Rock Church – Courtrooms of Heaven – Part 2, Court Counsel

[applause] What’s up Church! Hey, can we all stand up. How is everybody doing today? How’s everybody doing today. Can I get amen. Want to say hello to all
campuses and the military watching. Give those people in the
military a big hand. God bless y’all. God bless y’all. I am so excited today. Wherever I have spiritual
battles I get very drained. I woke up so drained. Right now so drained. That means that the devil
doesn’t want you to hear what you are going to hear amen. I am going to pray and we are
reading through the Bible and we started in Matthew 1 and 2 today. And it talked about the Holy
Spirit impregnating Mary with Jesus and thought how crazy that
is. You go to your fiancé, you are
pregnant, who did it, God. But God does stuff like that and
I have to believe in a church this size that women are trying
to get pregnant. And you can. I pray that the Holy Spirit do
whatever needs to happen. I am not talking you about
coming home pregnant and telling your guy, I am talking about
whatever y’all got to do but it works. You understand what I am saying. I want to pray. And obviously all of you fellas
it’s not for you. But you may know someone and for
those ladies that don’t want to get pregnant. Don’t let that spirit fall on
me. Just deflect however. There are women who have been
trying to get pregnant who can’t. We are going to pray God would do that
today. Lord, thank You for being a God
of miracles. And for us yes we can laugh
about it. But for some it’s a very trying
process and frustrating process. So I pray one, that You affirm
the value of those women. Whether they can get pregnant or
not. That You would love them. But I also pray that You anoint
the process. And that there will be positive
pregnancy tests and healthy babies born nine months or so
from now. In Jesus’ name amen. Amen.
Amen. Listen — [Applause] If you get pregnant, I want to
know. I want to know. So let me know, I got pregnant. Amen.
Come on baby. Say hi, to someone near you. And please if you get pregnant,
don’t like yell it across the mall to me, hey, I am pregnant
Miles, people think, keep it on the down low, okay. 18 years ago, our first year in
church, at San Diego state and someone comes up behind me. And says this is my son, I had a
baby and named him after you. For real. And I was like —
Do I know you? I didn’t know what that was all
about. So I had not previously met that
woman, it just happened. Anyway, let’s see your Bible. You get what I am saying. You get what I am saying. See your Bibles on the count of
three, say word. Turn to John 16, John 16. We got a lot of good stuff to
talk about. A lot of good stuff to talk
about. John 16. Matthew, Mark, Luke, John. Throughout my life starting at
about the age of 18. I have been in courtrooms or
mediations or court-related things. When I was 18, I witnessed a
shooting. One of my friends was shot by
another friend’s dad. Because my friend was bullying
his son. And the cops came and I said I
saw it. I went to trial and had to point
out my neighbor. And been in depositions and
lawsuits and mediation and blah, blah, blah, and never did I ever
go without my lawyer. Or a lawyer. When you pray, your prayers are
considered, evaluated and challenged in a courtroom of
heaven. The devil, the accuser
challenges your prayers. And talk about it today and more
throughout this series. Your prayers are considered by
God the father. We are seated before Jesus and
the Holy Spirit. And we need to know how to pray
can accuracy. Because some the prayers you are
praying for, you are wasting your time. You are praying how God made
you. When you pray in Jesus’ name,
doesn’t mean that you say Jesus’ name, but you are praying for
the will of God for your life. But the only way to know that is
by the assistance of the Holy Spirit. Today we will talk about how to
partner with the Holy Spirit in your prayers. Throughout today and this whole
series we will give you nuggets of how to pray effectively. Because prayer was given to us
to move heaven and to have miracles happen in your life. As I talk, hey consider this
your prayers. Please write notes down of what
these things are. This is going to empower you to
pray more specific, more accurate prayers. As a matter of fact how many
want to pray more specific, powerful prayers. Okay, I will give you nuggets. Write it down.
Do not trust your memory. Do not trust your memory. That’s why we give you notes. Do not trust your memory. If you were here last week we
introduced this idea of courtrooms of heaven. Please get the sermon from last
week and give you review. We have the judge. We have the father. Father on his throne. And then Jesus at his right hand
who is also in heaven, obviously. Jesus is at the right hand of
the father. We are seated in Christ. When you pray, you pray from
here. You are not praying from over
there. Scared and God the judge is
going to get me. You pray from here. When you pray and God hears your
prayer, he looks at you and sees his son. Ephesians 2. And the Bible says this is
Jesus’ blood, his blood actually speaks, better things that
enable blood. Cain killed his brother, Genesis
4, and God says where is your brother and the blood cries out
from the ground. Jesus’ blood cries out
redemption over your life, pray. And then you have the Holy
Spirit and talk about him today. Come to him later. Then you have your book, Psalms
139, and get the sermon. And next week’s whole sermon is
about your book. But this is where God recorded
