Rock Church – Worthy – Part 2, Get Out Of Your Bubble

♪ Somebody clap your hands ♪♪ Toys for Joy is the biggest
expression of Christ’s love to San Diego that we give at
Christmastime. Thousands of people in desperate
need of a meal or toy, and that God is relevant in their life. Christmas is not about a wrapped
gift but Jesus Christ is born as Savior of the world and we
receive that free gift that only gift that is never broken or wear
out. The only gift that never stops
giving. ♪ Joy to the world ♪ One thing about The Rock
Church and this event, we just bring people together. You don’t know what somebody
needs until you see them. You have people crying because
so relieved because everything is going to be okay. And you have children
saying I can’t wait. Everyone having a great time,
neighbors helping neighbors and community helping community. That’s what it’s all about. ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ Give the Lord a big hand. Give the Lord a big hand,
church. Come on, church. [Applause] Come on, let’s all stand up and
give the Lord a big hand. Come on, let’s give the
Lord a big hand. Come on, all campuses. Come on, Jesus! [Applause] Oh, stay standing,
how y’all doing. I was in tears this morning. I was in tears this morning
thinking about yesterday. And some stuff I am going to
read with you and share with you today. So Lord, I just pray you
are blessed today. And I am excited how you are
going to hijack the service, it’s all you. This is all about Jesus. Lord whatever you want to do
today, and I pray you encourage us. Pray you encourage — People from yesterday who —
who just got to eat today. They get to eat today. You are good to us. So we just thank you
for being good to us. Amen. Hey, find somebody around you
that you don’t know — hey, come on now. Find someone — [Applause] Find someone near you that you
don’t know, tell them God loves them. Hey, man, I love you too,
man. Don’t be telling me you love me,
come on man. So — so I want to share with
you about yesterday before I get into the sermon and if I don’t
get into the sermon, I am good with that, amen. I want to thank some people and
let me give you context. When I was there yesterday, we
went Friday night to Guajome Park — let me back up,
how y’all doing today? I want to welcome all the
visitors. Anybody here for the first time? How you doing. How you doing. God bless y’all. So I’m Miles, the pastor, I’m
the cryer. We want to welcome all of our
campuses and all the people watching in military and
wherever y’all are. Give them a big hand. God bless y’all. [Applause] Yesterday we had our 23rd
consecutive Toys for Joy event and four locations around San
Diego, we started this church in 2000, 19 years ago. Before we started the church, I
had a nonprofit that we did youth crusades and between the
crusades we did Toys for Joy and we started in one church and had
300-400 people and share the gospel and get the toys. And it has grown to four
campuses and you saw the numbers. And when we started church,
expand to the city. That was yesterday. And when I was reading the
stories this morning and reflecting yesterday. Just talking to people. I was like, you know what? There were so many people that
you didn’t go. Nuthin’ bad on you, you weren’t
there. We want to share our experience
with you. And so I’m going — I kept
thinking about all of these stories and hearing stories from
the staff. Tell me stories from all around
the county. I want to share a few with you. And then see how long that
takes. And if that’s what we talk about
today, I’m good with that. I am going to pray and we want
to thank people. Because we took thousands of
people that have been planning since last January. It takes a year to do. And a lot of money and a lot of
effort. A lot of hard work. People up all night. Last-minute disasters. Truck full of toys that never
made it, coming in tomorrow. But we are going to give it to a
town in Mexico. The whole town burned down. Amen. Come on now.
