Rock Church – Thanks & Giving – Part 1, I’m So Blessed

God is love. And by living a life of
gratitude and generosity we become the hands and feet of
love. When you give cheerfully and
thankfully, it will change the trajectory of your life. It will impact the posture of
your heart. Resulting in life to the
fullest. Thanks and giving. It will bring an abundance of
joy and fulfillment that will surpass anything this world can
offer. Amen, church. [Applause] Let’s give the Lord a hand! [Applause] Who’s the man? Jesus. How is everybody doing today,
how about is everybody doing today. Can I ask you to stand up. Are you ready for church? We have fire for you. Say fire. Look at the person next to you
and say I am thankful for you. We want to welcome all of our
campuses and all seven campuses that we have, four physical
campuses, and online campus and the prison campus and
microsites. Give those people a big hand,
God bless y’all. [Applause] It is good to be back. How many here last week with
Keith Craft? I was at his church speaking for him. He
sends me a text every Sunday and last Sunday before he spoke here, he worked
out. I told his church that he
sent me a picture of him half naked in tank top and shorts. I just worked out and going
to preach at your church. And I am going to preach at your
church. I am excited about this series and how
God is going to challenge you. Let’s say a word of prayer. Look at the person next to you
and say, I want God to challenge me today. Very good, very good. Very good. Some of y’all are like I don’t
know if I want God to challenge me. I want to come here and get
feel-good, I feel bad, don’t want to feel worse. You come to the wrong place. Lord, thank you so much for your
faithfulness and thank you that you are always good to us. whether we like it or not, Thank you for your patience
and thank you for thankfulness in Jesus’ name, amen. Give someone next to you a big
hug. Amen. Everybody say November 18. Everyone say November 18. That’s four Sundays from now
including today, we will have our annual all-in offering, that
is an offering to go to special projects, evangelism, offerings,
online evangelism, local ministry and Toys for Joy that
we will have, and last year we gave 22,000 toys and food and
clothes to 22,000 kids and families. We have been doing that since
before the church started. Actually. I think this is our 21st year of
doing that, amen. Let’s give the Lord a hand, amen
now. [Applause] And I believe last year we had
5,000 volunteers at that event, it was awesome and in four
locations around San Diego. On November 18, say November 18,
we will have our special offering to raise $3 million
over and above, for example, we are trying to get a building in
San Ysidro, that takes extra money and will 2-3 million to
get a building and trick it out and have video, and we want to
raise extra money to do those things. And on November 18 we will have
a special offering and want you to pray what you will have to
do. If you are the kind of person
that gets your panties in a bunch when we talk about money
— Pray. Just pray. Okay. Everything that we ever ask you
to do is out of obedience to the Bible and you pray and have what
God call you to do. Some of you don’t give at all
and some give $5 a month or start tithing some have the
ability to give 1 million. We ask that you pray and let God
decide what you do. And don’t let me coax you. That’s all we need to do. Amen. If you pull out this bulletin,
this pamphlet that says, “all in” in the bulletin. Some things that the money goes
to. We have a deal with a toy
manufacturer, we get a deal of $21 for Toys for Joy, and
getting people saved online for 41 cents a person and 1,000
people a day get saved online and we follow up and this is to
pray and don’t want to take from the money to turn the lights on
to do this. Has to be over and above. Put this on your refrigerator
and pray, and when November 18 comes this is what God told me
to do. You can’t out give God and let
him decide and what what he does in your life. We walk by faith, not by sight. Put that away and get your
Bibles out. On the count of three, say word. Word — [Laughter] On the count of three, say word. One. two. Three.
Say word. One more time, church say word. Luke 17.
