Rock Church – Thanks & Giving – Part 3, Generosity Multiplier

God is love. And by living a life of
gratitude and generosity, we become the hands and feet of
love. When you give cheerfully and
thankfully it will change the trajectory of your life. It will impact the posture of
your heart. Resulting in life to the
fullest. Thanks and giving, it will bring
an abundance of joy and fulfillment that will surpass
anything this world can offer. My name is Mitch, I am
Behavioral support staff at a private school in Ocean Beach. I am the leader of the Bonfire
ministry and part of the events group here at The Rock. I grew up Catholic and my mom
worked at the church, I was always at the church. And high school was one big
party for me, one big social scene, drinking and drugging. And that became my new identity
and then I found heroin when I was 18. And I knew it would be bad if I
continued. And joined the military, did a
couple of tours and came back. Still doing my drugs. So I got kicked out of there and
between that time between two years ago it was just me and the
drug. Me doing anything I can to get
that next high. And anybody or anything that was
in my way, I was going to go through. I did some pretty gnarly things
to get that drug. There was just one day where I
woke up, I was really sick, withdrawn from the heroin. And I mean I didn’t want to
live. I did not want this life. And a started, I want to say
talking to God, me more like yelling at God. And then the thought came why
would God create life if this is what living is? I gave it to Him, and I said
okay, my way is not working. And I surrendered. And that was the strongest thing
I have ever done in my life. Just surrender to God. First month or two, I was in
physical pain. Didn’t care about anything else,
didn’t think about anything else. Just prayed.
Please God. And that was it. Please God.
Please God. And He just opened up different
doors in my life. Allowed me to find a free rehab
down here in San Diego. And you know that please God
prayer of mine started to be different. Thank you God. Thank you God every now and
then. And it seemed to make my days go
a little easier. I started doing a little bit
more living for God. To read the instruction manual,
the Bible. And my prayers started changing
more, what can I do for You. That’s probably one of the best
things to know, God can use me, God will use me if I get myself
out of the way. I met with Pastor Tim, it’s been
so cool because he’s kind of guiding me. And I would have been completely
lost if I didn’t meet him. And I have been kind of
following him around. And if he has a suggestion, I do
it. If he kind of — he’s the one
who appointed me to the Bonfire ministry. That changed my life and opened
doors and allowed me to meet people at the Rock. I haven’t had friends in a while
and started to get them back in the past few years, which is
awesome. To be around people who have
Christ at the forefront. You know. I think a really cool story, in
my one year sobriety. I get a text message from a
family member who took a picture of the newspaper. And my best friend from back
home in L.A. was arrested. And on that same day I was in
the lobby dressed up as Buzz Lightyear, waving to people
having a blast. I could have been right there
next to that guy. But yet I had a little bit of
trust in God. And His grace led me to that
point. And that day I thanked God and
never think I could do something like that and how things have
changed. And it’s weird now I say you
either have life or don’t. And life is such an amazing
gift. An amazing gift that might as
well enjoy it, might as well make something of this gift that
God has given us. The ultimate goal of drugs,
heroin and the way I was headed was to be dead behind a bush. Body rotting.
Forgotten about. And will Jesus took my place
behind that bush. He said no, you know, I have
something in store for you. So it’s easy for me to give Him
my life. [Applause] YO church. Jesus! How is everybody doing today? All ready to worship God today? Amen.
Today is obviously Veteran’s Day. And one we want to say hello to
the campuses and people in the military and around the world
and ask if you are in the military or your family is in
the military. Any and all of our campuses if
you stand up, we want to celebrate you and honor you. Amen.
Come on out. Come on church. God bless y’all. God bless y’all. Thank you. Stay standing, stay standing
please. Stay standing please. Come on give them a hand. Come on church. [Applause] Come on church.
