Shirley Phelps-Roper 9/11 Koran Burning Interview – Terry Jones, Dove World Outreach

surely felt appropriate from the west
bro baptist churches on the phone with us surely has been a guest on this show
before surely what’s going on it turns out we’re not sure if terry jim wounds is our isn’t going to burn
crohn’s on nine eleven which is tomorrow but now you’re saying your church will
do it in the way back actor i got a pretty clout active crackers backpack eric eric a pilot that birthday karthik etc pretty out packet without power there but backward okay expert back our dot now though three that that except that that that
wouldn’t sell it we actually attracted we have had our at
op we had terry jones on the show a few weeks ago when he was definitely going
to be doing the koran burning he said i would i would think you like
him because he doesn’t like homosexuals he doesn’t like jews he said jews are
going to hell which is something you’ve told me before it sounds like westborough and cherry jones are on the
same page in a in a sense are me we got there arpit dartmouth attack printer ever that eric opt out up pa pick up that that i would i think i don’t doubt that that that so
know what you’re saying surely is that the women in theory through what christians they that they should
have long hair is that what you’re saying dot dot that hat beget cat though packed up i think that there okay act out yeah i don’t want to get off track built
specifically with the flat with the koran burning you what where you’re
going to get the crimes that etc cut there but that picked up here accepting after that at that point that at backed out at that backup excatly michael doing a
good will you get a pass at that etc that’s cat came down backward hotly political drink backpack that’s correct acrobatic that that exactly at dot dot dot dot picked up and cacti dot that’s probably at that thirty regarding pkwy at here out here know if the secretary if the
secretary of defense calls u n asks u not to bring the koran what will you say uh… petr that today mister not at three a kick out of the cockpit that dot
that we possibly do that attack that you know it’s funny im audience who’s
been with us for some time knows that you called in to the show before you’ve
told me that i’m going to carolyn huber you’ve you’ve called contract karina woman sitting alone in that pat i would think knowing of course that god
hates fags is kind of the trademark of the west for a baptist church i would
think you would be in line with a lot of these
hardcore middle east muslims who don’t like homosexuals i mean they’re talking
about their own homosexuals to death we think that isn’t that something you
could get behind him in a why the big conflict between you and the muslims if
know if needed yeah but peek at the top of that but the that’s right people oh p okay oh eight you can read all surely the
burning ones could lead to more troops going in
the middle east you care about that at all about private attack white sands canopy kirk and checking out p i heat kate actors why is it always from from your
point of view god that’s doing the haiti being in the killing his intent that
satan was that that universality pr oh at at but but surely hold on i thought just hear
me out i thought god was the good guy in seeking the bad guy but you only talk
about god god hating and killing in doing bad things what about satan that but tracker paper value that okay me dot compete date that right p etc equally oka yeah wet that yeah you love of the here me but you know one of our audience who sits in
sending me emails and twitter messages saying surely is just upset that terry jones
one-up tear and that now she needs to take it up in the through some
karadzic’s that or you’re just jealous of jerry jones surely here deck yaa okay private yearbook got etc right distraction at the pot that conflict uh… about them i’m not so is their anything that
anybody could do to get you know burn these crimes tomorrow on nine eleven
anything and just make it up is that now it’s not that dot etc yet dot dot back everybody’s if but apart dot dot birthday hokey dot at pout all baker all i know about that but when the
last couple minutes we have left i got a one email from someone i guess it couple of people of picked up
on the fact that in thier t_v_ interviews a lot of the times it looks
like you don’t blame get all you just going to about once and then people are
wondering if you’re on a specific type of medication or if you just holding
your eyes are one hundred preferred i think that that hardly but at least periodically
abernathy that cake batter at that so hot that every at so you just able to
stay late honey i don’t make bad you anything with yes silly fields roper once throughout this
church and i think a little bit jealous of their institutions in the limelight
is very easy to risk it but right now me doing everything i am everything on the
map in apparently burning runs tomorrow i think it’s a bad idea but hey both
will follow up and we’ll see what happens surely uh… what wolf blitzer
than i am hackney extract and whats the website patrick ako okay surely folks roper thank you for
calling in and act

100 thoughts on “Shirley Phelps-Roper 9/11 Koran Burning Interview – Terry Jones, Dove World Outreach”

  1. @MerseySky Look I KNOW that, but if I want to make fun of her looks then I will because not only is she ugly and hideous on the inside, but on the outside as well. She is Satan and we all know it.

