Proof of Your Progress | Pastor Steven Furtick

you know the proof of progress in your
own walk with God is not going to be that you find always more pleasurable
experiences or that you feel more comfortable and I need to say this
because sometimes when you’re growing the most you feel it the least in fact
when you really start growing in faith you become less certain about things
that you used to assume and it doesn’t feel like your faith is getting stronger
anymore than it feels like your body’s getting stronger when you’re lifting
weights it doesn’t feel like your faith is getting stronger as you wade
into the mystery that is an eternal God who was not conceived by time and who
cannot be bound by time or understood by logic in fact the more you plunge into
the mystery of God the more you’re going to have to rely on a dimension that your
eyes can’t see and that your mind can’t brew the proof of progress is resistance
the proof of progress I mean if you don’t want to lose any weight the devil
won’t tempt you with with any healthy food has the devil ever tempted you with
broccoli has the devil ever tempted you with kale it is only when I’m headed
in the direction of destiny proof of progress so the gatekeepers didn’t like
it they didn’t like it and
there’s a relevance to the tenth chapter of John’s Gospel where
Jesus said something you know how he said I am the light of the world remember that
do you really or are you just saying you remember the seven things that he said
that he was I am the good shepherd I am the true vine one that I thought was kind
of out of place was I am the gate you don’t hear it as much but he said
that he said I am the gate and I guess the reason it’s not a very commonly
known identification of Jesus is it’s not a very emotionally appealing picture right
I’m the gate I mean the shepherd that’s like emotional right it’s like
combing the stuff out of my wool and like tending to my wounds and it’s
fighting off the wolves and see I like the good shepherd thing but the
gate what he was intending to say and I think we always need to remember this as
the church is that there are many religious gatekeepers who will try to
establish by human rhetoric and human measurements who can and can’t be a part
of the kingdom of God I need you to know that no matter what the Pharisees or the
Sadducees would say about who can get in and who can get out that I am the gate
that when they try to put a you must be this tall to ride sign in front
of you because some of you in here don’t even want to be here tonight and you
really want to be here but you don’t want to be here because you don’t feel
like you belong here and I promise you that if I took
an hour of this sermon I could mention things in this room that would shock you
that people are going through and then if I went long enough down the list I
would hit the thing that tries to keep you from ministering the gospel of Jesus
Christ and I don’t wanna make a list because for some it would be something
having to do with your your self-image and some it would have something to do
with an addictive pattern and some it would have something to do with a
destructive behavior and some it would have to do with things that happened in
the past some would have to do with things that are going on right now and
some of it would have to do with impulses that you can’t control some
would have to do with levels of competency and everybody’s smarter than
you and you always wonder how does everybody else know all this stuff
and I don’t know anything and you just smile real good and you go in the
bathroom and google it while everybody else is talking about it you come back and
talk about the conversation but there’s always going to be something into which
Jesus must have to announce I am the gate watch this I decide who gets in
watch this I chose Peter to preach on the day of Pentecost after he denied me
three times so don’t you let any person or experience or deficiency or
incompetency try to keep you from administering the grace and the
gift that I’ve placed on your life I am the gate come on let’s enter his gates with
thanksgiving that he didn’t choose me for what I could do for him he appointed me
to bear fruit in his name and he knows exactly what he put inside of me I’m
preaching to somebody cause he’s the gate and yet the greatest growth in our life
is often in the invisible places and Peter is like he’s doing all the
stuff that the angel is telling him to do and yet he doesn’t even really know
that it’s God most of the times in my life I didn’t know God was using me until way
after the fact now the thing that most people battle with at a
certain stage in their ministry or in their parenting or just as you go about
trying to do the things that God has given you to do is that you will
battle at times feelings of insignificance even though you carry a
great weight of responsibility and here’s what I noticed in the text that I
think is a product of the group that I’m meeting with tonight is that
when Herod killed James he killed him in a very specific way the scripture says
he killed him with the sword which means he beheaded him and he didn’t just
behead anybody he beheaded James and then he locked up Peter why because when
the enemy comes he always comes for the head
now in this room are leaders and people who are heading up ministries
within our church and I don’t know if they told you this in your leader
orientation but the moment you identify yourself to say I’m going to lead people
you open yourself to new levels of conflict because to him whom much is
given much is required one scripture says don’t let many of you presume to be
teachers because you get a stricter judgment that means when you claim to be
a leader it takes the pressure to another level so Herod’s not throwing
anybody in jail that doesn’t represent a threat he’s
coming for the head the devil doesn’t mess with people who aren’t busy he doesn’t
mess with people who aren’t productive he doesn’t have to and so Peter
is he’s going through the motions but he thinks he’s seeing a vision
and look at this in verse 10 they passed the first and the second guards and came
to the iron gate leading to the city I guess that’s what drew my attention to
this text was the iron gate leading to the city gate keepers came to the iron
gate leading to the city and you’re not gonna believe what happened next because
Peter didn’t even believe it at first when they got to the gate it opened for
them by itself and they went through it there are at least three different ways
I could preach that text the first one is that the gate was motion activated it means that God might open the gate
but you’ve got to go through it come on touch somebody say you’ve got to go
through it I don’t even know what it is but you’ve got to go through it because
if you don’t go through it you won’t have a testimony if you don’t go through
it you won’t have a ministry if you don’t go through it you won’t be able to
declare if it had not been for the Lord on my side my enemies would have
swallowed me up but look at me standing by the grace of God come on how many
went through hell but I came out on fire hey thank you for watching make sure you
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99 thoughts on “Proof of Your Progress | Pastor Steven Furtick”

