race in the church.

Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel and welcome if you are new So today we’re gonna be having a discussion on race in the church so I invited two people from my church to come and talk on the topic and we have a few points that we run through and the quality of the sound might be bad because we filmed outside and I didn’t have a mic or anything But I hope it’s still audible and please enjoy and let me know your comments on the topic down below Thank you so much for watching and bye I’m Clive Nyakudzi. I’m a media manager church at Christian Family Church. And I’m Gideon. Also work at Christian family church. I coordinate all the weekend services and worship I think I think you’re referring to people’s nationalities Whole mixture share of different cultures different people coming together and for one purpose. Especially in the church environment; that’s to worship God and to grow in the word and Which is exciting for me personally that it’s not only like race bound that It’s a whole mixture where people can learn together and grow together In terms of our church, I think there is personally I think it is if you kind of look at The amount of churches specifically Like Christian Family Church. Our churches are in the rural areas of South Africa It stretches right across and for me that’s a good example of the gospel the gospel can speak to as many people I mean people like pastor David Molotsi and Patrick Molotsi Yeah the same for me. As Clive mentioned with regards to our church we’ve got the churches everywhere and it’s not only in like specific areas, but I mean it’s all over yeah, and guys like Patrick Molotsi and all of those guys like and they’re amazing people and Then recently I felt like there wasn’t enough songs in vernacular Well, look, um, I mean, we we try and cater for everyone as best as we can So bringing and me, that’s a great song. Never mind like what language is in it is a great song to do and So yeah I mean like you want to include everyone in the worship and I feel like people People feel home when you do something like that. And I mean, we don’t only do all Zulu songs Everything like that we mix it up and I think that’s what’s create that great unity in Our church well, I mean if you think about it, we are a charismatic We’re a charismatic church and we are a contemporary charismatic church so the songs that you hear are going to be a bulk of them will be Those contemporary songs your Hillsong And then I think what you do is you you never want to go From from this out of the scale all the way to the other side. And so I think that we do do it Well, we do So much so that people feel comfortable People feel energized by the songs. You’re not just doing the songs for the sake of doing cuz cuz what if what if I’m there as a black person and I’m like I don’t like that song you you think you’re doing it for me, but I don’t like that song You know what I’m saying so there’s an importance in that in your bid to try and Represent people sometimes you can actually just end up segregating people So what you don’t want is you don’t? want a group in your church to just be there kind of like not knowing what’s going on not understanding So it’s important in the way you do it in and I think that it’s been balanced. Can we add more? Of course. We can always add more. But I think there’s enough. Um, look I mean we obviously we look at The hits kind of vibe. From like Elevation give you a great example. There’s a new song by elevation now called, “Sea of Victory”. Man, what a song! Like that’s something we need to sing You know, like raise a hallelujah great song Let’s do it. And but when it comes to you like “Uthando”, the come Holy Spirit song It’s also a great song and all those kind of songs. Like let’s bring it in Obviously I present it to my manager, which is Gareth Lee and he listens to it And then maybe he hears something that I don’t and that might not work or anything So we sit around one table then we discuss it didn’t come up with Well, it depends so that’s it’s so layered so For instance you can go the staff of the church and that’s governed by the employment equity act So so that will kind of cover that and make sure that your structures are correct and stuff Then in terms of representation, I think we do that very well in terms of even the way we do adverts. When we do adverts we make sure that we represent everybody; Black, Indian Colored, White. Everybody. In the way we advertise. In terms of like the stage you’ll see In the morning band same thing. We’re not picking people Necessarily based on their color. It’s very talented people in terms of the church. We’re always looking at that. And Pastor Johnny, who’s the COO of this specific campus. He’s always trying to look at that and he is He specifically I’ve heard him in meetings – he’s been in meetings saying, “We need to do more African songs we need to do songs that people that are in this country can relate to.” He specifically- I’ve heard and out of his mouth more than once and so Because he sort of presides over this campus Represent the entire country across all our platforms and I think I think we were doing much much better I think so. I think that the Bible says that we We were called to we were called to be reconcilers or to be people that would reconcile not only the lost and the saved but also people that were previously disenfranchised I think that the church globally have always played a role in bringing balance, you know, and so I do believe I do believe that the church should bridge the gap I think that on the board