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– You know, I’ve told
this story a couple times but I can’t think of a better story and so I’m gonna bring it up again. It’s about the tight-rope
walker named Blondin. And maybe you’ve heard me talked about it, but best story I’ve heard about faith and you’ll get it in just a minute. But Blondin over 100 years
ago was this tightrope walker who would walk between
these high rise buildings, and he just did insane
things; I mean just insane. No one has since done what Blondin did. He would have a tightrope
across these huge buildings and he would walk across them with stilts. You think walking across just with your shoes is hard enough. He walked across with stilts! At one point he walked across blindfolded. I mean, who does that? You know. And he walked across, he
carried his mom across one time. One time he walked across
with a Bunsen burner and a pan and a few eggs and veggies and he stopped in the
middle and cooked an omelet. And he ate the omelet and
he got up and finished! He did all this on a tightrope and so when he’s at Niagra falls and you’ve got the tightrope between the American and the
Canadian side he’s there. The crowd knows what he can do they’ve seen him do it,
they’ve seen the photos. I mean they know all this and so he starts talking to the crowd and he says, How many of
you believe that I can go across this tightrope with a wheelbarrow? And everybody was like, I’m sure you can! You go across with stilts, you can go across with a wheelbarrow. And everybody’s raising
their hand, we believe it. And then he says, How
many believe that I can go across this tightrope
with a wheelbarrow and someone in the wheelbarrow? And you know what? Everybody agreed. Everybody raised their hands and said, We believe that you can
walk across the tightrope with somebody in the wheelbarrow. And you know what he did next? He said, Volunteer. And not a hand went up;
nobody offered themselves up. I want to give you a
new definition of faith, you can write this down, this is the meaning of faith: Faith is getting into His wheelbarrow. If you wanna know what it is
to put your faith in Jesus it’s getting into the wheelbarrow. It’s putting your life,
your weight, your future, your need to control
everything that you are into that wheelbarrow. And if you’ve ever been in a wheelbarrow, and I know I have, you don’t
have any control over anything when you’re in the wheelbarrow. I mean if you’ve ever sat in a wheelbarrow and someone is pushing you, you can’t steer it; you’re
just gonna mess things up. You can’t propel it; the person pushing you has to propel it. The only thing you can do is tip it, and you don’t want to do that. I mean, that’s the only thing you can do, you have to just sit still. I mean, that’s what it is. Faith is getting in His
wheelbarrow and saying, Jesus I put my life in your hands. I put my weight in your hands. I put everything I have in your hands, all to Jesus I surrender,
all to Him I freely give. (acoustic guitar music)

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