother killing her child in the hopes of faith healing, to abandoning her gay child, to blatant discrimination and hate speech.  But of course it is impossible for an evangelical christian to keep to themselves, as it is their mission to evangelize.  Therefore, we are witnessing the demise of the evangelical movement and I couldn't be happier to to finally see the toppling of a giant monster…

  27. Wish I had a dad like this. I told me Christian father than I'm Pansexual and he just responded with "you're wrong."

  28. This is a great story, but I am going to be a dick here and take a slightly negative approach. Yes, the Church will start to accept homosexuality, and will claim that it does not go against the bible at all. We should see this coming from a mile away.

    “Every great scientific truth goes through three phases. First, people deny it. Second, they say it conflicts with the Bible. Third, they say they’ve known it all along.” —Neil Degrasse Tyson

    I heard about it in a JaclynGlenn video where the Church will use anything and everything to say "This totally supports my point…". The church has done this for centuries. Galelio and Copernicus were attacked vigorously by the Christians of the time when the two supported the heliocentric view. Now, if you tell a Christian about the geocentric view in the bible, they will vehemently deny it. Many Christians are now coming around to the Big Bang Theory, saying that the bible supports it, and has 'confirmed it' long before science. It is only a matter of time when they come around to accept Evolution. Although homosexuality is not necessarily a 'science', it can be treated as such. First, church leaders will vehemently oppose it. Second, when they become outnumbered by the gay-rights supporters, the Church will magically change sides and say that Homosexuality is not a sin at all.

  29. I've only seen two videos, but I'm pretty close to hitting that subscribe button. It's nice to hear someone with an Atheist view, not coming off angry in their videos. 🙂

  30. I honestly hope pastor's don't follow in his footsteps. That way pop-culture will walk away from religion and let it crash and burn. Then we can FINALLY move on to spending all of that time and manpower spent praising fictional characters hopefully to science, but at the least praising fictional characters who don't suck.

  31. Hey guys. My name is Wyatt and I just made a two part video of me finally going public about my atheism and why religion is only hurting our world and it's people. You guys helped me finally say my piece, but it's straight from my heart and u would be elated if you watched them and let me know how you felt. I'm sure people do this often, but I have really done my homework. I would love to know what you think. Much love brothers and sisters. Keep fighting the good fight!


  32. If religion didn't come with all the hateful anti-human baggage & the anti-science stuff, would anyone care that they believed in magic?

  33. I am sick and tired of hearing about priest and pastor's who accept gayness only after there nelly son's come out!

  34. The pastor is wrong.  The bible is very clear on homosexuality. Both Paul and the Old Testament taught that homosexuality and sexual immorality were sins.  Personally, I am an atheist and I think the bible is complete bullshit.  I do however know the bible pretty much back to front and it does not leave room for tolerance and acceptance without contradicting itself.

  35. My father, when he was alive, was a minister for the United Church of Canada.  He loved performing weddings, particularly gay weddings which often included fun themes.  Even when the marriage could not be recognized legally he always enjoyed performing them for people who were in love.  There was also one helicopter ride to a naked wedding on a mountain top which he later informed me was surprisingly cold.  

    I grew up in a family where my parents would have been absolutely accepting of either myself or my sister being homosexual.  I suppose it is a bit of a missed opportunity.  I believe there are many young teens who are realizing their sexual orientation and need parents who are like mine were.  So yes, a minister standing up for their gay child is a wonderful sight indeed.  Hoorah!

  36. THAT CHURCH SIMPLY ISNT CHRISTIAN…go against the bible and its sayings, you have no right to call yourself christian period

  37. It seems that Mr. Mehta is a nice, bright and likeable individual; however, throughout his many videos, he makes numerous, unequivocal assertions, regarding life, morality and religion. The assumption given, is that his judgments/opinions are valid and should be considered, merely because he posits them. Every time we hear Mr. Mehta posit an opinion, shouldn't we be asking, "says who … and by what authority"?

  38. There is a very big difference between being gay and living the life. Homosexuality (as in the actual lifestyle) is referred to as a sin in the Bible. But being gay (as in being attracted to the same sex) is never once called a sin. If someone wants to live a homosexual life, then to me that's fine as they have a choice to make.

  39. I've been thinking about sending this pastors sermon to my mother (my Apostolic Pentecostal mother) to see if it effect her stance on homosexuality at all.

  40. It seems like nowadays people can call themselves christians or hold high positions in the church and still defiantly go against clear-cut christian doctrine.

    Danny Cortez you should step down immediately, not wait to be asked! As you said in the video, you lost your faith, not that I believe you ever had it to begin with:

    (1 John 2:19) They went out from us, but they were not really of us; for if they had been of us, they would have remained with us; but they went out, so that it would be shown that they all are not of us.

    You're standing on homosexuality is in opposition to Scripture!

    The act of Homosexuality is a sin!

    Let me state, we as Christians don't hate homosexuals, but we do not accept the homosexual act, nor do we affirm it as an acceptable life choice. God condemned homosexuality in both the Old Testament and New Testament.