Stay standing please. Sorry if it’s a little
embarrassing. I want to — if you can stay
standing please, I want to encourage all of you sitting,
whenever you see someone in the military or police, fire anyone
in the community, go and thank them. Don’t need to say more than
that, thank you for your service amen. Let’s practice that now, if
someone is standing next to you and give your name and say,
thank you for your service. Come on, let’s do that. For all of us who are not in the
military and don’t carry the burden you carry, experience our
spouse being away for months at a time and all the drama. And the things you see and the
drama you have. We don’t know but we do want to
say thank you. And especially for the things we
don’t understand. We appreciate what you do. We don’t know enough to
appreciate enough. So all we do is say thank you
out of our ignorance and appreciation for the sacrifice
that you make. And especially all of those
watching now in service somewhere around the country,
the world, we thank you for your service. And we pray and honor you 365
days a year, even though today is the day but we honor you 365
days a year. Give those a big hand. God bless you. [Applause] This is Dave, I will introduce
you to him in a minute and wonder who that guy is in Tommy
Bahama — is that Tommy Bahama. Yeah, it’s very comfortable. Come on down, baby. Next Sunday we are having our
special all-in offering. How many of you in here any
campuses, this is your church, raise your hand. Very good. Next week we are having our
all-in offering that is over and above what we give to do
projects for day-to-day operation. For example, Toys for Joy in a
few weeks and for $21 you can buy three gifts in this
pamphlet. And our global evangelism, we
have missionaries around the world and doing evangelism
online, about 1,000 people every day saved online. And we want to increase our
capacity to share the gospel with those people and serving
the military in town. And getting a new building for
San Ysidro campus, we need them a new building, keep in prayer
for a permanent building, they load in and out every day, thank
you San Ysidro for your sacrifice, give them a big hand,
amen. [Applause] We did that five years and moved
33 times first five years. And take out this pamphlet that
says, All in. Next week we will take a special
offering not to replace what you give but over to do extra. And read this and at your
leisure to get an idea where the money will go, and trying to
raise 3 million. And some of you say I don’t give
anything, this is a great time to start and God gave it to you
and as a trust to be a blessing to others. And some of you say God gave me
the ability to give more. Some of you can drop a check for
$5 or $5 million. And it’s up to you and my prayer
and encouragement that you let God speak what you give and it’s
his decision and not yours amen. Put that away. See your Bibles today on the
count of three say word. One.
Two. Three.
Say word. Good turn to John 3. And before we get to that, I
will do something here real quick. We got Thanksgiving coming up. How many of you love pumpkin
pie? Good, you see the pumpkin pie
right here. I want you to imagine this pie
is all the money that you make every month. Your full compensation however
you get money legally or illegally, all the income you
have. Someone said, hey, if someone
gave you money and won the lottery — not saying it’s
illegal, go for it. This is all your income. And often what happens is we
give God, we start spending it this way. We give God our mortgage. Some of y’all that’s this chunk. Say amen if you know what I am
talking about. YEEZ — then you say, I got to
pay my car note and I have to drive comfortable. So — because I have to go to
work to make money to have that house. Another chunk.
Well, I got to eat. Got to eat.
Got to eat. By the way, ain’t no Starbucks
in there, someone put that like that. Got a little chunk. Man, spend a lot of money over
here and clothes because I got to look cute. So I got my little clothes
budget. Oh, yeah, I got my bills. My gas.
My cable. Got to have my internet network,
got to have my grass cut. Got to have my light bill, my
water bill, my garbage bill, and let me take all of that. If I don’t have that, I can’t
live. And put that over here. And then oh, what about me? There you go —
And then you come to church. And you hear about tithing. And giving extra. And being faithful. Then you go — God, here’s your
crumbs. And you feel guilty. We want to talk about today is
fixin that. Amen.
