Sisa: Cocaine of the Poor (Part 2/2)

-So we’re wandering down the
road where all the addicts– the homeless addicts- lie
and sleep all night. We approached a few,
and we were like, can we buy some sisa? A couple of crusty guys ran off
around the corner with our five euros, came back
with a little bag. They definitely shafted us. So we definitely didn’t
get enough. But this is it. This is sisa, the drug
everyone is freaked out about in Athens. This is the cocaine
of the poor. And it looks an awful lot
like crystal meth to me. Life on the streets is
increasingly difficult for users in Athens. Not only did the economic
collapse hit their support networks, but the locals
are running out of patience with them. This is especially true in
the area of Exarchia. Police rarely operate here,
as the place is a quasi autonomous anarchist stronghold,
centered around the occupied Polytechnic
building. It’s also a center point
of drug use. We’d heard that since sisa had
emerged, a violent battle for control over Exarchia had
broken out between the anarchists, the dealers,
and the police. So we went there to meet an
anarchist who claimed to be leading the fight against
sisa and its users. Can you tell us when
you first noticed sisa coming into Exarchia? -It must have been
two years ago. Lots of crazy things
started to happen. The people got more paranoid– the addicts. And then lots of bad things
started to happen– fighting for no reason at all. I got beaten up two years ago. ALEX MILLER: So you go beaten
up by guys on sisa? -Yeah, four guys with
a pit bull, a dog. ALEX MILLER: How did you
know they were on sisa? -After that, we got a huge
manifest against all the drugs and stuff like that. And people came to me and said,
these guys were on sisa, and they are addicts. And I say, so this is massive. If it happens here in Exarchia,
it’s massive in the center of Athens. ALEX MILLER: Why do you think
that the sisa users are starting to come
into Exarchia? -Some of them came to us, to all
the anarchists, and they say that the police
told them to go– to go to Exarchia. And they said, we cannot
do it anywhere else. They sent us away from all the
other territories, all the other squares. ALEX MILLER: How has the mood
changed in the area since sisa came in? -Yeah. It’s very hostile these days. We have also reports for
attempted rapes. And so there are many
girls who have reported to us, do something. They are attacking us. ALEX MILLER: You’ve told me that
you think the people from Exarchia, people like you,
you’re going to fight back against the users
and the dealers. -There two major ways. One is hit them–
hit them hard. ALEX MILLER: Beat
up the users? -Beat up the users, the
dealers, everyone. We are here and we are
anarchists and we are macho and stuff like that. The other way is to reoccupy
your territory. We want the children to
play in the square– in Exarchia Square– and not the drug dealing
happening. ALEX MILLER: Don’t
you think that beating up users is dreadful? They’re suffering. They have really shitty lives. -They are completely fucked
up, smashed up. They are already beaten up. So there’s nothing worse
you can do to them. I think it’s the worst
drug ever. ALEX MILLER: And it’s not just
the anarchists making life hell for users. While we were in Athens, we
heard of a controversial new police operation called
Operation Thetis, which was flushing the homeless
from their usual hangouts in the city. Dani Vergou was the journalist
who broke the story of Thetis just days before we arrived. DANI VERGOU: Operation Thetis
was designed by the Ministry of Public Order and Health. And what they did was last
Wednesday, March 6, they went out on the streets of Athens
and they gathered 132 drug users and they drove them to
Amigdaleza, which is a detention center outside
of Athens. And what they did there is
they took their medical histories, but they also
filled personal data. From ethnicity, religious
beliefs, if they’re adopted, if they have roommates, and
then medical history. ALEX MILLER: Do you think
they’ll continue doing this again and again? DANI VERGOU: Well, they started
on Wednesday, March 6. And it went to Sunday. It just kept going
every night, and even during the day. ALEX MILLER: Why do you
think they did that? DANI VERGOU: I don’t know. They’re trying to get
drug addicts and users off the streets. But that’s not a human
way of doing it. ALEX MILLER: As the Greek
economy has withered, so, it seems, has the standing of its
homeless citizens, who, without a support network, are
more vulnerable than ever. That night, we were approached
by Kostas, who had been targeted by police
behind me is one of the main areas where we’ve seen
people buying drugs and selling drugs. It’s kind of a sketchy area. But then, this morning, we came