and declared who you are. And talk about that next week. One quick note, when you read
through the Bible, the prophets eat and scroll and had writing
on them and had prophecy of the nation, they eat the scroll and
declare what the scroll is. And you have a scroll and book. Talk about that. And accuser — the devil has
access to the Court. And day and night he’s accusing
you, watch this, with some legitimate stuff. We’re going to do a whole sermon
on his accusations. I will talk a lot about it today
but do a whole sermon on his accusations and how to make the
agreements. Every time you sin you make an
agreement. And that’s the courtroom and you
have the cloud of witness and the saints that died before us. And you have angels ready to be
dispatched to assist you. Yes, you have angels to serve
you and when you pray they are dispatched. And when I say brothers, not
talking about black dudes, just brothers. Yeah, some — you know it’s
context. All context. Angels come down and because you
have demonic force against you. There is spiritual warfare and
not just willy-nilly say stuff. You have to understand what is
going on. Because the devil does not want
your book to be fulfilled. What is in your book is good
things. And Christ to do good things
that God predetermined. Amazing stuff. So you need to know how to pray. Because some of you are praying,
check this out, your prayers are too small. Your prayers are based on fear. Your prayers are based on a
wrong view of how God loves you. Let’s read, what the Holy Spirit
role, you should not — shouldn’t say you should, it
would be most beneficial to you if you came to court and let the
Holy Spirit guide you on how to pray. He knows — look at these verses
to prove it to you. Who is the Holy Spirit in the
Holy Spirit is your helper. Everyone say helper. Helper. John 16:7… Jesus died, rose from the dead
and said don’t do anything until I send the promise, the Holy
Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the one that
lives in you. Not Jesus. It’s the spirit of Jesus,
but Jesus is seated at the right hand. The Holy Spirit lives within
you. Talk to the Holy Spirit all day
and night. Number 2, who is the Holy
Spirit? The Holy Spirit is your guide. John 16:13, he’s your guide… How many of you want to know a
lie about your life? Listen carefully. Listen carefully. He asked a question, I raise my
hand. How many of want to know lies
about your life? None of you. How many want to know the truth? Amen.
God’s truth. Not your daddy or momma’s truth. God’s truth. Guess who gives you that to you? The spirit of truth. It says… The Holy Spirit is your guide. So when you come to prayer, Holy
Spirit, watch this, help me. Everyone say Holy Spirit help
me. Pray that when you pray. Holy Spirit help me. I don’t know what to pray. See that in another verse. Say Holy Spirit guide me. Guide me on what to say.
Guide me. Yes, you can repeat that too.
That’s fine. That’s fine. This one is
going to trip you out. Look at number 3. The Holy Spirit is revealer of
secrets. Why don’t you speak English? Because I want to speak Spanish. How many of you want to know the
secrets that God. When I say secret, how many of
you want to know the stuff about you that you don’t know that God
knows. Listen, you all should be
raising your hand. How many want to know God what
don’t I know about what is my book. Don’t pray for anything else. You are wasting your time. Don’t waste your time praying
for stuff. You don’t need to sit there and
pray for hours on things you don’t need. You pray, Lord you are my helper
and guide, and revealer of secrets. What does this mean? I want to know. What should I spend my time. How many of you in business,
raise your hand if you are in business. Raise your hand if you got a
job. Okay, you’re in business. Check this out. Holy Spirit, am I in the right
job? How many of y’all are dating? Nobody’s dating? Y’all are like, I don’t know. [Laughter] How many of y’all are dating
right now. Raise your hand high. Some of you like — I think so. For about another hour. I was going to give it to the
service, until the end of the service. Check this out. Holy Spirit, is this the right
person? Do not raise your hand. Look at the person and say,
don’t raise your hand, please. How many of y’all are dating and
not married and sleeping around? Holy Spirit — [laughter] Watch this, watch this. Holy Spirit is that wrong? Don’t take my opinion. Holy Spirit, is that wrong? How is that wrong? It feels good. Everybody else is doing it. Holy Spirit you tell me. I’m not going to get my opinion
from culture. Watch this, watch this. This is going to trip you out I
Corinthians 2:11-12… This is going to trip you out I
Corinthians 2:11-12… Say, I don’t know everything
that God has prepared for me. But — oh, yeah, there is always
a but. But… God has revealed them to us
through his spirit. Miles can’t tell you, Rock can’t
tell you. The spirit, for the spirit
searches yes, the deep things of God for what things does a man
know except the spirit of God. And tells you everything that
you can’t do, and what you are not and what you never will
have. But you received the spirit from
God and you know the things, watch this that have already
been given to you. It’s already been given to you. It’s waiting for you to come to
the bank and make a withdrawal. And often you think you have to
create it by yelling and screaming. Not saying anything wrong with
yelling and screaming, I scream. It’s not the screaming but how