Let’s start over. Here’s your all the money you
make. And God says I am the one who
gave that to you. How many believe that God is the
one that gave you the ability to make welt and have a job and
raise money. Amen. How many believe that God wrote
the Bible and for your good. And God says I gave it to you
and I want you to acknowledge me first and also it’s a sign of
trust, I will bless the rest. And what happens, you get paid
and you say, God you know what, I don’t care of the
circumstances and don’t trip on this slice, it’s a slice. And God you go first. How am I going do all of this
with that? Because when you do that first
and God blesses it. God says, come on now, I’m going
to bless that. It’s going to be so much better. So here’s what we will talk
about. We started this series two weeks
ago called thanks in giving. We talked about you can bring
health to that for which you give thanks. Last week we talked about
bringing health to your relationship with people, by
being grateful for them, whether you like them or not. When you align your heart with
God’s purpose for relationship which is to live in loving
community. You align your heart with that,
God’s purpose and God can bring health to your relationship. God brings health to your body
when you are more healthy and less illness, that’s psychology
today 101, the Bible will affirm that. You bring health to your
relationship saying thank you God and why we praise God first
to align our hearts and purpose. Can I get amen. Today we will talk about
bringing health and blessing to your money. How many of you want your money
to be blessed? Amen. And bringing health to your
money by aligning how you use it and, it’s a matter of trust and
function. Getting your finances in order. Dave has been teaching a life
financial class for 15 years. Give your background. My wife and I have been here
almost 20 years now, still at San Diego state. 15 years ago we started teaching
biblical stewardship, rock financial life. We attend at Point Loma and
teach at all the campuses and still do. Fabulous and we will get into
today establishing trust and the structure of getting budgets
together. Talk about rock financial life,
to get our finances. Now I want to preface it by
saying this, I want to apologize to you. Because talking about money is
the thing I am most uncomfortable about, which I
should not be, but I am. And I had someone in our church
that I have known from the beginning, who said, I am so
glad that you are not good at raising money. That was a good thing and bad
thing. The good thing I don’t feel like
I am scamming you. But at the same time I have at
responsibility to teach you about finances. It’s important. How you treat your finances is
directly connected to your trust in God. So I am going to do a better job
with that starting with today. The more you are faithful in
your finances the more you will be blessed in finances, and the
more you have faith in your message blessed in your message. And today we will challenge and
speak to you for your benefit and church benefit. We are trying to change San
Diego and we can’t do it without your time, talent and treasure. Definitely not without your
attendance, this is the huddle and we run the play when we
leave, amen. Let’s get into this.
Let’s pray. How many you want a breakthrough
in your finances, pray after me. Father in Jesus’ name I cancel
any agreement that I have made with the enemy. Holy Spirit reveal any lie I
believe. Show me your truth. Transform the way I think. Transform how I handle your
money in Jesus’ name, everybody said amen. Amen. Everybody say amen.
Great. Get this out, please, your
lesson plan out and get a pen. If you don’t have a pen, we will
give you stuff to take home. As we go through this my prayer
is that the Holy Spirit will set you free. Number 1, in the lesson plan it
says, we are designed to be generous. How many think that God designed
you to be stingy? Raise your hand. How many say that God designed
me to be generous. Some of you like — how many of
you believe by a show of hands that God designed us to be like
him and be generous, amen. Okay, great. Watch this, how many would
like to give more, raise your hand. All campuses, raise your hand. How about this, how many you
would like to be able to give more, raise your hand. Look around, that’s all of us. Great, if we want to do that
we can. John 3:16, we are designed to be
generous. Talk about that. So God designed us after his
own image and we know he’s a giver. John 3:16, for God so loved the
world that he what? Gave, God is a giver. Everything I have he gave us,
and in fact the next breath that I take he gave me. The next breath. For God so loved the world
that he gave his only begotten son who believes in him shall
not perish but have eternal life. God is such a big giver that he
gave his own son. You may say he didn’t give me my
job, I got it. He didn’t give me my house, I
bought it. A couple of things, if you don’t
think that God gave it to him. Would you say to him, God I got
this on my own and you can’t take it. I didn’t think so. So just acknowledge that he gave
it to you. We give because we are like God. Turn to Genesis, first book of
the Bible, Genesis 1. Verse 27. Yeah, we’re created in his
image, we are image bearers. We have his DNA in us, so if God
is a giver, what does that make us? If his desire is to be generous,
what does that mean for us? It’s in us, we desire to be more
generous. Guess what happens when you
live like God? You are more at peace and happy
because he created us to live like him in relationship with
him. Being thankful. Praising him aligns our hearts
with his heart so we can be like him. Versus arguing with him. Saying, God what do you want me
to do? I want to love like you and