Luke 17. Luke 17. I have been going around talking
about the third options to churches. And often when I go to this
church they don’t know someone coming to talk about racism and
someone that they don’t know. So I ask permission to over cook
their grits. How many of you do not know what
that means? Raise your hand. Grits is like oatmeal and
runnier and to put the fire to it to over cook. And do I have permission to
overcook your grits. When you come, expect to get
your grits uncooked and when we get uncomfortable a challenge to
move in your seat and get a different perspective. Amen. When I was in high school I
bought a pair of sunglasses. I am not a big sunglass person,
these are prescription and turn colors and I don’t like people
not to see my eyes, the window to your soul. So in high school I bought these
sunglasses and not these specifically but were pink and
everything looked pink and it was odd and I thought they
looked cool, and I saw everything pink. Imagine if you had a pair of
sunglasses and everything you looked at, you only saw the good
in it. And every person that you saw,
the glasses showed you what was good in them. It showed you what was good that
God was doing in your life. It showed you the blessings in
your life. Your house.
Your clothes. Your shoes. You may think I only have 20
pair and my friend has 25. Diva. And instead of complaining you
not only saw all the good things in your life, but you gave voice
to thank God for those things. Because God only does good in
your life. Look at what the Bible says in
Romans 8:28, it says all things work together for good — for
the good. Everyone say all things. Everything works together for
good. How many of you have drama,
guess what God will work it out for good, if you love him and
obey him. If you don’t obey him it might
not work out for good. You have to obey him and trust
him through the process. He’s leading through the valley
of shadow of death and if you say man, you are messed up and
let go of his hand and leave yourself in the valley of the
shadow of death. You’re in trouble. But if you say, Lord, I know we
are getting through this, that’s a fun thing. You follow what I say. The Bible says in Psalm 100:4,
enter into his gates with thanksgiving. Everyone say Thanksgiving. Every say Thanksgiving. God says I don’t want you coming
to my presence complaining. I don’t want to hear that. Man, God what’s up. Not what’s up — mutant, go back
and try it again. Enter into my gates with
Thanksgiving, thank me. And I Thessalonians 5:16, it
says rejoice — what, always. What percent of the time is 100
— hunin’. Give thanks in all
circumstances. Everyone say all. Say all. Colossians 3:17 whatever you do
in word or deed do in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks
to God. Philippians 4:6-7, be anxious
for nothing, anxiety is an anticipated desire. If you are anxious right now
about something, you are anticipating something negative
happen. Most of the time, 80% of the
time the things that we think and worry about never happen and
20% of the time you can’t do anything about it and never as
bad as you think. So you just wasted a whole lot
of energy and stressed people out over nuthin’. Be anxious for nuthin’ — I
don’t know how to spell that. But in everything — everyone
say everything. But in everything, everyone say
everything. By prayer and supplication with
thanksgiving. Dear Lord, I don’t know how you
are going to pay my bills. I don’t know how I will going to
feed my kids. But thank you, you have a plan. I cannot tell you how many our
Toys for Joys van and try to go to all, four around and can’t
get to all, all over the county. And moms have come up to me, and
we give bags of food to everyone in addition to the toys for the
kids. And last year we gave 300,000
articles of clothing as well, y’all you have clothing, give it
away. This lady, how many times, moms
have come to me crying. And they said, I didn’t know how
I was going to feed my kids. Be thankful that’s not your
problem and that you get to be a part of that blessing to someone
else. Be anxious for nothing but in
prayer with thanksgiving let your requests be known to God
that the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will
guard your heart, mind and soul. I have this proposal, that when
you are thankful God brings healing into your life. When you are thankful for your
money, God brings healing into your finances. Some of you finances are jacked
up. And by the way may not be that
you don’t have money, you just have angst about it and you have
Angst about it because you are not honoring God with it, you
are hoarding it. And some of you have
relationships with people and can heal them by being thankful
for them to them. I am thankful for you. It can be that simple, that a
relationship can be healed by saying thankful. A few months ago I think of how
I don’t say thank you to my wife enough. And he gives me pills all day — I take like 50 pills a day. Not pills but supplements but
little things that you put in your mouth and swallow. And I said, thank you dear for
poisoning me — it’s not poison. Okay, take this, you paid
insurance, very good, take this. I said thank you for your
spousal support, I appreciate you. Thankfulness can bring healing
to relationships and purpose. Lord thank you that you gifted
me I don’t know exactly what all of those gifts are and I don’t
know exactly how to use them. But thank you. That you have a plan for my life
and I am looking to understand it. Because when you thank God you
put God in his right position. You put yourself in your right
position. When you thank him for
opportunities you put the opportunities in right
perspective. And healing happens. Healing is when something works
according to its original intent. Look at your notes. Take you through the five