you pray to the book of the court. If this book says, Miles is
going to start a church in Point Loma. I don’t need on ask but come in
agreement and say Lord I will start a church. Several years before this church
I was going to start a church. No, I had nightmares. And God stopped me. I had boils on my face. Boils are biblical-sized
pimples. Like this big. I had nightmares of people
saying, pastor. They were chasing me. Saying pastor. And was waking up sweating. God said not now. Even though it was part of the
plan, God has a certain timing in your life. You are his workmanship. Come on and you think I am
trying to get married and I am getting older. God says I will preserve you. And you are a workmanship and a
poem and rhythm to your life. Guess who will tell you that? The Holy Spirit.
He will tell you what you have. And who you are and how God has
blessed you. And how do you make a withdrawal
based on what God planned for you. How come he doesn’t bless me
now? Because you squander it. Some of you can’t handle a wife
now you have too much player going through your veins. God needs to detox you before he
gives you a wife. Ladies, can I get amen. And you may sense — here’s the
thing, ladies you may think he’s so this and got abs and his
teeth and a job and got his own apartment. Maybe above a garage but still
an apartment. And something is stopping you. And God has to detox that you
don’t know about. And ladies why you need to pray
in court. Holy Spirit knows the mind of
God. Now we have received not the
spirit of the world but from God, and that we may know the
things that have been freely given to us. What does the Holy Spirit do? He helps you pray. You cannot ever pray better
without the Holy Spirit than you can. Ever. What does that mean? That every time you pray, first
thing you do, say, Holy Spirit let’s pray. I would tell you don’t pray
without the Holy Spirit, ever. Holy Spirit guide me. Holy Spirit reveal to me. Holy Spirit enlighten me. Order my steps. Holy Spirit speak to me. And what it says in Romans
8:26… Everyone say I am weak. That means you do not have the
ability, the power to understand what you don’t understand. You can’t force yourself into
the court and say I will open that book and find out what it
says. Oh, no. For we do not know what we
should pray as we are to, but the spirit himself makes
intercession for us with groaning that cannot be uttered. The Holy Spirit is going to pray
for you. You know what that means? You don’t have to struggle. Holy Spirit pray for me. Holy Spirit tell me what to say. Then it says… Watch this… You’re asking for stuff that is
not according to the will of God. You are asking for stuff that
you want. But it may not be according to
the will of God. And yes, you can ask stuff not
according to the will of God. But if you say, Holy Spirit I
want to pray. Can you guide me and tell me
what is the will of God. In other words, what does God
want for my life? What does he accuse me, get to
that in a minute. Tell me, don’t pray without the
Holy Spirit. Always submit yourself and let
him guide you. This next one is going on blow
some of y’alls mind. The Holy Spirit speaks
mysteries. And give you a warning and
speak of prophecies and praying in tongues. Some you are may not believe in
speaking of tongues. That’s fine. I will say two things about it. For those that do, let’s go. For all of you who don’t,
something may happen to you. Driving down the street. Singing in church and all of a
sudden the flint stones are going to come on you,
Shab-a-dab-a-doo. Watch this, I Corinthians
14:1-5. If you didn’t get that, you will
later. Don’t trip on them but say, God
I want to know what mine are. Because if you have the spirit,
you have spiritual gifts. You can’t have the gifts without
the Holy Spirit because it’s part of who he is. It’s not complicated. You don’t have the spirit and
come in you and upon you without bringing everything he has. We did a whole series of
prophecy, that a prophecy is a word that becomes a thing
because God fulfills it. This is your book. Is God’s prophetic testimony of
your kingdom purpose. What did God declare about you? You are not an accident. You are not to create your own
future. God has declared something
amazing. No eyes have seen or ears heard
what God has declared for your life. He says… There is praying in the tongues
where your mind is not fruitful but your heart is edified. It says… Watch this, imagine, let me give
you the easy one first. When you prophesy and something
comes up and hey, I got a word from the Lord for you. God is going to use you to build
the church. God is going to use you to be
the mother of children. And it says, let me read it, the
Bible, pursue love, spiritual gifts and especially that you
may prophesy. All of you can tell something
biblical about them if you know the Bible. You don’t need the Holy Spirit
to bring a great revelation. For example, God loves you. That’s a fact. You don’t need the heavens to
open up for you to know that. But sometimes God speaks
specifics about you. This is what God said to me. And this was directly from God
to me. You are going to have a church
this Point Loma, right in this location. Check this out, when you
prophesying only thing you are doing, telling someone something
in the book. Imagine that you have a book and
God has a plan for your life. And everyone now and then God
tells someone else what is your book. For one, to help you understand. Because the Holy Spirit is also
telling you but also to know that God sees you. God knows you. And God is affirming. Because some of your heart, man
