SHORT1 | Everyday Gifts — Chuck Knows Church

Alright, go on up buddy, I’ll wait right here. Remember you have to say “trick or treat”. There ya go. oh, uh, trick or– [door slams] Hurry up buddy. But I didn’t get to say “trick or treat.” Back again, huh? Yeah, I, uh– Hold on. Here ya go.
take care But, but I didn’t say my line… Come on, we’re running late. Hang on… Hey, good to see you again. yeah, you too, but I– There ya go. Take care, son. Wait! Something wrong? I didn’t get to say it. Uh, say what? My line. What line? “Trick or treat.” “Trick–” [Children laughter in the background] Oh, is it Halloween? Wow, you mean you give like this everyday?

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