encourage like you and generous like you with my thanks, money
and time and expertise, amen. Number 2, we are deceived about
generosity. The enemy lies to us all the
time about our capability to be generous. We think it’s just a check book
issue, it’s not what is in your check book, it’s what is here. Turn to Romans 8, the sixth
book of the New Testament. One, two, three, four, five,
six. Romans 8. One of the deceptions and the
tools of deception is fear. Romans 8:15… Often we think we don’t give
because we have fear. Talk about that. Right, so we lose sleep at
night. We are anxious. We are stressed out, we are
afraid because of what our check book says. We feel fear but you have to
understand, fear is a spirit, it’s from the enemy. So the enemy attacks you and
tells you all of these lies and it plays out in your emotions. And it makes you — I can’t be
generous, I won’t have enough. Uh-huh. We are spiritual beings and we
are constantly in spiritual battle. And often anxiety may come on
you and fear or doubt come on you. You are in contact with evil
spirits all the time. It doesn’t mean you are demon
possessed necessarily. We have had demon possessed
people doing stuff, for real. For real. But you can hear a lie going, he
doesn’t love you. He’s cheating on you. He ain’t cheating on you. You are going to be homeless. Stop this out of nowhere
comments, where does that come from? You are in a spiritual battle,
and you want to align your heart with the spirit of God, that
tells you good news that you are covered and God is not going to
leave you or forsake you and take care of your needs, can I
get amen. That comes first with thanking
and honoring God, turn to Matthew 6:33. We are afraid that God won’t
take care of us, if I am generous he will leave me out to
dry. And that would be a heartless
God is not. And Matthew 6:33… This passage is from the sermon
on the mount and Jesus is teaching a variety of things and
talks about how God feeds the birds and clothes the lilies of
the field, and telling us that he will meet your needs. You can trust him. If he takes care of a bird, he
will think more about you than the little bird. And he thinks a lot about that
little bird. Think about this, before the
sun comes up and I don’t know how many of you awake before the
sun comes up. And do a show of hands, not to
shame you getting up after the sun is not right or wrong. Just an idea. How many of you are up before
the sun goes up? Very good. How many of you want to be up
but not really. Pay attention tomorrow. That right as the sun is coming
up, you hear singing. Singing. You’re listening to birds
singing that have no 401K. They have no pantry. They have no money. They are singing and again now
that’s all fact. This is my interpretation of
God’s word. God says I’m the one who feeds
them. They know it. Now this is me talking, they are
singing praise in advance of what I am going to do in their
life. That’s me. God made them and I will make
them sing before I feed them. And you watch them sing, do you
praise me before you have anything, before I bless you? That’s the witness, all creation
praises God because all of creation was made to praise him
and acknowledge that he is taking care of them. Every day birds go, are you
singing, I don’t have food, I don’t have 401K, I don’t have 20
pairs of Prada shoes — does Prada make shoes? I don’t know. Purses.
Okay, purses. Okay, my bad. Thank God I don’t know what
Prada is. “B,” lack of ability, about
generosity we don’t have the ability to give. Yeah, we think that we can’t
— we don’t use these words but what is in there we don’t trust
God. And because of that, that
spiritual lie now becomes a natural lie. We look at other things that
other people have. Any given day we see things
other people have that we think, wow I would love to have one of
those. That would be nice to have one
of these. Or you see on TV or social media
and we get jealous and we have discontent. Those are heart issues, those
are heart sickness. Our heart is out of order and
our finances are out of order. Do you know that you as we are
talking about money. Every single principle, every
single principle that has to do with money has to do with the
heart. You don’t trust God with your
heart and you go with comfortable. I will go to church once a
month, not going to give my time, or serve or rGroup. But it’s a heart issue, it’s not
a money issue. It’s a heart issue, it’s not a
time issue. Every single one of you that
have ever been in a relationship, as a matter of
fact how many of you in all campuses, online. How many of you ever had a
really close friend in your life. It’s not a trick question. You know what happened? You met someone that you clicked
with, maybe immediately, maybe not immediately and you with
very little data. Sometimes immediately with no
data. Other than you were talking to
them for a minute and you said, I trust you because something
feels right. And you gave your heart. That is a trust issue. Being in love is a trust issue. Something you feel says I can
trust this person. And for all of us who had our
heart broke we know that our ability to trust is imperfect. But God is perfect, can’t never
go wrong. So it’s a trust issue, that’s
number one. The other part is a function
issue with our finances out of order. Yes, if I am jealous or
discontent I use his resources in ways that he wouldn’t want me
to use them. And then all of a sudden I have
debt load crushing me or spend every month than I make and I
give away the security that he wants for me. Everything that God wants for
you is perfect, every thought he has for you is perfect. What he tells you to do or not
do is perfect. He can’t be improved on. How many of you want in your
heart to say, I can do everything I want with the money
that God has given me. Raise your hand.