I think I should start a business. I am going to create this new
toilet paper that is soft and call it charmin. And create new toothpaste. This recurring dream and
passion. And then someone comes up to you
and says, hey I see toilet paper in your future. And you are like — oh! How did you know? I don’t know. God spoke to me. God spoke to me a month ago and
said I want you to speak in crusades and evangelism and I
was down that road and a guy that I hadn’t seen in 20 years. And put his hands on my shoulder
and said, hey when are we doing crusades again. I said, did God speak to you. That’s all I knew to say. God.
Let’s go. Prophecy.
Watch this. Imagine when you pray in
tongues, now praying if tongues, when the Holy Spirit prays
through you and you pray in a language that you don’t
understand here, but your heart does. Imagine this, if you come into
the courtroom and you say, Holy Spirit help me pray. Here’s what you don’t know. You don’t know what’s in your
book. And you don’t know what he said
accusing you, which we will get to a minute. This, remember no eye has seen
and no ear heard what God prepared for you. It would trip you out if you
knew what God had for you. Say it this way, it would trip
me out. I want you some hot sauce on it. Okay.
Say, it would trip me out. So when you pray, the Holy
Spirit doesn’t want you to understand because you wouldn’t
pray it. So you shab-a-dab-a-doo. I wonder when you pray in
tongues that God declares something in your life that he
already determined. You just can’t handle it. And he’s praying according to
the pattern that it be fulfilled. I wonder also if he’s praying in
code so he, the devil, doesn’t hear it. Now mysteries. The mysteries aren’t arbitrary
mysteries, they are not mysteries to God, just to us. That’s what the Holy Spirit
does. How do we pray? Four things to pray. Again these are only
suggestions. Pray, Holy Spirit, fill my heart
with more love for Jesus. Holy Spirit, fill my heart. I can’t encourage you
enough to talk to the Holy Spirit directly. Holy Spirit, fill my heart. Romans 5:5 says… Watch this. The Holy Spirit pours the love
of God. Say with me, Jesus, I want to
love you more. Say, Jesus, and when you say
this, say this slow. And you got to let it happen. Jesus, I want to love you more. Jesus, I want to love you more. Holy Spirit, pour the love of
God in my heart. Pour love for God in my heart. Imagine if you said that all day
long. It’s not complicated. Stop begging God for things that
he’s already given you. Declare agreement with his word. Declare submission to the spirit
of God. Let the Holy Spirit lead you and
guide you. Number 2, thank the members of
the court. If every day, I will not go
through the whole list in your notes. But thank the members of the
court. Thank the father. Thank the son for being your
mediator. Thank the Holy Spirit for
helping you. Thank God for your book and the
cloud of witnesses. And the verses are there, you
can read them later. If you pray that and put
yourself in court every day and reminded yourself of the
authority that you have. The position seated in Christ
that you have when you pray. And the fact that God has
already declared something amazing over your life. That the Holy Spirit is helping
you. If you remind that before you
pray, and then you will pray prayers more confident and more
biblical and more anointed for the will of God in your life. Then you will see miracles
happen in your life. But if you go based on emotions
and fear and oh, God help me with this. Brother, the sky is not falling. I got the sky right here. It ain’t the end of the world. Number 3, what is Satan accusing
me of? Can you imagine, Holy Spirit,
the Bible says in Revelation 12:10… That Satan is our accuser and he
accuses us day and night. He accuses us before God day and
night. And we do a sermon on this but
whet your appetite. Satan has access to the court
and can bring accusations to you. Read Job chapter 1. He brought accusations. And by the way because
accusation not against what Job did. He brought accusation against
what Job motive. You are like God I am in church
but the devil says, they are there with the wrong motive. Ephesians 4:30 it says… How many of you would say you
know that the Holy Spirit’s grieved over something you did
recently. Anybody? Okay.
Okay. Here’s why you need to pray. Because either y’all aren’t
participating or you were mislead. Holy Spirit, and by the way,
when you go home, just ask the Holy Spirit, am I being accused
of something? Yeah, you are being accused of
lust. Gossip. Pride. Ego.
Let me be more specific. In the mall yesterday — the
girl in the blue skirt, remember that. At your in-law’s house, you
remember that with your cousin. At school, remember that with
the classmate. You don’t eat what I tell you. You watch garbage at 11 o’clock
at night when your wife is in bed, on the internet. You never workout. And I told you to workout. And I told you if you don’t
workout, you are going to die of a heart attack and you don’t
listen to me. I told you not to buy those
clothes or waste your money. Do I need to keep going. You don’t go to rGroup or dGroup
and you don’t go to church consistent. And never share your faith. When do you want me to stop,
this the Holy Spirit talking to you. And everyone of those things,
don’t clap yet, it’s going to get hot in here. Everyone of those things, when
you pray he brings that as accusation against you. Say, dear God, bless me. And the devil goes, I have