  1. Yes, sometime you need to face those rough times in order to rise up stronger than you were before. πŸ˜‰

  2. Damn I Never in my life seen a pastor dress like STEVEN FURTICK do. His style of clothes be on point for a men everytime. And those AIR FORCE ONE'S are cute I never seen those type of AIR FORCE ONE'S before. πŸ€”πŸŒΈπŸŒΈπŸŒΈπŸ˜ŽβœŒοΈ

  3. HALLELUJAH AND AMEN to this powerful words of God. I needed to hear this on this morning. Thank you Pastor Steven and be always blessed

  4. It’s so hard sometimes to hold on to Truth in our hearts and mind……. it takes daily effort to stand firm in the Truth of God. Good news is that it gets easier; like a habit, you get firmer in God’s Truth for your life after many practicing.

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  11. I almost died .. seconds and inches from loosing my life .. but God has more plans for me . Its not my time just yet . But ill enjoy whatever time i have left. Praising and living for His better purpose in my life to understand His will.

  12. "The enemy comes for the head".

    Thats right cuz the head is where the brain is which is where ur mind is. And the devil will work overtime to destroy ur mind giving horrible, angry, self-pittying, depressing, worrying thoughts that can do the most damage – more than bodily harm. Trying to make u give up hope. And lately he's really been attacking my mind a whole lot. So many difficulties have been happening since last year that I wanna give up. But I can't lose hope … Cuz I can't imagine how hard it will be to come out of a hopeless mindstate πŸ˜’πŸ™

  13. Those who clicked thumbs down have ideologies just wait until you grow up in the Lord! Thank you pastor Steven!

  14. Woman of God Vurlee yes yes yes my brother I have to have that prove over my progress my life my be full of progress from the Lord i know that my prosperity and success is in the hands of God and he will give it to me if I put my trust and confidence and faith and believe in God and God alone he will fill me up with good things because he promises to do what he promises us to do if we only believe in him my Brother my God is able he is a way maker so I Vurlee humbling my self and wait upon the Lord please pray for me Vurlee my 5 grandchildren and their family my son and his girlfriend and children on their family my daughter and her husband and family my daughter is not speaking to me she lives in Jamaica I live in Miami Florida please pray for that peace and love between us please pray for my father my brothers and their children and family and pray for this family Kemmar Gayle whyte jr father Kemmar Gayle whyte wife Abigail Jeffer whyte daughter Kemmare Whyte stepdaughter the need deliverance and to set free they are under demons attack in their house everything is going bad with this family please pray for them

  15. I am convinced that there is some kind of algorithm on YouTube and YouVersion that allows videos from Pastor Furtick that correlate with the verse of the day to miraculously appear in my suggested videos. πŸ€”

  16. Thank you pastor Stephen. You always speak in a way that is understandable to me. I have been through some tough tough times as tho I been to hell and back. People have been a certain way to me. But I just call out to God. And recently God is really speaking through me when I am talking and what I seem to say then God is clarifying this in the word also. I am like woah God. I feel like I am speaking and you are using me to speak through n then I read the bible n I ask for a book n scripture what God wants me to read and he tells me and I am like woah God. This getting stronger n stronger now. Pastor Stephen wish you would come to the united kingdom. I feel I need to be around you to help me with this what God is doing with me. Please come to England.

  17. Progress can be done positively as well as negativity, but it’s by us as Christians to stay on the straight and narrow path so that progress can be positive.

    You never want to regress but always progress.

  18. I know God looks on the heart but it's ridiculous how this man is dressed makes no sense we as children of God will not be popular we need to dress more modest and be an example of how we are supposed live dress talk and walk

  19. Woah pastor! This message saves my life! I've been feeling so insignificant and feeling like I haven't grown. I know I have grown so much I just can't see it clearly. Everyone please pray that God open my eyes to my growth.

  20. Has the devil ever tempted you with broccoli πŸ˜‚ praise God it’s a good day to be alive β€οΈπŸ™ŒπŸΌ

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  23. Thank you Pastor Stephen! You were preaching to me. When I have communion I repeat the scripture β€œI would rather be a gatekeeper in the house of my God than to dwell in tents of wickedness.” Praise God! He’s awesome!!πŸ™πŸ»

  24. Pastor Furtick could you please always write the name of the full sermon (because i assume everything you upload here is a short version of what you upload on Elevation) thaaanks!!

  25. How do I find Pastor Steven's service at Elevation Church for today June 16, 2019? I've been been searching for while but I do not know very much about YouTube and Electronics. Thanks in advance!

  26. I really believe from what I’ve been through that Jesus fills in those inadequacies, he makes right what we see wrong you can’t hide you have to face facts if your here it’s for a reason and the reason is him!! Amen πŸ™

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