Here’s how that can happen. When your desires are aligned
with your resources. I was on a plane the other day
talking to a guy and to make a long story short, his boss is a
multibillionaire but rides commercial in the back of plane. And I don’t know that man but
that’s what he wants. Being able to do what you want
doesn’t mean you have to everything you want. It means that your desires are
lined up with your resources. If you say, God give me the
desires of my heart. I want you to give me what I
want supposed to want. Give it to me. Put the desires in my heart and
God will give you desires. Once he knows that his desires
are in your heart and good with that, he will give you the
resources. You follow what I am saying. Some of you want to give, you
are giving but not doing other things properly to align your
resources with desires. Talk about that. A lot of people say I want to
give, I can’t and I am in debt and don’t have the resources and
frustrated. Yeah, you think of the
problem looking at numbers and really it’s a spiritual issue. We can say I trust God, right,
it’s easy to say. But faith is actually walking it
out. Faith isn’t what I believe, it’s
what I do. Talk about the “R” class is
how you can help get your finances aligned and budget
right to free up resources to enjoy life and be generous at
the same time. Yeah, it’s all about teaching
and talk what you said, Miles, it’s what God wants for us. If you believe what he wants for
you is perfect. Then we want to talk about how
he wants you to think about money. How to prioritize your giving. How to use your resources in a
way that honors him. And it blesses us. It frees us. We want to get our thinking
aligned with what he says, our actions will align what he says. And blessing is released. So the class is Saturday,
talk about the class. We will have a half day
seminar this Saturday, the 17th in Point Loma from 8:30 to noon. Childcare is available.
And we will talk about that. We will talk about what God
wants. How God thinks about moneyment
how God wants you to use it to glorify him. It will help you get free.
Anybody want to be free? Anybody want to experience a
breakthrough in your finances. You need a breakthrough? Nobody needs a breakthrough? Every campus. And it’s learning to do it his
way. Let’s back up. How many of you would love to
have a supernatural life, raise your hand? Guess what, you have to do
spiritual things. You are not going to have it
coming here and listening to me once a month. Not going to happen. How many of you would love to
speak powerfully and with anointing and have your words
bring supernatural change in other people’s lives. You have to read the Bible or
it’s not going to happen. I was talking to a friend of
mine, witnessing to him and get saved and he says, when I die I
will say I know you. I said, they will send you right
to hell. I said, do not mention my name,
you better say you know Jesus. How many of you would like a
breakthrough in your finances? You have to do it his way. God will not bless you. Doesn’t mean you won’t be able
to make more money. You can make all the money in
the world and still be miserable, and still be broke. And still be in bondage. Or you can make less money and
be free. So Saturday at 8:30 and running
this class for 15 years. And teach you not to only get
your mind and heart right about money. But here’s how you budget,
here’s how you plan and how you get out of debt and generous at
the same time. If you have kids, bring your
kids, we’ll take care of your kids, amen. Why?
What is that going to do? That is aligning your finances
with God, saying God, I’m going to do it your way. How many of y’all would be
interested, not making you make a commitment. But all campuses and how many of
you would be interested, I think I would number one benefit from
a class like that. Raise your hand really high. Okay, I am not going to commit
you to come to the class. But you just said I can benefit,
so we have the class for you and you have to say why wouldn’t I
go. Other than you have something
you can’t get out of. That’s what we want to offer to
you. And what happens to your life? The number one cause of divorce
money. Money. It’s going on help your
marriage. It’s going to help your
relationship. Help your mental and emotional
state, amen. Amen. There is a lie that maybe
running through your head right now, that we want your money. Can’t be further from the truth. We don’t want something from
you, we want something for you. We want you to be free. Amen.
We want you to be free. Amen, look at 3, we are
rewarded when we give generous. This is important. Giving is an opportunity, not
obligation. Everyone say opportunity. Say obligation. If you hear someone you have to
tithe. You don’t have to tithe. And you don’t have to give
anything or pray or read your Bible or even come to church. Now if you don’t, there are
blessings you will not receive. You don’t have to receive Jesus
Christ as your Savior. You really don’t. Now you won’t go to heaven but
you don’t have to do it. What does that mean? You have to say if I do these
things there is a reward or blessing or benefit. Do you want to do it for the
benefit? Absolutely. Who wants to go to hell. Who wants to be miserable. So when we talk about giving,
you have to do it because I have to give. No. I am honoring God and God is
going to bless me. If anything, if anything, I am
going to be blessed by removing the burden of greed. I’m going to be set free that I
am not enslaved to money. What a blessing. God wants — the Bible says that
God has blessed you with all the spiritual blessings in heavenly
places. Why wouldn’t you want what God
wants for you? So when we talk about giving
there is tithing, yes. Tithing 10% of your gross, not
your net. Why?