issues with that. That person who claims they are
Godly. Let me tell you something that
happened in a dream, this is not true. You know how we do freaky stuff
in our dreams. Can I get amen. Don’t act like your dreams are
pure and holy. High and mighty Christian, I
pray in my dreams. No you don’t, I sit in your
dreams. I will tell you something that I
did in my dream. This is a dream. It’s not real. I never did this in real life. Are y’all ready? This did not happen in real
life. It happened in my dream. True story. About a month ago, I’m in my
dream, and studying this. And in my dream and my wife in
the car behind me, in the dream, I never did this in real life. I never did this in real life. And I turned to my wife and
said, you need to shut your mouth. In my dream. Look at person and say, it was
in his dream. Okay, thank you, thank you. It was in the dream. Immediately, immediately in my
dream the Holy Spirit said, we’re going to talk about that
in court tomorrow. Immediately. I said to my wife, I am sorry I
shouldn’t said that. Because when you sin, you make
agreement with him and give him leverage in court to hold up
your litigation. We’re going to do a whole sermon
on that. You think I am saved by the
blood. Oh, no, you got stuff. That’s why your prayers aren’t
being answered. You are praying the wrong stuff. You are playing with legal
lawsuits. All it means you have sin in
your life. Are you forgiven? You’re going to heaven. This is not a heaven thing. This is a blessing thing. This is a walking in righteous
thing, sanctification thing. Can you think, Holy Spirit help
guide me. Holy Spirit teach me. Holy Spirit what I am accused
of. And lastly Holy Spirit what is
in my book. Holy Spirit what does it say. I want to do this. I don’t want to do anything
else. You don’t. What is your will for my life? You may realized if you just did
these things you may realize a lot of things that you pray now. You won’t pray anymore. Holy Spirit do you want me to
marry this person. Holy Spirit do you want me to
call it that person back. Do you want me to buy that
dress. Do you want me to buy that
house. What dGroup. And is that a yes, the Bible
says to make disciples. Some stuff in the Bible. Not that the Holy Spirit is
going to contradict the Bible but it’s stuff specific to you. This is what it means to walk
with God. So when you pray, bring yourself
to the Court and realized you are praying from right here
covered in love. You are not praying from over
there guilty. You are praying from here,
loved. But if you come in your head
praying from over here being condemned. You have a whole different
prayer. We’re going to take communion in
a minute but be sure you have Christ as your Savior. You don’t want to take communion
without Christ as your Savior. Bow your heads. Let’s go to court. The Bible says that God wills
that nobody be lost but all to be saved. He wants you to be saved. But you have to make that
decision. And some of you saved but you
are not walking with God and not pursuing God with your heart. I will pray one prayer and it’s
a prayer of surrender. It’s a prayer of Lord, I want to
be in Your will. Eyes closed. Heads bowed. If you would like to ask Christ
to be your Savior or surrender everything to Him. Pray this prayer in the privacy
of your heart, dear God I know that You love me and have an
amazing plan for my life. But I can’t do it by myself. I need the presence of the Holy
Spirit in my life. My guide. My helper. The revealer of my secrets. I believe Jesus died and rose
from the dead for my sin. Jesus, I surrender my life to
You. Fill me with the spirit of God. Jesus, I lay my life at the foot
of the cross. I give all authority in my life
over to You. As our eyes are closed and heads
are bowed. If you prayed that prayer because
you asked Christ to be your Savior. Or you are submitting your life
to Him. You are saying Lord I want to be
committed at a whole different level. In a minute I will ask you to
stand and if you want the person that came with you to stand, tap
them on the shoulder or knee. Whatever it is. This is the time to say, Lord
I’m in. I’m Yours. On the count of three if you
prayed that prayer I ask you to stand to your feet in all the
campuses, One, two, three. Stand to your feet. If God spoke to you during that sermon and you feel like you want to ask Christ to be your savior, It’s as simple as A-B-C. Admit and accept that you are a sinner. The Bible says all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is Lord, that He died for your sin and rose from the dead. then confess yourself a sinner and say, “Jesus, please forgive me of my sin.” If you would like to ask Jesus Christ to be your savior, just look at me right now and pray this prayer with me in the privacy of your heart knowing that God knows you and loves you very much. Say, “Dear God, I believe that I am a sinner. I know the penalty of my sin is death. I don’t want to die and go to hell. I believe that Jesus Christ is Lord, that He died and rose from the dead for my sin. I confess myself a sinner and ask Him to forgive me of my sin. Jesus, please forgive me of my sin. Fill me with the spirit of God. In Jesus name, amen.” If you prayed that prayer, if you just asked Christ to be your savior, we want to know. We want to email you some resources. If you just prayed that prayer with me, to accept Jesus as your savior, Click on the link that just appeared. We want to send you some free resources. God bless you and we will see you in Heaven.

