Saints of the Church Militant / Sancti Ecclesiae Militantis

St. Ignatius of Loyola St. Jean Vianney St. Padre Pio St. Francis and Clare of Assisi St. Josephine Bakhita St. Dominic St. John Bosco St. Therese of the Child Jesus St. Charbel St. Barbara Ven. Mary of Agreda St. Thomas More St. Anthony of Padua St. Maria Goretti Francisco, Lucia and Jacinta of Fatima

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  1. My Plans to redeem the world are being brought to fruition. All is in place now    – Sunday, September 15th, 2013 @ 23:50
    My dearly beloved daughter, all of My Plans to redeem the world are being brought to fruition. All is in place. My Army is formed. They will now grow and expand everywhere, bringing along with them the many souls I yearn for. This Army has been given great Graces by Me and by the Power of the Holy Spirit they will keep the Flame of Christianity burning and they will carry the Torch of Truth until the Final Day. They will bring the Light of God into the darkest corner and they will open the eyes of millions to the True Word of God, as the apostasy devours My Church on Earth. I grant them this Crusade Prayer to help them pledge their allegiance to Me.

    Crusade Prayer (121) Allegiance to the Army of Jesus Christ

    We stand united to Your Sacred Heart, dear Jesus.
    We speak with authority the True Word of God.
    We will walk to the ends of the Earth to spread the Truth.
    We will never accept any new false doctrine in Your Name, other than that You taught us Yourself.
    We remain true, loyal and steadfast in our faith.
    We will treat those who betray You with love and compassion, in the hope that they will come back to You.
    We will be firm, but patient, with those who persecute us in Your Name.
    We will walk victorious all the way to Your New Paradise.
    We promise, that through our pain and suffering, we will bring You all those lost souls who are starved of Your Love.
    Please accept our prayers for all sinners in the world, so that we can become one family, united in love for You, in the New Era of Peace. Amen.

    Go, My Remnant Army, in the knowledge that you will be given all the help and Graces to succeed in this last Holy Mission on Earth, so that I can gather all of God’s children off the face of the Earth and bring them into My New Paradise.

    Your Jesus

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  2. Incredible. The contradiction is right there in front of you. The photos are worth viewing and the music is horrible!

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