definitions. Number 1, thankfulness is an
expression or pleased or satisfied. It’s being aware, expressing
your awareness, your pleasure with a received benefit. Say amen if you have benefited
from God in any way. Say amen if God has blessed you
beyond what you deserve, say amen. Very good. You expressing that is being
thankful. Generous is something given in
abundance bountifully and unselfishly. In other words you can say all
day long, God thank you for my health, thank you for my clothes
and teeth and thank you for my smooth bald hair because my hair
fell out. Thank you for my toes. Thank you for the friends in my
life and thank you where I live and thank you for the bus ticket
and trolley ticket. Thank you for my car. And for the ability to turn
water on. Thank you, do you know how many
hundreds of people die because they don’t have cleaned water? If you know you are on welfare
you are top 10% of the world. Lord thank you, you can’t say
thank you enough to God. I acknowledge your benefit and
being generous and saying over and over again, most of us are
hoarders of thankfulness. We have all of this bitterness
in our heart, we are hoarding it because we don’t want to give
thanks to flush that garbage out. Unhealthy is when something is
not working according to its design, and health is something
working according to its design, and healing is process of
aligning something to work according to its design. When you get saved, that’s a
healing event. A lot of Christians don’t
believe in healing, I don’t know what they are tripping on. That’s crazy. When you ask Christ to be your
Savior, your jacked up relationship with God is healed. Your relationship with your
purpose is healed. Your relationship with the
spirit of God is healed. And you spend your whole life
getting clarity on this healing. And that’s healing. And when you thank God and say
Lord I thank you and praise you and honor you, things get
aligned to the way they should be. But when you walk around and I
don’t have this, and I don’t have enough of this. And I should got that raise or
that office by the window and get that girl. And you are WHAA and God is like
— you are off right now because not recognizing the glory. And this is from psychology
magazine, and some of you think that psychology is the study of
the devil, and please, it’s the study of your mind and God made
it to glorify him. And everything that God made,
his wisdom and power can be seen in what he made. If you study what he made, you
see God. When you sit on the beach and
the sun going down, you see everyone stop and go — And God is, you are tripping on
that, that’s only fire. I can do way more better than
that. How many of you have seen a baby
be born. How many of never have seen a
baby born, a human being coming out of a woman. Raise your hand. You ain’t seen nuthin’. My wife was in labor 12 hours,
29 hours, 49 hours, three kids, it doubled every time. Usually it’s supposed to go
shorter but I think she has sin in her life and God dealing with
it — that’s just me. Want you to imagine a human
being 40 weeks in water, under water. A human being under water for 40
weeks. That’s a baby in the womb. And then the baby comes out,
sees the mother and father and goes — [crying] that’s what
happens. A blessing from God. That’s what happens. Gratitude opens the door for
more relationships. This is from the journal of
psychology and not only does thank you constitute good
manners but showing appreciation helps make friends. Grateful people experience few
aches and pains and report feeling healthier than people
that complain. How many want to be healthier? Stop complaining. Tell God thank you. And watch this, God thank you,
thank you, the pain is gone, boom. Gratitude reduces a multitude of
toxic emotions. When you think negative you have
toxic emotions in your brain. When you think negative you have
toxic emotions in your brain released from envy, frustration,
all release toxic emotions. Gratitude helps people sleep
better. If you go to bed complaining you
are not going to sleep good. You will be like — How many of you argue with
people right before you go to bed and stay up all night. I’m not the only one — come on,
raise your hand. If you write down so thankful
for my pillow. So thankful for God. So thankful for my room. I’m so thankful for the
temperature. I’m so thankful — ZZZZ. Gratitude improves self-esteem
and mental strength. Your years show that gratitude
reduces stress and major role of overcoming trauma. Vietnam war veterans with stress
indicate post-traumatic stress disorder. And Jesus is walking down the
road and lepers cried out to heal. And leprosy is a disease
of the limbs and in the video and they
talk like that, and you had to
stay three feet away from the leper, or if the wind is blowing
30 feet because their cooties can jump on you. And if you were leper you had to
stay isolated and contagious and no cure. And talk like this and 10 lepers
see Jesus and cry out to him, master, master have mercy on us. He’s going to heal all 10 but
only one comes and says thank you. I wonder how many of have never
said thank you to God what he’s done for you not only what he’s
done but what he does. Day-by-day. Moment-by-moment. Thank you for that. Thank you for that. Look at what it says, let’s read
the story… It says… Luke 17:11. How many men were lepers? Everyone say 10. I will ask you a lot of math
questions, very simple. The numbers are 10, 9 and 1. Say 10, 9 and 1. Simple math, you should be able
to get this… How many men lepers? 10. I would like participation from
all campuses, everyone take a deep breath in and say 10. I want everyone to put your
Bible down for a minute and give me this, the thriller. And all campuses lift your
hands, see the hands. Do this.