  2. This Lady is Insane in the Membrane for sure!!! I think an Intervention is needed here,or maybe a exorcism……….Just Sayin,and man those allergies are bad…LMAO!!!!

  3. whoa… there are some real crazies out there…
    regardless of religious debates or facts or whatever… This woman is clearly off the proverbial rocker

  4. I don't understand you can get prisontime for smoking a joint in the U.S but a deranged woman like this who spreads hate and discriminates, she's like a cancer that can't be cured, is free to do whatever she wants.

  5. well we don't live in the dark ages so no one really burns witches anymore so there is no reason to care for that section of religion

  6. I'm surprised that with some questions' given she does not bother to answer any of them directly. (i.e., "Where will you get the Koran…." her answer, 'this nation is in imminent…blah blah blah…oh did I loose track of my answer?' Radio Host: (chuckles) "You did". And her picture, well we might all assume she has Manic Bipolar Disorder…such a bitch.

  7. i think this woman and the others in westboro church need to crawl back under the fucking rock they came out off

  8. Islam, Judaism, and Christianity aren't the really the same, Well, the main point is, I believe. Islam branched off of Christianity which branched off of Judaism,

  9. christianity and judaism are 2 different heads on the same coin. only that jesus was thought as the massiah jews dont believe that he was. also jesus was jewish

  10. This Bible that she reads and comes away with God hates us.
    John 3:16
    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

  11. I'm a muslim and people say that we are bad. People such as the Tablibans are crazy lunatics, but majority of muslims just want to lead a peaceful life. I know I do. I don't see why the WBC feels the need to burn things that they hate/dont believe in, like the American flag and the Koran.

  12. hahaha I love how they used such a derpy looking picture of her XD What a hateful old hag. She can bitch and rant all she wants but nobody is going to believe anything she says

  13. xD sorry pal thats not how people work. they allways looking for bad things and dosent care about the good things you do. muslims will stay terrorist and hated till china or russia dose anything then it'll be the communist again 😀
    But maybe america fucks up and then they will be the most hated people on earth xD its how it is…

  14. you -respect- this woman and her family? imho that doesn't say much about your character. she uses the freedom of speech platform, one given to her and all of us by the soldiers efforts of whom SHE and her family INSULT as their main goal!. and you respect THAT?

  15. Freedom of speech is NOT granted by jackboots who fight for profits. My rights are bestowed to me by the constitution, which has nothing to do with the suicidal faggots in the U.S. military. Every fighting force can only take away rights because that is the nature of coercion.

  16. a constitution which is DEFENDED AT EVERY TURN by SOLDIERS whom phelps and others INSULT. you sound like a bitter bigot, have fun with that

  17. Soldiers defend profits you neanderthal. The Afghan and Iraqi people had no capability to take my freedom of speech. Enjoy WWIII you filth.

  18. you must be a teenager, resorting to personal insults lol, i hope you enjoy ww3 as well, whatever that means! funny how your view of freedom seems limited to recent conflicts, ever hear of ww2 when the sovereignty of america was threatened? if the us hadn't stood up for itself YOU might be insulting me in german right now, and would NEVER have known a constitution….

  19. You insulted me first just FYI. Also, you should read Smedley D. Butler's WAR IS A RACKET. He was a high ranking General who spilled the beans on what modern warfare is about. Also, the American invasion of France during WWII was a retarded attempt to mitigate a full Soviet sweep of Europe, which would have collapsed under its own weight anyway. The Americans and Brits attacked when the Soviets were already going in for the kill. ALL preemptive war is a RACKET!

  20. I love it when he asks "Why is God doing all the hating? Isn't God the good guy and Satan the bad guy?" She had no idea what to say!

  21. you warned in the bible even the devil knows scripture. these extremist contradict the word take it out text an that is a sin right god tells love your neighbors as he loves us theres a petition going around to make wbc a hate group

  22. "Obama is gonna get his Muslim army, and they are going to march on Jerusalem, they're the ones that are going to fulfill those prophesies" -Shirley Phelps

    And this is why no one should even consider taking WBC seriously. Muslims, Jews, Christians all believe in the same god but the bible text is so damn subjective and inconsistent. its the reason we have so many denominations who can't agree on the right way to live.

  23. okey, where´s the brainwash button!!No i clicked it, undo undo aaaaa… Can you be this crazy… ps: where did she get her bible, made it by her self?