of most I think government led committees that are there to ensure racial equality. I think that they should be Church people there. There should be some pastors in there There should be some some elders, some leadership from churches that are in- which I do think actually do exist whether its worship leader whether it’s someone who’s in charge of the cell groups of the church Whatever. To specifically look at their structures and say if I want to go into a certain community like if we’re thinking of planting a church in this community You can’t bring someone that’s not in the community to try and lead those people you are going to have to be intentional to go into that community to find I believe that the church can do that the church the church can do that by by even starting the conversation It’s you can’t walk into a place and then it’s like a good elephant in the room. We’re all in South Africa We all we all know what happened in the past we all understand it but you can’t treat it like you just walk past it every day like have to have discussions have open discussions have Open conversations about it and be intentional in in how you can remedy that Just to add on that. Clive, what you said about having like different people in the same, but also like if you’re going to go to a certain area make sure that the guys who know the area well enough to do that because it doesn’t have to put a guy that has no clue Yeah, and he’s like lack of a better word like a worship leader, but he doesn’t know what’s happening so It’s not tolerated at all We have an extremely strong stance on racism and we deal with it severely Like extremely severely. There’s no place for it at our church at all. In the case that for instance maybe it’s a member of staff then there’s disciplinary action that follows. If it’s a a member of the congregation; in order for you to become a member of CFC, there’s like an honor code that you sign as part of our Growth Track and stuff and it speaks in there about being kind to That say to the congregation should this happen Think as a church as you see what we’ve got it done But sadly, they are churches in South Africa where you don’t have that I’ve been like years ago. I’ve been to a church we got invited to to a men’s camp and it was just quite a small thing and but One of the things the guys said to me is when is approached me is, “Don’t worry there’s gonna be no black people and immediately. I was like, what? Why? What is your problem and like just for me? I declined. I’m sorry. The gospels for everyone you can’t race-base it So like I’m saying like it’s sad to hear that that it is still going around but for here at CFC. Like Clive said, we do not Think we should but if I may add to this, I don’t think it should be our our main focus It is definitely something to be discussed But at the same time we must remember what the church is for. Yeah We are here to come together to learn about the word, to worship God When it comes with regards to politics and issues, like race and stuff like that People who are- and I’m just thinking from my side if there’s a drug a drug addict coming in here and now he has to sit to listen about that and he needs someone to help him. How’s it gonna help him? so, I mean the the Time and place where we are place that it’s very very important. Yeah, and you really need to look at that as to where exactly But is it up for discussion? Absolutely. Yeah, I definitely think not of the platform Yeah, so so for instance the leadership of the church should sit together one day and say, “Let’s discuss this thing.” There’s people that make decisions in the world And they don’t realize that they’re tone deaf. In the sense that, they don’t know where the world is at. They don’t know how to read the room It’s because people kind of stay in this very Christian bubble Like “This is all we know. This is all we do” But it’s important that the leadership are constantly discussing. “Okay, this happened in this area. This happened in this area.” Number One Can we assist with that? Is there someone from our church that we can send there? so if there’s racial to racial tension for instance in Tembisa, or Xenophobic violence in Tembisa. Again, we as a leadership should say, “Hey Pastor Patrick you’re in that area. We would like to send you to Cheers subscribe like her Channel. It’s gonna be big 1 billion views Christian family church Check it out! Join us cell group. Be dream team ready. That’s all I have to promote. And Jesus Go to the Bible read it. It’s amazing cheers. Well, share And be open. Remember people are not- their worth is not based on their color and love Jesus, read the Bible . Thank you so much!

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  1. there may be some parts where the sound of the cars overpowers the audio, so i've added subtitles just in case. 🙂

  2. Beautiful discussion guys! A church is a family and in a family we make an effort to have everyone comfortable, feeling represented and involved. This I think should be the effort of any inter-racial congregation church – making an effort to have everyone comfortable and welcomed home. What that looks like – is everyone guess I suppose – up in the air. Keep up the good work.

  3. Okay, so I get that the church is contemporary and they’ll naturally gravitate towards contemporary gospel artists like Hillsong, and Elevation worship. But are there no contemporary black/ South African artists e.g. We Will Worship, Travis Greene, Tasha Cobbs? I agree they’re trying but not enough. You get me?

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