LEEEEETS I’M BILLY THE FRIDGE IM BILLY THE FRIDGE *Scared out of his mind* BACON BACON BACON… BACON! *upbeat music* *Super Humps* *Sparta Kick* *THE DEVIL CONTESTS THIS BEING* *Snorts Pancake MIx* *Starts Dying* Billy The Fridge: I woke up naked Craddled in a fifta beans Breast stankin So im Taking shots of Listerine (Not Sponsored) tryna make it So i bought a pair of Skinny jeans Pyro:This is billy The Fridge A youtuber with over eig- uh that’s pretty shit actually The main selling point of Billy’s channel is Being over weight The majority of his content is him acting like a greasy pig eating everything in sight or Demanding that people to pay him money to cover himself in bacon Billy : But today im here for a very simple reason That reason is… BACON And to do so we need FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS That’s a lot of Bacon Doe its a couple bucks cause we really x4 want to wrap me in bacon YA My whole bod Like FUCKING IRON MAN ROAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Im pretty Sure that Billys Main Goal in Life is to orbit The sun But back in a similar Time billy used to stream on Battle cam were he spent the majority of his time pretending to be a woman Hay guys How you doing tonight Hay big spenda Buy my Sweater On Top of that as well he’d take birthday requests Open up his door an shoutout a birthday message Pissing of everyone within a ten kilo radius(6.21371 miles) HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISTER Battle Cam HAPPY BIRTH DAYyyayAyaYAYa MR BATTLE CAM Happy BIRTHDAYYayaYAy to you So clearly at this point classifying billy as mentally insane Is no long stretch but honestly you gotta give him credit He has a verity of “talents” like dressing up as a woman and devouring a cheese burger in 13 human seconds(aka 1.3e+10 that’s nano sec) (1.3e+10 nano seconds aka 13 human seconds) they ask you how you are and you just have to say that you’re fine but you’re not really fine but you just can’t get into it because they would never understand Actual Human Pig/NFKRZ BILLY THE FRIDGE WAIT i take that back he is an actual a pig Jesus crIst funnily enough, Billy does have other quality’s apart from just being overweight he started rapping and released a few albums and honestly its Really x2 Good some of the bars are just Great Killa Face like Vanillaa Drug you in the grilla if you chase my skrilla Ain’t none realla And none chillaa 8-ton gorrilla king kong godzillaaaaaaaaa One compliment i do have to give billy is just the fact that he i LITERALLY a TWO TON MAN And he does not give a fuck I mean In most of his videos he wears a donut around his neck A donut that Im pretty sure he eats at the end of each Video and replaces it with Another One hey its billy the fridge and im going to attempt to eat Four hard boiled eggs as fast as i can Lets see how that goes (wIndows Shut Down Sound) Billy the Fridge can be summarized much like an animal in a zoo he’s entertaining to look at feed him and poke him with pointy Sticks but getting near him and getting any kind of relationship with him will probably result in you being crushed by the World’s first Human Planet also just to be clear i think he does rap well , but that doesn’t exclude the fact that in most of his videos he resembles some kind of sewer Monster oh my god you dont even look human *laugh* I’m a Cake face Monster now at this point the majority of you are probably thinking that billy has done nothing productive in his entire life sure he’s rapped , but for the most part he’s just a fat slobbering Pig That does absolutely nothing with his life Well allow me to correct you with one of the most amazing things billy has ever done in his entire life Take westboro baptist church for example They’re extremely racist And homophobic christian community billy took it upon himself To tackle them head on Baptist: May God bring his wrath in a way that all will know it comes from Him God hates Fags Fags doom nations , unless you got anything shy of an apology or repentance i’m Done Don’t go what do you want ? THE LEVIATHAN WE WILL GET YOU WE WILL GET YOU Leviathan leviathan Now obviously that on its own seems pretty pointless , but lets be fair Which one of you can actually pronounce your self as a Huge Blubbery sea Monster ? and attack one of the most controversial Communities mankind has ever witnessed only Billy Because Billy the Fridge is our Lord and Savior Also for those that didn’t know Billy is a heavy weight Champion in Wrestling Triple H dwayne johnson Hulk Hogan You’re all going to have to take a Backseat , Because.. Billy’s Here to stay MUSIC : I’M A CERTIFIED CHAMPION I’M BILLY THE FRIDGE This human solar System has also faked having a stroke in starbucks causing an inconvenient for everyone pretty much within the entire shop You can clearly see that people (patrieons?) trying to help him but he’s just being really uncooperative and annoying and plus he still has that fucking donut on his neck Now the weirdest thing about Billy the Fridge is nothing I’ve shown you up to now actually made him famous he was famous before of all of this stuff it was actually one particular video that brought him to the youtube spotlight and that was a video of him planking , an absolutely useless and pathetic video showing how much of a waste of human life billy actually is Billy : oh fuck ugh ohh fail unfortunately that fall didn’t kill billy and now he is actually quiet well known around the YouTube community he doesn’t have alot of subscriber only 8000 , but i’m definitely subscribing to him by the end of this video ,and so should you His content is … absolutely retarded sometimes even unwatchable , but… honestly Billy is clearly trying and the fact that he’s so disgustingly overweight ,but doesn’t give a fuck is absolutely admirable but without a doubt Billy has become a master level meme and i’m definitely gonna be implementing him in future videos he’s definitely up there right next to the disappointed dad sigh and Big smoke from Grand Theft auto : San Andreas Big Smoke :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH in Conclusion Billy the Fridge Is quite a weird specimen I wouldn’t clasify him as a human per se more like some kind of, human pig hybrid grown in a test tube in a secret underground lab his main goal in life was to gain more mass than the sun but, now its kinda diverted and he’s found new memes in life like with, rapping and pissing other people off and, pretending to be a woman on battlecam hey, big spender without a doubt billy has actually done quite a lot in his life, he’s tried branching out into new forms of comedy some of it works, most of it doesn’t, but still you’ve gotta congratulate him for trying because sometimes some of the stuff he does, does actually get a chuckle out of me The thing is with billy he’s actually done so much it’s hard to pin it down in one video So in the future im probably gonna make a follow-up video because, there’s just so much to talk about with Billy the fridge Thank you all so much for watching this video the support you’ve been giving this channel is absolutely amazing I also want to give a massive shoutout to Colossal Is Crazy For helping me with this footage and helping me find out about Billy The Fridge because honestly without billy our entire life is just pointless thanks again for watching, one like and i’ll set up my very own Billy The Fridge cult A cult where we all worship a stainless steel fridge *Billy The Fridge outro music starts* Billy The Fridge! *echoing fridge fridge* stone cold killa face like vanilla drug you in the grilla if you chase my skrilla aint none realer aint none chilla 8-Ton gorilla
King Kong Godzilla Hi I’m Billy! Hi I’m the Fridge When I get silly, hide all your kids Hide all your cash and hide all your liquor Hightail your ass to the panic room quicker I’ll break all these rocks I’ll break this rock I’ll break this rock! I’ll break this rock!! I’LL BREAK ALL OF ‘EM *spits on rocks* *bites of leaves and spits them out* *Billy starts running* Billy! Uhuh? where are you going? im runnin these streets *out of breath* i stay running these streets *loud music repeating the word OK* LOUD BASS

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  1. 2:02 That was for a Cross dress competition that the owner of battlecam held, Billy won 1000 dollars because of that

  2. I like how pyro cross dresses now “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villian”

  3. I am worlds first pyrosirkel subskriber so ye and I am do only one who has been in the same life as Pyrosinkel and I like his old vids and you dont

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