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  1. Thank you for that message I prayed that two prayer I love my jesus so much I can pray from 12 midnight to 3am every day IAM soused to this prayers that I can not sleep without this prayers for years am 77years old I still do this prayers always maythe Holy Spirit lead us to the mercyseat

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    scottie, what happens when paul reveals the “times past” mystery rapture in the “but now” and it is suppose to happen in the future? – the rapture becomes; scottie clarke wait for it…..…scottie wait for it ……wait for it……………

    scottie, the old yoda kjv disper jedi knight rodney beau is scared to death to admit that everything paul is “but now” prophecy or prophetic. rodney insists that everything paul is still a “but now” mystery; this is rodney’s way of suppressing the truth denying that the spiritual gifts such as prophecy and tongues are still in play in the “but now”!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????

    scottie, do u honestly believe that a times past mysterious secret, last trump, in the twinkling of an eye, kjv disper anytime doctrine blessed hope rapture that you cannot even know about (because it is still a “but now” mystery according to rodney) will somehow mysteriously and spontaneously happen at anytime while scottie clarke is taking his good morning dump, reading this comment on his smart phone while rodney is picking his nose at the dinner table??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    scottie i commented to u many times before warning u to not let anyone bastardize ur research, or blitz or grevas research on the prophetic joel blood moons and the rev 12 sign. i guess the holy spirit knew or sensed that the kjv disper such as rodney was going to throw u off with their prejudice against the past abuse of pentecostal, or aog churches?????????*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i have heard those comments before regarding the pentecostal and aog churches that breaker, kim and other kjv dispers talk about as if they were molested by them. they pressure believers into speaking in tongues as evidence of salvation????!!!!!!!!

    rodney believes that tongues, prophecy and knowledge has ceased, failed and vanished in the “but now”. paul said that this would happen at the “but then” face to face. for “but now” we see through a glass darkly, “but then face to face” at the bema seat of christ, rapture perfection “day of christ” (not the day of the lord) will tongues, prophecy, and knowledge; cease, fail and vanish. scottie, i commented to u many times on this before. please reread my previous blogs comments again????????!!!!!!!!!!!