Come on now! [Applause] Here’s the thing, here’s the
thing. If you are walking with God and
trusting with God, then walk with God and trust God. You can say okay God you got
this. And here’s the trip thing about
it. This town in Mexico 200 homes
burned to the ground and in tents. One of our board members went
down, grew up no electricity and water, and when he grew up he
sold Chiclets at the border and was the global strategist for
McDonald’s. And this is my life, where I
grew up. We will have toys. And God said I will have a whole
truck not get to you and it’s wrapped up. You don’t have to wrap it up,
just send the truck. Come on, come on. Come on. [Applause] And here’s — here’s the other
trip thing about it. The town burnt down, it’s
a Catholic church that didn’t burn down. And the Catholic church and he’s
working with these nuns. It’s protected by a rock wall
that The Rock built. I don’t know how that happened. [Applause] So — God is like, y’all just do
what I say and just trust me. Okay. So someone said listen you are
going to get these toys on Monday and free storage until
you send the toys in January. God is doing this kind of stuff. It was awesome so any toys we
have left over from the event, we share with other
organizations in San Diego. And there is an article in the
tribune about yesterday, it’s pretty cool. A lady wrote the article. Did I pray yet? Okay, good. No — okay, okay. Let’s get the Bibles out. I think I will get to my sermon
for today for next week. Get the Bibles out I want to
share with you. On the count of three, say word. One. Two. Three. Say word. Turn to Matthew 25, my
production people are — we don’t have that. It’s okay, I apologize for God
throwing a curveball on us. This is a total made-up sermon
on the spot. Amen.
Come on now. Matthew 25. The first book of
the New Testament. Matthew 25. There was — yesterday, I met so
many wonderful amazing people. My greatest joy, Toys for Joy is
just walking around and talking to people and meeting people
that are serving and being served. And one of the guys that I met
lives around here and said he’s never been to Toys for Joy. We met in the gym at Lincoln and
we walked to the line where the people were lined up to get
toys. And actually they go through a
line to get through the gospel stage. And then they walk all the way
across campus to get to the toy room. I believe in Lincoln High School
7,000 people, and thousands lined up and walking and blown
away. He hadn’t seen the people yet. And walking and saw the toys and
volunteers and on the field getting ready to face paint and
feed the kids. And had low sensory room, every
campus had a room for special needs kids, which
is crazy amazing. Come on, is that crazy amazing. And one of the — I interviewed
people from two sensory rooms. But one of them, four parents
that put it together and all had special needs kids. And they know, they get it. We are not go to boohoo
ourselves but use what God taught us to share
with other people. I go in the special needs room
and a guy standing there and when I saw him, volunteering
and God said that dude is a Navy SEAL. And I was in the hair cuts and
hey I want to meet you and my husband is a Navy SEAL and we’re
in the sensory room. And no that’s another guy. And I went back and two Navy
SEALs in the sensory room. Come on, come on. And anyway I am walking with my
friend. And he’s like blown away but he
hasn’t seen any people yet. And then we get to the line
where all the people are lined up and he stops and starts
crying. He says, I didn’t know. I live in a bubble. You know we work, when we get
jobs, we want to get a nice house and retirement. And we want to get the nice car
and trust me, do all that. But don’t let that be your
bubble. Come to the Rock Church, they
have a nice building and campus and everything is clean. And if the parking is too much,
will go to another one, I don’t want to be inconvenienced by the
parking. Don’t put yourself in a bubble
and miss the point of walking with God. The Bible says that Jesus was a
man of many sorrows because he was connected
with people’s pain. Am I saying we should be people
of sorrow, I am saying to be connected to people’s pain. Why?