Okay, very good, everybody here. Say Jesus. Say, master. Have mercy on us. Very good, so they crowded Jesus
and say, Jesus. They lift up their voices and
when he saw them, he said, go show yourself to the priest. Now when you got healed, you
have to show yourself to the priest so that the priest can
certify that you are healed and now go back to the general
population and go to school and people’s houses and synagogue. The priest had to say they are
clean, by Jewish law, Old Testament standard. Go to the priest knowing when
they got there they would be healed. How many were lepers. Not a trick question. How many were lepers.
10. How many lepers?
10. Very good and it says, verse
14, go show yourself to the priest and so as they went they
were healed. Give me — give me thriller. Say Jesus — Have mercy on us. Go show yourself to the priest. Okay. So as they were walking they are
like — whoa. We got healed. How many lepers?
10. Not a trick question. How many healed?
10. Very good. Not trying to trick you. How many lepers? 10. How many healed?
10. And verse 15, one of them
when he saw he was healed turned around and said with a loud
voice, glorify God. How many lepers got healed?
10. How many went back to say
thank you. One. How many did not go back and
say thank you. Nine. Nine is what percent of 10 — yeah, 10 math people got that
right. Everyone else like — Ahhhh. 90% of the people weren’t
thankful. I wonder if that’s you? Look at what it says. He went back and verse 16, fell
on his face. At his feet. Giving thanks and he was a
Samaritan. Look at number 1 in your notes. Number 1, praise God loud and
often. You should be telling God every
day thank you. As loud as you complain, you
should praise God. Because you have so much — say
amen if you know that you have more than you can thank God than
you know. Can I get amen. What we will do real quick, I
want to take 30 seconds and out loud, mumble and do it low. Get you warmed up. Real low, say thank you God for
this and honor you for this. 30 seconds — I will give you 15
seconds because you might run out of stuff, right now 15
seconds tell God out loud what you are thankful for. Go. Sounds like a Pentecostal
church. Okay, stop. Some of you weren’t saying
anything, you know why? EW. Um. Um. You too good to talk? Or you don’t know what he’s done
for you? Or is this a show? Here’s what we will do now, 15
seconds, 20 seconds, I want you to shout to God. Because you — we, me, don’t
deserve anything we have. I want you to shout. By the way, shout, stand up and
scream, and I want you to tell God how good he is for what he’s
done for you. All campuses. Come on, tell God how good it
is. Thank you.
Praise you. Honor you.