    scottie, the spiritual gifts like the gift of salvation cannot be earned, be paid for, or be studied for etc. spiritual gifts are given to u freely. not because u are a perfect pastor at a mega church. a pastor said that he witnessed destitute street people coming off the streets to his church and then they were baptized in the spirit speaking in tongues like there was no tomorrow. i have heard multiple stories of kids baptized in the spirit speaking in tongues, but later in life they go hog wild hardcore on drugs, sex and rock and roll or whatever – they saw demons while on drugs, but later they became pastors. if anything, spiritual gifts at the will of the holy spirit are not given to perfect or deserving people. kjv dispers, scottie, pentecostals are not perfect or deserving people. u do not have to be studied, rich, or a mega church pastor to receive the free gift of salvation or receive spiritual gifts!!!!!?????

    paul only said to eagerly desire spiritual gifts from the father – as children would eagerly desire gifts or toys for christmas from santa claus or their parents!? scottie, instead of eagerly desiring more toys or trump guns for ur gun collection, i challenge scottie clarke along with all the kjv dispers to eagerly desire free spiritual gifts from the holy spirit such as tongues, prophesy, gifts of healing, discernment of spirits, workers of miracles etc.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????

    as imperfect children or entrusted with free gifts for christmas, pentecostals, aogs and the like need instruction and care on how to take care of their toys or how to develop and use those free gifts given to unperfect, underserving people. kat kerr says that she has eaten pizza and chocolate ice cream in heaven made of light and that god loves to eat and that kat kerr is best friends with many angels assigned under the archangel gabriel!!!???!!!???

    jennifer eivaz said that developing the gift of discernment will require u to see demons and angels. eivaz says the angels under lucifer are now demons. enoch people believe that demons are not angels of lucifer but they are evil spirits from the dead hybrid giants who had human mothers and lucifer angels as fathers???????!!!!!!!!!!!

    nobody is perfect, including pentecostals, aogs, children speaking in tongues, nor kjv dispers such as breaker or kim, nobody is perfect. but paul did say eagerly desire spiritual gifts such as tongues or prophesy etc. as imperfect and undeserving children would eagerly desire free gifts from their parents during christmas!!!!!!!!!!??????????

    john bevere, the tongue speaker holy spirit teacher said he struggled with porn along the way and he can see how it affected his future christian marriage????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    speaking in tongues of men and angels. even though u being evil know how to give gifts to ur children, how much more is god willing to give u the holy spirit to those who ask? many people want the gifts of healing but are deathly afraid of tongues. the big elephant in the room, how does a believer know that the tongues of angels is not coming from a lucifer angel posing as an angel of light?! a pastor told me that trained engineers and scientists have a hard time believing in jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????

    maybe its too late for rodney to eagerly desire spiritual gifts as some people would say that he is too old, hardcore set in his ways – or in star wars speak, he is too old to be entered into the jedi knight school or training????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    for the sake of argument, rodney is scottie clarkes grade school sex ed teacher – behold, scottie boy, i show u a mystery, scottie boy will be changed into a teen angst a-hole against the whole world with emotions for the opposite sex and scottie boy will grow pubic hairs. the mystery of pubic hairs revealed by rodney with video, becomes revelation to scottie boy and therefore it can no longer be a secret mystery withheld by protective parents, in fact, pubic hairs becomes prophetic or prophecy because scottie the drummer boy still has a few more years before he starts to see pubic hairs on his body along with everything else that comes with puberty. everything paul is no longer a secret mystery, because paul revealed that mystery as revelation therefore making the rapture prophetic and prophecy – get it??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    scottie, kjv dispers such as rodney, breaker and kim among many others are the reason y there is that ugly monster called the secret mysterious anytime doctrine imminent rapture that nobody is suppose to know anything about because it is still a mystery and therefore it cannot be prophetic because gosh darn it nothing prophetic can ever happen in the pauline grace age according to rodney, lest those pesky charismatic pentecostal churches are really practicing spiritual gifts such as tongues and prophecy like doctors trying to practice medicine – scottie can u see it now????????!!!!!!!!!!!

    scottie i warned u before in a blog comment that kjv dispers are right about a lot of things but they are not right about everything. – do no let rodney bastardize ur research on the prophetic rapture that is still yet to happen in the future!!!!!!!!!!????????

    did the ambiguous great sign that john saw, could it be the prophetic pauline boc rapture transition piece into the 70th week!!!!!!!!!???????????

    ur thoughts?

    what scottie clarke doesn't know???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thank you for this message Pastor. We're praying for a baby and we hope to one day take our baby to your church because we said we would when a sweet lady and couple prayed for us. We wish we lived close by. God bless you.

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