Reverend of Mount Pleasant Baptist Church ready to move forward in faith

you know our teams have been covering this story continually since that first fire happened some weeks ago now as the arrest is made in the investigation continues tonight continuing our team coverage Daniel Garcia joining us and Danielle today you came to this church and walked around with the pastor of Mount Pleasant today for the first time that he saw the inside of a place he called home a sanctuary for him that had to be an emotional thing for him it was and you know today he it’s something he’s been saying for the past week and he could repeat it again today was from the darkness will come to light and it today he says he finally felt that light because they finally have some closure wow that was Reverend Gerald two stones first reaction after seeing the inside of his church for the first time since it was set on fire last week it’s it’s aggravating to see all the work that was put into this to see how deep the history went a suspect is now in custody in connection with all three fires but Tucson is still left with some questions why my question is why why would you do this what you get out of this but he says now it’s time to move forward yes I’m just glad it’s over so we can rebuild his main concern was to recover photographs of former pastors that stood in the entryway of the church including one of his father Reverend JV Tucson he was the pastor before his son for 21 years Oh he’d break his heart break his heart because he went when we bricked Church he laid the last brick despite the major damages some things still stand this thing is over a hundred years old Reverend Tucson says the rubble broken pews and burned Bibles are not enough to stop the church from rebuilding when it happened it was a dark rainy day look how bright it is Reverend Tucson says they have a long road ahead but the only way to get through this is to keep their faith – stronger than before and that is something the suspect can’t take away from them you know what’s happening here at Mount Pleasant is a moment-by-moment thing and right now the Sun just appeared and in walked some members of this church one of them pointing out there’s her third pew right there you know churches are buildings however it’s the people that make them the structures that they are

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