You are awesome. Thank you for our food. Thank you for our church. Thank you for our building. Thank you for our clothes. Thank you for our pain. Thank you for our lessons. Jesus, thank you, we praise you,
we honor you. Amen, you may be seated. If there is one thing that we
need to practice, there are so many people who are professional
complainers. You have perfected the ability
to complain. You have perfected the ability
to find something negative. And tell as many people as you
can in five different languages. God says, if you can perfect
telling me and thanking me and honoring me and giving it to me. And serve me. I will do miracles in your life. Number 2, look at what it says,
number 2. Once you brag about God, we will
brag about you. You brag about God, he will brag
about you. You think God will brag about
someone that complains. I had a pastor say help me grow
my church 4,000 people, like I have a magic formula. And I said, why do you want
4,000 people, he didn’t have an answer. Conversation over. How can you ask for something
that you don’t know what to do with it. And how can he trust you. Some say I don’t have money,
because God can’t trust you with it. You don’t give. You come and take and complain. You don’t serve. You come and take and complain. You don’t go to rGroup, you
complain. It’s too loud and white smoke — instead of what you have and
what God blessed you. And if he could trust you he
would give you more blessings and not horde. And look at verse 16, he fell
down on his face and gave thanks and he was a Samaritan,
not a Jew. And Jesus said were there not — how many got healed? 10. Where were the nine? Jesus saying, hold up. Hold up. I blessed every single one of
you in this place. I blessed every single one of
you in this place. Every single day. And you can’t tell me thank you? You can’t stand to shout thank
you. You can’t praise me, you can’t
come on time and worship. You can’t bring your Bible. You can’t serve. You can’t give. Really?
And you are complaining to me. Now I am saying this out of my
passion. God would probably say it gently
like, so I bless you and you don’t do that? Because he doesn’t have to yell. So excuse my misrepresentation
of his heart. But here’s another way he might
say it, maybe. You can’t give? You think that money is yours? I can take it. I can take your job. I can take your health. I can strip you of all of your
friends. Now I’m gracious. And I can allow you to think
that’s going to happen. Just to wake you up. But I have so much for you. Here’s the thing. The guy that went back to say
thank you, he got a blessing, the other guys did not. There is a blessing waiting for
you to say thank you. Your thank you, your generosity,
your generous thankfulness to God is a key to open up a door
to a blessing. And you are like, how come I
don’t have this. Because you are hoarding to
yourself. You have to get rid of one thing
to get another. You are holding on to a $10 toy
when God wants to give you $10,000 toy. Why? To be important? No to give that away and share
with somebody. Look in verse 17, Jesus said
were there not 10, where are the nine. Were there any found that return
glory to God than this foreigner. A foreigner. Another way to say this, I have
Christians that go to church and serve me and these serve more
than them or more kind than them. Why is that? One reason why Christians think
they are saved by grace and don’t need to do that stuff. No, you got saved to do that
stuff. Don’t get it twisted. And it he said, arise go your
way, your faith has made you well. Number 2 in your notes, if you
honor God’s going to brag on you. Lady in the Bible, at Simon’s
house, and this woman came in the house and wiping his feet
with her tears and hair. And the sinner is wiping Jesus’
feet and this religious person having this big foo-foo party
and saying I have Jesus, I’m the man. And Jesus says to the guy, in
Luke 4:23, he turned to the woman, Simon this woman that you
called a sinner and if I knew who she was, I wouldn’t let her
touch me, she’s to be bad. Let me tell you about this
woman, I walked to your house and gave me no water for my
feet. She has washed my feet with her
tears and wiped it with her hair. You gave me no kiss. This woman has not ceased to
kiss me feet. And you did not anoint my head
with oil but this woman anointed my hair with this oil. And you are calling her a
sinner. I am bragging about her and
jacking you up. There is a blessing waiting for
you if a thankful person. But if you are a complainer or
hoarder not only to God but people. God says I can’t be represented
through that kind of stuff coming out of your mouth. Tell people how good I am. Open your eyes so you can see
how good I am. Instead of complaining about
what you don’t have, imagine if you could understand and see all
the great things I do and I could show you greater works in
your life. There is a blessing waiting for
you. Some of you in here right now
you need to say, Lord I need to surrender my life to you. I need to have my relationship
with you healed. And the only way to get it