To bring joy in their life. The reason that we come and pray
and in dGroups to be empowered to expand the kingdom of God and
destroy the work of the devil in our lives and other people’s
lives. I want to share stories of what
God did in people’s lives through our church. If you say, if I go to The Rock
Church, am I part of what God is doing in our church. What we don’t want you to do,
and I say we don’t want you to do. What is not biblical that you
just come to get a word of encouragement and go about your
business. And come and say God use me and
empower me and strengthen me to help someone else. It would be selfish — I mean
selfish to just get mine. I am trying to get blessed. That term, I am trying to get
paid. I don’t mean financially but I
want God to pay with me blessing and give me that dream. Versus, Lord bless me so I can
be a blessing. I was working away from going
back to the toy room. And this young girl came to me,
she was 19 and she said, can we take a picture. And so I started talking to her. She’s six months clean, meth,
LSD and marijuana. Now — [Applause] She’s not in line to get a toy. She’s there serving. She was there serving. [Applause] I don’t know if you are here — oh, my gosh. [Applause] [Blowing kiss] I didn’t want to say your name
and keep you incognito. But we want to help you and God
bless you that you have your family, give her a hug for me. Give her a hug, give her a hug. [Applause] It’s not like poor me. It’s like I am blessed to give
and this guy said I am in a bubble. What I want to encourage you
today, if anything you get out of today. That you walk out saying, Lord
what do you want me to do? I got to do something. I am telling you, it’s in the
Bible. And I will read it to you in a
minute. It is biblical. That we receive God, the Holy
Spirit comes in our life and we don’t create a bubble but burst
the bubble and what can you do for me. This is awesome and I will read
stories and say thank yous. And definitely be done and do
this sermon next weekend. And I don’t have to prepare a
sermon and that will be great. I am good. Read Matthew 25:31. Don’t trust me — I was thinking
that, I can use this sermon for next week. This sermon that I was going to
do this week is in the book of Revelation, this is awesome. This is Jesus talking. Everyone say, Jesus. This is not Miles talking but
Jesus talking. This is Miles’ voice, don’t get
twisted. When you say it’s Jesus talking
that means you are Jesus and I’m not coming back. That’s okay, then go somewhere
else if that’s what you were thinking I was saying. This is Jesus talking. Okay, look at chapter 25:31. And your Bible may have red
letters. But Jesus even talks in the
black letters. Not for real — that’s not a
racial thing, don’t get it twisted. All scripture is given by
inspiration of God and that the man of God and woman of God will
be equipped and ready for good word. All is God.
Let me read this, verse 31. When the son of man comes in his
glory, in the end when Jesus comes and all his angels with
him. He will sit on the throne of his
glory. And all the nations, everyone
say all the nations. Will be gathered before him and
he will separate them one from another, as the shepherd divides
his sheep from the goats. And watch this, it’s not just
black people our white people but everyone mixed. Like here. That’s why I think it breaks
his heart when people are segregated. This Sunday morning is the most
segregated people, people go to church with their people. 97% of churches are segregated. Now it doesn’t mean those
places are racism. But God says, you talk about
loving people, why can’t you love people not like you. Anyway, I am so glad that
we got skittles. You know what I am saying. Anyway — Verse 33, he will set the sheep
on his right hand and the goats on his left. And the king will say on the
right, I want you to see the distinction, what he will
disclosure distinguish the people and the service. And when called Jonah and God
said I want you to go to Nineveh, a wicked city and Jonah
ran an opposite way. And we are in San Diego and
Tijuana is that way and L.A. is that way. And you run to L.A., and
there are Mexicans there. And Jonah went the opposite way
and to make a long story short, he gets on a boat and a storm
and the guys realize that the storm came because of him. And the whale came and
spit him on the beach. Some of you are in Nineveh and
in a storm and you are going to be spit on a beach. Back to this. Verse 33, he says that he will
set the sheep on his right hand and the goats on the left. And the king will say to those
on the right hand, come you blessed of my father. Raise your hand if you want to
be blessed from God. How many of you want the
kingdom from the foundation of the earth? And this is what he said, I was
hungry and you gave me food. How many of you got enough
food in your ‘fridgerator for a few days. Okay. How many of you got enough
resources to make sure you are going to eat for the next week. Okay. There is like 600,000 people in
San Diego that don’t know what they are going to eat tomorrow. One of the things that you saw
yesterday is that people got food. They came for food. For today.
