Professor Allison at King’s Chapel

It infuriated Governor Andros, as well as the British government, that
there was no official Church of England at work in Boston. So in 1688, Governor Andros opened the first King’s Chapel here to have the worship of the Church of
England, the official state religion of England, practiced here in Boston. Where will we put the new church? Governor Andros saw the burying ground
here, and he knew that the Puritans were not invested in the graves of their ancestors. Your soul was the important thing not your body, so the Puritans mainly
buried the dead to prevent a public health disaster. So, Governor Andros knew that this
burying ground on the outskirts of town wasn’t that significant to the Puritans, until he said he was going to build a
church here, an Anglican Church and then suddenly the
Puritans became really invested in the graves of their ancestors and said this was sacred ground and Governor Andros could not take it, that would be heresy. However, Andros was the governor and he
does take this small parcel of the burying ground and builds this
chapel on it. Initially it was a small wooden chapel, but by the middle the 18th century as Boston was prospering it became more acceptable to become an
Anglican and the church needed to expand, so in
the 1740s a new Kings Chapel was built over the old one. A new granite building,
the granite cut from the quarries in Quincy and brought here and assembled over the old church, and then once the new church was completed the old one was dismantled and the boards
were passed out the windows. So it becomes more acceptable to become
and Anglican by the middle of the 18th century. And King’s Chapel was designed actually
by the first American to study architecture, Peter
Harrison, who lived in Newport, designed to this
church. He also designed the first synagogue in North America, the Touro
Synagogue in Newport, a library in Newport, and the Anglicans
here hired him to design their new edifice, King’s Chapel.

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  1. Thank you. Professor New of Harvard University also featured King's Chapel in her lectures. Apparently, the pulpit was purportedly designed to express Non Conformity of man and it twists in a spiral to reflect man's sinful nature.

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