Restaurant report card: greasy, gross and gooey slime in ice machines

please houston health inspectors were busy this week dealing with roaches and that ever-present slime in the ice machine and they’ve compiled their reports and let us review them all for your safety here’s bill Spencer with your restaurant report card slime in the ice machine greasy gross and gooey believe me you don’t want it contaminating your next drink yes inspectors consider slime a critical violation and they found it at the yama fusion sushi bar on highway 59 north and Kingwood here inspectors uncovered an accumulation of grudge and slime inside the ice machine their orders to the eatery clean out that slime next its Szechuan walk-on Uvalde with a health department discovers floor slime in the ice machine pink slime to be exact inspectors deeming that ice not safe for human consumption wowie-zowie Zoe’s kitchen on San Felipe ding by the Health Department after inspectors found more than 10 live cockroaches in the dishwashing area but in this case the owners of the eatery voluntarily agreed to close that restaurant until all the violations were corrected good move on their part speaking of cockroaches inspectors found them at Church’s Chicken on Fulton they found German and cockroaches in multiple places under the oven inside the squeeze bottle box on top of the soda box shelves on the managers bookshelf and on the wax paper actually used to wrap your chicken and so that are a plus award goes out to the hard-working staff at El Palenque Mexican restaurant over on West timer they score a perfect restaurant inspection report from the Houston Health Department and I say you guys have got one heck of a crew yeah bill Spencer KPRC Channel 2 News

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