Got it yesterday. So they can eat
yesterday and today. Jesus says, you know what? Come inherit. Because I was hungry
and you gave me eat. I am not saying that you have to
feed somebody, it’s the spirit. Get the spirit of it and not the
letter of it, that you are available for God to use you to
help somebody — young lady. It says, I was hungry and you
gave me food and thirsty and you gave me drink. Don’t take that as you have to
find the first homeless person and bring them in your house. That person may be crazy. God what do you want me to do? You were available. I was naked and you took me in
and sick and you visited me. My mom died two years ago, this
week. And she was in and out of a
hospital for months. And two years before that, my
dad died, in a hospital in and out. And when my sister who lives
here, works here went to the hospital. We must have been to the
hospital 50 time. When you go to the hospital and
you know the parking spot, the routine. Can I get amen. But when we go to the hospital,
okay we will see mom. But who else are we
going to see? Let’s walk around and see
who we can pray for. One day I prayed three people,
they were healed. Boom, boom. You don’t need to see
the doctor, go home. What is wrong, my knee. Pray for the knee, bam. Go home. Save your deductible. I am telling the truth. Next time you go to the
hospital, you have the Holy Spirit in you, Lord, who do you
want me to pray for. You will be shocked how many
people never have anybody ask them to pray for them. I was talking to a lady the
other day, who is a believer. And I pray for her and she was
on the phone. I met her one time and we were
talking about something else. And I said, hey, how can I pray
for you? She was like what? How can I pray for you. She said, I never had anybody
ask me that. Ask. And listen, even if your prayer
is this, trust me. Even if your prayer is this,
dear God, I don’t know what to pray for. But can you bless Lacrita. Amen.
Boom. My niece who is three, her name
is Logan, we call her Logy. She said that she saw somebody
in the lobby in Point Loma and said, what is wrong. Why don’t you ask him. And he had a patch on his eye. She went to him, three, what is
wrong with your eye. Straight up. Now if you asked that, you might
get knocked out. You have to say it in adult
language, she said in three year-old language, straight up,
what is wrong with your eye. And said can I pray for you, and
she prayed for him. He said, I was in prison and you
came to me. Some of you may be scared to go
to prison. Trust me if you went, it would
bless you like nothing else. The devil is trying to get you
to prison — go as a minister. Don’t get arrested and tell the
PoPo, Pastor Miles told me to go to the prison, if I rob somebody
— okay. True story, the police, I can’t
remember how I got this message. Kind of separate prison story. This guy had a dream that I was
banging on his door to try to get him saved. And he called the police. Saying I was trying to break
into his house. And the police said Miles
McPherson is not here at your house. Really had nothing to do with
prison — just a thought. Verse 37… When you do it to someone, these
have the least ability to pay you back. The way you think. You did it to me. Yesterday, about 4,000 of y’all
did it to a bunch of people who were in need. And God is going to bless you. Now what I am going to read what
Jesus wrote is not a threat to you at all. When we read the Bible, we
realize I now see something different that I can do better. It’s not a threat at all. I am reading what he said,
verse 41… It’s not a threat but I am
not supposed to avoid all of that stuff? No. God has given us the spirit of
God to send us into dark places. A dark place doesn’t have to
mean a physically dangerous place necessarily but dark in
the heart and in need. Verse 42… Not saying you have to do those
specific things, what he is saying, you were selfish. It was all about you. He said I didn’t bless you to be
selfish. I blessed you to be generous. That’s what he is saying and
here’s examples. You can make that list a mile
long about how to do that. Okay. And then it says… We want to be all about doing it
for the least of these. That’s what this is about. We want to include all of y’all. Because at some point all of
y’all was one of those people. Now you may not have been
in the prison or walking in the street naked. Or food insecure. But there was something dark in
your life and somebody told you about a God that loved you and
came in your life. And God is saying, now pay it
forward. That’s what I am saying. Let me read stories to you. We talked about my girlfriend
over there, we talked about special needs. One man brought eight kids to
Toys for Joy who are refugees from Tanzania. And came and got toys. One mom came with four kids, 3
year-old and 8 year-old and two twin boys. Two 2 years old. Her husband unemployed for 18
months and back in six months. She lost her job and can’t
afford to work and they are homeless. They came and they were in line
from 11 o’clock the night before and spent the night