    You state in the video, "For Christians to condemn homosexuality, is to relegate the homosexual to a life of suffering and pain. It also forces them to live their life without love." You cite this as your primary reason for your new position on accepting homosexuality, even going so far as stating it comes from God.

    This is the worst hermeneutical application of biblical theology I've witnessed in some time! 

    Does a heterosexual suffer pain because they sexually desire other people, but choose to be loyal to one person, as directed by God? 

    Would their pain and feelings of lust, override and justify acting on their sinful desires? Of course not, but that's your argument for homosexuality.

    According to your newfound belief, the pain of not acting on their homosexuality, somehow justifies their SIN. This is your unbiblical argument for homosexuality!

    Basically you're saying God is wrong, the Bible is wrong, the Apostles are wrong and Jesus Himself is wrong. No your feelings and understanding of homosexuality is wrong! Homosexuality is a sin, period!

    You're saying, "Homosexuality is not a sin because they have love for one another."

    An adulterer can love their mistress, but its still a sin!

    Will you accept a [unrepentant] adulterer in the Church? 

    Will you accept an [unrepentant] murderer in the Church?

    How about an [unrepentant] thief?

    To be consistent, according to your new humanist theology, you must accept [all] the unrepentant people into the Church!

    Using your unbiblical [humanist] logic, one that you use to justify your son's homosexuality, can't the adulterer simply use the same argument and say, "God made me like this, so accept me as I am"?

    You would be a hypocrite not to accept the unrepentant adulterer/murderer/pedophile/blasphemer, etc. Using your own, newly developed unbiblical and unchristian hermeneutical approach to Scripture, everyone is made like they are, and thus cannot be condemned by anyone, because God is the one creator of the sinner and thus sin. How unbiblical can you be and still call yourself a Christian?

    Shouldn't we as disciples of Jesus Christ, obey Scripture?

    Shouldn't we repent and turn from adultery, theft, lying, murder, homosexuality?

    Shouldn't we as Christians strive daily to carry our cross and fight those sinful desires that wage war against the spirit? 

    Using your newly found secular humanist, unbiblical theology, we have no reason to share, The Good News of Jesus Christ, with the LOST. After all, everyone is made like they are and that can't be sinful, so according to your found faith, there are no real sinners!

    As you told your homosexual son, 'GOD MADE HIM THAT WAY'…. WHAT! GOD MADE YOUR SON A HOMOSEXUAL?



    Following your unbiblical logic and unbiblical faith, YOU"RE NOW BLAMING GOD FOR THE SIN, RATHER THAN THE SINNER! 






    You asked in the video, "What you could have said to your homosexual son, other than you love and acceptance of him, because GOD MADE HIM THAT WAY".  WOW! How about telling your son the BIBICAL TRUTH, that God condemns unrepentant sin, and homosexuality is a sin!!!  

    You should have looked for Godly advise, rather than seek a secular psychiatrist. You said, "You needed someone to teach you, how to raise your homosexual son." Really!!! 

    You should tell your son to repent!!

    Tell your son to turn from homosexuality, period!!!

    Tell your son to fight its evil desire, just like we heterosexuals daily fight the desire for the opposite sex!!!

    Tell your son to carry his cross and follow the Lord, no matter the pain or cost!!!

    Not telling you son the TRUTH for fear of hurting him isn't Christian love. Not telling you son the Biblical Truth is actually demonic hatred for him! Its a hatred for Scriptural truth! Its ultimately hatred and rejection for God Himself!

    ***Your entire argument basically comes down to your belief that homosexuals suffer pain by being deprived of their homosexual desires. This pain thus cannot be from God, and in turn cannot be Christian.

    Not only is this thinking wrong, its Blasphemy!

    Who told you that following Jesus wouldn't hurt, or cost, or be sacrificial?

    Not the Bible! 

    Not Jesus!

    Not the Apostles!

    Who said the Christian journey would be without suffering and sacrifice?


    You love your son more than God! You love homosexuality more than God!  

    The Bible tell us, as Christians, we will suffer lose! We will be hated! We be misunderstood! Paramount, we must be willing to give up everything for Jesus!



    (Romans 12:1-2) Therefore I urge you, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship. And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.


    (Romans 6:3-7) Or do you not know that all of us who have been baptized into Christ Jesus have been baptized into His death? Therefore we have been buried with Him through baptism into death, so that as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, so we too might walk in newness of life. For if we have become united with Him in the likeness of His death, certainly we shall also be in the likeness of His resurrection, knowing this, that our old self was crucified with Him, in order that our body of sin might be done away with, so that we would no longer be slaves to sin; for he who has died is freed from sin.

    I believe you are a perfective living witness of the fulfillment of Jude's warning to the Church:

    (Jude 17-19)  But, dear friends, remember what the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ foretold. They said to you, “In the last times there will be scoffers who will follow their own ungodly desires.” These are the people who divide you, who follow mere natural instincts and do not have the Spirit.

    Repent and turn to Jesus Christ before its too late!  

  42. can any christian answer? so if being gay is a sin and every one commits sin acording to the bible. whats bad about being gay? if you commit a sin and they commit a sin by being gay? how would the gay go to hell and not you?

