Season 14, Episode 20 – Red vs. Blue: RvB Throwdown | Red vs. Blue

[VIC] Since the beginning, a single question has plagued the minds of Red vs. Blue fans everywhere: [VIC] No, it’s not “You ever wonder why we’re here?” [VIC] God knows we’ve run that one into the ground. [VIC] Nope! The question is simple: Red Team… [VIC] …or Blue Team? [VIC] Well! Clearly there’s only one logical way to settle this: [VIC] A battle of wits… [VIC] …and rhymes! [VIC] Word to your mothers! [Sarge] Hey there! Hey there, Recording guy! [Sarge] What’s the order of this? [Sarge] This Rap Battle? [Church] He-hey guys, am I going first, or is he going first? [Sarge] Does it go him, then me, then me, then him, then to me, then him, me? [Church] It’s Red vs Blue, he should go first. He’s Red. [Sarge] Or does it go me, him, him, me, him, him, me, me, me, me, me, him. [Church] “It’s the fight of the ages, Red vs. Blue.” [Church] “By the end of this battle, you’ll finally see the–” [Church] What is that? Is that even a sentence? [Church] Why did we let Achievement Hunter write this stuff? [Sarge] When do I get my bling? The Warthog needs spinners! [Church] Who’s going first in this thing? Am I going first? Alright, let’s do this! [Announcer] It’s time for a ROOSTER TEETH THROWDOWN! [Announcer] Leonard Church! Versus Sarge! [Announcer] Rappers ready?! [Announcer] THROW IT DOWN! [ROOSTER TEETH ANIMATION]

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