on the street. To get groceries. How many of y’all by a show of
hands have spent the night recently on the street so you
can get groceries? Okay. Single mom, let me see — another mom came there and was
at the salvation table and walked away mad. And one of our prayer warriors,
God told her to minister to her. And went up and asked what is
wrong, I am mad at God. And God told the prayer warrior
she was hurt by a church. She said that you were hurt by a
church. And the lady said how do you
know. God told me and ministered to
her and blessed her and she got saved. Amen. [Applause] Some at the church brought
30,000 diapers to the event. And we passed them all out and
they brought a team — come on give the church a big hand. They brought a team. [Applause] Young girl in a wheelchair
received prayer and got out of the wheelchair. I think we got the picture, look
at that, out of the wheelchair. You are like, I don’t know about
that. Come on now, church. A lady who has a Bible study in
a school has a kids and 11th grader has eight siblings. Their mom struggles to provide
for her kids. She has nine total. And he brought two sisters and
four brothers to the event. He’s in 11th grade. He brought four of his brothers
and two sisters to get toys for them. And for him it was like I am
relieving the stress from my single mom. And that was amazing. A coach of a school — come on,
come on. [Applause] A coach of one of the schools we
were at couldn’t go in the toy room because he was crying so
bad. He said I never seen anybody
love on my community like this church did yesterday. And that’s the impact. We — it is so dangerous for us
to take this for granted. And that’s why it’s so important
for us to take what we get here. Hopefully the lights, the sound,
the video, the temperature, the atmosphere. The seat that your behind is in
and the people around you bless you. Take that and say, God how can I
bless somebody else? I don’t want to be selfish
with this. Trust me. I have to constantly, that’s
why it brings me to tears. Sometimes I am so much
doing this, doing this. That’s why I want to stay
in the community. Ride along with the police. Let me tell you when I ride with
the police and walk in houses that have nothing. And I am freakin’ out and people
from 9-1-1 are you out there. What are you doing. Hey, I am staying relevant. Staying in touch and going to
houses where everybody — there is no food in their
refrigerator. Going to houses where someone
just got shot in the head, literally. And blood on the ground, and
somebody in the house, hey Pastor Miles can
you pray for us. I am not saying you have to do
that, but I am saying that there is a lot of people that are
hurting that we can help. I want to read some names to you
that — I want to read two names and clap for them and
the read the list. Debbie Smith and Michelle Costa
organize this whole thing. [Applause] And Michelle — I know that I am
missing somebody, Sharon Predika, and please forgive me
if I miss somebody. Big hand. [Applause] Let me read the list, 22 names
and clap at the end. Michael Hall. Lauren Silva. Charlotte de la Pena. Tyrone. Calvin. Rich. Jesse. The traffic teams and
communication teams. 3800 team members, volunteers. All the people who gave feedback
on the surveys which raised $101,000. And sponsors and donors and all
the sponsors, 50 sponsors. Give them all a big hand. Come on. [Applause] So let’s put some stats up
real quick. I think you saw them. Put up the
Toys for Joy stats. Here we go… Let’s give them a hand. All of that represents stories
that I just shared with you. Those are people with pain. And I want to thank you
for doing that. I want to encourage you. Saying Lord, okay we will bring
this service to a close. Here’s what I want you to think,
okay God what do you want me to do. Number 1, just commit to not
being in a bubble. The guy that I spoke to I have
never been in this part of San Diego before. You said a part of San Diego
that I never go to. That’s the devil lying to you. I want you to pray. Say, Lord, who do you
want me to serve? Here’s one of the greatest
things about our church. That we have access to every
neighborhood. What I mean by that, there are
people sitting around you that come from all over San Diego. Some of you live south of the 8,
you are scared to go to North County. Because that’s a whole —
I live in North County. What are they scared of. I live in south county, what
are you scared of. Trust me. There is just different types of
threats. We have the great opportunity
to know people from all over San Diego. Say, Lord, make me useful
in the kingdom. Number one, get in an
rGroup and dGroup. Get in a group where you are
accountable to people where you can grow in your faith and
people can challenge you and love on you and get
you out of your bubble. Say Lord use me. You don’t want to have a bubble. I want to go to step 1, step 1,
you have to know God. I want to give me life
to Jesus Christ. 2100 gave their life
to Jesus yesterday. I was in a guys house and made
it and pretty successful. I was talking to him and about