  43. i'm bi but i think the church did the wrong thing. your either full christian or not you can't be on both sides. i support the pastor for supporting his son but i think he shouldn't be the pastor for going against the bible. (P.S i'm not christian )  

  44. I'm sorry…but am I hearing that a Southern Baptist changed his views on gay marriage and the church accepted him and his son? I don't like this optimism!

  45. It isn't a sin to be gay? You may want to read your bible mister. The bible is super clear on this issue. Shame on that church for not firing that pastor.

  46. As long as he has started embracing that homosexuality is an acceptable thing, i dont think it matters if he was changed to this way of thinking through his son or not

  47. This is probably the first time that I have ever listened to Hemant Mehta and found that I enthusiastically agreed with him on every point. 

    Pastor Cortez could easily have lost his congregation and his career because of what he did. It takes incredible strength and courage to put your income on the line and stand up for your your convictions, and your family, knowing that what you say is directly condemned by your leadership. Whatever else he believes, this was an admirable course of action; I admire him and have empathy for him, and I hope there are others who share my sentiments.   

  48. At 3:16 you admit to believing in some sort of black and white view of the world because you say that they have finally come to the "right" view. I would rather you believe homosexuality is morally right and that those who say differently are wrong than say that we shouldn't have such a black and white view of the world, yet continue to follow the same principle of there being ultimate right or wrong on issues such as homosexuality.

  49. Leviticus 20:13

    13 If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

    As a christian we must love everybody. We must pray for them, Hate the sin not the person.

  50. Have you ever watched yourself on your own video? K..have you ever heard yourself?
    You judging Christians or anyone else that doesn't have your belief-is just as bad as a Christian passing judgement on someone regarding written scripture.

  51. What I cannot look away from is this: People who identify as LGBTI are completely over-represented among homeless people. Many have been bullied and/or religiously, physically, emotionally and sexually abused (too often by christians). I have not got a head for mathematics so I cannot give you exact numbers. Then the church instead of helping people who need justice, love and support abuse them further. It's arrogant to believe that only the people in our little group know the mind of God. The more I think of this the more questions I have, but the more I a sure I have to love people (which is the sum of the law and the prophets).

  52. Christians are suppose to love one another, and its very hard for us to state what we think without people ridiculing us for it, my opinion is you have your own will and i cant say anything but i will warn you that you are walking on the wide path and i urge you all to walk the narrow road, this life is so short.

  53. I have gay friends but you still cannot deny scriptures Romans ch1,1 cor ch6 and 2 Tim ch 4.My daughter is living with a man she knows where I stand there also.You see you can love the sinner but not the sin.Reguardless of personal experence the authority is scripture and if you choose to accept that fine if not fine.

  54. it's in the Bible that practicing homosexuality is an abomination to God. true Christians (Christ-like)would never argue with on that topic, it is what it is. it's a comandment from God, and somebody who loves God wouldn't go around his comandments.

  55. @ 3:15 "finally coming to the right position on the issue…"You assume too much.  Those who stand on the traditional side of this issue also think themselves to be on the right side of the issue.  Funny how that works, huh?

  56. I have been atheist, since the age of 10, as my love of reading, led me to read a variety of the world's religious tomes, though certainly not in their entirety. Though other books comparing them, I did. I was baptized RC and even served as an altar boy. Much of it is forgotten, but I knew knew the masses in Latin, at one time.
    I know this Southern Baptist Pastor and we are very close friends. I admire him greatly, as he accepts those, who are opposites of himself. He is truly a righteous man. It is a fact, that he changed his opinion on LGBT persons, before his son, told him he was gay. He has helped many, to the point of disbelief, in opening his home.
    He is a man to be admired, as he suffered great hardship, when he read a sermon, that split his church and had it taken from him. Though the path he chose, had validity and has risen from the low points he suffered.
    I am certainly proud, to call him a friend and I am fortunate, to have him as a friend.

  57. I'm a "Christian" and its so upsetting to see how hateful the church amd "christians" can be. They spend so much time on "right and wrong" when really Jesus should
    be their center. i am bisexual, but happily married to a man. And God, we need more churches who are loving! and who dont force law and their beliefs down peoples throats.

  58. As a Muslim, I'm very supportive of the LGBT community, And I believe that being gay, bi, or pan is in no way a sin because they didn't choose to be that way but rather they are born that way because God made them that way. And in the future if my son or daughter were to come out as gay, bi, or pan, I would be 100% supportive of them. Hell, I would teach my kids that it is OK to be gay, bi, or pan. I just hope that one day in the future, hatred towards the LGBT community will be a thing of the past.

  59. I think standing up for your Loved ones and protecting them is more then Wonderful and makes any Parent a good Parent when taking up for our Kids But when should we not stand up and protect them?let's say they Murdered someone or lets say it's you? first is it wrong because it's against the Law or is it wrong because we know it's wrong to kill? but no matter how much I stand up and try to protect them the Law is still coming for them or can I change my mind on the subject and agree killing and breaking the Law is okay because my Loved one now is a murderer? see my point is you don't have to agree with God's Law Christians can even change they're views and disagree but we will have to face the Judge some day we can change all kinds of laws here and make certain things legal but it still don't make it right.

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