Sermon Clip: “Everyone wants to go after the good life, and no one wants to sacrifice.”

This is the problem, every time we say, “This is great because God did this,” everyone wants to go after the good life, and no one wants to sacrifice. But here’s Christianity going, “Let me lead with this:” “You follow a guy who died,
pick up your cross, follow me” “and maybe if you’re lucky you’ll die.” Satan is the opposite. Here’s what Satan says, “Take the good life.” “Take the pleasure.” “It’s going to feel really good right now.” “It’s more money for you. Be greedy, cheat, it’s fine.” “You’ll be able to afford more.
It’s for your family. It’s good.” “Sleep with whoever
you want, it’s all about the pleasure,” “it’s all about the now. Just go, go, go.” “Look at that. Do that. Say this.” “Just don’t worry about fixing your marriage.” Here’s what he does, written big, and the very small print is,
“By the way, take the pleasure for a little bit,” “and suffer eternally in hell.” And Christianity comes along and reverses it and goes, “Suffer now,” ” ’cause I got a banquet waiting for you.”

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