South African Congregation Eat Grass To Show Their Devotion

COMM: Eating grass may seem like an unorthodox way to show your devotion, but for members
of the Rabboni Centre Ministry in Garankuwa, South Africa, grazing on greenery is a key
part of their spiritual practice. 00:24
COMM: Pastor Lesego Daniel, who runs the ministry, believes it brings worshippers closer to God,
with some members of the congregation even claiming it has cured them of serious health
defects. 00:37
LESEGO: I want to lead people to a place they’ve never been today. You are here in this church
but I’m taking you on a journey. Wake up! 00:46
COMM: The pastor uses his services to lead his followers on a spiritual journey. 00:52
LESEGO: I’m taking you to hell. 00:57
LESEGO: I’m leading you to hell. See how hell looks like. We are coming back, lets come
back. 01:02
LESEGO: Are you hungry? Be quiet! Go and eat. Go and eat. 01:13
COMM: And while the groups unusual eating habits have attracted controversy online members
of the ministry have no plans to stop the practice. 01:22
LESEGO: If Jesus turned water into wine, we’re turning the the grass into spaghetti mince.

100 thoughts on “South African Congregation Eat Grass To Show Their Devotion”

  1. it is all the work of the devil ''martin'', founder of protestantism. the religion makes peoples mindless

  2. This is so sad and very demonic. This man is a cult leader. If they read their bibles they could identify him as a false teacher. He can’t send anyone to hell to see it. Only God could and He wouldn’t. There is also nothing in the Bible that would tell you to eat grass. We are not worthy to show our devotion. Only Christ is worthy to make us righteous through His blood. Otherwise He died in vein.

  3. Grass is such a unusual meal does everybody eat grass? Do Americans and others eat grass too? Unless they are vegan?

  4. First off im calling that assclown on stage out. DEMON!!! Enjoy your short stay here on earth, lake of fire is where your party starts, thank heavens people like him wont be able to enter the new kingdom because you have to be able to LOVE for fellow people. You simply wont be able to enter at that level. And you sir are one sick demon…….

  5. Vegans who keep bringing up the "why not eat cats and dogs" argument seriously need to watch this. There are some foods that humans are not biologically programmed to eat, plant or animals.

  6. Matthew 24:5-8 King James Version (KJV)

    5 For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.

  7. He has already told them he taking them to hell,controlling their spirit anyhow they don't know what they are doing,this people are not with their right sence the man of Satan remote controlling them,these need help Jesus come set your CHILDREN free from from this evil MAN of Satan

  8. amazing video.i will download this video ,very rare you can see this kind of movement once in your lifetime. better save it for future gen.

  9. I am GRATEFUL today to my God for blessing me with my own mind and that I am untouchable and I only obey The I am in me In I am , I am free .

  10. Hmm sounds like me but not from leling it’s just becouse I like the flavor of grass ima go graze like cattle sooooo bye 👋

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