Retired SFC David Parish

♪ SFC PARISH: I saw things
differently. Others saw Sergeant Parish, in control. I saw someone struggling with
the pressure to be the perfect soldier. Smiling on the outside,
but hurting on the inside. I did everything I could to hide
my feelings because I thought no one would understand. No one saw my
psychological health concerns, my invisible wounds… no one saw my pain, until I tried to commit suicide. The person I was died that night. Thankfully, I got another
chance–with support from the Military Health System, my
military brothers and sisters, and leaders, like Maj. Gen. Barrye Price. I learned it’s important to
strive for progress, not perfection, to seek care early,
and to ask for help when needed. I survived my suicide attempt. Now I CAN, I WILL share my story
with others and let them know that the Military Health System
is there for them– with resources for every service
member and their families. Take the first step. Reaching out is a sign
of strength. Visit or call

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