What do you want God to bless? Your gross or net. And offering is over and above
that and you say God I am going to bless you first and I’m going
to watch what you do. You should never obey God and
not expect God to respond by giving you a big hug in some
form or fashion. If you pray with your wife,
watch what happens. If you serve, watch what
happens. Does that mean he will give you
more money? Not necessarily. He may give you more joy, you
want more money or joy. Or he may be give you both, and
guess what he will do, he will switch it up because he’s like
that. He goes bam, bam, bam. Because that’s how God is and
God will give you something and you go bam, and you go old snap. And what God says, I want you to
give that away. Cool, because I know something
else is coming. That’s how God rolls. You don’t have to give but you
have to want to give, God I am giving because I trust you. And last I want to end with this
last point on here. We build the kingdom. And by the way all of this is
done by faith. When you gave your heart to
someone you do by faith. You do this by faith. God is going to put on your
heart to give financially and I don’t know why I am doing this,
that’s how it works. Someone curse you and you say I
don’t know why I am doing this but I will tell someone I love
them. In this world the rules of this
world are opposite the rules of the kingdom. If you come here all the time
and go, every time I go to church, I feel like they are
telling me something different. Yes we are, we are telling the
rules of the kingdom. And the rules of this world are
opposite. Here hoard. God says give. They are the opposite. That’s the battle. Here when you obey these rules
you get death. When you obey his rules you get
life. That’s how you can prove it.
Just test it. Do it your way and watch what
happens, something is going to die. Do it God’s way, something will
come to life. In a minute we’re going to pray. All of these principles are
about your heart. This is not a money issue. It’s a heart issue. It’s not about how much pie you
have, it’s how much faith you have. Before I get to that, I want to
comment on the last point we build the kingdom. Yeah, Janet and I have been
called to this, this our home church, where we have been
planted. And we get the privilege of
impacting the kingdom, impacting the world around us by our
giving. Our generosity allows us to see
God move. Every Sunday I get to see God
move in the hearts of people and I want to see more.
How about you guys? You want to see more of God, you
want to see God change San Diego.
You want to see him change? That’s up to us. God’s chosen to work through his
people to impact the world. That starts with me.
That’s why I give. Here’s what we’re going to
do. Next week we are having this
offering, I want you to pray this week. God what do you want me to do? Don’t do anything that Miles
wants you to do — sorry, yes, this is what I want you to do. My bad. Don’t give an amount because I’m
not asking for an amount. What I am asking you to do is
pray to God and be obedient. Why? Because when you are obedient to
God, God blesses you and when you do it for God, you go to God
for the response. I’m in the middle, I say go to
him. I can’t do anything for you. I was saying my friend that to
be saved and he will die and go to heaven and says he knows me. We have had this conversation 10
times, listen, don’t say my name. I know that is not going to
happen and in all seriousness, even though it’s a joke, it’s
very real. All you have is Jesus, that’s
all you have. And if you go home and say God I
don’t need you, you don’t. You don’t need God and you can
live without Him and when you die you won’t go to heaven and
when you live you won’t experience the blessings of
being with Him. You don’t necessarily need Him
but to get what he has, you need Him. If you want to be blessed by God
you have to do it His way. My request for you as we prepare
for next week, okay, God do you want me to give over and above. By the way, some of you don’t
give at all. You come to church and take and
complain. What’s that? Just be honest with yourself.