by and there were loads of police vans all around it. And they were ushering all the
junkies into the back of their vans, and even pulled up a
couple of big buses to try and put them on there. We think this is part of
Operation Thetis, which is an attempt to just move the junkies
from the center of Athens out to the outskirts
where nobody will see them. We’ve had a couple of
bad experiences so far filming police. We’ve been kept in police cells
while they go through our papers and deleted our
footage and stuff. So we went up and asked them
if we could film them. They said, no, no, no. You’ve got to apply
for permission. It takes 40 days. Yada, yada, yada. But we’ve got an appointment
with the Drug Enforcement Agency this afternoon. So we’re going to go see them,
ask them about Operation Thetis and the cleaning of the
streets and see if they really think this is the best way to
deal with Athens’s drug addicts, or if it’s just a way
to make everything look a little bit cleaner. GEORGE KASTANIS: Drug addicts
love me, because they know that I have spent
all these years tracing the drug smugglers. I’m obliged to deal with them. When they come here, we
try to help them. Believe me, we many times give
them money to buy a sandwich or something. ALEX MILLER: Quite a lot of the
people we’ve been talking to have been telling us about
Operation Thetis. Can you tell us what Operation
Thetis is? GEORGE KASTANIS: It at
least happened once. The drug addicts who mainly
don’t have let’s say, a place to sleep– so we always find them all
the 24 hours a day in the center of Athens. A number of them, no
more than 130– they were picked up from
the center of Athens. They were transferred to
a police facility. And there, they were offered
medical treatment, plus food, water, and psychological
support. That happened only once. I don’t know whether it’s
going to happen again. It depends on the cooperation
between the Hellenic police and the competent authorities
of the Ministry of Health. ALEX MILLER: We were told that
were was actually another sweep yesterday morning
and evening. And this morning, near Omonoia
Square, we saw some police putting some users in
the back of a van. Would that not have
been Thetis? GEORGE KASTANIS: No, no. It was something completely
different. They are driven to the
competent, local authorized police station, where
we check if there’s something against them– let’s say a court decision
which is not executed. And after that, the most is one,
one and a half hours, and then they are free, if there
is nothing, of course. If they are not a fugitive– fugitives are arrested. ALEX MILLER: Yeah,
understandable. GEORGE KASTANIS: If there is
nothing against them, then they are free within at
the most, two hours. ALEX MILLER: So some of the
health organizations that we’ve been talking to have
been quite angered by Operation Thetis, because they
believe it’s inhumane to pick people up and move them out of
the area that they live in, even if they don’t
have housing. Can you see where they’re
coming from? GEORGE KASTANIS:
Well, actually, I am a police officer. So when I get an order,
I have to execute it. I cannot say anything
about that. ALEX MILLER: So whether or not
the police sweep we’d seen that day was part of Operation
Thetis, clearly, the police are intent on actively detaining
homeless people, even if they haven’t committed
sisa is that it’s a new drug. And the thing about new drugs
is that no one ever really knows what they do. No one ever really understands
them except for the addicts, the users. And the one thing that we’ve
heard from of the users is that this stuff is Moorish and
it’s strong and it eats you inside out and it’s
bad for you. Ultimately, it just seems like
a little cherry on the top of what is a large narcotic
disaster going on in Athens’ streets right now, which itself
is simply an expression of the economic downfall that
they’ve experienced. The more time we spend with
people, the more it seems like people are getting used, now,
to going back to sisa rather than the previous drugs, because
they can actually afford them. And perhaps, this is the future
model for street drugs. Maybe sisa is just a good
example of what will happened in Italy, in France,
in England, in Portugal, in Cypress. It’s bad for people and
it kills people. But more than anything, it’s
an expression of poverty. KOSTAS PAPADIMITRIOU-FLOROS:
[SPEAKING GREEK] Bye. [GREEK]. Bye, I love you. [GREEK].

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  6. And it's spreading fast it's not just a European drug anymore I live in Detroit Michigan metro area United States, so those that don't listen to me just please be careful and if it smells like roses throw it away please

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