healed is by acknowledging what you have done for me. When you died on the cross for
me, when you go to heaven, people are not worshiping like
mumbling. You will be crying out, my God,
that’s what he went through for me. But imagine if you could see
that now. Instead of walking around
feeling like we are entitled to something. We’re not entitled to anything. Nothing. You are blessed to be born in
this country. If you have never been outside
of this country and go into a third-world country. Oh, my God, please go. Please go somewhere where you
are not the majority and you don’t have the power to be in
America. Where people look at you with
disdain. Please go. See people that walk hours and
hours just to get water. And to walk hours and hours and
get raped on the way and get their water stolen, day after
day. And when you turn your faucet,
say thank you God that I don’t have to worry about that killing
me. Because when you have that
perspective, you get up every day and you won’t complain. You will be so thankful and God
will open your eyes to amazing things. Not only he’s done and is doing
but is going to do. In a minute we’re going to pray
and some of you need to give your life to Christ. You need to say, Lord I need to
be saved, you have done amazing things for me and I have taken
this salvation thing for granted. And some need to get your heart
right, you need to say, Lord I want a thankful heart. People who complain are
miserable. Don’t get it twisted. People who complain are
miserable. They are psychologically
miserable, and have toxins in their brain that they wouldn’t
have if they didn’t complain. They are focused on the wrong thing
and a lot of times because of a pain, but God can heal that. I ask all campuses to bow your
heads and close your eyes. Lord, thank you, thank you for
your faithfulness. Lord you have done so much for
us we can’t even count the blessings. But we need to try. Holy Spirit, I pray you open our
eyes of the things that we need to be thankful for, and give us
the courage and the faith to be generously thankful to you. Abundantly obedient. Incredibly humble. Because we don’t deserve it. We don’t deserve anything we
have. And our days are not promised. If you would like to give your
life to Christ today or you just want to surrender your
unthankful heart and become more thankful. I am going to ask you to pray
and stand up. Yep, you are going to make a
public dedication in this place that you appreciate who God is
in your life. Not worrying about anybody else. Because it ain’t about you, it’s
about Him. So just pray this prayer with
me in the privacy of your heart. Pray, dear God, thank You. Thank You for dying on the
cross. Thank You for rising from the
dead. Thank You for all You do for me. I surrender my life to You. I surrender my bitterness. I surrender my complaining. Transform my tongue. May it
honor You, worship You. Lord, nudge me when I speak
negative. Holy Spirit, convict me when I
am complaining. Open my eyes that I may see all
the great things of my life. And may I voice appreciation for
those things. If you prayed that prayer on the
count of three, I will ask you to stand up. Whatever campus you are in, you
may have prayed it because you want to give your life to Christ
or prayed it for God to transform your heart. You want to be a more thankful
person and reap the benefits. Yes, there are benefits and God
wants us to know them and thirst for those benefits because they
honor Him in the end. On the count of three, if you
prayed that prayer for one of those reasons. I will ask you to stand up in
all the campuses. If you want your friend, wife,
neighbor to stand up with you, just grab their hand — as long
as you know them. And they will stand with you. So if you prayed that prayer on
the count of three, stand to your feet. One, two, three. Stand to your feet. If God spoke to you during that sermon and you feel like you want to ask Christ to be your savior, It’s as simple as A-B-C. Admit and accept that you are a sinner. The Bible says all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is Lord, that He died for your sin and rose from the dead. Then, confess yourself a sinner and say, “Jesus, please forgive me of my sin.” If you would like to ask Jesus Christ to be your savior, just look at me right now, and pray this prayer with me in the privacy of your heart knowing that God knows you and loves you very much. Say, “Dear God, I believe that I am a sinner. I know the penalty of my sin is death. I don;t want to die and go to Hell. I believe that Jesus Christ is Lord, that He died and rose from the dead for my sin. I confess myself a sinner and ask Him to forgive me of my sin. Jesus, please forgive me of my sin. And fill me with the spirit of God. In Jesus name’ amen. If you prayed that prayer, If you just asked Christ to be your savior, we want to know. We want to email you some resources. If you just prayed that prayer with me, to accept Jesus as your savior, click on the link that just appeared. We want to send you some free resources. God bless you and we will see you in Heaven.

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