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when you’re working or volunteering at a
church not having the right tools to do your job can create unnecessary stress
and frustration but when you’re tasked with updating addresses and phone
numbers recording contributions handling the finances and event planning and
you’re working with multiple time consuming programs to manage all of
these things stress is about the only emotion that
comes to mind without you though the church can’t
focus on doing the good work it’s doing but what if there was a rich all-in-one
software solution that increased administrative efficiency streamlined
accounting tasks and improved your outreach for about the same price you
pay for just one of these solutions alone for today’s growing churches there
is power church plus from power church software power church plus manages all
the day-to-day tasks of today’s churches allowing you to maintain membership
contributions accounting event scheduling check in and general
record-keeping any complete church management software package choose which version best fits your
needs power church online or are locally installed package our church plus both
complete powerful and easy-to-use at an affordable price imagine this is your church you might keep accounting quickbooks
attendance in Excel and contacts in a word document which means you flip
through one program after another none of which talk to each other but
with power church all the information you need is in one place with power church plus you can finally
organize your congregations information while tracking attendance and
contributions for each member say there’s an event occurring easily invite
members with an event mailing list either by email or traditional post in a
fraction of the time it would require using manual processes plus our church mailroom simplifies the
management of bulk mail and gives you the best rates while planning your event
you can easily allocate resources and assigned tasks it also ensures there are no scheduling
conflicts for rooms or equipment during your event power church check-in enables you to keep every
participant and their children accounted for safely and confidentially the
payroll and accounting tools let you manage every financial aspect involved
in running a church it’s designed for the way churches work
making the entire process a breeze from start to finish and with power church
plus reporting is fast and easy produce everything from weekly reports to end of
the year contribution statements with a touch of a button with over 25 years
experience it’s no wonder tens of thousands of
satisfied churches around North America already rely on this award-winning
software to manage your growing Church get all you need from power church
software ready to purchase contact us today want to try it first
experience it for yourself with a free downloadable demo thank you

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