  24. Actually "Allah" is not the same god as the Jewish or Christian god. Allah was the name of a Meccan moon god. Look it up.

  25. You do realize that the angel Gabriel appeared to Mohammad which was the basis for founding him Islam. Same god, just a dark truth both sides don't like to admit. Take a college class on middle eastern history, you'll learn some cool stuff

  26. I'm not talking about the aspects of Islam copied from the Bible, but the origin of the deity Allah. Allah at first was one of many gods

  27. Well said! 😀 I try my hardest to break people's view of Muslims, but it is very hard. People like the Taliban get all the attention, of course. But I have met some really wonderful people that are Muslims and also some that have said they are ashamed that the Taliban "represents" their culture to many people. I'm a Christian and I feel similarly to the WBC — ashamed that the name "Christian" is put on both of us, even though my views are completely different from theirs.God bless you my friend

  28. Know something scary? My grandmother talks just like this crazy bitch. She hasn't said anything this extreme, but she does say that gays are evil and the devil is gay. But she uses the same words and the same accent and everything. It scares me a lot. Especially cause I haven't introduced my boyfriend to my family yet.

  29. Muslims have a 1400 year old history of NON peace. Your prophet, for gids sake, was a warlord who murdered at least hundreds of people.

  30. I think he might find it amusing. i know i do. her irrationals, are funny. and the more she defends them, the more she looks nutz. i smile everytime someone fights really heard for an irrational view. (if it is hurtful and mean to others)

  31. A lot of hatred. Just the opposite of what religion is really all about. God loves all of his children. I have never heard anyone so filled with hate.

  32. holy fuck, the more i see shit like this, the more i feel like the world is gonna burn because of these people

  33. I must be honest with you, my friend. Earlier, I thought that Islam had a lot of crazyness and women discrimination because the media told us so, and I shall not blame the media, it is my fault that I believed it. So, on behalf of that, I am sorry. I really respect muslims, and I find it disgraceful that the WBC is burning the symbol of your religion. I think everyone could learn from each other, because in the end, all religions are searching for the same :3

  34. "God sent Satan to trick your stupid rebellious butt." 5:54 Wait hold on….so God sent Satan because he wants to trick us in to rebelling, yet he wants us to obey him??? Is it just me or does that make absolutely no sense…

  35. These people can burn the hell they want , simply place said object in her fucking mouth spary with petrol ( gasoline ) and ignite …..    woof and the job is done

  36. Shirley Phelps is a radically inhuman insane hypocrite – didn't she have sex out of wedlock? I feel sorry for horrible people like her but she deserves all of the unhappiness she gets, they all do…look at her eyes in that photo she is clearly insane…hopefully someday they will and change and act like decent human beings because they have nowhere to go but up !

  37. If you're reading this and you're so sure it's true any member of the baptist church – why do you have to keep repeating your vile "message" – pretty mad for people who are sure you're 'saved" and everyone else is going to hell !

  38. She sarcastically, bitterly says "we get so little attention and sarcastically says she doesn't need more but you only have attention because you try so hard to get it ! Only because you act like insane people do you get any attention in the first place, you try to get attention and then you say you don't need to get any more?! Well NO not the way you behave to begin with of COURSE you don't need extra attention!

  39. I despise Shirley Phelps and I would not interview her, I consider her ideas more extreme than Hitler's, but she was right about one thing. She said Mohammad was a pedophile, she's actually correct about that. Mohammad married a girl at the age of six years, and consummated the marriage at 9 years. The liberal news media is friendly to Non-Western Non-Christian religions, which is why, while it constantly gives Catholic priests sexually abusing teenagers constant attention, it gives little attention to the pedophilia of Islam's founding prophet Mohammad.

  40. Choosing heathens to be interviewed in your show is not a good choice ! I think there a lot of good people out there.

  41. The Nine Satanic Sins:

    1. Stupidity
    2. Pretentiousness
    3. Solipsism
    4. Self-Deceit
    5. Herd Conformity
    6. Lack of Perspective
    7. Forgetfulness of past orthodoxies
    8. Counterproductive Pride
    9. Lack of Aesthetics

    So, moral of the story, Satan is not that bad comparted to Westboro's 'God' and if they are somehow right, I'd rather be in hell.

  42. Funny Shirley curses that her brother Nathan Phelps is going to hell for "betraying" the Church yet she gives birth out of wedlock and now going to burn Qurans? I'd rather sleep with Cockroaches in my bed than sleep for even one second with her

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