prison ministry and in prison and people get saved. And he said, it’s good those
prisoners need Jesus. And I said, some of those
prisoners will go to heaven and you won’t. It’s not whether you live in a
jail cell, it’s about who lives in your house. [Applause] It’s so important for you to
say, first I want to give my life to Christ. I want to know God. And then I am going to find
freedom for my junk. We all have junk. How many of y’all don’t have any
junk? We want to know, because we need
to talk to you for advice. We want to know how that
happened. And then find a purpose and make
a difference in the world. In a minute we are going to
pray, and if you want to say, Lord I want to start by asking
Jesus to be my Savior. I believe that I’m a sinner. I believe that Jesus is Lord,
and died and rose from the dead. And want to ask him to forgive
me. So in a minute we’re going to
pray and give you an opportunity to do that. Before I do that, there is some
of you out there, you have been here for a long time. You need to sign up for a dGroup
and an rGroup and sign up for ministry. I know that Christmas
is coming and busy. Make a decision in the next
weeks, Lord what do you want me to do? Know this, don’t sit and do
nothing, because you have your bubble and saying it’s about me. In a minute if you want to give
your life to Christ. I will ask you to pray a prayer
where you say, Lord, I believe I’m a sinner. I believe you love me, died for
me and rose from the dead. Please forgive me for my sin. And you do what those people
did, ask Christ to be your Savior. And then say, Lord, I am ready
to go to work. Whatever that is. And trust me God will never ever
put you in danger. He’s going to lead you
some place exciting. And that little girl over there,
from Minnesota — I remember. She told me she was
from Minnesota. I was like — I’m sorry. [Laughter] But I’m so happy she’s here
in San Diego. I don’t care, I am going to
serve wherever. Let’s bow our heads and pray. Lord, you are so good to us. Thank you for the
opportunity to serve. And Lord there are so many
people in our church who are so faithful. They attend.
They give, they serve. Or they attend and give. Or they just attend. But out of that group of people. You want more from them. You are worthy that they serve
you. That they get out of their
bubble and trust you. So for those people, I want
to encourage you, to get on our website. Take the gift test and find out
how God has designed you, so he can use you. But then there is some of y’all
in here, you never asked Christ to be your Savior. You have been to church and
believe you are a sinner. Because the Bible says
all have sinned. You believe that Jesus died for
rose and the dead and you want to surrender your life to Him. I will lead you in a prayer that
says that very thing. So in the privacy of your heart,
pray this prayer with me if you would like to give your
life to Christ. Ensuring that you truly do know
God, personally as your Savior. So in the privacy of your heart,
pray, dear God, I believe I’m a sinner. I believe the penalty
of my sin is death. But you also believe
Jesus loves me. That He died and rose from
the dead for my sin. Jesus, I surrender. I surrender. I give my life to You. As our eyes are closed and heads
are bowed, in a minute I ask you to stand and declare to
the world, I am going to live for Jesus. I don’t know how to
do it perfectly now. But I am going to walk away
from my old life. On the count of three, I will
ask you to stand to your feet. If you want the person who came
with you to stand with you, you just tap them on the shoulder,
lean, whatever it is, and ask them to stand with you. But on the count of three,
if you prayed that prayer, I’m gonna ask you to stand. One, two, three. Stand to your feet,
God bless you. If God spoke to you during that sermon and you feel like you want to ask Christ to be your savior, it’s as simple as A-B-C. Admit and accept that you are a sinner. The Bible says all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is Lord, that He died for your sin and rose from the dead. Then confess yourself a sinner and say, “Jesus, please forgive me of my sin.” If you would like to ask Jesus Christ to be your savior, just look at me right now, and pray this prayer with me in the privacy of your heart knowing that God knows you and loves you very much. Say, “Dear God, I believe that I am sinner. I know the penalty of my sin is death. I don’t want to die and go to hell. I believe that Jesus Christ is Lord, that He died and rose from the dead for my sin. I confess myself a sinner and ask Him to forgive me of my sin. Jesus, please forgive me of my sin. Fill me with the spirit of God. In Jesus name’, amen.” If you prayed that prayer, if you just asked Christ to be your savior, we want to know. We want to email you some resources. If you just prayed that prayer with me, to accept Jesus as your savior, click on the link that just appeared. We want to send you some free resources. God bless you and we will see you in Heaven.

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