What is that? You wouldn’t want someone to do
that and Jesus died. So step back and go wait a
minute, is this my church? Do I go every week? Come every week? Do I bring friends? Are I trying to reach out to the
community? Am I doing just the basics. That’s a heart thing. In the United States of America
a lot of churches are institutions that you go and pay
your respect, check the box. That is the last thing we want
to do. We have plenty of other stuff we
can do. This is I am going to church
because I believe in who Jesus is, that we love Jesus. That we want you to love Jesus
and loving Jesus is the best option for your life. And want to give my time and be
in rGroup and pray, and yes my finances is absolutely a part of
that. Why Jesus in the Bible talks
about money why? Because He knows we are like
this. He knows. And for you to go home this week
and say, Lord what do you want me to do. And for some of you, Lord is
this my church. If my church, I need to go to
church and tithe as a basic. And then over and above that,
what do you want me to do. And some of you have tons of
money, God blessed you with the ability to make money. It’s all His. You can pay off this building,
you can pay off this building. So why don’t you? We can take all of that interest
and use it for ministry. I don’t have it. My wife and I give, I have been
tithing since saved in 1984 and give over and above that. And we are blessed and we keep
giving. We are not asking you to do
anything that we don’t do. And giving boxes at the exits
and some of you didn’t give and I am stingy. And you may leave here and put a
check in the box, why? Because God called you to. It’s all about obedience. One guy said I want you to give
it to me, if God told you to give it, give it. You don’t have to use your money
to have a meeting. Just do it. If you are at work and God told
you to do something, just do it. We will pray in a minute. And I’m going to ask you to give
your heart to God. Because if He doesn’t have your
heart, you can’t buy your way into heaven. You can say here’s my money, no,
He needs this first. It has to come with God, thank
you. I pray in a minute that I give
your heart to God and give you a chance to demonstrate that in
all campuses. You may give your heart to God
because you are getting saved. Or you need to give your heart
to God, you prayed a prayer but you didn’t give your heart to
Him, you are not committed. I ask you to bow your heads on
all campuses. Bow your heads and close your
eyes. And I’m going to make this
really short. And really simple. If you want to give your heart
to God, just pray this prayer. God, I give you my heart. You gave your life for me, and
I’m not going to play anymore games with You. Forgive me. I surrender. My whole life to You. My time. My money. My talents. My relationships. My future. It’s all Yours. As our eyes are closed and heads
are bowed in all campuses in a minute I ask you to stand if you
prayed that prayer. If you came with someone and
want them to pray with you, tap them on the shoulder or leg or
whatever it is. But let’s get real with God
today. So if you prayed that prayer, in
a minute I’m going to ask you to stand up. I’m going to count to three.
One, two, three. If God spoke to you during that sermon and you feel like you want to ask Christ to be your savior, it’s as simple as A-B-C. Admit and accept that you are a sinner. The Bible says all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is Lord, that He died for your sin and rose from the dead. Then confess yourself a sinner and say, “Jesus, please forgive me of my sin. If you would like to ask Jesus Christ to be you savior, just look at me right now, and pray this prayer with me in the privacy of your heart knowing that God knows you and loves you very much. Say, “Dear God, I believe that I am a sinner. I know the penalty of my sin is death. I don’t want to die and go to hell. I believe that jesus Christ is Lord, that He died and rose from the dead for my sin. I confess myself a sinner and ask Him to forgive me of my sin. Jesus, please forgive me of my sin. and fill me with the spirit of God. In Jesus’ name, amen. If you prayed that prayer, if you just asked Christ to be your savior, we want to know. We want to email you some resources. If you just prayed that prayer with me, to accept Jesus as your savior, click on the link that just appeared. We wanto to send you some free resources. God bless you and we will see you in Heaven.

2 thoughts on “Rock Church – Thanks & Giving – Part 3, Generosity Multiplier”

  1. 36:54 "slave to money" – If you don't believe that the enemy is constantly looking to create a detour or roadblock let me share with you something. Recently made the commitment not to have alcohol and pray more to give thanks for all that God has given me. I had some car issues but God gave the me Money to take care of them. While I was walking along the sidewalk a man, who looked out of place wearing slick hair tommy Bahama shirt and shorts, asked me if the was a liquor store along the path that I passed. It gave me pause as I explained that it was just behind the building we were standing in front of because as I looked into his eyes it felt like he was looking through me instead of at me. At that moment I just turned and continued to walk toward the bus stop to stay on track with my plans to fix my car. The man stayed in that location even as I made it to the corner and crossed. I realized that the enemy is using my need for money to keep me a "Slave to Money" as I sometimes feel like I need money more than I need God in my life. God is good and always speaking to me but sometimes I don't hear his voice as I continue to struggle to be faithful to God and His plan for me. Thank you and God bless you

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