9 thoughts on “Should Cardinal Wuerl Remain In Congregation For Bishops?”

  1. It's NOT about creating a board so the Pope, Cardinals, and Bishops can hear how upset people are!!! It is about holding these predator, pedophile, (and this is only the beginning of the filth that is going to be exposed. We haven't even gotten to the financial corruption and the fleecing of the flock) Bishops and Priests and the cleric's deliberate coverups accountable. We are talking about GRAVE SINS upon GRAVE SINS, compounding GRAVE SINS and SCANDAL that is punishable by ETERNAL DAMNATION if the Pope on down doesn't repent and show their heartfelt repentance by removing themselves from Ecclesiastical Authority and assign themselves penance and prayer for the rest of their lives. This whole thing is a total disgrace including the good ole boy Prof. Gaillardetz in that interview who is basically parroting the company line. He doesn't get the magnitude of damage that has, is, and will be done due to this and the centuries old development bringing us where we are today. Please don't speak in the name of the Church!!! You are obviously part of the train wreck!!!

  2. The PA Grand Jury Report excoriates Wuerl in no uncertain terms, and the State officials there are reeling at the PR line being promoted by the American church's progressive apologists of Wuerl, that he was somehow a "relatively" good bishop. Wuerl threw minors to the wolves when the wolf was his crony, and threw "relatively" good priests under the bus when they were his critics, or when it served his PR persona to look tough. The faithful are waking up to this charade of a pastor; and soon the same question asked about the abusive pederast, McCarrick, will be asked about the lavender Wuerl: How did he get so far when everybody knew? No matter one's opinions about LGBTQ acts, Wuerl et al are clerics, publicly committed and ecclesiastically vowed to celibacy. This commitment made them available to public trust and church preferment. But they lied, abusing their trust and violating their sacred promises. Beyond the minors who suffered from the consequences of his cover-ups, Wuerl covered up McCarrick delicts, and lies about his obvious knowledge of the disgraced Archbishop's crimes and pay-offs. And his extortion of millions from the Catholic Foundation in Philadelphia for corrupt curial business in Rome is just now coming to public light. He should be defrocked and criminally prosecuted.

  3. It is NOT a difficult question. Trial and verdict…he is guilty. He “removed” priests…to other locations, free to continue to abuse. Pope, cardinals, bishops know/knew. Guilty. We are not confused. The pope knows exactly what he’s doing. Time to give up their positions of power and greed. Independent board? Laity ONLY board. Throw them out!

  4. Why haven't these paedophiles and their accomplices been arrested, tried and condembed by law? And those found guilty should put on the list of offenders and not allowed anywhere near children and vulnerable young people.

  5. Wuerl originally covered those priests whom the professor claimed Wuerl removed. Some sexual crominals were reinstated by Wuerl. One was sent to Nevada. The world's first site detailing Wuerl's snakelike viciousness is found at www.donaldwuerl.com … It's 12 years ahead of the PA Grand Jury report.

    Bergoglio welcomed Italian molesters into his Argentine jurisdiction, at a school for the deaf and dumb … where students either can't scream for help or can't hear the screams. Bergoglio was a criminal accessory long before his 2013 election.

    The Church must have a housecleaning and NOT a bunch of party line toters go on TV and make an excuse for criminal clergy.

    Saint Pius V assigned the civil authority death penalty to sodomites priests. To protect a criminal is to be a criminal, especially if your paycheck comes through the criminal accomplice clergy.

  6. The issue to me is that they tried to shield the church by not reporting these terrible crimes to the police, … period. They created this culture of silence and empowerment for these criminal priests by choosing career over their divine and civil obligations, as far as I am concerned they need to be flushed out and or arrested as aiding and abbeting after the fact, or the rico law condition as a criminal orginization.

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